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THE Missing SHOP MANUAL TABLE SAW - the tool information you need at your fingertips © 2010 by Skis Institute Press LLC “Missing Shop Manu’ serestredermark of Skis Institute Press Published and distrbuted in North America by Fox Chapel Publishing Company, Ine, Table Saw is.an original work first published in 2010. Portions of ext and ari previously published by and reproduced under license with Direct Holdings Americas Inc. ‘Misutrisions fortference ony! ISBN 978-1-56523.471-0 Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publicaton Data Table saw. pcm. ~ (The missing shop manual} Includes index. ISBN. 978-1-56523-471-0 1. Circular saws 2, Woodwork. TH18673175 2010 £81083-de2? Fron Rugs with bre v= Puika To leam more about the other great books from Fox Chapel Publishing, (F to find a etaler neat you, cll tollfiee 800-457-9112 ‘or vist us at var FaxChapelPublshing com. Note to Authors: We are always ooking for talented authors to wrte new books inouratea of woodworking, design, and related crafts Please senda brie etter describing your idea to Acquistion Editor, 970 Broad Steet, East Petersburg, PA 17520, Printed in China First printing: February 2010 Bocuse working with wocd rdother mates nterer incu the eck finjuy and damage th: book ‘carrot arate tht creat the presi ths bck s fe oe eveyone,For I son, Ts Doc 50 witout arenas or qutareescfany kid xpresedo pled and tre publiner andthe aor ilar ary lly fo ary nes sis ox damages cased in ery way oy econtert of sock the reader’ ate ofthe toosneeced to complete pisened bere The publisher and the athe ge ‘ilvcadmrkes to renoushlyviswresch pole t and to undesiand the use fal tok belo begining nyo, Chapter 1: Choosing a Table Saw ......+..6 Chapter 2: Table Saw Setup. .......++.14 Chapter 3: Table Saw Blades. ........+4 32 Chapter 4: Table Saw Safety. . Chapter 5: Ripping Wood to Width. ...... 56 Chapter 6: Crosscutting Wood to Length. . . . 70 Chapter 7: Angles and Bevels .........+ 79 Chapter 9: Dados, Rabbets, and Grooves... . 98 Chapter 10: Table Saw Joinery .......++ 106 Chapter 11: Moldings .............. 114 Chapter 12; Table Saw Jigs »....+++.++ 122