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Foreword Its been a successful season on the pitch and a mixed one off the pitch, when it comes to Uniteds ticket allocations. On the plus side, weve seen continued good relations between United fans groups and some police forces, some councils and some opposition clubs, but that cannot be said for others as the pages below show. The season started well for United allocations, but took a turn for the worst due to how authorities viewed behaviour at Newcastle, Chelsea in the League Cup, Norwich and Swansea. We experienced allocation restrictions (to lesser or larger degrees) at eight of 22 domestic away games and we anticipate that of the 19 Premier League trips next season, we will, again, not have full allocations at Manchester City, Tottenham or Sunderland, though we expect it to be increased at Everton, Liverpool and West Ham. Three new challenges we noticed this season are 1) police have taken a zero-tolerance approach to the use of flares and smoke bombs inside grounds, 2) decision-making authorities setting allocations based on how others perceived our fans behaviour elsewhere in the country and 3) authorities threatening to cut allocations if the match kicks off at 17:30 on a Saturday. On the plus side, fans group are not only linking up with other supporter organisations across the UK more and more for everyones gain but are also using a vast armoury of tactics to discover information and to represent matchgoing fans. We held United to account when they tried to improperly sell away-end tickets for the City game to executive members and we exposed Newham Councils bizarre practises when it came to dealing with their own decision-making processes. Most importantly, Im confident were making progress season by season in persuading authorities that we are best placed to help them keep stadia safe. But there is an onus on fans to do their bit: Evidence shows that, the more we abide by rules that, in reality, have no impact on the atmosphere (keeping aisles clear, for example) the bigger the allocations we get. Lets hope these allocations keep increasing as time goes on. Dale Haslam Editor redsaway.com

Contents Section 1 domestic away games, season 2012/13 3 Everton 8 Southampton 10 Liverpool 16 Newcastle 18 Chelsea 19 Chelsea (League Cup) 22 Aston Villa 23 Norwich 27 Reading 29 Manchester City 34 Swansea 35 Wigan 37 West Ham (FA Cup) 39 Tottenham 42 Fulham 43 QPR 45 Sunderland 47 Chelsea (FA Cup) 48 Stoke 49 West Ham 52 Arsenal 54 West Brom 56 - Section 2 what to expect from trips to the three promoted clubs 58 Section 3 other issues 61 Section 4 what other groups think

Section 1 domestic away games, season 2012/13 Everton Premier League Monday August 20, kick off 20:00 Allocation: 2,923 Allocation issues Because of reported problems with United fans blocking an aisle near the upper left-hand gangway at the 2011/12 fixture, the clubs safety officer asked Liverpool City Councils licensing committee to make a small adjustment. The committee granted permission for measures to be taken that lead to a reduction of 26 seats to be taken off sale. Matters arising 1. Liverpool Licensing Committee met to decide the allocation on July 23, but the report 1 they considered did not contain a proposed allocation and did not specify exactly what the safety concerns were. As a result, fans groups were left guessing as to what the allocation would be and could not set about addressing the safety issues. It was only after Reds Away and MUST put out a press release on July 18 that Everton FCs press office contacted Reds Away to say that only 26 seats would be lost and highlighted why. In Reds Aways view, it would have benefitted all sides if Everton, or perhaps the council had told us the figure and the safety issues earlier. 2. The council report claimed away fans should get allocations of 3,125 but even before any safety concerns were identified United got below this figure. There may be an innocent explanation, but its important that we understand why United did not get the full amount. 3. MUST chief executive officer Duncan Drasdo and Football Supporters Federation chairman Malcolm Clarke attended the July 23 meeting. The report suggested that the reduced allocation would apply to all future games between Everton and United at Goodison.


After the July 23 meeting, the committee chairman Cllr Christine Banks said: This is just changes for the forthcoming season, but beyond that if those fans don't stand in the gangways then they will get their ticket allocation back.2 The police report (below) indicates fans did stand in the gangways but suggests police and stewards cleared it. Given this, Reds Away would expect United to get the full allocation restored for next season. What happens next? When the fixtures come out on June 19, we will find out when this fixture is due to take place and it is likely that the committee will organise a meeting to take place a few months beforehand. The committee is likely to review whether the measures worked and judge, based on the evidence, if the same measures, extra measures or no measures are needed at the next match. Whatever they decide, it is clear that blocking gangways and aisles at the next match could result in reduced allocations in future. Police report Key Issues Category: Briefing Times: Staff Deployments: Traffic Management: Communications: Action Required The match category was appropriate for this event. No issues identified. The Sectorisation of the Stadium worked well. Minor issues identified. Considerable problems occurred during this operation.

Officers Consulted

Chief Superintendent Ward (Police Commander MDCR) Superintendent Irving (Shadow Commander) Inspector Boyle (Bronze Stadium)


Inspector Barrett (PSU 2) Inspector Bell (PSU 1) Inspector Marley (PSU 3) Inspector Brennan (MDCR) Con Yorke (MDCR) Con Farley (Traffic Management Liaison) Background Following consultation with Everton Football Club and after a rigorous threat and risk assessment procedure [REDACTED SECTION]. This level of resourcing was appropriate for this type of fixture with Manchester United. The Everton stadium safety & security officer has also commented that he felt that this level of resourcing for Manchester United matches was appropriate and that he was unlikely to challenge the level of resources for future matches of this nature against Manchester United. Method The Senior Officers Briefing took place at 16:00 hrs at the Force Operations Department followed at 16:45 hrs by the staff briefing in the Lecture theatre. All police staff were briefed and deployed to their Phase 1 positions on time and in accordance with the event operational order. There were no issues raised during the operation regarding these briefings. Pre-Match (Phase 1) City BTP reported that around 140 Manchester United supporters arrived in the city by train; [REDACTED SECTION]. Following this intervention the behaviour of the remaining group caused no further issues. A minor confrontation between a handful of rival supporters [REDACTED SECTION]. There were no other issues in the city in connection with this event. Stadium There were no issues with disorder in the immediate area of the stadium pre-match. A small number of away supporters did attend without tickets these individuals did not cause any major problems to the operation. The majority of supporters entered the stadium in good time and without issue. [REDACTED SECTION]. A ticket tout was arrested outside the park end having sold three duplicate tickets to some foreign nationals, inquires are on going into that offence. [REDACTED SECTION] Traffic Management

There were minor issues with the timing of the implementation of the road closures, which were a direct result of the communication issues experienced during this match. There were also some minor breaches of the road closures pre and post match involving residents. The three quarter time closure of Spellow Lane appeared to work well.

During (Phase 2) The Manchester United supporters stood while inside the event. [REDACTED SECTION]. The Bronze Commander noted that while officers worked well in partnership with the club stewards in relation to the congestion within the away enclosure and the clearing of gangways that the police should have been more supportive in the first instance. The bottle ban in force in the Lower Gwladys street and away enclosure, which prevented supporters bringing bottles back into the seated area worked well and those supporters that did manage to get bottles past the stewards and police were easily identified.

Post (Phase 3) The majority of the supporters dispersed without any adverse impact upon the policing operation. British Transport Police have reported no incidents post match on the rail network. Communications The communication system at the stadium failed to work during this operation. There was no ICCS capability at the stadium, which appears to have been the result of a line fault. The communications for this operation were conducted solely on hand held radio sets. Comm.s support has been informed of this issue and a new system is expected to be in place before the next fixture at Everton FC. Other Matters Attendance 38,415 Visitors 2,923 Police Ejections Home Three (3) Smoking & ASB. ASB. Arrests


Four (4) Smoking &

Four (4) Ticket Touting, POCD & Drunk.

A.O.B: The Bronze commander commented that the manner in which the stadium and immediately surrounding areas had been sectorised worked well during this operation. Following the fixture the English Football Association (FA) contacted Everton football club after the FA received complaints that some United supporters had used offensive chants regarding the Hillsborough disaster. Inquires with officers have to date failed to find anyone who heard this type of chanting inside the stadium. Coaches: Home: Fifteen (15) Away: Thirty (30) Final Score Everton 1 Manchester United 0 Compiled by Constables 8966 Miller & 7876 Yorke Merseyside Police Force Operations Department.

Southampton Premier League Saturday September 2, kick off 17:30 Allocation 2,998 according to MUFC, 3,105 according to Police. Allocation issues It would be interesting to know where there is a difference between the club and police figures.

Matters arising 1. The match was classified as C IR (increased risk) yet there was only one arrest and 14 ejections on the day and no reports of disorder. Admittedly, there had been the potential for trouble at the two previous fixtures, but they were in the FA Cup matches when United had much bigger allocations. However, despite the high categorisation, the policing didnt seem to be over the top. What happens next? Given the tone and content of the police report, I would not expect any allocation fall next season. Police report on next page.


Liverpool Premier League Sunday September 23, 12:30 Allocation: 2,814 according to MUFC or 2,783 according to Police Allocation issues On July 11, 2011, Liverpool City Council reduced Uniteds allocation from 3,105 to 1,965 for the 2011/12 league game due to fans blocking the gangways in the 2010/11 game. Afterwards a Liverpool City Council report on the matter said the match was a vastly improved situation within the gangways was noted. Despite several Liverpool City Council licensing committee members promising to restore Uniteds allocation to the full entitlement if there was good behaviour, this did not happen when United played at Anfield in the FA Cup in January. United should have got 6,791 tickets but instead got 5,174. Referring to that cup game, another council report said: While the gangways were kept relatively clear, the seats to the ends of each row across the full extent of the lower tier were occupied by spectators. The issue of migration of supporters had occurred occurred again. This has resulted in the seats that should have remained vacant being occupied by spectators. It is the licensing units clear view that if those seats (at the end of the rows) had been soldstanding in gangways would have occurred. At a Liverpool Licensing Committee meeting in July 2011, MUST representative Geoff Pearson suggested the problem of migration and resulting gangway blocking be solved by not selling 180 seats on the top two rows of the away end, which have a restricted view. Liverpool FCs stadium safety manager Ged Poynton said in July 2011 this would not be a solution, but in July 2012 he actually suggested the idea to apply for the 2012/13 league game. So at the Liverpool Licensing Committee meeting of July 23, the committee decided to withdraw the back two rows of the away end from sale and to also remove 240 seats from the two columns at the end each block next to an aisle, plus a few other seats for segregation purposes. This lead to United getting 2,783 tickets 849 more than the previous season. Reds Away believes this was down to Good communication between Mr Poynton and United fans groups Open and transparent working from Liverpool Licensing Committee The committees willingness to allow fans groups to speak at meetings and make suggestions My Poyntons willingness to put Mr Pearsons suggestion into action


Work from MUST and MUFC to put out pre-match material before the 2011/12 games at Anfield for people not to block the aisles

However, as good as this process was, there was still one concern. Matters arising 1. Liverpool Licensing Committee met to decide the allocation on July 23, but the report3 they considered did not contain a proposed allocation and did not specify exactly what the safety concerns were. As a result, fans groups were left guessing as to what the allocation would be and could not set about addressing the safety issues. It was only after Reds Away and MUST put out a press release on July 18 that Liverpool FC contacted Reds Away to outline how many seats would be lost (as stated above). In Reds Aways view, it would have benefitted all sides if Liverpool, or perhaps the council had told us the figure and the safety issues earlier. 2. MUST chief executive officer Duncan Drasdo and Football Supporters Federation chairman Malcolm Clarke attended the July 23 meeting. The report suggested that the reduced allocation would apply to all future games between Liverpool and United at Goodison. After the July 23 meeting, the committee chairman Cllr Christine Banks said: This is just changes for the forthcoming season, but beyond that if those fans don't stand in the gangways then they will get their ticket allocation back.4 The police report (below) indicates fans did not stand in the gangways though it claims a broken seat was thrown onto the pitch. Instances like this can easily result in allocation reductions. Given this, Reds Away would expect United to get the full allocation restored for next season. 3. It was also good to note that pre-match publicity put out by MUFC and MUST raised awareness of the damage it could do if United fans sang offence songs about Hillsborough. The police report appears to suggest no offensive songs were aired. What happens next?

http://councillors.liverpool.gov.uk/documents/s100519/standing.pdf http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/19240566


When the fixtures come out on June 19, we will find out when this fixture is due to take place and it is likely that the committee will organise a meeting to take place a few months beforehand. The committee is likely to review whether the measures worked and judge, based on the evidence, if the same measures, extra measures or no measures are needed at the next match. Whatever they decide, it is clear that blocking gangways and aisles at the next match could result in reduced allocations in future.

Police report Key Issues Category: Briefing Times: Staff Deployments: Traffic Management: Communications: Action Required C I/R No issues identified. See hold back deployments. TBC 3rd channel for checks and structure

Officers Consulted


Superintendent Markey (Silver Commander) Ch Supt

Inspector Bell / Ch Insp Woosey (Bronze Stadium) Ch Inspector McNally (Bronze Outside) Inspector Marley away supporters Constable Yorke (MDCR) Constable Lomax (FIO) Con 8181 Ruscoe (Traffic Management) Background After a threat and risk analysis process, the fixture was categorised as [REDACTED]. This match took on extra significance, as it was the first game at Anfield since the publication of the Hillsborough report. Both managers had been in the press asking for supporters to


respect each others football disasters and not to engage in any vile chanting. The silver commander also had interviews on the TV / Radio to give the views of the Merseyside Police regarding this football match. There was also consultation with supporters groups in the lead up to the game. There was significant media interest in the occasion. City Approximately 150 175 United supporters travelled by rail into Liverpool Lime Street. [REDACTED]. They socialised in the city without concern. There were no sightings of the Liverpool risk in the city centre. A well-known United ticket tout was arrested in the city on suspicion of theft / touting. He had in his possession season tickets / fan cards belonging to both LFC and Man Utd. Good spot by the away football intelligence officer

Ground Approximately 40 United supporters drank in the [REDACTED] pre match. [REDACTED] Other than that, the County Road area was quiet The United supporters queued in an orderly manor at the turnstile and all were inside the stadium once the match kicked off. Numerous tributes were paid to the victims of the Hillsborough tragedy, which were respected by both sets of supporters. MUNICH 58 was sprayed on a road sign on the East Lancashire Road. This was covered up by local council cleansing teams, well before the operation commenced. A high volume of Liverpool and Manchester based ticket touts were seen. Traffic Management Due to a serious police incident near to the A580 reported prior to kick off, it was necessary to alter the route of the visiting team coach. This caused no delay to them and the incident did not affect other match traffic. Twitter messages were broadcast about the incident and for motorists to find alternative routes. Prior to kick off, numerous tributes were paid to the victims of the Hillsborough tragedy, which were respected by both sets of supporters. Chants of UNITED were heard during the playing YNWA, but nothing disrespectful. Alcohol was served to the United supporters without issues. They stood throughout.


At the scoring of the winning United goal, a broken seat was thrown from the visiting supporters onto the pitch. One unsavoury chant of WHERES YOUR FAMOUS MUNICH SONG was heard during the match. Other than that, the banter was vociferous but good-natured. The United supporters were well behaved during this football match Post (Phase 3) During the holdback, two Liverpool supporters in the Main Stand near to the visiting supporters were ejected from the stadium. It was alleged that they had gesticulated the Munich air disaster (The Football Intelligence Officers witnessed the males making abusive hand gestures but not the MUNICH sign). This caused an adverse reaction from the Manchester United supporters in that area. Several hundred responded with chants of MURDERERS, JUSTICE FOR HEYSEL, WEVE WON IT 3 TIMES WITHOUT KILLING ANYONE & ALWAYS THE VICTIM ITS NEVER YOUR FAULT Both police and stewards could have been more proactive with this incident in respect of encouraging the supporters in the main stand to leave and by highlighting the chanting to MCDR. This highlights the importance of staying focused until the very end and should be a key briefing point. Whilst the stadium was virtually empty of Liverpool supporters the issue was captured by Sky TV and local media and has attracted some coverage. There are now on-going investigations regarding this incident. The hold back and release went well. The only issue was the deployment of the dogs behind the mounted/PSU and steward cordon. This needs checking, as they should have deployed elsewhere. Once the holdback was released (approx 15 minutes) the United supporters were escorted to their transport on Arkles Lane. Those who had gathered at the junction of Priory Road and Walton Lane were given the opportunity of a foot escort back to Liverpool Lime Street. This was voluntary and approx 50 supporters took this up (6 known risk). Several groups of Liverpool Youth risk supporters shadowed the escort on route to the city. No attempt was made to engage in disorder. As the escort was taking place, a report of disorder was received at the [REDACTED]. Spotters attended and saw the Liverpool Youth Risk (30 40) splitting off into small groups and dispersing into the estates. A witness at the pub stated that a person had entered and was looking for Manchester United supporters to fight. The police were called and arrived before disorder broke out. Approximately a dozen United supporters were inside (those who had been there pre match). They quickly left the area. Once the escort had reached the city, the Liverpool risk supporters has re gathered at [REDACTED]


Other Matters The total attendance was 43,429 with 2,783 away supporters. 25 away coaches / mini buses 3 x Police Ejections: Man Utd supporters in the Centenary Stand, who were of Norwegian Nationality. Four arrests. All away. 1 x B.O.P, 1 x suspicion of theft of seat, 1 x suspicion of theft of season tickets / fan cards, 1 x suspicion criminal damage to seat. At this stage only positive feedback from supporters groups regarding the policing operation. Key learning Points 1. Command; for Cat C IR at least XXX PSU commander should be an accredited Bronze if possible for resilience. 2. Briefing points; Remaining focus to the end particularly when a hold back is implemented, MCDR cannot hear chants and this needs to be relayed by officers if there are issues, brevity of messages needs emphasising. 3. Communication Structure for Cat C IR need to consider additional operator/channel for PNC checks etc located at HQ perhaps with CCTV operator. 4. Intervention policy to be woven into the Order for all fixtures. 5. [REDACTED] 6. [REDACTED] 7. [REDACTED]


Newcastle Premier League Sunday October 7 Allocation 3,073 Allocation issues Two seasons ago, Newcastle decided to get rid of their singing section and give an extra block to away fans so United got 500 more than previously and this continued this season. Matters arising There were no issues that needed addressing before the game, but the police report throws up some worrying developments. It says United fans blocked the gangways throughout the game and one fan set a flare off. 1 .Not only there is now a very real prospect of our healthy allocation at Newcastle being cut next season, but there is also a prospect of other clubs using this evidence to cut our allocations elsewhere. In June 2012, Harringey Councils building control manager Bob McIver told Reds Away that, after safety concerns were expressed, United fans behaved better generally and blocked aisles less often at the 2011/12 match at Tottenham. He told Reds Away United would get 800 more tickets at the 2012/13 match subject to United fans behaving well elsewhere.5 In the end, Uniteds allocation was not increased because Harringey Councils safety advisory group were made away of what they judged to be poor behaviour among United fans at Newcastle, Norwich and Chelsea6 What happens next? Reds Away will aim to work with Newcastles stadium safety manager, MUST and United to address any safety concerns emerging particularly involving flares and aisle blocking. The likely outcome is that MUST and/or MUFC will write to all fans urging them to keep aisles clear. Generally, we need to undertake an effective publicity campaign to inform fans of the affects of using flares and smoke bombs i.e. regardless of the fact that flares and smoke bombs look good, add to the atmosphere, are commonplace in other countries and are

http://redsaway.com/2012/12/reds-could-face-chelsea-ticket-chop/ http://redsaway.com/2013/01/revealed-why-weve-missed-out-on-800-tickets-for-spurs-on-sunday/


mainly non offensive, the harsh truth is that using them leads to allocations being cut and the police are adopting an extremely strict approach to people using them or even possessing them.7 Reds Away believes unless there is a change in approach from United fans, flares and smoke bombs are set to cost us hundreds of tickets in future seasons. Police report Attendance: 52203 Home: 49130 Away: 3073 Pre match Small groups Newcastle risk supporters were sighted around the city centre. Man United supporters, as they did the previous year, took over Tilleys Bay in Westgate Road, with approx 200 supporters drinking inside. [REDACTED] there were reports of Man Utd supporters being verbally abused en route to the stadium. [REDACTED] was arrested following a scuffle. He was later charged and when convicted received a three-year football banning order. During the game Man Utd supporters stood throughout the game, blocking the gangways/stairs. As they did so, a flare was set off in the away section, an offender was arrested and later issued with a four-year football banning order. [REDACTED] a Man United player was in the away section, which caused stewarding problems as fans tried to obtain photographs. [REDACTED] left before the final whistle. There were six away fans ejected for breach of ground regulations and six arrests. Away supporters in general behaved in a very anti-social manner towards both stewards and police. Post match Fans clashed at the away turnstile which required intervention of the mounted section to restore order. A group of about 20 Man Utd supporters required a police escort back through the city to the train station following clashes at the main road outside the stadium.



Chelsea Premier League Sunday October 28, kick off 16:00 Allocation: 3,010 according to MUFC and 2980 according to the police Allocation issues None. United got the same as last year. Matters arising There were no issues before the game and, according to the police report, no real issues immediately before, during or after the game. Police report Match category: B Total arrests: 6 Result: 2-3 Home fans: 38,664 Away: 2,980 Chelsea arrests 2 Total ejections: 19 Chelsea ejections: 9

Pre Match As is usual for this fixture, there were a large number of ticket touts present from both London and Manchester. Hundreds of forged tickets were in circulation: [REDACTED] 1 male was arrested for ticket touting. Earls Court was reasonably busy with Manchester United supporters although no risk supporters were identified. As is usual the beer taps were turned off 1-hour prior to kick off and the crowd splintered walking to the stadium with no issues. With this occurring there were no issues at the turnstiles with pretty much everyone inside by kick off. 8 away coaches and 3 minibuses attended this fixture. During Match 6 away supporters were ejected from home areas with no issues. 1 away supporter arrested for Section 5 after spitting at Chelsea supporters on the segregation line. 1 home supporter arrested for racially aggravated section 4A after aiming abuse towards [REACTED] 1 away supporter arrested for drinking in view. This male was drinking whiskey from a miniature pump spray bottle initially used for cleaning hands . 1 home supporter arrested for common assault following an altercation in a home stand with an away supporter. Following Manchester United's third goal, the players celebrated in the comer of the North and West Stand (Home sections). A number of missiles were thrown at the players including coins, lighters and a seat.


A number of supporters in the North Stand surged forward during this moment resulting in a club steward being forced up against an advertising board and eventually pushed over on to the pitch. [REDACTED] Post Match A quick and orderly dispersal with only a few verbal altercations, they were prevented from escalating by police intervention. Chelsea Capital One Cup Wednesday October 31, kick off 19:45 Allocation: 6,275 according to MUFC, 5,729 tickets according to police Allocation issues It would be interesting to find out why there was such a big difference between the two figures. Under competition rules, United should have got 6,275 and, had Reds Away knock it would be less than that pre-match, we and others could have lobbied the decision-making authorities. Matters arising 1.The police report suggests a few things happened at this game that caused problems for police and stewards. There were three arrests: One for lighting a flare, one for throwing a firework onto the pitch and another for throwing a seat onto the pitch. There were also reports of a United fan going onto the pitch but this was not included in the police report. 2. After the game Cllr Greg Smith, deputy leader of Hammersmith and Fulham Council, which signs the stadium safety certificate and can restrict allocations, said: Both of Manchester Uniteds recent visits to Stamford Bridge led to instances of anti -social behaviour, with a minority of fans behaving in a completely unacceptable way. Away ticket allocation will be thoroughly examined when the council meets with Chelsea FC and the police ahead of Uniteds next visit to the stadium.8 United ended up playing at Chelsea in the FA Cup later in the season and got 5,578 tickets.



Police report Match category: B Total arrests: 9 Pre match Again there were a large number of ticket touts present from both London and Manchester for this fixture, with two dispersed using the new exclusion zone powers under the Anti Social Behaviour Act 2003. 300-400 Manchester united supporters gathered in the Earls Court area, although loud and boisterous no issues caused. Again the beers taps were turned off an hour prior to kick resulting in a group of approximately 250 being loosely followed by police serials. In the New Kings Road, 60 - 70 Manchester United supporters including known risk supporters located in a public house. The licensee was requested to turn the taps off an hour prior to kick off with no issues. This group came across a group of young males from the local estate that was trick or treating. Shortly after crossing each other information was received that a stabbing had occurred. This was found not to be football related. [REDACTED]. 150 Manchester United supporters were located in the Havanas' with small verbal altercation between the two sets of supporters as they made their way to the stadium. No issues at either away entrance [REDACTED]. There were no noticeable groups of Chelsea supporters present. During match A Manchester united supporter who was subsequently arrested threw a firework on to the pitch during the first half. [REDACTED]. A Manchester United supporter set off a flare in the Upper Tier, this male was arrested. Result: 5-4 Home fans: 35,397 Away: 5,729 Chelsea arrests 4 Total ejections: 0 Chelsea ejections: 0


A Chelsea supporter arrested for Affray following an altercation inside the stadium. A non-football related arrest of a male outside for drunk and disorderly. With the score 3-2 in United's favour a large number of supporters from both sides left the stadium prior just short of the final whistle. With Chelsea equalising in the last minute taking to match to extra time a number of these attempted to get back in with no luck. During extra time Chelsea took a two-goal lead that resulted in a number of United supporters leaving early assisting the dispersal phase of the operation. A United supporter was witnessed breaking a seat and throwing it towards the pitch and arrested. Post Match The two earlier exits assisted the dispersal with a high police presence on the Fulham Road. Two minor altercations led to five arrests. The first altercation involved a supporter from either side. The second involved two Chelsea supporters and one United supporter. No issues with the coaches other than on the Mostonian coach where one male was ejected following previous behaviour. The day after the fixture, a picture was published in the National newspapers of a male appearing to carry out monkey gestures. [REDACTED].


Aston Villa Premier League Saturday November 10, kick off 17:30 Allocation: 3,127 according to MUFC Allocation issues Reds Away was aware that, three seasons ago, there were issues with fans blocking aisles, but work between Villa and United seem to have alleviated any fears Villas stadium safety staff have and United have had a full allocation since. Matters arising 1. According to the police report, there were problems with aisle blocking. Given this, it is possible that Villa will seek to restrict Uniteds ticket allocation in 2012/13, though we have no firm information to suggest this will be the case. What happens next? When the fixtures come out and a rough fixture date is known, Reds Away will seek the views of Aston Villa officials and offer to help address the aisle-blocking issue if they indicate our allocation could be reduced. Again, it emphasises the need for fans to keep the aisles clear. Police report Pre-Match information suggested that a risk group from Manchester would attend this fixture and seek out disorder with Aston Villa risk nominals. As a result this fixture was categorised a Cat C. This group was identified drinking in a pub in Smethwick whilst at the same time the Villa risk group met up in the [REDACTED], a short tram ride from Smethwick. The majority of Man Utd risk did not have tickets for the game and were unable to provide proof of a ticket, in addition others were subject to football banning orders. As a result all were videoed and issued with S27 notices and placed back on the coach which was now refusing to take them back to Manchester, but would take them to Birmingham New Street in order for them to catch a train. The risk fans refused to do so, so caught taxis to neighbouring county Staffordshire and drank in Cannock without issue. Due to the late kick off, the usual drunken fans were found staggering around the turnstiles with the majority of them being engaged by officers and refused entry some who persisted were arrested as too was a prolific ticket tout. During the match, Man Utd fans were subdued first half after going down 2-0, and a home fan was arrested for pitch encroachment (running track).


Second half, Man Utd fans were jubilant although no real issues, except a large number stood throughout and subsequently blocked radial gangways. Villa risk left the ground early en mass to the [REDACTED] and numbered around 70-80. After the match, all fans dispersed without issue. Norwich City Premier League Saturday November 17, kick off 17:30 Allocation 2,451 Allocation issues There were no reported problems at the 2011/12 match, though it kicked off at 13:30. Matters arising 1. While the police report does include some worrying detail, the wording of it does prompt a few questions. For example, there is an allegation of United fans damaging a pub, yet the landlord was happy to have them back afterwards. There are also unqualified judgements such as United fans being intimidating towards the general public and unqualified amounts such as a large amount of travelling Manchester United supporters were ejected for blocking walkways. The total ejection figure was 16, less than 1-per-cent of the away allocation. Given that safety officials across the country often read the report, it is extremely important the officers who write these reports qualify their figures and statements. Indeed, officials from Newham Safety Advisory Group made reference to the Norwich game when they decided to cut our allocation for the West Ham league game. Reds Away or MUST will write to Norfolk Police to express this view. 2. The most telling aspect of the police report is the final paragraph, in which police link the problems with the late kick off. Reds Away believes this link could open a can of worms, as we have seen elsewhere, with West Yorkshire Police limiting Hulls allocation to 1,700 at Huddersfield for a 17:20 kick off. Huddersfield had been made to stage the match at that time by broadcasters under threat of a fine or points penalty. Effectively, United could be put in a position where either United dont play (as many) late kick offs or they suffer allocation cuts.


Reds Aways view is that police are linking the two without firm evidence and without trying to mitigate the problem. Reds Away or MUST will write to safety officials concerned with this game to discuss what we can do to raise awareness of the problems associated with blocking aisles and congesting the concourse. This may result in United writing to all fans who go this game next season. Police report

Pre match The travelling Manchester United supporters arrive in Norwich from around 11.45 am. The early arrivals headed to the Compleat Angler the nominated away licensed premises. During the build up to the fixture away supporters were located in the Compleat Angler, Prince of Wales and the Queen of Iceni on the Riverside Complex. There were three coaches expected but five in total attended. A large Man Utd old school risk group turned up on a rogue 24 seater coach with one of the occupants getting arrested for breach of a section notice, assault on police and a Sect 5 POA following an attempt to deceive spotters by swapping clothing. This group ended up in the Prince of Wales where they remained until just before kick off. A number of Manchester United anti social/ Risk attended the Coach and Horses public house where they remained with no incident of note. There was report of damage caused by travelling supporters to the Compleat Angler Public


House with no complaint made by the licensee who was happy to have them return post match. The Norwich City Risk group attended Kings where they remained with no intent to seek disorder complying with spotters instructions at all times. En route to the stadium large groups of Manchester United supporters were very vociferous and at times intimidating towards the general public requiring firm policing from spotters and ground assigned serials. A large number of away supporters were refused entry for intoxication. During Match A large number of travelling Manchester United supporters were ejected for blocking walkways, smoking inside the stadium and general poor behaviour. There were also a number of alcohol fuelled ejections resulting in 16 in total. One away supporter was arrested during the second half for an assault on a fellow Manchester United supporter. There was also an arrest outside the visitors turnstiles for breach of a S27 notice. A beer fight broke out in the away section within the concourse at half time which required steward intervention which eventually calmed the situation down. Post match As result of the result both sets of supporters dispersed from the stadium returning to licensed premises around the Riverside / City Centre with no further incidents of note. The behaviour and drunkeness of the visiting supporters for this 5.30pm kick off was disgraceful compared to the 1.30pm kick off on the Sunday the previous season. The difference in behaviour of the Manchester United supporters between these two fixture due to increased alcohol consumption as a result of the late kick off for TV will undoubtedly result in a request for a reduced allocation for Manchester United supporters for future fixtures. Police debrief Superintendent Fawcett, the Police Commander on the day, said


Manchester United supporters caused us significant issues due to the uncooperative nature of all of the fans, in particular was the following: damage caused to the Compleat Angler Public House prior to the game. Supporters refusing to move out of the stairways in the Jarrold stand during the first half despite constant requests from the stewards. Mob like behaviour in the concourse from Man Utd fans at half time with beer being thrown, assaults and supporters swinging off live electric lights. This resulted in 7 immediate ejections and one arrest for assault. During the second half again the Man Utd fans would not move out of the stairways and needed constant stewards intervention supported by the police to keep this area clear. It was apparent that there appeared to be too many fans in this area and final figures show 2451 away supporters. The Stewards need applauded by the way they kept attempting to keep this area clear, which impacted on their capacity to focus on the standing, which again was prevalent with the Man Utd fans with approximately 2431 standing constantly. There was a feeling of unrest from the away supporters throughout the match There were 14 ejections (7 drink related and 7 smoking all Man Utd) 4 self ejections through drink related issues all Man Utd. 2 arrests 1 assault and one breach of a section 27 warning both Man Utd. 3 section 27 warnings all Man Utd. There were no home related issues. As it was a late KO at 1730hrs and the access to drink, I would suggest that future such late matches have an additional away squad, which I am sure the club would currently support, as did the ground commander Supt Marshall. On a positive note the Man Utd spotter praised the use of the barriers at the away turnstiles and our focus on checking the tickets for numbers due to the high amount of reprinted tickets that had been reported lost by Man Utd fans.


Reading Premier League Saturday December 1 kick off 17:30 Allocation 2,247 according to MUFC, 2,215 according to police Allocation issues It would be interesting to know why there is a different between the two figures above. Other than that, there havent been problems at this fixture in previous years. Matters arising 1. There were no reports of aisle blocking, though police did criticise the late arrival of some fans. However, they seem to have handled it better than stewards did when a similar thing happened at Tottenham later on in the season (see below). What happens next? United will not play Reading in the league next season, but fans groups will monitor whether any discussions/action are needed should the two teams play in the cup. Police report



Manchester City Premier League Sunday December 9, kick off 13:30 Allocation 2,617 Allocation issues For the last few years, weve pointed out to the Premier League that City and other clubs are technically in breach of league rules by not giving 3,000 tickets to away teams because they use the excuse that their stadium layout isnt equipped to hold that many9 and, as a result, we end up only being able to get a maximum of 2,880 (though we had this reduced). But City arent the only offender and MUST and Reds Away enjoy a proactive relationship with Citys stadium safety manager Peter Fletcher and, as usual, we exchanged emails before the game to find out where the land lies. He explained the first two rows of the upper tier would not be sold and two columns of seats at either end of the lower tier would not be sold to help police deal with fans throwing objects at other fans (though, as the police report says, it is largely City fans to blame). Before the game, Reds Away discovered that MUFC had offered away-end tickets to executive members10 and there was a quick, unqualified apology from red-faced United officials. Matters arising Despite United scoring a late winner and many City fans behaving badly (according to the police report) both inside and outside the ground, there is no mention of any bad behaviour from reds. What happens next? We will maintain the same dialogue with Mr Fletcher. Realistically, we stand little chance of getting more tickets for this game, as long as people continue to stand in the upper tier and objects continue to be thrown in the lower tier. Police report on next page.

http://redsaway.com/2012/04/stadium-flaw-leaves-united-120-tickets-short-for-derby-day/ http://redsaway.com/2012/10/united-chiefs-seek-to-explain-sweeternergate/







Swansea Premier League Sunday December 13, kick off 13:30 Allocation: 2,076 Allocation issues None Matters arising 1. This was a ridiculous kick off time and many fans had to set off at 06:00, using winter roads to get to the game. There were no trains to the game, despite Reds Away appealing to rail authorities before the game for a special service to be laid on. Also, this was two days before Christmas. Just as we saw with trips to Norwich and QPR the previous season, it is grossly unfair to expect fans to make these long journeys for early kick offs. 2. Reds Away asked for the police report for this game and the request was declined. This was because the only content of note related to the ongoing investigation relating to the throwing of a flare from the away end. However, Reds Away did have a very useful conversation with Jason Gibbs, a South Wales Police officer, who advised that the United fans behaved well throughout the game and there were no issues before, during or after the game save from the flare incident. He responded warmly to an offer on behalf of United fans groups to deal with any safety/allocation issues in future seasons, but predicted that it was extremely unlikely United will have their allocation reduced next season. What happens next? MUST and Reds Away will maintain the dialogue with Mr Gibbs.


Wigan Athletic Premier League Tuesday January 1, kick off 15:00 Allocation: 3,951 through United and 729 through Wigan Allocation issues Up until about three years ago, United used to get about 5,200 tickets, no less than any other team at the stadium, but then that was reduced (though Wigan still give United more than they are obliged to). Wigans consistently evasive press office have never said why, though anecdotal evidence suggests it is down to a mixture of congestion in the concourse, aisle blocking and an incident in which a fan suffered a minor leg injury when he was stood up in his seat and caught his leg. Campaigning from Reds Away exposed Wigans rule-flouting tactic of selling away-end tickets to a third-party travel firm, who could then sell away-end tickets on the open market. This did not happen in 2012/13, but Wigan keeps on selling tickets in the away end on the open market, charging 125 for a meal-and-ticket package. Reds Away has complained to the Premier League, who see no problem with it, even though there is a potential for fans with no link to United to misbehave in the away end, leading to a reduced allocation at future games11. MUST view the practise as unjustifiable and have called on the Premier League to stop it. Matters arising 1. The police report says some people tried to gain access to the ground by trying the doors, but other than that it seems like a trouble-free day. The fact that United will not play Wigan in the league next season means there is little need for work, but, should the two clubs meet in a cup, the issue of Wigan selling away-end tickets could raise its head again.





West Ham FA Cup Saturday January 5, kick off 17:30 Allocation: 4,488 Allocation issues: As well as having problems with various authorities ahead of the West Ham league match (see below), there was also difficulty getting information about the cup game12. We were entitled to 5,252 tickets and, in mid December, Reds Away asked Newham Councils safety advisory group for the allocation and, if there was a reduction, why. But the council refused to tell us13. Reds Away had to make a request using Freedom of Information laws and ended up getting information after the game when it was too late for fans groups to address safety problems. More of this is covered in the section for the West Ham league game Matters arising Strangely, the decision on how many tickets for the league game had been pretty much made before the FA Cup game. 1. Trouble between two sets of fans did take place before the match, seats were damaged inside the ground and there were instances of blocking the aisles. However, none of this happened before the league match and Reds Away is satisfied that many of the issues the safety advisory group had were resolved at that match. What happens next? MUST and Reds Away plan to make a formal representation to Newham Council (and the Sports Ground Safety Authority, whose inspector Lou Elliston appears to be the driving force when it comes to punishing United fans for perceived bad behaviour). The messages will be simple: 1. Involve us in discussions and well do our be st to promote safety measures. 2. Reward good behaviour with allocation increases. Police report on next page.


http://redsaway.com/2012/12/time-to-act-on-west-ham-debacle-a-qa/ http://redsaway.com/2012/12/council-keeps-quiet-on-west-ham-talks/




Tottenham Premier League Sunday January 4, kick off 16:00 Allocation 1,896 Allocation issues In June 2012, Harringey Councils building control manager Bob McIver told Reds Away that, after safety concerns were expressed, United fans behaved better generally and blocked aisles less often at the 2011/12 match at Tottenham. He told Reds Away United would get 800 more tickets at the 2012/13 match subject to United fans behaving well elsewhere.14 In the end, Uniteds allocation was not increased because Harringey Councils safety advisory group were made away of what they judged to be poor behaviour among United fans at Newcastle, Norwich and Chelsea15 Mr McIver has always been willing to keep an open dialogue with fans groups about ongoing safety issues, which should be welcomed. It was disappointing to know we could have got a big allocation rise due to good behaviour, only for it to be taken from us due to perceived poor behaviour elsewhere. What is new is that we now police and safety officials from a given area will monitor how United fans behave around the country and use that information to judge what our allocation should be. Ultimately, fans groups find it difficult to argue against frozen or reduced allocations when safety officials provide evidence of flares being lit/thrown, of pitch encroachment and similar issues. As a side issue, Reds Away used to have a problem finding out when the safety advisory group meetings were held to discuss the United allocation issue, but that now appears to have improved. Matters arising The good news is that the police report says that there were no real incidents during the match. 1. However, before the match was a very different story. Chelsea played Arsenal at 14:00 and the match ended at circa 15:50.


http://redsaway.com/2012/12/reds-could-face-chelsea-ticket-chop/ http://redsaway.com/2013/01/revealed-why-weve-missed-out-on-800-tickets-for-spurs-on-sunday/



Many fans were in pubs around the ground watching that match and many others were waiting to get confirmation that the Spurs match was on due to cold weather. That lead to several hundred fans arriving at or after kick off and queues building at the turnstile. A joint Reds Away/MUST/IMUSA/FSF Twitter appeal lead to more than 20 fans contacting the FSF with information about what happened. Fans would later gave accounts of what they perceived as harsh police treatment of those queuing16 and Tottenham and the Met Police responded, claiming it was the fans fault. A few weeks after the game, Amanda Jacks, a case worker for the FSF, met with officials from Tottenham and The Met and presented them with a lengthy dossier of witness accounts from the day. Ms Jacks said: Spurs obviously take great pride in their stewarding operation and were concerned to learn of the issues fans faced which were added to by poor weather and the doubt as to whether or not the game would even be played with confirmation that it would actually go ahead only given a little of an hour before the kick off time. As a result of the issues raised, the club will review their policies and look at how they can improve communication pre match so supporters know what to expect on arrival at White Hart Lane. They already have contact details of Reds Away and the FSF and, where and when we can, we'll assist in passing on information to supporters. The club already deploy specially trained stewards to engage with supporters on a match day inside and outside the stadium and have noted that some supporters felt that this may not have happened on the day of your game and are disappointed at this perception but will use your experiences to impress again the need to keep supporters informed. What we know is that both police and the club realise that, if staff do not behave to high standards, they will be scrutinised. What happens next? When the fixtures are announced, MUST or Reds Away will speak with Mr McIver a few months before the match to see what he has in mind in terms of an allocation. What is clear is that, while he might indicate United will get more tickets in 2013/14, the behaviour of United fans at other grounds will be a factory in influencing it.




Police report


Fulham Premier League Saturday February 2, 2013 kick off 17:30 Allocation: 2,899 Allocation issues The situation with this game in recent years has been ambiguous to say the least. Fulham dont often sell out and try to attract tourists so they have a neutral section which is adjoined to the away end only there is no segregation. So it is possible for someone to get a ticket in the neutral end, go into the United end and cause problems which could result in decreased allocations. However, opposing this set up a few years ago did not seem like a good idea, because, at the time, United fans could buy as many as 2,000 open-sale tickets online without needing a membership or anything else. Up until last season, you could buy these tickets on Seatwave and, essentially, the entire stand became the away end. But that changed this season: Fulham kept that system in place for all but two games: Chelsea and United (while still giving us more tickets than the rules dictate). This season, you had to be a Fulham season ticket holder or member to buy a neutral end ticket. Be that as it may, MUST and Redsaway expressed pre-match concerns to Fulham that not having segregation between stands was a concern, but Fulham went ahead regardless. Matters arising None What happens next? Reds Away and others will again work with Fulham before the next match to try and pinpoint what exactly is there strategy in terms of being fair to away fans. In the long term, Fulham have ambitions to expand the capacity of Craven Cottage to at least 30,000, so our aim will be to ensure that we do not lose tickets during construction and that we gain tickets on completion Police report on next page. (Match category B)


QPR Premier League Saturday February 23, kick off 15:00 Allocation: 3,081 Allocation issues None (some other clubs have had issues, mainly due to their own clubs policy on how many tickets to sell on the home clubs behalf). Matters arising 1. Very few issues, though it is rather unusual that three fans managed to get in to the match twice by jumping over a fence. I would assume QPR will have addressed that problem already, but it could be taken into account when United next play them, though it is unlikely. What happens next? United will not play Reading in the league next season, but fans groups will monitor whether any discussions/action are needed should the two teams play in the cup. Police report on next page (match category B)



Sunderland Premier League Saturday March 30, kick off 12:45 Allocation 2,379 Allocation issues This fixture has traditionally been the most controversial in terms of the debate between various authorities on how many tickets United should get. This is down to the fact that Sunderlands stadium safety manager takes a stauncher stance to standing at games than any of his colleagues at other clubs. Progress was made in 2012/13 when work by Reds Away persuaded Sunderland to increase Uniteds allocation from 1,700 to 2,282 albeit it was MUFC that made this possible by making a few practical concessions to Sunderland17 The only other club to make these concessions was Newcastle and they got a small increase, so it was no surprise (and good news) when United did too...an increase of 97 tickets. Reds Away view was that, while a bigger increase would be welcome, any increase should not be scoffed at and that, so long as the figure is going up, it is progress. Matters arising 1. Post-match feedback, both from Mr Weir and from the police report, threw up a couple of issues. Mr Weir said: [Fan behaviour] wasnt good. Supporters stood throughout, some were jumping up and down on seats. They totally disregarded direction from the stewards and several were ejected and/or arrested. Notwithstanding that I will again attempt to engage with the club to come up with possible solutions to this problem. 2. The police report says United fans blocked stairways and threw coins at Sunderland fans below. This is extremely disappointing given the fact that work from fans group lead to only minimal instances of aisle blocking at the 2011/12 fixture. What happens next? Thankfully, Mr Weir said he does not think Uniteds allocation will be reduced next year, but what he wants is a demonstration that at least some of our fans are prepared to sit down for most of the game.



One possibility that fans groups are looking into is that 300 extra tickets could be sold on the first three rows of the away end - specifically for people who actively wish to sit down. However, even though this may be a popular move with some fans, it may not be seen as positive by others who see it as a slippery slope in terms of other fans being made to sit and that other clubs may follow suit. This may be a debate fans groups must have with fans in over the next few months, before the next match at Sunderland. Police report


Chelsea FA Cup Monday April 1, kick off 12:30 Allocation: 5,578 according to Chelsea and MUFC, 5431 according to police Allocation issues After the previous League Cup game at Chelsea earlier this season, we did fear a sharp allocation decrease. Prior to the game, Reds Away spoke with several officials to find out what the allocation would be and we were surprised to learn it was so high (422 shy of the full entitlement 18). Measures were taken to leave seats empty at the end of aisles and near the entry points so stewards could get easier access. The front two rows of the upper tier were also kept clear. Matters arising Not a single arrest, though there was one ejection. Strangely, this was for persistent standing. Surely, if that policy was to be enforced, almost the entire away end would have had to have been thrown out. What happens next? Given the fact that the safety measures implemented worked with a bigger allocation than the normal league game, Reds Away does not imagine the allocation will be cut for next season, but MUST and others will keep up a dialogue with officials to ensure we do what we can to keep allocations high.




Stoke City Premier League Saturday April 13, 15:00 Allocation: 2,534 Allocation issues None Matters arising None What happens next? No action needed Police report
Home Team Stoke City Away Team Manchester

Date (dd/mm/yyyy) 13/04/2013 Team Division: Match Category Attendance Home TOTAL Arrests 2 Home Arrests Ejections Away Spotters Requested Number Requested 2 0 Held by club Yes PREMIERSHIP Not divulged 0

Kick Off Time (hh:mm) 15:00 Competition Score Attendance Away Total Attendance Away 2 Held by club Away Spotters Attended Number Attended 2 Neutral 0 Held by club Yes Premiership 02 2,534 27,197


West Ham Premier League Wednesday April 17, kick off 19:45 Allocation: 1,992 tickets Allocation issues This is probably the most troublesome game Reds Away and MUST have worked on for the last five years in terms of dealing with authorities who quite clearly werent willing to deal with us. Frustration was felt by all when we were going to Newham Council, which issues the stadium safety certificate to West Ham, offering help, and being ignored and patronised. Put simply, we wanted to know what safety concerns they had about the game so we could try to help address them, but they wouldnt tell us and it went on for months. It started before Januarys FA Cup match. The councils safety advisory group met and we tried to find out what happened at the meeting but none of those who attended would tell us. When we went to the councils press officer, she made the case that we werent entitled to find out what had happened despite the fact that it was clearly in the public interest to find out and that the meeting was funded by taxpayers. Reds Away put in a Freedom of Information request for the relevant documents and the council said no on the grounds that those at the meeting feared that, if their views were known to the public, they wouldnt be able to make future decisions without fear of unfair criticism19. This is despite the fact that, in the past, they had clearly made this kind of information available to other fans groups without hesitation. Reds appealed this decision and got the documents four months after the first request for information. Along the way, we made representatives to three council departments, three other organisations whose representatives attended the relevant meeting and even the boroughs mayor20.


http://redsaway.com/2013/01/newham-council-refuses-to-publish-west-ham-details/ http://redsaway.com/2013/01/partial-victory-for-reds-looking-for-west-ham-information/



In anyones book, this was a reprehensible way to deal with the situation given the fact that, all along, the intention has always been to help the council, the police and West Ham make the stadium safer (and get a bigger allocation of tickets in the process). Weve made representatives to the council that they should make the outcome of all future meetings public and cooperate with fans groups more openly. In fairness, the response from one council offer was very constructive. He said: On your final point, I am sure (those involved with the meeting) would want to improve relationships with representatives from all supporters' organisations and I am sure that they will take away some learning from your request and how it was handled. In the end, we discovered the council had set an allocation of 1,992 tickets 21 - down from 2,200 the previous years. The main issues were aisle blocking and concourse blocking. Alcohol was not put on sale in the concourse. Before the game, Reds Away formally requested to United that a letter be handed out to away fans at the turnstile at Upton Park requesting fans not to block aisles or overcrowd the concourse and, judging by the police report it appears to have worked. Matters arising There appear to have been no issues of note at this game, which is great. However, it underlines our frustration that the pre-match publicity surrounding Newham Councils puzzling approach to this game22 and the letter from United helped bring about a real result. With even more time to plan these measures before the game, more could have been achieved. What happens next? With this in mind, MUST and Reds Away plan to make a formal representation to Newham Council (and the Sports Ground Safety Authority, whose inspector Lou Elliston appears to be the driving force when it comes to punishing United fans for perceived bad behaviour). The messages will be simple: 1. Involve us in discussions and well do our best to promote safety measures. 2. Reward good behaviour with allocation increases.







Arsenal Premier League Sunday April 28, kick off 16:00 Allocation: 2,915 Allocation issues None Matters arising The (heavily redacted) police report appears to show there were no particular problems. What happens next? Reds Away and MUST will monitor plans for next seasons game and respond accordingly.



West Bromwich Albion Premier League Sunday May 19, 16:00 Allocation: 2,491 Allocation issues None Matters arising 1. On the day it was announced Sir Alex Ferguson would be leaving United, there was a rush for tickets for this game and West Brom had to suspend home-end public sale tickets23. In the days before the game, Reds Away maintained a dialogue with West Midlands Police, which is, without doubt the most progressive and innovative football force in the UK. For example, it is one of a few forces in the country to operate not only a Twitter account but several Twitter accounts covering matchday policing arrangements for each of the clubs on its patch24. For several years, Reds Away has agreed to pass on the information they Tweet to make matchday better for reds when it comes to getting there and going to decent pubs. It would be good if other forces followed their lead. There were some concerns about how many fans would turn up ticketless but the police and stewards had an operation in place to attempt to deal with it. It seems this operation failed for several reasons. First, a group of about 40 fans who, police say, were supporters of other clubs besides West Brom, came to the ground specifically to cause trouble with United fans and so police and stewards had to intervene. Second, the sheer number of United fans trying to get into the ground proved too much for them to deal with. There were reports of fighting in the home end and an overcrowded away end, though there were no reports of any injuries. 2. However, it is of particular concern that two flares were set off in the away end and someone ran on the pitch to try to get in the away end. What happens next?


http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/west-bromwich-albion-put-block-3573283 https://twitter.com/WMPAlbionFC



Given the unique nature of the occasion, it is very unlikely that the police are likely to have such a challenging time at future fixtures. But when flares are let off, it is difficult for fans groups and others to argue in defence of increased searches at the turnstiles and increased surveillance inside the stadium (whether we agree with the general issues of flare safety or not). There was aisle blocking, but that was largely down to the sheer number of people who had got in and is unlikely to be repeated. Reds Away has contacted West Midlands Police about next seasons game and it doesnt appear like they will press for an allocation reduction. MUST and others will monitor the situation as the season progresses. Police report
West Midlands Police Force Football unit

This was the last game with Alex Ferguson in charge as Manchester United manager, the last game of the season with Manchester United as champions. Pre match a West Bromwich Albion risk group that at the time numbered up to 50 included risk supporters from QPR, Birmingham City, Walsall and Shrewsbury were picked up as early as 1130hrs in a town centre pub in the Oldbury area of Sandwell, when police officers arrived the group star burst and later met up in a pub in Smethwick, they were monitored there before walking on mass up to the stadium and then back into West Bromwich town centre. A large proportion of United supporters drank in Birmingham city centre and there were reports of cocaine use inside the toilets of the public houses being used. Up to an hour before kick off , there were numerous ticket touts and ordinary supporters attempting to purchase tickets from any source possible around the stadium. Approximately 15 minutes before the kick off there was disorder on the East Stand car park between rival supporters. At around the same time the Manchester United supporters broke through stewards and then police lines on the ramp that leads to the rear of the away end. It took up to fifteen minutes to restore order with numerous Manchester United supporters being taken out of this area who hadnt got tickets. At 1606hrs 2 x flares were let off in the United end of the stadium. At 1610hrs a United supporter who was being ejected from home area of the stadium ran onto the pitch before attempting to get in the away end. At 1612hrs when United scored a small fight broke out in the home side of the Smethwick End between rival supporters.

56 At the same time both sets of supporters on the divide in the Smethwick End threw missiles at each other. As the game progressed United fans attempted to gain entry to the stadium any way they could with several entrances and exits being forced. At this time there were in excess of 150 that were taken back out of the stadium. This continued throughout the game with small fights breaking out in all stands. At one point a Manchester United supporter was ejected from the police briefing location. At the start of the game some West Bromwich Albion supporters baited Manchester United supporters with songs about the Munich air disaster. Manchester United supporters stood throughout, all aisles and vomitories were blocked, it was clear that numerous supporters had gained entry into the away end using numerous ticket scams. During then game the United supporters continually sang songs about going on the pitch at the end of the game ,as a result this area was bolstered at the end of the game with none gaining access. Post match - surprisingly an orderly dispersal without and further reported issues.


Section 2 what to expect from trips to the three promoted clubs

Cardiff The Cardiff City Stadium holds 26,828 and United will be entitled to 2,682 tickets. It is extremely likely we will get a full allocation. Hull The KC Stadium holds 25,586 and United will be entitled to 2,558 tickets. It is extremely likely we will get a full allocation. Crystal Palace Selhurst Park holds 26,309 and United will be entitled to 2,630. It is extremely likely we will get a full allocation.


Section 3 other issues 1. Work with other clubs In 2012/13, Reds Away and United fans groups worked with fans groups related to a number of clubs. It became apparent that various representatives have areas of expertise that could be useful to us (and vice versa) if there was a more organised way of sharing it. With that in mind, I have created an online forum, specifically for fans group representatives so we can swap tips on how to tackle certain issues, from submitting Freedom of Information requests to holding councils and police to account. It is early days for the forum and it could be replaced by a more efficient forum lead by the Football Supporters Federation, but I am hopeful it will be useful in the long term. 2. Persuading local councils to let fans groups have a voice Councils are part of the process because they grant the certificates which allow stadia to open up for matches. Council officers have the authority to limit ticket allocations at matches and often hold meetings to discuss whether or not they should do so. But the way this decision-making structure varies from council to council: Some let fans groups know about meetings, attend meetings and speak at meetings, whereas most do not. In particular, fans groups, in the main, do not have any representation at safety advisory groups (a minority of clubs are represented, though they tend to be home clubs, rather than visiting clubs). So what generally happens at SAG meetings is five or six people representing the council, the host club and the emergency services all criticise the visiting club and penalise their fans with noone around the defend the visiting club or provide the others with an insight into why problems occur and how they could be solved. To query this, Reds Away contacted Liam Briggs, who is the chairman of a committee which governs all SAGS in the UK. Mr Briggs said fans groups were not represented at SAG meetings for two reasons. First, because SAG members were concerned the representatives may treat them disrespectfully to score points rather than to solve problems.


Second, because representatives might inform the media or other fans about confidential aspects of the meetings. Reds Away suggested a memorandum of understanding be created, whereby fans group reps could attend the meeting so long as they agreed to treat others with respect and only publicise information with the SAG chairmans chairman. Mr Briggs consulted SAG chairman at a meeting earlier this year about this and came back with a seemingly ambiguous response which seemed to it could be a good idea, but were not sure if its a good idea. The Football Supporters Federation is working with Mr Briggs to find a way forward.
3. A possible change in the title for Reds Away editor Dale Haslam In recent years, one point I have been acutely aware of is that, as the editor of a website, I do not have a mandate. That is to say, I do not represent or claim to represent a group of people, as no-one elected or appointed me. Therefore, I ensure that I try to consult United fans groups, especially the independent, democratic groups - MUST and IMUSA, where appropriate on ongoing issues, such as those discussed in this document. Those groups represent not all, but a great swathe of Uniteds matchgoing support and its important that they generally support the efforts of Reds Away. For these reasons I am standing for election as a MUST committee member with particular responsibility for dealing with away ticket issues - in particular fighting for full allocations. If I am appointed, it will mean I have a mandate to speak at council meetings when United allocations are decided, and write to authorities about a wide range of issues. However, this would be a personal role and would not affect Reds Away's independence whatsoever. MUST agree this is the best solution. I will also continue to co-operate with any other groups where it is beneficial to do so. Essentially, Reds Away will not be affected at all but it will mean that I am in a much stronger position to deal with authorities when requesting information or attending meetings with a formal mandate from MUST.

4. Relationship with the Fans Forum At present, Reds Away liaises with MUFCs fans forum via its member Dave Pennington, who has been an invaluable contact in the last season.


Mr Pennington has always made himself available to discuss issues arising, such as away ticket allocations and how away tickets are distributed. However, Mr Penningtons term will shortly come to an end and it is important that other forum members open up a dialogue with United fans groups so practical issues can be raised at meetings. 5. Possible changes to the way away tickets are distributed As many will know, United are reviewing this with the fans forum and a consultation process has finished. Reds Away helped publicise the proposed changes25 and MUFC is due to provide an update in the coming months. Reds Away will monitor this and keep people fully informed.




Section 4 What other groups think I'd like to congratulate Dale for his efforts throughout the season in working towards full transparency from various authorities so Manchester United fans have a better understanding of matchday planning and what influences away ticket allocations. Despite both the FA and ACPO guidelines, both advocating dialogue with supporters, it is clear there are varying degrees of implementation of these guidelines across the country. Of course, local authorities are not beholden to either the FA or police and while we are pleased to note that some have cooperated fully with Freedom of Information requests, it is disappointing to note that, in some instances, Dale's efforts have been met with a degree of unnecessary suspicion. Ultimately, supporters are the largest stakeholders in the game and it is only right that that supporter groups, on behalf of their members, have some form of input in pre-match planning and ability to comment on post-match reports compiled by police and clubs and Dale's tremendous work has ensured that that is possible. Supporter organisations are some way off being viewed by all as groups who may have a constructive input into our treatment and decisions effecting how we are policed and stewarded, but I hope this important document reassures authorities that we too are working for exactly the same aims as the authorities, that football matches are managed safely and fans are policed and stewarded with proportion and based on actual behaviour and not reputation. Amanda Jacks Director of Case Work The Football Supporters' Federation

The 2012/2013 season proved a successful season on and off the field. Our fans have been given the opportunity by several councils and clubs to help with away match day plans and preparations and this has for the most part worked well. However not all of the authorities are making the most of this opportunity and in some cases are being actively uncooperative. IMUSA urges more clubs and councils to seek fans input as th is has proved to be of benefit to both those in charge on the day and more importantly the match goer. The end of one season brings the beginning of a new one and a new era for Manchester United. It also brings problems and issues we will face yet again, with clubs reducing allocations at


away games and the inevitable tension between fans and the match day stewards/police that comes largely from their unnecessarily aggressive attitudes toward us. Anyone who feels they have been treated unjustly by the club, police or stewards are encouraged not to just accept this but to challenge any arrest/ban/ticket confiscation they feel to be unfair. The police almost invariably request a banning order to go along with football related arrests and these are almost invariably granted. Cases against fans who challenge arrests they feel to be unfair are more often than not dropped before they ever get to court. IMUSA was founded in 1995 and is now one of the oldest independent fans organisations in the country. IMUSA campaigns on issues such as ticketing, safe standing, atmosphere and governance and will also advise any United fan who seeks our help, not just members. We can be contacted by email (comms@imusa.org), Twitter (@IMUSAdotORG) and on match-days via our emergency phone line (see www.imusa.org for details). The Independent Manchester United Supporters Association

Its easy to portray the Fans Forum as only being about catering and hair dryers while conveniently ignoring the more substantive items in the minutes. It can be frustrating at times but it is also increasingly relevant and productive. On away games, we have obviously pushed forward the review. Having previously sought ideas from Reds Away and other internet fanzines we persuaded the club to put final proposals to a full fans consultation a real first. Many wont agree with all of the proposals I dont myself but its the right way to make changes. There were over 600 responses, (though some less constructive!) that should now inform a revamp for 2014/15 that will preserve the loyalty pot for the long term, as well as the other proposals. I hope that further feedback will be sought on any specific new proposals.


The qualifying period for season ticket holders is in place. I am also hoping that ideas on how to address behaviour problems that reduce too many of our allocations, can lead to a more collaborative approach between club officials and fan groups. Dales comprehensive reports need to be used to the full. We have also raised issues about Euro credits carried over to the next season following the Braga game (less success there so far), and proposals to manage Champions League later rounds ballots following the mass applications for Madrid. Sadly these were not needed but we did get commitment that new applicants through Thomas Cook would not get precedence over those with credits. I would like to see a broader consideration of the needs and interests of Euro away fans but that is for another year. On the home front we have continued to lobby for a solution to the Singing Section (again mixed views), and got the Stretford End name restored. At the last meeting, and subsequently, we championed the concerns of fans displaced by the new Sky cameras and wider issues on seat move policy that they have raised. We do need to recognise and appreciate the amount of time we get with senior club officials over the year far more than most clubs forums, and some of us have extended that by communicating, lobbying and meeting them outside of the formal full meetings. But much more can and needs to be done to extend the forums reach and influence to more issues on which there needs to be a Fan input into club decisions, and to take on board the views of all interested fans. I have put a number of further ideas to club officials. Minutes form the May meeting when published will show some progress (publishing the agenda in advance of meetings for example). I would like to see more, but as I have come to the end of my two-year stint, it will be for like minded others to take this agenda forward. If you agree, then put yourself forward rather than just complain from the sidelines. Dave Pennington, outgoing Fans Forum member.