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2012 has been a year in which Delhi Police made pro-active efforts to mitigate problems faced by the citizens of Delhi and also took specific measures to make life of vulnerable groups like Women, Children, Senior Citizens and people of North-East staying in Delhi more secure. It was a year of initiatives, taken to ensure that our services become more professional and bring us closer to the people.

Safety of Vulnerable Groups
Women Safety of women in Delhi continue to be a priority for Delhi Police and several measures have been taken for improving the same.

a. Security audit of Paying Guest accommodations and hostels District police has done the security audit of all paying guest accommodations and hostels for women and girls. Security measures required to be taken by them have been explained to them. A total of 218 paying guest accommodations/hostels have been covered.

b. Directions to BPOs and Call Centers BPOs and Call centres have been directed to take measures for the safety of women working with them. Meetings were held to understand their problems and to express concerns of police to them regarding security of women. The Delhi Police has issued orders U/s 144 Cr.P.C. directing
BPOs, Corporate and Media Houses for taking certain steps for the safety and security of Women employees, like ensuring that they do not travel alone in cab and are dropped right at their door steps .

c. Anti-Stalking Cell and Anti Obscene Calls Cell

Anti-Stalking Cell and Anti-Obscene Calls Cell can be approached through helpline number 1096. 25,559 calls and 708 SMSs were received in AntiObscene Calls Cell and 51 calls were received in Anti-Stalking Cell in Delhi Police. d. Women Help Desks and Help Line There is a Women Help Desk in each Police Station. NGOs working in the areas of Women Empowerment and for the cause of women have been associated at the police station level. A Women Helpline, 1091 is also available and 602 calls were received on this Helpline.

e. Interaction with NGOs NGO’s are closely associated and meetings held at all levels, right upto the Commissioner of Police. Their suggestions to improve the police response to the problems of women form an important part of our programmes. District Police have been sensitized about these measures to make the Police Station Staff friendlier towards women complainants.


Continuation of scheme Parivartan Parivartan Scheme has been functioning in many areas of Delhi where lady Police Officers have been posted to work as Beat Officers so that they can interact with the women of the area and help them in overcoming their problems related to domestic violence and other atrocities. There are 198 beats where this scheme exists.

g. Crisis Intervention Centers Crisis Intervention Centers interact and support to the victims of sexual assault in overcoming the trauma. 520 rape victims were provided assistance during 2012.

Action against Brothels In a drive against commercial sexual exploitation of women. Delhi Police requested for closure of brothels in a big way. coming down from 4. the incidence of rape per lakh of population has shown a steady decline in Delhi under this head.42 in 2005 to 4. However.15 in 2012. Special care is taken in respect of investigation of rape cases and there is an emphasis on collecting scientific evidence and investigation is taken up by Women Police officers. Rescue Operations The trafficking of girls and women for forced labour has been tackled effectively by conducting 129 rescue operations with the help of NGOs and 315 girls were rescued during such operations.h. Delhi Police continued its efforts to spread awareness amongst various sections of the society through ‘Parivartan’ and also steadily increasing visibility of women police in selected Police Stations. The cases of gang rape are being tried by Fast Track courts and in-camera proceedings are being held. 706 rape cases have been reported as compared to 572 cases of the corresponding period of year 2011. i. Four brothels (Kothas) were closed on the orders of SDM and one brothel has been closed on the orders of Judicial Magistrate. In year 2012. 3 . j. PCR vans & Motorcycles patrols. Crime against women 96% of the rapes reported to Police have been committed by accused known to the victim.

4 4 S ource: NC RB . C om parison with som em ajor cities of the India (Incidentsof rape per lakhof population) 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 2.8 4.C rim e in India .3 3.2011 .2 5 4.1 0.3 1.8 1.9 1.32% In all the rape cases (except twenty six cases) reported in the year 2012 accused were known to the victim and this makes prevention of such crimes comparatively more difficult.6 0.8 5. Incidents of rape per lakh of population in some other cities as compared to Delhi may be seen below.Accused-Victimrelationshipin R ape C ases – 2012 C rim e by S trang ers 3.68% C rim e by relatives& acquaintances 96.2 0.

Shantha Sinha.In order to address problems of sexual harassment. Again this crime. 727 cases of molestation of women were reported during the year 2012. i) An analysis of reasons for missing children based on the data provided by Delhi Legal Services Authority was done. as many as 94% cases have been solved.Initiatives of the Delhi Police which truly stands out in comparison with other police initiatives across the country” …Smt. In order to deal with the problem of missing children several steps have been taken. Chairperson National Commission for Protection of Child Rights. with public in most affected areas.12 in 2005 to 4. The Police Stations at North Campus and South Campus have majority of women police officers. women police is deployed in civil clothes at appropriate places. per lakh of population.27 in 2012. New Delhi 1 8 18 10-Dec-12 Children 14 children are reported missing on an average on daily basis in Delhi. S te p sta k e nb yD e lh iP olic e for th es a fe ty of w om e na n dc h ild re n “…. has shown an overall decline and came down from 5. Out of these. This analysis is being used to create awareness during our meetings 5 .

a scheme PEHCHAAN was launched. In order to tackle the problem. 252 and a SOP has been issued so that all IOs follow the same procedure. 3675 number of kidnapping cases were registered as against 3529 cases of 2011. 64. In 2012. iv) Standing Order NO. This scheme has been implemented in areas where maximum children are reported missing. iii) The information about missing children is uploaded on ZIPNET immediately. A photograph is taken of the family with all children and a copy of the photograph is given to the family for record so that in case a child is reported missing.055 children have been given photographs under this scheme. v) Investigation of cases of kidnapping related to missing children was being hampered due to absence of photographs of the children. his photograph is available.Reasons for Children going Missing (April 2011 to August 2012) Source: Delhi Legal Services Authority ii) In case of a missing child FIR is registered by Delhi Police under the head of Kidnapping. 6 .

the case is taken up by Crime Branch for investigation. It provides play way learning and development facilities for children of age group 3-6 years. vii) There is one Anti Human Trafficking Unit (AHTU) in each district and one in Crime Branch. rescued in 186 operations. role play.vi) District Missing Persons Unit (DMPU) at the District level and Missing Persons Squad for the whole of Delhi under Crime Branch monitor the cases of missing children. singing etc. In order to give importance to Human Trafficking angle and sensitization of officers at the ground level. If a child is not recovered within 4 months. painting. with the help of NGOs. 7 workshops were held by Crime Branch for officials of the District. 7 938 children have been . ix) Rescue operations for children who are forced into labour are also undertaken with the help of NGOs. Cases with international linkages are transferred to AHTU Cell in CBI. Wherever it is felt that there might be an involvement of an organised gang. nutrition supplement and a vibrant summer camp with drawing. the case is transferred to AHTU of District for specialized investigation. viii) An initiative has been taken under the programme ‘BACHHON KI PHULWARI’ for providing a safe & healthy environment for children of working mothers and protecting them from being abused in any manner.

North-East Students Students and other persons hailing from North-Eastern States have been receiving due attention of Delhi Police and during the year 2012. 362 of Senior Citizens out of 15. rank specifically for people from the North-East.602 numbers of visits and 24. Apart from the Senior Citizens living alone.812 Identity cards have been issued. Some public Co-ordinators have also been associated so that the persons hailing from these areas feel free to come to the police and are able to convey their 8 .Senior Citizens Ambit of Senior Citizens enlarged Registration of Senior Citizens continued during 2012. Senior Citizens are also contacted telephonically and through personal visits both by Police Station staff and by officials of Senior Citizens Security Cell. A new initiative during the year 2012 was the issue of Identity Card to the Senior Citizens registered with Delhi Police. Such Senior Citizens are also being registered now with Delhi Police besides the Senior Citizens who are staying alone.644 registered with us belong to this category. there are several who are left alone at home as their children go out for work for long hours.P. Security audit of 13180 Senior Citizens was conducted by local police to enhance their security during the year 2012. A total of 4.062 numbers of telephonic contacts have been made by us during the year 2012. we have formalized the response of police by creating 7 Nodal Officers and a Coordinator of Joint C. 12.

com has also been made operational in the year 2012.delhipolicefornortheast. (3) Prisoner/Visitor Management Systems (PMS/VMS): This facility will enable the Deputy Commissioners of Police and Superintendents of Tihar jail to work together and get information they need for improving their functional efficiency and effectiveness.grievances. (2) Record of History Sheeters: This module will help in quick retrieval of records and monitoring surveillance maintained by Beat staff on History Sheets. Delhi police website for North-East people: www. (4) Criminal Remote Identification System (CRIS): This application will enable the Investigating Officers to verify the 9 . A Standing Order has also been issued to ensure a standardized procedure to be adopted in respect of complaints from people of North.East. The existing Onlinedossier application for maintaining dossiers of criminals have been integrated with the application of (1) Conviction/Involvement Verification: This Module has been developed to enable the query maker to get integrated report of all the separate systems in one report. Emphasis on New Initiatives (a) W e b based integration of information system The Computer Centre of State Crime Record Bureau has developed a webbased application to access all the available records of criminals in Crime Record Office at the finger-tips of Investigation Officers.

respectively.antecedents of the criminals/suspects being interrogated by them even when they are not in police station and (5) IntraDP: This application will help the Supervisory officers in Personnel Management and monitoring disposal of complaints. (b) Information Exchange Programme Delhi Police and Delhi Tihar Jail have jointly launched “Information Exchange Programme” by providing mutual access to the databases of Delhi Police and Tihar Jail. Hindi version is also going to be operational in 2013. Information regarding criminal involvements and finger prints of History Sheeters (BCs) have also been uploaded. Information pertaining to 6277 BCs is now available on the newly created web based system. Finger prints of 2.25 lakh criminals have been digitized for easy access so that identification of a criminal becomes easier. (d) Database of stolen mobile phone 10 . The Finger Print Bureau has done an excellent work by matching chance prints of 66 criminals. It has helped in tracing/recovery of several children and solving of many cases. It has also been ensured that the Crime Team of each district has a Finger Print Expert to lift finger prints in order to capture crucial evidence in every scene of crime. which led to solving of 62 cases. (c) ZIPNET (Zonal Integrated Police Net) ZIPNET has been made more operational and information to be uploaded on ZIPNET is monitored on day-to-day basis. This facility will enable the Deputy Commissioners of Police and Superintendents of Tihar Jail to work together and get information that they need for improving their functional efficiency and effectiveness.

A study was conducted and the outcome of the study has been shared with all Police Stations and Units of Delhi Police. A Standing Order has also been issued in order to tackle the menace. The action against criminals of Mewat region was stepped up during the year 2012. (e) Digital Crime Mapping The incidence of crime is analyzed with the help of Digital Crime Mapping and police response is accordingly changed. In order to disseminate information about them. their modus operandi and other operational details. The Crime Mapping is done area-wise and time-wise to understand pattern of Crime. deciding the place and time of pickets.Ps of the Mewat region for operational purposes. 121 criminals from Mewat have been arrested during the year 2012. With the help of this database. Crime Branch took the lead and formulated a number of strategies. (g) Illicit arms & ammunitions The easy availability of illicit arms and ammunition in certain parts of the country was flagged during the year 2012. 1953 stolen mobile phones were recovered from thieves and 1395 mobile phones returned to the owners. Close liaison was also maintained with S. (f) Criminals of Mewat region This helps in Criminal elements of the Mewat region have been active in Delhi and are found to be involved in all types of cases. A system of joint-checking by PCR. The Special Cell and the various district police units also took sustained action to control the menace. Traffic and Local Police has also been started to prevent crimes by these criminals. Data regarding all weapons seized by Delhi Police is being compiled and analysed by the Inter State Cell of the Crime Branch. A booklet containing details of criminals of Mewat was circulated to all concerned during the Inter state Co-ordination meeting held in July 2012.A database is being maintained of all the mobile phones reported stolen or missing. . Efforts are made to connect all backward and forward linkages and unearth the 11 .

(j) Counterfeit currency Drive against fake Indian currency was taken-up vigorously by Delhi Police. end users and source of manufacturing while investigating these cases. Authorities of the Banks have been sensitized again and again about taking necessary precautions. Delhi invited them to suggest measures 12 primarily on women safety in Delhi and also for changing their perception of .2012. CP. 749 illicit fire-arms. (i) Security of banks The security of Banks. mode of trafficking. 52 persons were arrested in 35 cases registered against placement agencies. In order to check the use of fire-arms. transit route. (h) Review of placement agencies A survey of placement agencies was done by local police. ATMs and cash carrying vans has been given importance by Delhi Police. Details of owners of 266 placement agencies have been recorded and are being verified. Lessons learnt from Defence Colony bank dacoity were shared with them so that such incidences are not repeated in future. audit of records of licensed fire-arms dealers is being conducted. It has been decided to register all cases of FICN at Parliament Street police station. 2425 ammunition and 544 sharp edged weapons have been recovered. RBI.entire chain of supply. Delhi Police dealt a severe blow to the illicit fire-arms suppliers to Delhi by recovering huge quantity of illicit fire-arms. Customs and Intelligence Bureau were associated in this regard. a meeting was organized with representatives of Government and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) working in the field of women safety and empowerment.7. During the year 2012. (k) Collaboration with women NGOs On 31.

open man-holes and other difficulties felt by the public. DPYF shall take initiatives like organizing sports activities. As a follow-up to this meeting. to channelize the energy of young adults and underprivileged children. A Standing Order No. painting workshops. measures have been initiated: Organised Self defence training programmes in the area of Jamia Nagar and New Friends Colony. Delhi Police has also established an institutionalized framework called Delhi Police Yuva Foundation.  Continuance of Parivartan and self-defence classes in the various localities in Delhi. vocational training etc.  Zero tolerance against any kind of violence or crimes against women. The foundation would facilitate in identifying such areas in the jurisdiction of Police Stations 13 .  Placement agencies kept under watch to ensure that they are not used as fronts for illicit activities like human trafficking. following Community Policing Schemes Yuva Special Community Policing Scheme ‘YUVA’ has been launched keeping in mind the problems of young adults. YUVA aims to wean away young adults and underprivileged children who. DPYF under Society Registration Act to oversee the implementation of the scheme. 404/2012 has been issued in this regard by CP/Delhi. for want of proper education and sports facilities.  Security audit of Paying guest accommodation and private hostels was conducted and all Police Stations now maintain a database of such premises.the actual ground situation and indicate to them the efforts being made by Delhi Police in this regard.  Civic agencies informed about poor street lighting. tend to take to crime. dysfunctional lamp posts.

This is bound to lead to speedier solutions to people’s problems/grievances. programmes. A Standing Order No. 14 .wherein such initiatives are necessary and feasible for implementation and create infrastructure and logistics with the help of willing NGOs. 1. wherein senior officers of Delhi Police go to their respective areas on a pre-scheduled time and date and hear public grievances at neutral venues like auditoriums. 5355 youths participated in sports activities and 2700 youths attended vocational training Jan Sampark A recently introduced pro-active measure for public cooperation is the concept of JAN SAMPARK.609 grievances have been redressed.773 complaints have been attended/received and 3. school-halls. During the year 2012. Corporate Houses and social volunteers to achieve its objectives.064 programmes have been held. 403/2012 has been issued in this regard by CP/Delhi. 21. public parks etc.

500 Kgs. During the year 2012.7% live in rural/urban villages. and thousands of unplanned colonies is an important crimogenic factor particularly in respect of street crimes like robberies and snatching.64 in 2001 and coming down to 318. 30. 11. of Opium. This rapid urbanization has also led to certain factors which have a bearing on the crime rate in the city. has been developing at a rapid pace. Rohini etc. 1895.272 Kgs. of Ganja and 2.783 Kgs.068 Kgs. thus leaving only 23. Delhi Police dealt a severe blow to the drug traffickers of Delhi by recovering huge quantity of narcotics. Delhi. being the capital of the country. 49. of Smack/Heroin. Crime Situation A total of 54287 IPC cases were registered during the year 2012. feedback/response was received from 20. In Delhi. the incidents of street crime have come down in the city. During the year 2012. of Cocaine were recovered. The large expansion of new colonies like Dwarka. The total IPC Crime per lakh of population declined during the last 11 years. Despite this.468 complainants were informed Standing Order No.“Aapka Update”: A new initiative has been taken by Delhi Police to A and inform the complainants about progress of their complaints/cases. almost 65% of the total population lives in unplanned colonies. being 392.051 complainants in which 99% people have shown positive response about the action taken by Delhi Police. 411/2012 has been issued in this regard by CP/Delhi. 829 cases have been registered and 61.7% 15 . The yardstick used the world over to compare crime is to take into account crime per lakh of population. Action Against Drug Trafficking The drive against drug trafficking was taken up in a big way.98 in 2012.

47% has been achieved in 2012 in heinous offences. This is an important causative factor for crime in Delhi. privileged. showing a decline of 4.05%. Incidents of lakh have of also 600 500 400 300 200 100 0 2011 2012  Proximity in location of colonies of the affluent and the under- murders. Murder In the year 2012.05 % 16 . Adverse sex ratio (866 females/1000 males). 521 cases have been registered as against 543 cases in the corresponding period of year 2011. This has been achieved as a result of sustained efforts and a show of police professionalism at the District levels and the specialized units like the Crime Branch and the Special Cell which whole-heartedly focused on achieving breakthrough in all cases including the important and sensational ones. Easy accessibility/means of escape to criminal elements from across the borders.     Urban anonymity encouraging deviant behaviour. Other factors responsible for crime are as follows : Socio-economic imbalances. Loosening of social structures and family control. Murder 543 521 per a population. shown decline during significant 4. The law and order situation in Delhi has been kept well under control.people living in planned colonies. High Detection rate achieved in heinous cases A success rate of 89.  Extended hinterland in the NCR region.

86% were due to old enmity.32%.the last eleven years. While this figure was 3. During the year 2012.59% were sex related. 12. 14. Motive behind murders Analysis of motives in murder cases of year 2012 reveals that 20. 608 cases of robbery have been reported as against 562 cases in the corresponding period of year 2011.95 in the year 2001.06 in 2012. Motive in Murder C ases P roperty Dispute 2% MoneyD ispute 7% Enm ity 13% F am ily D is pute 11% S exR elated 15% Others C rim eR elated 14% UIDB 8% Robbery Dacoity S udden P rov ocation 21% Others 9% and In the year 2012.82% of the murder cases were crime related.94% were due to differences amongst family members and 8. The detection rate in cases of robbery has been high at 88.83% were due to disputes over property/money matters. Only 13.54 % of the cases were due to sudden provocation or trivial issues . 10. it came down to 3. 28 cases of dacoity were reported as against 33 cases in the corresponding period of 17 .

1440 cases of snatching were reported as against 1476 cases reported in the corresponding period of year 2011. 4.25 Crores solved in record time with the arrest of 14 accused including master mind Ranjit Rumal. a significant decline of 15.year 2011. 4% 18 2012 . 4 were illiterates drop-outs.97% cases were solved with the arrest of 1590 criminals. 5. jewellery and property purchased out of the robbed cash have also been recovered/attached. It is pertinent to mention that 86. As many as 70. Stolen Property Recovery : Quantum Jump (In Crores) Snatching In the year 2012. Broad day light sensational dacoity-cum-murder case of PS Defence Colony of Rs.44%. Deepak and Vijay Kumar. Hari Kishan. a decline of 2. All the cases of dacoity reported during the year 2012 have been solved (except one case).09 Crores in cash. So far Rs.15%.04% of these criminals arrested for the Snatching offence of snatching offenders them or school were first time and 57. vehicles.17% of 1440 1476 1600 1400 1200 1000 800 600 400 200 0 2011 2.

Among the stolen vehicles 8996 were two wheelers.47 in 2012. 4760 cars and 690 other vehicles. M.V.Theft 14668 14391 16000 14000 12000 10000 8000 6000 4000 2000 0 2011 2% 2012 The M. Theft cases have been reported as against 14668 cases in the corresponding period of year 2011.51% of total IPC cases registered in Delhi. 2679 (18%) stolen vehicles were recovered and 3700 auto lifters were arrested in the year 2012.35 in the year 2001 to 194. Theft In the year 2012. 14391 M.M. Motor Vehicle Thefts accounted for 26. The acute shortage of parking space and the general practice of parking vehicles on roadsides coupled with the indifference of a 19 .V.V.V Thefts per lakh of vehicle population has also come down from 228. a significant decline of 277 cases.

Shanti Devi aged about 67 years and Smt. Joginder Kaur aged about 82 years of PS Vikaspuri (20.12)  Murder and attempt to murder case of Constable Bijender and Constable Sandeep of PS Kamla Market (11.12)  Murder case of French National lady Ms.12)  Murder of duty Constable Naresh of PS Bharat Nagar ( Rohini of PS South Rohini (24.12)  Murder case of woman aged 25 years whose dead body was found in Nehru Place of PS Kalkaji (24.12)  Murder-cum-robbery of Smt.12)  Murder cum rape of a baby aged 5 years of PS Bhalswa Dairy (6.12)  Murder cum dacoity case of Senior citizen Smt.P. Gurjeet Kaur of PS North Rohini (12.06. Vishal and Shivani of PS Ranjit Nagar (3.12)  Murder cum attempt to murder case of two sisters Ms Anita & Ms Kavita of PS Vasant Kunj. North (12. Roshan Devi aged about 65 years of Sec-3.12)  Violent burglary-cum.04.09.12)  Double murder of Master Arman aged 5 years and his sister Ujma aged 3 years of PS Khajoori Khas (26.12)  Case of attack on MLA.1.05. Lorenz of PS Paharganj (05.Estate (09.3.majority of motor vehicle owners towards installing anti-auto theft equipment is a major contributory factor.12) 20 . Najafgarh with the arrest of 8 accused (02.05.S I.12)  Murder case of young woman whose dead body was found in LNJP Hospital of P.09.06. Sensational cases solved during the year 2012  Double murder case of brother & sister.12)  Murder of Dr. Sanjeev Dhawan by ex-serviceman of PS Rajinder Nagar (19.09.murder of Smt.

Jamuna Bazar of PS Kashmere Gate (17. a gang of interstate bag lifters.11. Madhu Mehra of PS Timarpur (02. UP & Haryana  Thak-Thak Gang.12)  Robbery of Rs.12)  Robbery of Rs. ( Rohini of PS North Rohini (22.1. Barakhamba of PS Barakhamba Road (7. Swaran Kaur aged 78 years and her daughter Smt. 25 lakhs near Defence Colony Flyover of PS Amar Colony (13. Meeta @ Nisha aged 22 years and her male child Vivek aged about 1 ½ years of P.05.12)  Robbery of Rs 35 lakhs from the worker of a jeweler near Hanuman Mandir. involved in several cases of bag lifting in Delhi.06.12)  Jewellery shop robbery in Pocket-R. 21 lakhs of PS Moti Nagar (10.12)  Notorious cheat of in famous Stock-Guru Ullas Prabhakar Khaire @ Lokeshwar Dev and his wife Raksha J.12)  Robbery case of Rs.12)  Double Murder case of Smt. 23 lakhs from Shri Sachin Sharma at Hailey Road.12.11. Narela (1. Sec-7. more than 90 cases of MV theft solved  Tyre Puncture gang.12)  Muthoot Finance robbery case situated at Aggarwal Mall.S.04. a notorious interstate bag lifters gang 21 . Balbir Kaur aged 50 years of PS Rajouri Garden (18.12)  House robbery of Rs.12)  Rape-cum-murder case in running bus of PS Vasant Vihar (16.12) Major Gangs Busted  Sharafat gang.38 Lakhs from owner of Bharat Petrol Pump while depositing cash in bank of PS Najafgarh (16. 9. Urs @ Priyanka Dev arrested from Maharashtra who had cheated about 2 lakh investors to the tune of Rs. involved in more than two dozen cases of MV Thefts in Delhi and UP Biggest and most organized gang of auto lifters.10. Dilshad Garden of PS Seemapuri (30. 500 crore.05. Murder cum robbery of retired teacher Smt.12)  Double murder case of Smt.

12 cases of burglary solved  Burgle and burn gang. a gang of sharp shooters and robbers  Neetu Dabodha gang. a gang of robbers/contract killers. a gang of murders and robbers  Anil @ Lala and Sandeep @ Kala gang . a gang of kidnappers  Parveen @ Sonu gang. a gang of notorious robbers/receivers  Munna Jamanti gang. a gang involved in providing fake surety to hard core criminals operating from Tihar jail  Satpal @ Pappu Jat gang. a gang of desperate interstate robbers  Sharawan gang. a gang of murders and extortionist  Jaggu Pehalwan gang. a gang of contract killers. a gang of contract killers and extortionist  Surender @ Neetu gang. a gang of desparate criminals involved in kidnapping and extortion  Neeraj Bawana and Bijender Bhalswa gang . a gang of bus robbers/pick pocketers  Dharmender Lala gang. Kana-Nizam Gang. murders and extortionist  Babloo Ghogha-Nitu Dabodia gang. a gang of murderers and kidnappers  Raju gang. involved in more than 25 cases of burglary of PS Sarojini Nagar and RK Puram who set houses on fire after committing burglary  Suraj Anna/Idli Dosa gang. a gang of desperate robbers-cum-burglars  Moradabadi criminals. a gang of dacoits  Pyare Lal Gang. a gang of dreaded robbers  Polly-Sarwan gang. a gang of active auto lifters  Anil Bhagte gang. desperate and interstate robbers and criminals  Jahar Khurani gang. involved in several cases of murder. a gang of burglars. a gang of robbers and snatchers 22 . car jacking and robberies  Satbir Gujar gang. extortionist and land grabbers  Sandeep @ Mental gang. a gang of robbers  Sanjay Rathi and Pawan Pandit gang .

1. Neeraj Bawania. involved in more than 24 cases of robbery. attempt to murder.00. Kaushal Chauhan.000/-. wanted in more than 15 cases of murder. wanted in the sensational “Shrikant Murder case”  Rs. a desperate interstate gangster/ dacoit  Rs.7. 1. involved in 13 cases of robbery and car jacking 23 . a nefarious sharp shooter/murderercum-extortionist  Rs. car jacking. murder. 1.000/-. Sumit @ Amit Kapoor a wanted criminal in MCOCA case and PO  Rs.00. Pawan Pandit @ Pappu. Subhash @ Pawan Kumar. 1.000/-.15. Haryana  Rs. Salli.000/-.000/-. Manoj Bakkarwara. Sekhar @ Bobby wanted in riot–cum-murder case of PS Sadar Bahadurgarh. 1.000/-. 1. hard core inter state criminal/contract killer  Rs.000/.000/-. Satish Kumar. 1.Vinod Kumar. Rizwan @ Miyan.Arrests of Criminals carrying Rewards for Apprehension  Rs.000/-.00.000/-. 1.00. attempt to murder etc. Kamaluddin @ Kamal. Sanjay Rathi.000/-. Rohini  Rs.00. involved in robbery case of Muthoot Finance Sec.00.00. Shakir.. 1. involved in 13 cases of robbery.000/-.  Rs.000/-.00. 50. 1.00. wanted in Dacoity case of PS North Rohini  Rs. wanted in murder of Constable Naresh of PS Bharat Nagar  Rs. 50. robberies and car jacking of Delhi and Haryana  Rs. most wanted car jacker  Rs. 50. 1.000/-.00.00.000/-. murder and attempt to murder  Rs. Sanjay Bhattacharya. a notorious Mewati gangster involved in more than 3 dozen cases of robbery/dacoities  Rs. 1.

Amit @ Magru. 50. wanted in several murder.000/-. Arif. Parmod and Bhupesh. Akil Malik @ Mama. on the case of deadly assault on executive engineer (MCD)  Rs. Manoj @ Bukhara and Attender @ Chunu each. 25. 35.000/-. dacoity.000/-. Karnataka & MP  Rs.000/-. Abhay Singh Yadav. 50.000/-. UP.  Rs.S. 50. Civil Lines. a PO involved in murder case of his wife of PS KN Katju Marg  Rs.000/-. wanted 23 cases of robbery. Nitin. car-jacking. 50. Rs.000/-. burglary and theft of Delhi. Wahid. attempt to murder and theft  Rs. involved in six cases of robbery. Neeraj. 50. Jakir @ Jaki. 25. involved in murder of Police Constable Naresh of PS Bharat Nagar  Rs.000/-.000/-. robbery and BC of PS Jafrabad  Rs.000/-. involved in cases of murder. Mannu @ Anees Khan. 50. dacoity and robbery 24 . 50. wanted in murder case of PS Jagat Puri and involved in 13 cases  Rs. wanted in murder-cum-robbery case of PS Civil Lines  Rs. Dharam Nath. escapees during the sensational Sonipat jail break  Rs.000/-. Sanjay @ Jaiveer. Harjeet @ Poppy. involved in MCOCA case of PS Narela and several heinous crime  Rs. wanted in Murder–Cum-Robbery case of P. Sintu Gawala and Tinku Gawala each.  Rs. Babu Khan. 50. Mushtaq. Krishana Rao.000/-. 50.000/-. 25. 25. 50. Naresh @ Sonu.000/-.000/-. 50. Delhi.000/-. a desperate robber  Rs. involved in several cases of kidnapping and highway dacoity  Rs. Jaspal Singh. wanted in robbery-cum-attempt to murder case of PS Maurya Enclave. interstate notorious criminals  Rs.

10. 10.000/-.000/-. Subbi. involved in several cases of kidnapping and highway robberies  Rs.000/-.000/-. notorious snatcher and auto-lifter  Rs. 20. involved in many cases of extortion. 10.000/-. 10. involved in one & half dozen criminal cases  Rs.000/-.000/-.Yaseen. 5000/-. wanted in truck robbery case  Rs. a desperate inter state criminal  Rs. 15. Pritam Singh. 15. Sonu @ Jai Bhagawan and Rajkumar @ Raju each. Hemant.000/-.000/-. wanted in double murder case of Anil Tiwari and Deepak Rai of PS Gandhi Nagar  Rs. Anand Prakash and Narender each. Puran. 15. involved in highway robberies and murder  Rs. involved in riot-cum-murder case of PS Mahindra Park  Rs. wanted in riot–cum– murder case of PS Ali Pur  Rs. Sammi Bhardwaj. 25. involved in 19 cases of murder and robbery  Rs. Ayaj @ Guddu.000/-. Amit @ Monu.000/-. 15.Sunil.000/-. 15. a notorious highway robber  Rs. 15. 20. 10.000/-. Parmod Kumar @ Modi.000/-. Ajay Sharma.000/. 10. Mukesh @ Mukki. a PO in murder case of PS Tilak Nagar  Rs. a BC-cum-PO in murder case of PS Palam  Rs. 20. involved in 7 case of robbery and theft  Rs. wanted in abduction–cum-murder case of PS . robbery and murder  Rs. 20. Rs. Vikram @ Vicky.000/-.000/. wanted in kidnapping for ransom case of PS Jaitpur 25 Sorabh. Abhishek Singh. involved in six cases and bail jumper in murder case  Rs. 5000/-. Palam Village  Rs. Parveen @ Sonu. Sunil Kumar. Himanshu and Jai Singh each. wanted in two robbery cases of PS Tilak Nagar  Rs.

Salim @ Mama. 5000/-. Gulzar Khan . involved in cases of robbery and murder 26 . wanted in murder case of Bhatta Vyapari “Ashok Aggrawal” of Dadri (UP)  Rs. P. Sushil kumar Shukla.S Kotwali. Sunil. 5000/-. 5000/-. 2500/-. wanted in murder case of PS kidwai Nagar UP  Rs. 5000/-. Manoj and Bittoo @ Victor. UP  Rs. Umesh Sharma. 5000/-. Bulandshaer. involved in kidnapping of an industrialist of Ghaziabad (UP)  Rs. Satya Prakash @ Bablu.O in two cases of Delhi and wanted in two cases of P. Rs. involved in armed attack on Sunder Bhati in 2011 at Sahibabad (UP)  Rs.