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Memento from the Wedding of Moishy and Rivka Raichik

close attention to his words, one saw how, in his brief style, Reb Boruch was explaining the words of Tanya in a way that removed many questions. What a pity that his explanation on Tanya were never written down! On Shabbos the Mashpia would pray much longer. He would come to the Yeshiva for Seder Chassidus in the morning, which started at 8:00. After wrapping himself in his tallis and listening to all the prayers and the reading of the Torah, he would start his prayers on his own, at length, with meditation and depth, and nishing at about 5:00 in the afternoon. Only after ensuing that the students had started their second Seder Chassidus, which began at 5:00, did he go home for kiddush. On Rosh Chodesh and other special occasions, Reb Boruch would Farbreng with the students all night. During these hours he would speak words from his heart, words of concealed chastisement emanating from a revealed love, which would enter into the depths of their hearts was brought into practice immediately. At these Farbrengens he would also explain deep concepts in Chassidus with wonderful explanations. The students of Tomchei Tmimim were very lucky. They had many opportunities to become acquainted with many of the older Chassidim from other lands and to glimpse their spiritual heights. From time to time, senior Chassidim would come from all over to bask in the light of the Rebbe: from Riga, such as Reb Mordechai Cheifetz; Rabbi Jacobson from America; Rabbi Leib Shinim of Dukshitz, Reb Yaakov Baruch of Kovno, with those who now arrived from Russia, such as Rabbi Shmuel Levitin and others. The senior Chassidim would also Farbreng with the students after requesting permission of the teachers. They would especially enjoy the visits of the chossid, Rabbi Yitzchok Masmid. R Dovber Kurnitzer In the year 5696 (1936), Rabbi Dovber Kurnitzer (Garnkel), o.b.m., escaped from Russia and arrived in Otvotsk. He was immediately appointed by the previous Rebbe as Mashgiach (Supervisor) and general examiner in the Yeshiva for Nigleh and Chassidus. He was a wonderful role model, wellversed in Nigleh and Chassidus. It was said of him that he knew the entire Talmud by heart. Often we saw how he conversed with another faculty member and would quote the Gemorah and Tosafos by heart. He also had an exceptional talent for explanation and grasp, speaking very clearly, so that we would really enjoy listening to him. As soon as he was appointed, he won the hearts of his students. He would mingle with everyone, greeting all with a smile and a joke. He would enter the Beis Hamedrash during the study hours, walk over to each table, good humouredly slapping the students on the back to arouse them, with a melodious voice. Lebidiker! Lebidiker! (Livelier! Livelier!). He brought a special enthusiasm into the learning of Niglah and Chassidus.

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