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London Premiere League T20

LPLT20 Cricket League

London, Phone: +44 7846066476, +44 Email: lplt20@london.com, lplt20@gmail.com

Team Registration Application Form

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Terms and Conditions: Please read and accept the terms and conditions of this tournament before you signing the contract.

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London Premiere League T20 is a unique Cricket event organised by some cricketers. The event pits teams from around the globe, and it is kind of a knock out competition. The event aims to deliver a refreshing change from the normal cricket tournaments run in the area, by combining all the best aspects of the mini model of cricket game with different culture, fun and enjoyment. The organising team behind this events have more than 5 years of experience in running this type of events in another country, and each year we add something new following feedback from those who have participated in the event before. We accommodate the teams globally, The tournament consists of 16 teams. Selected from more than 30 teams We have all the superb facilities at Playing Fields to ensure you have the best day of cricket available. This can be a biggest cricket tournament ever done in London. Thank you and we look forward to receiving your application. Organiser's Terms & Conditions (as provided by the league / tournament organiser) : TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF BOOKING Contract: 1. The signing up to the tournament by your club representative will constitute a booking made by every individual in your group. 2. All reservations are accepted subject to the following conditions. 3. Any damages, however caused, shall have to be paid for in full and shall be the responsibility of the group leader. 4. Teams/players agree that photographs taken during the tournament can be used to promote and advertise the event during and after the Festival and for future festival events organised by us. 5. The organizers should have full rights to change the schedule, fixtures and patterns of the tournament in any circumstances. 6. Talented players may get chance to play various level of cricket club and county Obligations Of Team 1. Behave at all times in a safe, sporting and courteous manner, showing respect to opponents and Umpires; 2. Obey the lawful and proper instructions of any supervisor or other official of the

event. Inform the staff of any existing medical condition, which may affect their ability to participate fully in the tournament. The Team must take reasonable care to satisfy him/her that the playing surface, and other aspects of the venue, is safe and suitable. On the day of the Tournament, Teams must ensure that they are at the pitch in plenty of time. Read the rules, regulations and format of the Tournament prior to the Tournament itself. Abide by the ICC Code of Conduct for the duration of the day.

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PAYMENTS 1. All payments must be made along with application form. 2. All payments for the Tournament must be in the form of cash or online transfer. We wont accept the Cheques. ACCEPTANCE OF CONDITIONS: 1. When signing up to the Event, you are reminded that you have accepted these conditions on behalf of everyone in your group. You are therefore required to undertake the following: 2. To abide by all the conditions for this Event.

I have read and accepted above terms and conditions.

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