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MBA Program Research Methods

Course Code: BUS612 Pre-requisite Courses: Statistical Inference WELCOME TO THE CLASS

Introduction: I look forward to have a fruitful and meaningful interaction with each one
of you during the term. This will however depend on your active participation and attention during the class sessions and an active follow up afterwards. Course Description: This course aims at providing an understanding of the process of Research applicable to various segments of business and social life. It also aims to develop an attitude in the students for research and scientific learning. Course Objective: To create awareness and understanding of contemporary tools to assess the quality and standard of research articles, publications and reports To provide guidelines to establish relations between academic research and business development To review research methodology and instruments for research.

Teaching Methodology & Requirements: Please arrive and leave on time. Class will begin promptly five minutes after the hour and will end exactly on the hour. Late arrivals and early departures disrupt class and ruin the presentations of others. They are unprofessional. Do your own work. Plagiarism and cheating will lead to dismissal. Do not copy the work of others. Do not use others to do your work. Do not pass off work done in past semesters as work done for this course. Assignments must incorporate lessons taught in class. Personal assignments must be produced individually. Group assignments must be produced by the members of the group. Students will be expected to read assignments in advance of their discussion in class. Class time will be used to emphasize and clarify some text material, but additional topics will be discussed as well. This will not be a lecture-only course. You will be asked to discuss what you have read. While you should expect to be frequently called on in class, you should also voluntarily discuss and ask questions. READ AND BE PREPARED TO DISCUSS ALL DISCUSSION QUESTIONS AND/OR CASES AT THE END OF EACH CHAPTER.

Class meetings will NOT cover everything in the text. Separate instructions will be provided for assignments. All written assignments must be handed in at the beginning of class on the due dates. They will not be accepted after the class has begun. All assignments not completed on time (not handed in before class has begun) will receive a zero. Check the schedule for due dates. It is essential to keep current with the chapter assignments. Classroom conduct is predicated on the assumption that you have read the relevant material. You are most welcome to ask questions in class dealing with any material being presented, and to take an active role in class participation. Course Contents Introduction to Research; Elements of Scientific Research Research Methodology & Design Conceptualization of Research Development of Hypotheses Literature Review & Problem Formulation Instruments & methods for data collection Questionnaire Construction Different types of Surveys Sampling: Methods & Application Research Publications & Academic Journals Statistical Analysis & Interpretation of Data Format of Research Reports

Testing and Grading: Learning will be accomplished through lectures, outside readings case analysis and student participation in classroom discussion and presentations. Grading will tend to focus on your overall personality rather than one or two aspects. A mid-term examination and a comprehensive final examination will be given. Another portion of the course grade will include the discussion/attendance grade, quizzes, cases and/or other assignments. Each student will also be required to complete individual project. The mid-term examination will be of 25 percent and final examination will be of 40 percent. Excessive absences (more than 20 percent) will result in F Grade. Test questions may be taken from textbook readings, hypertext material, additional material discussed in class and /or other assigned readings. Students may prepare notebook for taking notes and for references.

Marks Distribution of 100%: Quizzes Assignments Class Workshops Cases Projects Mid-term Final Exam Total ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ _______25_____ _______40_____ 100_____

Recommended Readings: Marketing Research (:) A Practical Approach for the New Millenium, Hair, Bush & Ortinau Research Methods for Business (:) A Skill Building Approach, Uma Sekaram Business Research Methods, C. William Emory Research Methodology: Methods & Techniques, C.R. Kothari Research Methods for Business & Management, L.R. Gay and P.L. Diehl

Please Note: In the unlikely event of an unplanned absence by the instructor, the material to have been covered during that class meeting will be shifted to the next meeting. If a test was scheduled for that class meeting, the test will be given during the next class meeting. In the event of any necessary planned absences, information on schedule changes will be provided in advance.