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Successful Pilot for Metro Mobility at Rome Metro by Bynet

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Following a number of successful deployments of our mobility system, Bynet has been chosen by a leading metro operator as a supplier for the wireless mobility system used for surveillance cameras backhauling at the metros rolling stock. The vendors choosing process was divided into a series of outdoor and indoor tests of increasing complexity: The outdoor test was conducted at the depot, at the end of the line, 800 meters of tracks were covered with a single base station. At the metro carriage the existing video surveillance cameras were connected to the wireless infrastructure especially installed on the carriage. The mobile wireless system allows fast handover between the base stations according to the metro advancement, supporting speeds of up to 150km/h. Bynet was the only solution provider that met rigorous requirements set by the metro and passed to the second round of testing the indoor test.

Outdoor test

Temporary installation on the metro carriage

Base Station

The indoor test was conducted in the metro tunnels between two stations. 1200 meters of tracks and three metro stations were covered with only four base stations. Bynet met the requirements for throughput and presented superb video quality measured at the Command and Control Center by the customer.
Indoor Test

Base Station

Permanent Installation on the metro carriage

System Architecture Solution Benefits Bynet has been chosen in favor of 3 different vendors of wireless equipment due to the following benefits of its solution materialized during the testing. Fast Mobility High Bandwidth Low Power Consumption Diversity Immunity to Interference No Single Point of Failure Low Latency nLOS OFDM Technology Various CBW High Transmission Power Vast Solution Integration Experience Complete Coverage of the Tracks Directional Antennas Low Levels of Interference Field proved Experience RX Sensitivity Wide Range of Sub 6GHz Frequencies Space Diversity Adaptive Modulation Cost Effective Solution

Why Bynet? Why Bynet Data Communications? Bynet Data Communications provides Bynet`s excellencies as leading carrier-class Mobile Broadband system integrator are positioning Wireless Wi-Fi solutions to service us as the default choice for every providers, transportation operators, full life cycle delivery technological municipalities, cellular operators project. Bynets proven track highand utilities looking to deploy record of excellence delivering, performance wirelessin infrastructure. based mainly upon our added Bynet Data Communication value professional teams, ensures combines unique Wi-Fi architecture our customers receive andpotential backhauling mesh system that wasscale designed to cost-effectively full successful delivery while support bandwidth mobile focusing on Bynetsintensive main LOBs: broadband services such as high Planning and design (architecture, speed data, video surveillance, infrastructure, applications, VoIP, video surveillance and smart integration). grid applications. Bynet Data Assimilating and managing full Communications mesh Wi-Fi solution scale dedicated project teams, provides service providers with a based upon each project`s cost-effective and specific reliable means to platforms and targets. tap into the huge install base of Wi-Fi Executing, time, on to budget, clients and it on is designed support on and various thescope, futurecombined emerging growth.
projects, implementing and integrating: - Software: Platforms and Applications, Management and Control. - Infrastructure: IT, Communication, Video, Security, Telephony, Radio all over IP. - Full scale solutions for many sectors: HLS, Defense, Finance, Healthcare, Transportation, Education.

In summary, Mobile Broadband Wireless Access for Railway/ Subway is a unique and readily-available mature solution (based on technology that has been developed by RADBynet Group), benefits from both worlds: a robust, high capacity wireless link dedicated per railway/subway, with mobility support including large sector coverage and fast handoff between sectors. Bynets Mobility is the solution of choice for internet, surveillance, telemetry and multimedia applications that require real-time video, voice and data transmission for fast interaction, and mission critical characteristics provided by high radio availability.

Bynet Data Communications has extensive knowledge and proven experience in ICT solutions in general, and in the transportation sector in particular.

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