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Pricing Procedure Could Not Be Determined

Biyi Simoyan asked Dec 4, 2012 | Replies (10)

I am having an error while creating a sales order, " Pricing Procedure could not be determined", I have already assigned the sales area to a procedure in OVKK. Is there something else I have to do?
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10 Replies

debrajnaskar12345 replied Dec 4, 2012

Give the detail message.......of the system


Ziauddin Syed replied Dec 4, 2012

Hi Check what is the Customer pricing procedure in Customer Master Data. Ziauddin Syed Certified SAP SD Consultant

Emery Parsons replied Dec 4, 2012

Along with the CPP, please check the DPP which is located in the document settings for your sales order and make sure that it matches in the pricing procedure determination that you have set up. Emery Parsons SD Certified Consultant 2007

G replied Dec 4, 2012

Hi Biyi,

Please check the document pricing procedure in the customer master (sales area data) and document pricing procedure in the Document configuration. Then check if the combination is existing in the Pricing Procedure determination configuration.


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beesam amarnath replied Dec 5, 2012

Dear, Pricing procedure is determined based on sales area + Customer pricing procedure ( from Customer master )+ Document pricing Procedure ( from sales document type ) .

Check your doct pricing procedure, customer pricing procedure and assign this in OVKK. Amarnath

Pramod Manral replied Dec 5, 2012

Hello, Pricing procedure id determined by: 1. Sales Area 2. Customer Pricing Procedure

3. Document Pricing Procedure. You also have to assigned the customer and document pricing procedure OVKK. Regards, Pramod.

Biyi Simoyan replied Dec 5, 2012

Thanks everyone, it seems the document pricing procedure has not been set, is this done in Transaction code vov8"maintain sales order type"? I can't seem to find any thing related to pricing here.I have already done the assignment of customer pricing procedure to in ovkk.

debrajnaskar12345 replied Dec 5, 2012

Go to customer master screen there you have to assign customer pricing procedure.t code (xd02) then go to vov8 select sales doc and assign doc pricing procedure.that is (a) for standard pricing procedure. Thanks regards debraj

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Biyi Simoyan replied Dec 5, 2012

Thanks Debraj, But I have already done that, the customer master sales data tab has standard procedure and I have standard document type in vov8. Any other ideas?

Emery Parsons replied Dec 5, 2012

Please check your sales document type and DPP assignment in OVKJ. Then make sure that the DPP is part of the assignment in the pricing procedure determination.