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Realty Check: The Indian Real Estate Story

1. Basic Details (Mandatory) Registered Name: ____________________________________________ Year of Incorporation: __________ 2. Ownership (Mandatory) Govt Public Ltd Private 3. Executives/Management (Mandatory)
Sr. No 1 2 Name Designation

Private Ltd





Mark the real estate activities undertaken by your company. (Mandatory)

Residential Residential Buildings Government Buildings Towers/Complexes Townships Projects under SRS Urban/Rural Housing Projects Group Housing Projects Affordable Housing Projects Others
Others: ________________________ (Specify)


Non-Residential Commercial & Hospitality Office and Commercial Spaces Parks - IT / Biotech /Business SEZs Sheds for Industrial Purposes Entertainment/Amusement Parks Multi-level Parking Lots Hotels/ Serviced Apartments Resorts/Recreational Clubs/Villas Others Others Tick Malls Multiplexes Market Centres Shops Retail Tick

B) Mark the factors that influence your choice of business segment.

Factors Higher Profitability Margins High Demand Higher level of Capital Rotation Specialisation Lower vacancy levels
Others: _______________________________________ (Specify)

Classification Residential Non-Residential

5. 6.

Tick your Areas of Presence : (a) North (b) East (c) West (d) South (e) Pan India Financial Details on Standalone Basis (Mandatory) A) Total Income for FY08 (Rs in million) __________________ B) Contribution of segments to the Total Income
FY07 Residential (%)
Dun & Bradstreets Realty Check: The Indian Real Estate Story


Commercial (%) Retail (%) Others (%)

7. 8.

Employees as on Mar 31, 2008 (Mandatory): _________________________ (A) Has your company entered into a joint venture/partnership for a real estate project? (a) Yes (b) No (B) According to you, what are the reasons for entering into a joint venture/partnership? Mark the reasons that you find most appropriate.
Reasons Enables to spread the financial risks For Financial Assistance/ Funding Design and architectural capabilities/consultancy Specialised Realty Development Technical Know-How Bidding for projects Expanding in new territories/markets
Others: _______________________________________ (Specify)


9. (A) Mark the following financing options based on your preference.

Financing Options AIM/Singapore Stock Exchange External Commercial Borrowings FCCBs Foreign Direct Investment Initial Public Offer/ Follow-on Public Offer/ Rights Issue Internal Accruals Loans from Banks/ FIs Private Equity Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) Self-financing/Funding from Promoter & Parent Co. Venture Capital Funds/ Real Estate Mutual Funds Most Preferred Option Amount Raised (Rs mn) Tick the option used in FY08

(B) Amount raised in FY08: Rs___________ mn. (C) Utilisation of Funds Raised (Please Tick)
Application Acquisition of land and land development rights Marketing and Advertising Repayment of loans Working capital requirement Tick Application Development and construction costs Invest in machinery Procurement of Supplies Others (Specify) Tick


(A) Total Land Bank (As on Mar 31, 2008): ______________ mn sq ft

Metros Urban Semi-Urban Rural

Regions of Presence % Distribution of Land Bank

Dun & Bradstreets Realty Check: The Indian Real Estate Story

(B) Total Developed Area since inception till Mar 31, 2008:_______________ mn sq ft
Particulars Distribution of Total Area Developed (%) % of leased space in Developed Area % increase/decrease in capital rates over the last 6 months (%) % increase/decrease in rental rates over the last 6 months (%)
Note: Please denote decreasing values with a negative sign

Non- Residential Residential Commercial & Hospitality Retail


Respondents view on the Industry over the next six months:

Particulars Residential Non Residential Commercial & Retail Hospitality Overall Real Estate Sector

Anticipated Growth (%) Anticipated Increase/Decrease in Capital Prices (%) Anticipated Increase/Decrease in Rental Prices (%)
Note: Please denote decreasing values with a negative sign


12. Grade the factors as per their impact with respect to the Demand (DD) and Supply (SS) from 1- 5 where 1 - Highly Negative, 2 - Moderately Negative, 3 - No Impact, 4- Moderately Positive, 5 - Highly Positive
Factors Rising interest rates Archaic Laws and delay due to legal procedures Increase in disposable income Rapid Urbanisation Increasing presence of foreign businesses in India Growth of the IT/ITES industry Impact of US economic slowdown Residential DD SS Non-Residential DD SS

13. The real estate industry has witnessed a number of changes over the years. Rate the below factors on a scale of 1 to 3 where 1 = Agree, 2 = Neutral and 3 = Disagree.
Particulars Developers focus is moving from bigger to smaller cities Freeing of land by railways/ mills has contributed to sector growth Government Schemes have largely contributed to the growth Realty has emerged as an alternate investment Regulatory changes are required to maintain high growth Speculators create a virtual demand Speculators have exited the market in the last six months There is a likelihood of a price correction in the next 9-12 months There is an over-supply in some pockets Next level of demand will come from urban and semi-urban areas


Non-Residential Commercial & Retail Hospitality

Dun & Bradstreets Realty Check: The Indian Real Estate Story

Registered Address: ______________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone No: __________________________________________ Fax No: ____________________________________ Website: ___________________________________________E-mail ______________________________________ Declaration: This is to certify that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge Name of the Respondent: ____________________________________Designation:___________________________ Date and Signature: _____________________________Stamp:____________________________________________ Please send the completed questionnaires to:
Contact Person: Leroy Dsouza Address: Dun & Bradstreet Information Services India Pvt. Ltd., ICC Chambers 2, 2nd Floor, Near Saki Vihar Telephone Exchange, Saki Vihar Road, Powai, Mumbai - 400072 Phone: 91-22-66801300 Extn: 346 / 347 Fax: 022 - 28476281 / 82 For further details send us an email at eagops@mail.dnb.co.in To fill the questionnaire online visit us at http://www.dnb.co.in/realestatequestionnaire/

The last date for receipt of questionnaires is 24th October, 2008.

The questionnaire is designed to elicit information for D&Bs Realty Check: The Indian Real Estate Story and will be used only for this purpose.

Below is a sample profile of a Company that featured in our publication

Source: D&Bs Indias Leading Infrastructure Companies 2007 Provide us with a write-up about your company and its operations, in line with the profile above. On eligibility, it shall be used as a profile in the publication, subject to our editing styles. (Word limit: 250275 words) Also please attach relevant documents like company brochure, annual report for FY08, visiting cards etc.
Dun & Bradstreets Realty Check: The Indian Real Estate Story

About the Company ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ Operations ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ Project Details
Project & Location 1 2 3 4 5 Saleable Area (sq ft) Year of Commencement Completion Project Cost (Rs mn)

Dun & Bradstreets Realty Check: The Indian Real Estate Story

Dun & Bradstreets Realty Check: The Indian Real Estate Story