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Twin Wheel Integrated System Energy efcient humidity control

Air quality
Today we demand a comfortable environment when inside a building. One important parameter for a good indoor environment is the air quality. Good indoor air quality in turn is a combination of factors like oxygen level, humidity, absence of odor and pollution and obviously the right temperature.

experience with advanced technology to achieve intelligent system solutions. They are sound investments providing a short payback and dramatic savings in the long run.

The environment is also a winner with our solutions. For nature, regardless of energy source, the least harmful kilowatt of energy is the one saved and never produced.

Energy gy costs
Cooling and heating processes typically demand high levels of energy supply. In modern buildings air treatment is often the biggest consumer of power. This fact, together with constantly increasing global energy prices, call for systems optimized for best overall efciency. At Flkt Woods we combine our

Controlled humidity Controll

Control over ov the humidity content of the air is one factor to reach good indoor air quality. Humidity c control is also essential for use of chilled bea beams, an air cooling technique with good efci ciency and high levels of comfort.

Maximized climate control with minimized energy costs s

The integrated system utilizes Flkt Woods unique Twin-Wheel AHU low-energy technology and high efciency free-cooling chillers, combined with a precisely matched selection of chilled beams and an option of individual room monitoring of temperature and humidity. At the heart of the system lies advanced hygroscopic wheel technology, perfectly matched to the low humidity requirements of the chilled beams, eliminating the risk of condensation whilst achieving class-leading levels of energy recovery.
Twin Wheel Integrated System Components: Twin Wheel AHU with fully integrated controls Free-Cooling Chiller Chilled Beams with optional room sensors Room Controllers

Integrated advantages
Flkt Woods has designed the Twin Wheel system to provide advanced cooling and humidity control versus other solutions on the market. The purpose is to produce cool and dry air while lowering the cost for these processes compared to conventional systems.

System benets: Chiller congured for minimum energy consumption Low humidity supply air matched to requirements of chilled beams Reduced electrical load for plant, providing lower cost connections High efciency recovery minimises heating energy Optional Heat Pump system for winter operation Occupancy control provides further energy savings

Smart selection tools for system calculation

ACON, our computer-aided selection program for air handling units, offers rapid selection to specic project requirements and provides you with all the information you will need. The program is web based and always up-to date without the need to download patches or program updates. ExSelAir is Flkt Woods unique web selection tool for air terminal devices, chilled beams, convectors, fan coils and silencers. In both these selection tools you will nd product dimensions, technical data, LCC-calculations, technical catalogues, directions install for installation, adjustment and maintenance.

Guaranteed performance: Set point humidity control Condensation-free beams Controlled velocity within occupied zone Guaranteed levels of noise generation Temperature gradient in the occupied zone

When the pieces t, you get the big picture

With our broad range of products and century-old experience, one thing is obvious to us; You have to look at the big picture. It is by carefully combining products into systems, utilizing smart controls, ontrols, one can achieve the best energy solutions.

Air handling units

Our comprehensive Air Handling Unit offering allows us to deliver optimised solutions for any customer. Our R&D work focuses on reducing energy consumption and creating factory complete air handling system solutions with controls. Our experience in the marine, off-shore, pharmaceutical and hospital markets makes us the perfect partner for such applications.

Chilled beams
In systems s with Chilled Beams, or air is cooled by means the indoor of cold water. Chilled beams create a vironment by stable and comfortable environment hilled supplying draught free cooling. By using Chilled Beams up to 75% of the total cooling capacity will be handled by the water. Apart from the energy saving it also means less ductwork for air, smaller air handling units and lower noise.

e3 Flkt Woods Integrated advantages Twin Wheels

Rotary heat exchangers are used for energy efcient heating and cooling recovery in air handling units. The Twin Wheel controller operates rotors and cooling coils in sequence to a dew set-point value, thereby limiting the supply air humidity level whilst maintaining a precisely matched indoor air quality. Following the Kyoto protocol the European Union has set a target to reduce energy consumption. For buildings the target is set at a 22% reduction by 2010. Its called the EPBD directive. To address the requirements of the EPBD directive, Flkt Woods has poured a lot of effort into creating the e3 Concept. Our solution is a broad approach leaving no stone unturned to achieve optimum results. High-performing components provide a good start, but it is by combining products into an integrated system, utilizing smart control, that one can achieve the best energy solutions. The e3 logo is used to highlight products and systems that deliver savings on both Energy, Economy and the Environment.

The Flkt Woods range of chillers are designed to minimise the overall annual energy consumption in all types of buildings. Flkt Woods heat and cooling recovery systems (e.g. Econet) allow for the deployment of smaller chillers than would otherwise be the case. This leads to signicantly reduced investments and operational cost.

Controls ls
Flkt Woods offers a wide range of integrated control solutions for air handling and indoor climate systems. Factory mounted an pre-wired controls will reduce installation time and simplify on-site logistics. Preprogrammed and factory tested control applications based on Flkt Woods extensive experience also means a fast commissioning process and will secure a reliable and energy efcient operation of the system. Based on support for open standard communication protocols, integration to a building management system can easily be carried out by an independent system integrator.

Twin Wheel advantages in overview

The Twin Wheel system contains three main parts; the hygroscopic rotor, a cooling coil and a sensible rotor.

Count on savings
Now lets see what the Twin Wheel system can achieve in real life! The situation is a typical setup where there are specic demands on both temperature and humidity to maintain a good indoor climate.

When outdoor air is warmer than the exhaust airow there is a need for cooling. The hygroscopic rotor then reduces temperature of the incoming air. Simultaneously it transfers moisture from the inbound to the outbound air ows (in cases where absolute humidity is higher outdoors)

After passing through the hygroscopic rotor the air passes through the cooling coil, where the temperature is reduced further and moisture is condensated down to required levels. Since the air has already been cooled by the hygroscopic rotor, the demand for cooling is lowered. The saving can be up to 50% of the nominal required cooling effect, while at the same time the need for a following re-heating battery in most cases disappears.

The now dehumidied and cooled air continues to the sensible rotor, where heat from exhaust air is recovered and used to reheat it. The air is supplied to the building, with controlled levels of both temperature and humidity. Note that the temperature exchange in the sensible rotor, where exhaust air is cooled, further improves the cooling recovery of exhaust air in the hygroscopic rotor!
5.0 m3/s 27.3 11.3 16.1 9.5 23.0 9.5 Extract

C / g/kg Dry bulb humidity 29.0 12.5 18.0 10.5 12.0 8.0 18.9 8.0

5.0 m3/s 20.0 8.0 Supply

Air ow rate 5 m3/s Outdoor condition: 29C dry bulb, 50% relative humidity Required supply air condition: 20C with 8 g/kg absolute humidity Exhaust air design condition: 23C with 9 g/kg absolute humidity

The total cooling demand is 184.4 kW and the reheat demand is 56.5 kW. With the twin wheel system the rst rotary heat exchanger (green) recovers 100 kW of cooling leaving just 84.4 kW for the cooling coil. The reheat demand is furnished by the second rotary heat exchanger (red) and the supply fan.

Exhaust air
Hygroscopic rotor Sensible rotor

Extract air
Laboratory tested
The Twin Wheel system has been tested in our laboratory under dened and accurately measured conditions.

Eurovent Certied Performance

EU and EC air handling units are certied according to the test and classication standard EUROVENT/CECOMAF 6/C/005/-1997 and have certicate number 99.03.008.

Outdoor air

Cooling coil

Supply air

Reference projects

By means of the twin rotor system the cooling demand on the chiller is reduced by one third to 300kW and the reheat demand is eliminated.

Further references
Unilever, Kingston, UK Manchester Metropolitan University, UK Fitzrovia, London, UK M W Kellog, London, UK 227 Tottenham Court Road, London, UK Bidborough House, London, UK John Dalton Building, Manchester, UK

Akropolis shopping center Kaunas, Lithuania

Kaunas AKROPOLIS will be the biggest shopping centre in Kaunas and in central Lithuania, with a wide selection of national and international stores. The AKROPOLIS shopping centre in central Lithuania will attract customers from all over Lithuania and neighbouring countries. The Akropolis shopping centre in Kaunas, Lithuania includes an ice rink. To avoid fog in the area around the rink it is necessary to supply air at a temperature of 16C and an absolute humidity of 8 g/kg. The outdoor design condition is 27C and 55% relative humidity (12.3 g/kg). Two EU air handling units each equipped with two rotary heat exchangers supply a total of 15.4 m3/s. The total cooling demand is 448 kW and the reheat demand is 53 kW. By means of the twin rotor system the cooling demand on the chiller is reduced by one third to 300kW and the reheat demand is eliminated. Not only is the running cost reduced but also the size of the chiller plant.

Greenwich Peninsula London, England

FACTS ABOUT KAUNAS AKROPOLIS 73,063 m2 total area Supermarket hyper-Maxima - 6,778 m2 More than 220 operators More than 2,500 fast food and restaurant seats Over 2,759 parking spaces 9 million visitors a year are expected Multiplex cinema 7 screens, more than 1,418 seats
As part of what is believed to be one of the largest chilled beam contracts in the London area, Flkt Woods has supplied the complete 1.25 million ventilation solution for the Peninsula Central ofce development, part of the Terry Farrells Greenwich Peninsula master plan in London. In addition to Flkt Woods supplying over 2,300 active chilled beams, they are also providing air-handling units, VAV boxes and displacement terminals. At 196,000sq ft the rst of two developments 14 Pier Walk was opened in June 2009 and will form one of 3 new head ofce hubs for Transport for London. TFL have taken a 20 year lease on the building with the rst of 1800 staff already at work at the-state-ofthe-art green ofce. The second building Mitre Passage comprising 115,000 sq ft will be ready for occupation at the end of 2009. The new twin wheel technology is expected to reduce energy costs on summer cooling. Mike Beeton, Chilled Beams Product Manager explains, Using our knowledge of twin wheel technology and active chilled beam systems, Flkt Woods engineers have created a more efcient method of providing dehumidication to the primary fresh air.

FACTS ABOUT GREENWICH PENINSULA Peninsula Central is a 3.5 million sq ft business district at the heart of the Greenwich Peninsula redevelopment One of the largest chilled beam contracts in the London area The building (14 Pier Walk) has ofcially been awarded a BREEAM Excellent rating with a score of 71% and an Energy Performance Certicate band B with a score of 37

We Bring Air to Life

Solutions for all your air climate and air movement needs
Flkt Woods is providing solutions for ventilation and air climate for buildings as well as fan solutions for Industry and Infrastructure. Air Handling Units (AHUs) Modular, compact and small AHU units. Designed to ensure optimisation of indoor air quality, operational performance and service life. Air Terminal Devices and Ducts Supply and exhaust diffusers and valves for installation on walls, ceiling or oor are all included in our large range and t all types of applications. Chilled Beams Active induction beams for ventilation, cooling and heating, and passive convection beams for cooling. For suspended or ush-mounted ceiling installation and multi-service conguration. With unique Comfort Control and Flow Pattern Control features. Residential ventilation A complete range of products for residential ventilation. Consists of ventilation units, exhaust air fans and cooker hoods designed to optimise indoor comfort and save energy. Energy recovery Dessicant-based product and systems that recover energy, increase ventilation and control humidity. Fans Advanced axial, centrifugal and boxed fans for general and specialist applications. Comprehensive range including high temperature and ATEX compliant options. Engineered for energy efciency and minimised life cycle cost. Chillers Air-cooled and water-cooled chillers with cooling capacity up to 1800kW. Designed to minimise annual energy consumption in all types of buildings. Controls and drives Variable speed drives and control systems, all tested to ensure total compatibility with our products. Specialist team can advise on energy saving and overall system integration. Acoustical Products A complete line of sound attenuating products, including rectangular and round silencers, Media Free silencers, custom silencers and acoustic enclosure panels.

Flkt Woods is a global leader in air management. We specialise in the design and manufacture of a wide range of air climate and air movement solutions. And our collective experience is unrivalled. Our constant aim is to provide systems that precisely deliver required function and performance, as well as maximise energy efciency.

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18, avenue Louis Casa, CH-1209 Geneva, Switzerland Tel. +41 22 309 3800 email info@aktwoods.com www.aktwoods.com See global website for international sales ofces www.aktwoods.com

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