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Norman Downes Homes Association Board Meeting Minutes Bunten Road Park Activities Building June 17, 2013

President: Barry Smith Treasurer: Susan Holland Vice President: Rob Welch Secretary: Peter Van Arsdale Attending: Barry Smith, Susan Holland, Peter Van Arsdale, Rob Welch, Mark Carter Members absent: Rick Austin, Andy Miller, Bill Smith, Sam Carr Meeting brought to order at 7:07 Treasurer's Report: Susan Holland Report submitted and attached. Ttl liabilities and equity $138,150.65. Collections at about 85% collected. About $10,000 behind budget. nd R. Welch moved to approve treasurers report, 2 by M. Carter. Unanimous approval.

Committee Reports Web Development: Rick Austin Barry Smith reported for Rick that there seems to be a significant uptick in NDHA website traffic. Pool Operations: Rob Welch Main pump replaced $750.00 A couple of flood lights need to be replaced. Discussion regarding installation of webcam. o Signage may be required o Web access can be provided through the phone service for about $35 - $50/ month o Need to contact attorney to review possible problems. Susan will contact. o Video recording issues to be clarified. o Hand rails need to be replaced. o Storage shed proposed location in the vending area including replacing lifeguard storage locker. o Discussion regarding security issues and means of involving members who use the facility. Rob to ask swim Atlanta what 12 hour lifeguard coverage would be. o Susan to order sign no diving or jumping from lifeguard chair. Post meeting note: Rob checked the baby pool filer and valves and found problems with the valve that he was able to fix so the filtering system is working. Tennis Operations: Mark Carter No issues. Mark to research resurfacing scheduling. It is recommended resurfacing be done every 4 to 5 years General Maintenance: Sam Carr No report

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Landscape Maintenance: Andy Miller Barry Smith reported for Andy that thee chain and lock at the dam have been replaced so that the landscapers now have access. Lake Recreation: Bill Smith Jim Warner starting on log removal project Development: BarrySmith Fencing project from mid tennis court along property line cost expected to be about $4,000. Driveway gate quote not yet received

Old Business 4 of July project discussion cut short as Park building closes at 8:00PM for summer months. th Board sponsored July 4 bike parade and cookout at the pool is on schedule. Posters are up to announce the event.

New Business

Next Board meeting scheduled for July 22 .

Jane McQuay, homeowner Expressed concern over silt and erosion issues

Adjourn at 8:15

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