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Dyllan K.

20515 Sholic Rd. Apple Valley Ca. 92308 Telephone: Daytime (760) 953-5146 E-Mail: dyllan_holmes@yahoo.com

7 years experience working with the public as Law Enforcement Agent Proven ability to respond to rapidly changing situations immediately and confidently Outstanding performance records concerning Leadership and coordination Continually exceed standards on tasks and deadlines Proficient with Windows Software and Adobe products

Administrative Performed record keeping and organization of over 4,000 cases containing private and personal data Experienced in handling sensitive material and situations in calm and professional manner Trained in serious incident response and diffusing of such incidents Certified in U.S. Military level information security measures Typing speed of 50 words per minute Communication Long standing record of good communication with multiple ethnic, cultural and economic backgrounds Experienced in group dynamics concerning separate departments and task allocation Ability to process, organize and distribute information to necessary secondary departments Supervision Proven ability to lead groups as small as 3 and as large as 20 Instructed, supervised and evaluated performance on groups as large as 15 Coordinated work assignments, scheduling and community interaction for a Police station Commended for ability to work with little to no supervision and still perform above expectation Investigation Investigated security, fraud and safety violations and wrote detailed incident reports Ability to conduct research on given subjects to ensure proper execution of tasks Experienced at proofreading and content checking of several types of reports Time Management Innovated and implemented equipment allocation system allowing for proper maintenance and minimal work stoppage Able to prepare documents and other necessary items for large scale inspections and oversight Experienced at time allocation for planning and project execution Proven ability to operate at top efficiency for up-to 24 hours

Dyllan K. Holmes
20515 Sholic Rd. Apple Valley Ca. 92308 Telephone: Daytime (760) 953-5146 E-Mail: dyllan_holmes@yahoo.com

Military Police Administrator Military Police Desk SGT. Military Police Armorer U.S. Army U.S. Army U.S. Army Mannheim, GM Mannheim, GM Fort Stewart, GA

U.S. Army Specialized Training: Firearms, Leadership, Diversity and Communication, Equal Opportunity, Prevention of Sexual harassment, Computer Security, Investigations, Community Relations