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You Are an Exquisite Creation of the Universe!

And youre fabulous just the way you are! ~ ~ ~

The Christian church puts at the center of its teachings the doctrine of original sin, the idea that everyone is born with a sinful nature. ... Marginal Mennonites, on the other hand, believe in original goodness, that a spark of the divine resides in every human being! (John 1:9: The true light enlightens everyone.)

The church also teaches the doctrine of the fall of man, asserting that Adam & Eves disobedience means were all in need of divine rescue. ... We, on the other hand, affirm the truth of biological evolution (i.e., there was no first man or first woman). Since Adam & Eve werent historical persons, theres no fallen state from which to be rescued!

The church says Gods justice requires the majority of humans to be banished to eternal punishment. ... We, on the other hand, believe hell is a myth, and that every person who has ever lived gets a seat at the celestial banquet table! (Isaiah 25:6: On this mountain God will make a feast for all peoples.)

The church says every word of Jesus in the New Testament is true. ... We believe many of the sayings attributed to Jesus were put on his lips by the early church. Of the sayings that do originate with him, many are concentrated in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7). Here, in our view, is Jesus in a nutshell:
1. Dont react violently to violent people. (Matt. 5:39-40/Luke 6:29); 2. Be generous! Give to everyone. (Matt. 5:42/Luke 6:30); 3. Love everybody: friend, enemy, stranger alike. (Matt. 5:44/Luke 6:27-28); 4. Gods love extends to All: good & bad, repentant & unrepentant. (Matt. 5:45b/Luke 6:35d); 5. Be merciful! In imitation of Gods mercy. (Matt. 5:48/Luke 6:36); 6. Forgive others! Because you are forgiven. (Matt. 6:14-15/Luke 6:37); 7. Dont become attached to things! The material world is illusory. (Matt. 6:19-21/Luke 12:33-34); 8. Dont fret about life! Youre in Gods hands. (Matt. 6:25-30/Luke 12:22-28); 9. Dont judge others! Cultivate non-judgment. (Matt. 7:3-5/Luke 6:41-42); 10. God cares for you like a parent cares for her children. (Matt. 7:9-11/Luke 11:11-13).

The church says Jesus was sent by his father to die as an atonement for humanitys sins. ... We believe Jesus did NOT die in some cosmic child sacrifice scenario. Rather, he got swept up in a Roman dragnet and found himself looking down from a rebels cross. Jesus didnt come to die; he was executed for what he said and did.

The church says Gods kingdom is coming, eventually, and will be populated exclusively by Christians. ... We believe the kingdom of God is a state of transformed consciousness, available here and now, to everybody! (Luke 17:21: The kingdom of God will not be said to be over here or over there. For, in fact, the kingdom is already
within you.)
A publication of the Marginal Mennonite Tract & Propaganda Department. Written by Charlie Kraybill on behalf of the Marginal Mennonite Society. Visit www.facebook.com/marginalmennonitesociety and like us. Revised: June 25, 2013.
Disclaimer: Marginal Mennonites are a diverse and contrary bunch. This publication does not purport to speak for all. The ideas expressed above belong solely to those Marginal Mennonites who subscribe to them.