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July 2013 October 2013 Pentecost 7 Pentecost 23

WELCOME TO THE ROBIN CHAPEL. Whether you come as part of a Christian denomination or of none, all have a place within these walls where the love of God dwells. Every Sunday at 4.30pm the Chaplain and Choir sing a choral service. As part of the Chapels inter-denominational foundation we have regular visiting preachers from across the various Christian churches, and all are most welcome to join us in worship at the Robin Chapel. Full details of services and of other events can be found on the Chapel website: www.robinchapel.org.uk.

Drawing used by courtesy of Professor John Hume, Scotlands Churches Scheme

Chaplain The Reverend Thomas Coupar Chair of the Thistle Trust Julian Birchall Organist & Director of Music Simon Niemiski Sub Organist Jeremy Cull Verger Donna Dalgetty The Robin Chapel Choir

Hymns are taken from Common Praise. Psalms are taken from the Free Church of Scotlands Sing Psalms, unless the Scottish Psalter (1650) is indicated, or Anglican chant is used at services of Choral Evensong.

7 PENTECOST 7 Palestrina Missa Brevis Hymns 482, 272, 277 Ps. 66:1-7 (t. 22) Smith Amen Preacher: The Chaplain PENTECOST 8 Brahms Ach, arme Welt Hymns 356, 177, 423 Ps. 25:1-7 (t. 166) Brahms Geistliches Lied Farmer Lords Prayer Byrd Amen Preacher: The Chaplain PENTECOST 9 Tallis O nata lux Hymns 424, 494, 558 Ps. 34 (t. 67) Batten When the Lord turned again Morley Lords Prayer Noble Amen Preacher: Revd John Wells PENTECOST 10 Ouseley From the rising of the sun Hymns 617, 533, 475 (omit *) Ps. 138 (t. 176) Faur Cantique de Jean Racine Stone Lords Prayer Gibbons Amen Preacher: Mr Liam Frazer 4.30pm Choral Eucharist



Revised Order ESM




Revised Order TA



Revised Order NNAB


4 TRANSFIGURATION (6th) Mozart Missa Brevis in B flat, K275 Hymns 248, 331 (t. 93), 398 Ps. 97:1-9 (t. 177) Finzi Lo, the full, final sacrifice Smith Amen Preacher: The Chaplain BLESSED VIRGIN MARY (15th) Elgar Ave Maria Hymns 541, 243, 241 (t. 435) Ps. 45(b): 10-17 (t. 301) Philips Salve regina Parsons Lords Prayer Byrd Amen Preacher: Revd William Mounsey DEDICATION SUNDAY (1953) Mealor A Prayer of King Henry VI Hymns Lead kindly light, 359, 606 Ps. 84:1-5 (1650, t. Harington) Leighton Second Service Langdon Lord's Prayer Noble Amen Preacher: The Chaplain PENTECOST 14 Campbell Sing we merrily Hymns 442 (t. 605), 391, 466 Ps. 103:1-7 (t. 133) Harris Faire is the heaven Farmer Lords Prayer Gibbons Amen Preacher: Revd Dr Harriet Harris 4.30pm Choral Eucharist



Revised Order




Original Order



Revised order

1 PENTECOST 15 Stanford in C Hymns 426, 281, 444 Ps. 112:1-8 (t. 278) Smith Amen Preacher: Revd Charles Robertson THISTLE FOUNDATION (1950) Harris Behold, the tabernacle of God Hymns Lead kindly light, 191, 538 Ps. 121 (1650, t. French) Amner Cesars Service Langdon Lord's Prayer Noble Amen Preacher: The Chaplain 4.30pm Choral Eucharist


Original Order NCAB


St NINIAN (16th) 4.30pm Revised Order S.S. Wesley Thou wilt keep him NCAB Hymns Behold! The mountain of the Lord, 217, 455 Ps. 67 (t. 222) Batten O sing joyfully NTA Morley Lords Prayer Byrd Amen Preacher: Revd Jennifer Macrae ST MATTHEW (21st) 4.30pm Dowland An heart thats broken and contrite Hymns 214, 218 (t. 2), 500 Ps. 119(5) (t. 173) Philips Gaudent in coelis Byrd Lords Prayer Gibbons Amen Preacher: Revd Douglas Galbraith St MICHAEL & ALL ANGELS 4.30pm Evensong for Edinburgh Doors Open Day Hymns 207, 246 Leighton Preces and Responses Ps. 150 Howells Gloucester Service Cox War in heaven Naylor Festal Responses Preacher: Revd Dr Russell Barr Revised Order NTA




Choral Evensong

6 HARVEST Darke in F Hymns 270, 273, 275 Ps. 126 (t. 65) Darke Amen Preacher: The Chaplain 4.30pm Choral Eucharist


PENTECOST 21 (Covenant Service) 4.30pm Ford Almighty God, which hast me brought Hymns 563, 371, 376 Ps. 9:1-9 (1650, t. Stroudwater) Smith I will wash my hands in innocency Parsons Lords Prayer Smith Amen Preacher: Revd Andrew Letby St LUKE (18th) S.S. Wesley Lead me, Lord Hymns 347, 345, 229 Ps. 147:1-7 (t. 119) Walton The Twelve Farmer Lords Prayer Noble Amen Preacher: Revd Maurice Houston PENTECOST 23 Tye Give almes of thy goods Hymns 598, 411, 558 Ps. 65:1-5 (t. 33) Byrd Laetentur Coeli Morley Lords Prayer Gibbons Amen Preacher: Mr Mark MacLeod 4.30pm

Revised Order NTA



Revised Order NCAB



Revised Order OBTA



European Sacred Music New Church Anthem Book Tudor Anthems (publ. Novello) Oxford Book of Tudor Anthems Tallis Anthology

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