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101. Don Waddell is ------- to arrive at the airport at 6:00 this evening.

(A) continued (B) involved (C) presented (D) expected 102. After the new policies were implemented, Mrs. Chang had a follow-up meeting with ------staff. (A) hers (B) herself (C) she (D) her 103. Sea Heaven Island is located near Waterford, just a quick drive ------- the Waterford Bridge. (A) across (B) about (C) outside (D) between 104. St. Johns hospital has continued a tradition of having very ------- staff that look after the patients every need. (A) attention (B) attentive (C) attentiveness (D) attentively 105. Mr. Allen has yet to reach a ------- about whether to go through with the merger or not. (A) decidedly (B) decisive (C) decision (D) decide 106. Museum entry is prohibited to those not in possession of ------- an employee I.D. badge or a museum ticket. (A) both (B) either (C) any (D) every 107. I please ask everyone to speak ------- so that the performers on stage are able to concentrate. (A) quietest (B) quiet (C) quietly (D) quieted 108. Our new head chef, Tony Gonzalez, is very well known ------- his dynamic creations in the kitchen. (A) along (B) for (C) during (D) as 109. The board of executives recently ------- next years departmental budgets. (A) final (B) finally (C) finalize (D) finalized 110. The special effects manager thinks your

creations can be very ------- to the project and will use them in some of the basic photography. (A) expected (B) useful (C) interested (D) confirmed 111. Mr. Douglas has offered to publish his latest research results before ------- leaves for his twomonth leave of absence. (A) himself (B) him (C) his (D) he 112. ------- will be directed by Neville St. Clair this year since Kathy Griffin left earlier in the year. (A) orientation (B) assertion (C) occupation (D) position 113. Flight AZ939 is scheduled to ------- from Denver International Airport for Vancouver in under fifteen minutes. (A) raise (B) depart (C) transport (D) vacate 114. IntelCom just announced ------- Douglas Adams will not be named senior director of foreign sales after the Billings account was lost. (A) what (B) while (C) because (D) that 115. Gwinnett Colleges intern program is ------not only to the student, but to the business that hires them as well. (A) benefit (B) benefited (C) beneficial (D) beneficially 116. Once Dr. Alexander was offered employment, he went around the entire hospital thanking management for the ------- to join their staff. (A) fortune (B) situation (C) event (D) opportunity 117. Text messages have ------- replaced sending e-mails over the computer. (A) recently (B) more recently (C) most recent (D) most recently 118. ------- we are to maintain our workload, we must hire a few new employees. (A) How (B) Until (C) If (D) As if

119. Unauthorized persons are ------- from entering the medical testing facility without an escort. (A) prohibition (B) prohibit (C) prohibited (D) prohibiting 120. Mr. Allen put in a request last week to move to the Syracuse branch to be ------- to his daughter. (A) thankful (B) close (C) regular (D) contained 121. A list of employees ------- are required to attend tomorrows meeting has been posted on the staff message board. (A) whose (B) who (C) where (D) when 122. Our firm has just announced two new marketing positions that we need to ------- by the end of this quarter. (A) fill (B) make (C) create (D) inform 123. Last quarters 18% ------- in revenue has gotten stockholders very excited about the coming year. (A) to increase (B) increases (C) increased (D) increase 124. Because of a string of flight cancellations across the country, tomorrow mornings shareholders meeting has been ------- until later in the month. (A) postponed (B) remained (C) taken (D) proceeded 125. Bradley Cooper could be ------- of organizing this years Christmas party if Mr. Leonard steps down. (A) in place (B) in charge (C) leadership (D) management 126. Around September, the inflation rate rose ------ nearly 1.4 percent, its highest level in over four years. (A) to (B) at (C) on (D) in 127. Human resources is currently writing a -------

guide for the customer service department. (A) detail (B) details (C) detailed (D) detailing 128. The few concerns we had with the launch of the Freedom of the Seas cruise ship this fall have ------- been resolved, and the ship will launch as planned. (A) after (B) soon (C) since (D) often 129. Gormans Chocolate has always been a company that has ------- on using only the purest ingredients for its products. (A) insist (B) insistent (C) insisting (D) insisted 130. The senator will be forced to cancel the town hall meeting due to a ------- with a previously planned event. (A) combination (B) conflict (C) following (D) preservation 131. Any article that is presented to Science Journal Monthly must be submitted ------- to the journal. (A) expressly (B) expresses (C) expressing (D) expressive 132. Ferber washing machines new twenty year ------ is the longest for any appliance on the market. (A) warranty (B) supply (C) subscription (D) expiration 133. Once a thorough ------- is complete, the Department of Security will report its findings. (A) investigate (B) investigation (C) investigative (D) investigated 134. Many businesses in the area shut their doors at 11:00 p.m. but Galways Diner is one of the ------ places that remains open. (A) some (B) most (C) few (D) little 135. Crops were ------- affected by the freezing temperatures last week resulting in higher prices for oranges across the country. (A) strenuously (B) valuably

(C) adversely (D) exactly 136. Hinton Electric offers a better overall price and cheaper connection fees, but Walton County Electric Company actually better ------- our needs. (A) suit (B) suits (C) suitably (D) suitable 137. Our quality control officers must ensure that all of the companys operations ------- with strict government standards. (A) probability (B) comply (C) accumulation (D) rise 138. The CEO for Branthem Inc. will announce the ------- merger of Allstate Insurance, the states biggest insurance company, at the end of the day today. (A) strategies (B) strategically (C) strategize (D) strategic 139. Albright Carpeting has suffered ----- in revenue over the last 2 quarters because of competition from competing companies. (A) lose (B) lost (C) losses (D) losing 140. Department directors have ------- the finalization of next years budget so they can eventually start making plans for their individual departments. (A) collected (B) selected (C) sponsored (D) anticipated Questions 141-143 refer to the following memo. To: Shipping Department From : Chae-Ho, Min, Shipping Director Date : November 11 Subject : Loading docks This letter is just a reminder to all employees that starting on Wednesday, loading dock B will be closed for renovations until December 15. During the -------, all deliveries must be re-routed to the south entrance of the warehouse. 141. (A) inquire (B) payment (C) appraisal (D) renovation This ------- any vehicle that is to be loaded or unloaded for the duration of the renovations. 142.

(A) was to include (B) to include (C) includes (D) include The south side loading area is large enough to fit only one truck at a time so we most likely run into issues of overtime. All overtime will be approved automatically during this period. The project is being supervised by Thomas Blunt. Please direct any questions or concerns to -------. 143. (A) him (B) these (C) them (D) which Questions 144-146 refer to the following e-mail. To: clooney22@ballintineshipping.com From:bpitt77@ballintineshipping.com Dear Geoffrey Thanks again for sending me that statistics analysis. It has really given us an insight into ------ real estate trends. 144. (A) lately (B) now (C) able (D) recent I will be sure to get the sales team involved and take advantage of this ------- as a tool to help out there in the field. 145. (A) data (B) funds (C) time (D) offer There are still a few questions I have concerning just a few minor things about the report. Would you be able to ------- me later this evening for dinner and a chance to discuss a few things? Thanks again for the work you put into this. 146. (A) to meet (B) meet (C) meeting (D) having met Brad Questions 147-149 refer to the following email. To: David Wells [wells707@albrightsupply.com] From: Lisa Bibb [lisb83@mamasitacatering.com] Re: Catering Date: August 10 Dear Mr. Wells I received your recent inquest about catering services. As I understand, you have an event you need catered coming up on August 26. I -------

to offer our services to you at the annual Schwartz Building Supply executive conference in Dallas. I hope you like Italian food. 147. (A) had been pleased (B) will please (C) would be pleased (D) was pleased Since the meeting is at dinner time, I would like to suggest starting with a Greek style salad with fresh Feta cheese, olives, and dried tomatoes. The main course I will serve a ------- of popular Italian dishes such as pasta, lasagnas, and even a few pizzas. 148. (A) range (B) creation (C) preference (D) nomination Side dishes will include mushroom risotto, roasted potatoes, and garlic bread. Finally, tiramisu would be a ------- ending to a delicious meal. 149. (A) satisfied (B) satisfyingly (C) satisfaction (D) satisfying The meal would cost roughly $35-$45 dollars for each guest. If you have any other questions you can call me at 808-555-4939 any time. Sincerely Tom Vizcaino Questions 150-152 refer to the following article. Cargo Outfitters, one of Americas largest clothing retailer ------- its plan to expand into Europe and possibly Asia over the next 3-5 years. 150. (A) has announced (B) was announced (C) will announce (D) will be announcing Susan Boyle, a company spokesperson released the news to the press in a release sent out yesterday afternoon. Plans are to open three new stores in England before adding more around Europe every couple of months. How many stores we open in Europe will ------- how well the first three stores perform in England. 151. (A) depend on (B) due to (C) so that (D) in contrast to Cargo Outfitters primary ------- is predicted to be around $25 million. 152. (A) delay (B) circulation (C) investment (D) decrease The company has raised all the money itself and will not really on an outside investor to provide

funds. <> 01. D/D/A/B/C 06. B/C/B/D/B 11. D/A/B/D/C 16. D/A/C/C/B 21. B/A/D/A/B 26. A/C/C/D/B 31. A/A/B/C/A 36. B/B/D/C/D 41. D/C/A 44. D/A/B 47. C/A/D 50. A/A/C

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