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Summer Fun in the Sun! Cool happenings for families

with young children at the hottest place in town! See page 12.

Sunset Shabbat on the Pavilion

A musical Kabbalat Shabbat evening on the Shaarey Zedek pavilion.
Enjoy a casual Shabbat dinner catered by Quality Kosher Catering.

July 26, 2013 6:00 p.m. $25 per person $10 per child
RSVP by July 23, 2013 to Tobye Bello at 248.357.5544 or tbello@shaareyzedek.org

s av e t h e d at e
and come enjoy a twilight experience at CsZ sunday, august 11, 2013 6:00 p.m. Barbeque 7:00 p.m. Concert on the Pavilion For more information, please contact tobye Bello at 248.357.5544 or tbello@shaareyzedek.org

Ron Coden
$18 Members $25 non-Members

an evening with

Visit us on the web at www.shaareyzedek.org or follow us on Twitter @shaareyzedek

Synagogue Office
27375 Bell Road Southfield, Michigan 48034-2079 Phone: 248.357.5544 Fax 248.357.0227 Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Friday Please note that our offices will be closed for business Thursday, July 4.

CSZ Clover HIll Park Cemetery

2425 East Fourteen Mile Road Birmingham, Michigan 48009 Phone: 248.723.8884 248.723.8886 www.cloverhillpark.org
Congregation Shaarey Zedek is a warm, welcoming, inclusive and egalitarian Conservative Jewish community. We provide to all generations innovative, stimulating and diverse spiritual, educational leadership and social opportunities that nurture our love and commitment to Jewish life, our Synagogue, our country and the State of Israel. Our spiritual direction is led by committed, knowledgeable and caring clergy available to all. Together, we participate in celebrating our history, enriching our community and planning our future.

Shabbat Programming . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Rabbinic Reflections . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Membership . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Mazel Tov . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Yahrzeits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Yizkor Book . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Affiliates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Adult Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Summer Fun in the Sun Programs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12-13 Memoriams . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14-15 Tributes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16-22 Photo Gallery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 CSZ Soire . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24

The Recorder has

Gone Green!


Babs (zl) and Herb Kaufman Listen-in Program

allows our members to hear Shabbat & Holiday morning services over the phone. For more information on this, or live streaming, call the synagogue office


f we have your e-mail address, you will be able to view The Recorder any time, just by clicking onto the CSZ website. You will be notified by e-mail each time another issue of The Recorder becomes available to view. By adding your e-mail address to our distribution list, YOU can help your synagogue save money by saving paper, saving postage, and helping to save the environment! For those who do not have email, you will continue to receive The Recorder by mail.

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E-mail Directory
Rabbi Joseph H. Krakoff ( Rabbi Aaron L. Starr ( @rabbikrakoff) ........................................................................................................................ rabbikrakoff@shaareyzedek.org Rabbi Aaron Starr) .................................................................................................. rabbistarr@shaareyzedek.org @rabbi starr, Leonard Gutman, Assistant Cantor ............................................................................................................................................ lgutman@shaareyzedek.org Cantor Chaim Najman, DM, Emeritus ........................................................................................................................................ chaim.najman@gmail.com Shira Shapiro, Executive Director ............................................................................................................................................. sshapiro@shaareyzedek.org Janet Pont, Director of Member Support Services .......................................................................................................................... jpont@shaareyzedek.org Tobye Bello, Program Director ...................................................................................................................................................... tbello@shaareyzedek.org Ronald Miller, CPA, Controller .................................................................................................................................................... rmiller@shaareyzedek.org Shelley Golsky, Office Manager ................................................................................................................................................. sgolsky@shaareyzedek.org Mary Knoll, President .................................................................................................................................................................. mknoll@shaareyzedek.org Robert Goodman, Vice President ........................................................................................................................................... rgoodman@shaareyzedek.org Larry Nemer, Vice President ....................................................................................................................................................... lnemer@shaareyzedek.org Rick Cohen, Executive Board Officer .......................................................................................................................................... rcohen@shaareyzedek.org Jeri Fishman, Executive Board Officer ...................................................................................................................................... jfishman@shaareyzedek.org Janice Stoneman, Executive Board Officer ............................................................................................................................. jstoneman@shaareyzedek.org CSZ Mens Club, Affiliate ........................................................................................................................................................ mensclub@shaareyzedek.org CSZ Seniors, Affiliate .................................................................................................................................................................. seniors@shaareyzedek.org CSZ Sisterhood, Affiliate ........................................................................................................................................................ sisterhood@shaareyzedek.org

JULY 2013 TAMMUZ-AV 5773


Synagogue Contact Information

JULY 2013 TAMMUZ-AV 5773


SUNDAY 2 3 4 5





SHABBAT MATTOT-MASEI Shacharit: 9:00 a.m. Simchah Aliyah for July birthdays/anniversaries Me & My Toddler: 10:45 a.m. Minchah/Maariv: 9:00 p.m. Sudah Shlishit between Minchah/Maariv Shabbat Ends: 10:05 p.m.


MORNING MINYAN 8:30 a.m. EVENING MINYAN 5:00 p.m. MORNING MINYAN 7:30 a.m. EVENING MINYAN 5:30 p.m. MORNING MINYAN 7:30 a.m. SISTERHOOD BOOK CLUB with Jeannie Weiner 1:00 p.m. EVENING MINYAN 5:30 p.m. MORNING MINYAN 7:30 a.m. THRILLING THURSDAYS 10:00 a.m. GAME DAY 11:00 a.m. EVENING MINYAN 5:30 p.m. SISTERHOOD BOOK CLUB with Jennifer Boardman 7:00 p.m. MORNING MINYAN 7:30 a.m. THRILLING THURSDAYS 10:00 a.m. EVENING MINYAN 5:30 p.m.

7 8 10 11 9




DVARIM SHABBAT CHAZON Shacharit: 9:00 a.m. Me & My Toddler: 10:45 a.m. Lunch & Learn with Rabbi Starr Unpacking the Machzor Minchah/Maariv: 9:00 p.m. Sudah Shlishit between Minchah/Maariv Shabbat Ends: 10:01 p.m. MORNING MINYAN 7:30 a.m. DEADLINE FOR YIZKOR BOOK NAMES SUBMISSION SHABBAT SPLASH! Heritage Park, Farmington Hills 6:00 p.m. MINCHAH/MAARIV: 6:00 p.m. CANDLE LIGHTING: 8:47 p.m.



14 15 17 16

Shacharit 7:30 a.m. Minchah/Maariv 5:30 p.m. TISHA BAV NIGHT Community-wide Tisha BAv services at Congregation Beth Ahm 9:00 p.m.



VA-ETHANNAN SHABBAT NACHAMU Shacharit: 9:00 a.m. Me & My Toddler: 10:45 a.m. Minchah/Maariv: 8:45 p.m Sudah Shlishit between Minchah/Maariv Shabbat Ends: 9:55 p.m.



21 22 24 23


MORNING MINYAN 7:30 a.m. THRILLING THURSDAYS 10:00 a.m. EVENING MINYAN 5:30 p.m. TEQUILA & TALMUD Yotsuba Japanese Restaurant, West Bloomfield, 8:00 p.m.



SHABBAT EIKEV Shacharit: 9:00 a.m. Me & My Toddler: 10:45 a.m. Minchah/Maariv: 8:45 p.m Sudah Shlishit between Minchah/Maariv Shabbat Ends: 9:47 p.m.



28 30





Marking the Saddest Day on the Jewish Calendar

Rabbi Joseph H. Krakoff
rabbikrakoff@shaareyzedek.org Twitter: @rabbikrakoff

isha Bav, literally the 9th day of the hebrew month of av, is one of national mourning on the hebrew calendar. e tradition teaches that on this day the ancient temple in Jerusalem was destroyed not once, but twice. in 586 BCe it was razed by the Babylonians and in 70 Ce it was decimated by the Romans. since that time, we observe a 25 hour fast day (this year from sunset Monday night July 15, 2013 to sunset tuesday night July 16, 2013). instead of blaming the Babylonians and Romans for destroying our sacred temple, our ancestors looked inward and blamed themselves, saying as reected in the talmud (tractate yoma 9b): e reason for the destruction of the rst temple was idolatry, illicit relations, and the spilling of innocent blood. e reason for the destruction of the second temple was baseless hatred among Jews themselves... to this day we observe ve main restrictions throughout

the 25 hours of tisha Bav: a) we abstain from all food and drink; b) we do not wash our bodies; c) we do not anoint ourselves; d) we do not wear leather shoes; and e) we do not engage in marital relations. Mourning a temple that was destroyed almost 2000 years ago, we must seek to make this day of national mourning relevant in our own lives today. e story is told of Rabban yochanan ben Zakkai and Rabbi Joshua (in Avot de Rabbi Natan) who laid eyes on the ruins of the temple on one of their walks. Rabbi Joshua broke out in lament: woe to us for what has been lost, the place where atonement was done for the sins of israel. not so, said Rabbi yochanan: My son, be not disconsolate. we have another form of atonement just as good; namely, the performance of good deeds, for the prophet hosea (6:6) teaches, For i desire goodness, not sacrice. May the memory of the temple inspire all of us to perform deeds of goodness and kindness on tisha Bav and every other day of the year!

Something New Under the Sun

Rabbi Aaron L. Starr
rabbistarr@shaareyzedek.org @rabbistarr Rabbi Aaron Starr

JULY 2013 TAMMUZ-AV 5773

ate in his life, despite the riches and all the wives, King solomon laments, ere is nothing new under the sun (ecclesiastes 1:9). Clearly the cynical king was not a member of Congregation shaarey Zedek! is summer has seen a tremendous amount of new, exciting family experiences with so much more to come. in June, July and august of 2013, i am proud of how many new under the sun experiences we have created. ursday mornings have given light to our new Summer Fun in the Sun series, hosting the likes of Mickey Mouse, and anticipating more whiskered friends arrivals with If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, pony rides in Giddy Up, Partner! and, of course, e Cat in the Hat, not to mention the exciting ursdays where bathing suits, building blocks, and other fun activities replace our whiskered friends. we will have a splash-full Friday night shabbat experience, and next month host an exciting Cirque du Sunday (see pages 12-13). My family and i will be spending

a week at Camp Ramah visiting with our students there, and Rabbi Krako and i will (once again) visit Camp tamarack. we are gearing up for another phenomenal Religious school year and creative high holiday youth and family services. while all of these programs and activities are unique and innovative, solomon was right on one account: they show families the beautiful community that is and has always been shaarey Zedek, and the deep, meaningful life that Judaism oers. in many ways it is true: there is nothing new under the sun. Life brings blessings and challenges. Judaism continues to oer us access to the deep truths of life, as well as rituals and customs that oer us joy, meaning, and a connection with each other and our Creator. But god expects more than cynicism out of his Chosen People, and Congregation shaarey Zedek is teeming with excitement. detroit is alive again, full of new and reenergized life, and our CsZ continues to lead the way. so, we say: King solomon, you aint seen nothin yet!


Breakfast and Sudah Shlishit Sponsors

in memory of beloved mother Florence Corn Shuman by Marjorie Saulson in memory of beloved brother Arthur Sandberg by Hershel Sandberg


in memory of beloved father and grandfather Dr. Milton Goodman by the Goodman Family in memory of beloved father Haim Silber by Leo Silber and Herzl Silber

MARCH 1, 2012 THROUGH JULY 31, 2013



Please contact Assistant Cantor Leonard Gutman at 248.357.5544 or lgutman@shaareyzedek.org.

Would you like to sponsor a Morning Minyan breakfast and/or a Sudah Shlishit?

For more information, please contact Janet Pont, Director of Member Support Services, at 248.357.5544 or jpont@shaareyzedek.org

To purchase a Memorial Plaque for the next Plaque Dedication, which will occur on Shmini Atzeret, Thursday, September 26, 2013, please contact Janet Pont at 248.357.5544 or jpont@shaareyzedek.org. Memorial Plaque purchase deadline: Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Attention all


If you would be interested in participating in minyan services, please contact Assistant Cantor Leonard Gutman at 248.347.5544 or e-mail lgutman@shaareyzedek.org

We Need You!
- to drive a member to shul - in the archives - in the synagogue office - in the library Shaarey Zedek volunteers make a difference by volunteering their time. Call Shelley at the synagogue office, 248.357.5544.

Ruach activitieS
for children ages two to seven years old. A lively Shabbat experience lled with stories and songs! Join us every shabbat at 10:00 a.m. in the Library

Congregation Shaarey Zedek celebrates with you on your special occasion.

Reva Barahal Maxwell Bardenstein Miriam Baxter Lois Begun Helene Brody Steven Dean Lorraine Feber Helen Feder Morrey Finke Judith Greenbaum David Hamburger Anna Himelhoch Paul Ingber Jeffrey Klein Sally Krugel Michael Langnas Lauren Mendelson Jeffrey Miller Jeffrey Moss Ann Newman Evelyn Paxton Laura Rosen Michael Rowe Henry Sandweiss Melvin Schwartz Errol Sherman Paul Sherr Dorie Shwedel Lila Silverman Miles Singer Betty Stasson Harvey Stein Joanne Stotsky Mickey Tencer Ruth Wayne Libby Weingarden Sandra Wittenberg Andrea Wolf

65th 55th 45th 40th 35th 15th 5th Lorraine & Elliot Schubiner Deena & David Fishman Terry & Claude Oster Diane & Jay Bielfield Dorie & Marvin Shwedel Marion & Eduardo Phillips Evelyn & Fred Freeman Susan & Ralph Katz Enid & Samuel Wapner Roberta & Leonard Borman Marla & Ronald Stern Shauna & Scott Schwartz

Mazel Tov!
from your Shaarey Zedek Family
Mazel tov to Lindsay alexis, who graduated from university of Michigan's school of Music, eatre & dance. Lindsay will be heading to new york to study eatre Management & Producing at Columbia university. Mazel tov to Natalie Lynn Boschan who graduated from the university of Michigan on May 4th! Mazel tov to Susan & Steve cohen on the simchas of their children! Jaymie graduated from Michigan state university with a degree in elementary education. Sam graduated from the university of Michigan and will begin dental school in the fall. Noah graduated from groves high school and will attend wayne state university honors College. Mazel tov to ethan Davidson, who was the featured performer at the 2013 JCC stephen gottlieb Music Festival Patron event on May 11. Mazel tov to andrew Jacob, who made the Michigan division 1 all-state swim team. andrew broke the 16-year old west Bloomeld high school record in the 100 Freestyle with a time of 47 seconds! Mazel tov to Dr. Gary Langnas, who was honored at the israel Bonds Maimonides tribute dinner. e event was held at adat shalom synagogue in June. Mazel tov to the family of Rusty Rosman. Rustys daughter, Lauren Rosman O'desky, was installed as President of the Milwaukee national Council of Jewish women, and her son-inlaw, Ryan O'desky was elected treasurer of the Milwaukee Jewish Community Center. Mazel tov to Jerey Davidson, who welcomed a new granddaughter! Lyla emerson gilbert was born on april 12 in Brooklyn, ny to Janna & Chris gilbert. Lyla was named in honor of her grandmother, Leah (zl) davidson, who passed away in 2011. Mazel tov to Karen & hank Goldberg who welcomed a new granddaughter on april 2, which also happens to be Karen's birthday! happy Birthday Karen! tess alexandra goldberg was born to proud parents shannon & Marc goldberg! Mazel tov to Sara & Je Rothenberg, and big brother Mason, on the birth of Jack Mitchell Rothenberg! Jack was born april 19, 2013. his grandparents, Ralph & ann (zl) Zuckman and Kathy and sol Rothenberg join in welcoming him into the world! Mazel tov to Ruth Podolsky tobias on the birth of her third great-grandson, isaac Lowell walker, son of erin Podolsky walker & Jeremy walker of huntington woods. isaac's grandparents are shelly & arnie Podolsky and Jessica & stan walker. isaac is also the great-grandson of dr. harold Podolsky (zl). Mazel tov to Gabe edelson, who married stephanie singer on June 15th. gabe is the son of Lori & Robin edelson, and grandson of nora stone, irvin O. Kanat (zl), and Lucy & william (zl) edelson. stephanie is the daughter of amy & Craig singer, and granddaughter of Lois & Milford singer and deena & david Fishman. Mazel tov to CsZ Religious school teacher Lisa Dresner & Michael Wais on their marriage. eir wedding took place June 9. Mazel tov to Denise & Richard victor on the marriage of their daughter, sandra Marlene, to adam gregory Cosola. sandra is the granddaughter of david and diana Berman and helen & simon victor (zl). adam is the son of Cathy Cosola & Chris Cosola and the grandson of Leah & irving Pete yura and naomi & anthony Cosola.

JULY 2013 TAMMUZ-AV 5773



JULY 1, 2013 23 TAMMUZ 5773 Harry Alger Ida Cohen Maynard M Feldman Bernard Finkel Molly Kaplan Arlene Mehler Levenson Joe Medwed Michael S. Milen Sam Moscow Irving Wilenzick Marsha Zucker JULY 2, 2013 24 TAMMUZ 5773 Harry Alger Dora Beloigeret Sally Davis Burton Gold Israel Kaplansky Henry Lewin Freda Madorsky Abraham Shamie Sidney Stolsky JULY 3, 2013 25 TAMMUZ 5773 Hinda Askenazy Jacob S Beitner Rebecca Benstein Henry Brode Joseph David Miriam Ferst Fanya Green Max Kahn Bertrand J. Sandweiss Sam Stoller JULY 4, 2013 26 TAMMUZ 5773 Hinda Askenazy Helen Brode Martin Budman Leonard J Crayle Gladys Daitch Maxine Gordon Harry Mogill Hilda Nelson Meyer Perlman Elizabeth Pierce Joseph Rothschild Stella Savin Begum Jan Soleymani Leslie Wright JULY 5, 2013 27 TAMMUZ 5773 Sylvia R. Kessler Louis Levenson Pearl Levin Morris Mendelson Harvey Meyer Mae Schwartz JULY 6, 2013 28 TAMMUZ 5773 Dennis Aaron Sophie Averbuch Harry Galens Matthew Glenn Grossman Fannie Lefkofsky Oren Lewis Ben Schurgin Herbert Archie Seiton Vivian Shulman Eleanore B. Sugarman Peggy Ann Weingarden

JULY 7, 2013 29 TAMMUZ 5773 Manuel A. Borinstein Glen Gendloff Sol Lakind Rose Russky Henrietta Schwartz Lawrence Simmer JULY 8, 2013 1 AV 5773 Miriam Chait Irving Coblentz Charlotte Firestone Dorothy Goodman Jerome Marcus Keywell Louis Krass Anna Landau Lillian Miller Debra Steinberg JULY 9, 2013 2 AV 5773 Joseph Applebaum Chaskel Ferleger Lipe Ferleger Mindel Ferleger Perl Ferleger Rachel Ferleger Srulke Ferleger Yacov Ferleger Yechil Ferleger Rubin Gastfraind Helen Goodstein Israel Mendel Hertz Florence Kaufman Gail Parr David Rubenstein Lawrence B. Schwartz Max Tauber Sarah Uzansky JULY 10, 2013 3 AV 5773 Sidney Baskin Sol Brodsky Pauline H. Fabian Herbert Glogower Arthur Peterman Esther Rosenberg Louis Stober Nancy Jean Wagner Harry Warshaw Faye Yates Morton Zieve David Zirkin JULY 11, 2013 4 AV 5773 Julia Beerman Clifford Beresh Barbara Brasch Paul Casman Sadye Karbal Forman Jay Frank Charles Olsman William Tarockoff JULY 12, 2013 5 AV 5773 Nathan Brodsky Paul Faust Sam Feldman Martin Fried Mitchell Gelzayd Molly Gordon Benjamin Gutow Arthur F. Leebove Samuel Schwartz Kenneth Siersma

JULY 13, 2013 6 AV 5773 Nathan Fox Charles Glen Hannah Marks Heidenreich Susan Inwald Saul Kalt Ben Minns Isadore Osztreicher Marvin Revich Mildred Small Dorothy Sokoloff Jean Weiss JULY 14, 2013 7 AV 5773 David Bardenstein Morris Baskin Rose Kohen Basil Nemer Harry Rosin JULY 15, 2013 8 AV 5773 Jack Abramovitz Barbara Burton Edward Herbert Elkus Morris Goldman Gussie Hamburger Benjamin Koblin Joseph S. Linden Samuel Littman Max M. Lublin Martha Michael Richard David Mitchell Noel Pancer Marcella Richmond Rose C. Schachter Allen Morris Schneider Max M. Schwartz Nathan E. Silverman Freda Lieberman Zieve JULY 16, 2013 9 AV 5773 Rebecca Cronenwalt Eileen Greenberger Gertrude Handler Stewart Kepes Jean Boesky Miller Fred Stahl Bernard Sucher Frieda Teplitz JULY 17, 2013 10 AV 5773 Geraldine R. Kaplow Sidney Kort Norman Michlin Virginia Noffsinger Norman B Sukenic Murray Zeidner JULY 18, 2013 11 AV 5773 William Arnovitz Deborah Berris Molly Borman Lawrence Eisenberg Irving Raimi Tilly Rose Dena Stern Maria Tzitrin Pauline Wetsman

JULY 19, 2013 12 AV 5773 Jenny Bello Max Bello Barbara Berlin Sam Cherrin Richard Gottesman Sam Hooberman Yetta Levenson Lee Levine Mildred Satovsky JULY 20, 2013 13 AV 5773 Bertha Binkow Lora Engelbaum Sydney Gartenberg Virginia Lenobel Esther Lis Hyman Reider Jack Singer Louis Sokoloff JULY 21, 2013 14 AV 5773 Rhea Bass Isaac Eisenberg Harry B. Keidan Jay Robert Kelman Rachel Radin Hyman Safran Virginia Warren Lillian Zuieback JULY 22, 2013 15 AV 5773 Albert Adelman Irving Auslander Leon Hirsch Golden Sylvia Kraft Ida Hillman McClintock Harold Perlman Rose Rubenstein Jack Rubin JULY 23, 2013 16 AV 5773 Harry V. Cohen Anna Curtis Roza Guz Clarence Jacobs Lillian Lapides Eugene Metz Carole Perry JULY 24, 2013 17 AV 5773 Barney Broner Maurice Glazier Morris Ragins Isadore Seiger Arlene Victor Samuel M. Victor JULY 25, 2013 18 AV 5773 Dorothy Chaleff Martin Ferst Ida Glogower Seymour Goldman Joel Greenspan Morris Levenson Max Madgy Irwin Nathanson Norman N. Snyder Edward Wishnetsky Leah Zeichner

JULY 26, 2013 19 AV 5773 Ira Boykansky Solomon Cohen Diane Greenstein Ronald Myron Karbal Esther Levy Peter A. Martin Zelda Michlin Nathan D. Rosin Ethel Sandelman JULY 27, 2013 20 AV 5773 Irving Maurice Barit Howard Brickner Manny Gold Alvin Kadushin Gabriel Ben Levy Dale Scott Margulis Sally Metlen Harry Sherman Belle Siden Nancy Victor JULY 28, 2013 21 AV 5773 Alex Begun Mandell Bernstein Benjamin Cabot Ethel K. Chabon Samuel Goldstein Henry Greenberg Sander B. Rami Thelma Schurgin Betty Sefton Benjamin B. Tower Melvin Weinberg JULY 29, 2013 22 AV 5773 Eva Arnovitz Abraham Freedman Dora Glanz Oscar Groner Joel Hamburger Harold Kumove Max Levy Isaac Mallin Igor Schoenberger Berthold Selig Lawrence Sills Louis Stein Israel Winitsky JULY 30, 2013 23 AV 5773 Isabelle Clark George Fineman Benjamin Groner Alice Kirschner Morton Lewis Benjamin E. Zieve JULY 31, 2013 24 AV 5773 Harry Charnes Anne Tauber Goldman Beatrice Groner Annette Konstantin Beatrice Lappin Braedon Larson Mollie Moers Irving Palman Reuben Snider

Family name: _____________________________________________________________________ t Please renew my listing from last year. t Please print the following names of loved ones to be memorialized. (Names will be printed in order listed.) Each name is $18. 1. _______________________________________________________________________________ 2. _______________________________________________________________________________ 3. _______________________________________________________________________________ 4. _______________________________________________________________________________ 5. _______________________________________________________________________________ 6. _______________________________________________________________________________ 7. _______________________________________________________________________________ 8. _______________________________________________________________________________ 9. _______________________________________________________________________________ 10. ______________________________________________________________________________
Names to Memorialize 1 name 2 names 3 names 4 names 5 names $18 $36 $54 $72 $90 6 names 7 names 8 names 9 names 10 names $108 $126 $144 $162 $180

t I have enclosed a check for $ ______________ t Charge my VISA t Charge my MasterCard Account # ________________________________________________________________________ Security Code_____________ Exp.____ / ____ Signature _________________________________ Date_________________________Name: ______________________________________________
JULY 2013 TAMMUZ-AV 5773

Address: _________________________________________________________________________ City: _____________________________________________________________________________ Zip: __________________________ Daytime Telephone: _________________________________ E-mail: ___________________________________________________________________________

Please return this form by July 19, 2013, along with payment to:
Congregation Shaarey Zedek Attn: Yizkor Book 27375 Bell Road, Southfield, MI 48034




turning pages day and night

First, join Jeannie
An afternoon of music with weiner for sisterhoods daytime book club, which will meet in the shaarey Zedek library on WeDNeSDay, JuLy 10 at 1:00 p.m. we will be discussing Meir shalevs My Russian Grandmother and her American Vacuum Cleaner



Wednesday, July 17 1:00 p.m. Light refreshments.
All dues paying members of our Shaarey Zedek Seniors will be eligible for our monthly raffle. For more information, please call Janet Pont at 248.357.5544.

en, please join us for

Libris and Libations, an evening sisterhood Book Club at the home of Jennifer Boardman, 18171 Cambridge, Lathrup village, on thuRSDay, JuLy 11 at 7:00 p.m. we will be discussing the amor towles book Rules of Civility Please RsvP if you plan to attend: boardman@courts.mi.gov.




July 11

Reservations are required no later than the Monday preceding each date
For more information, or to reserve your seat, please contact Martha Goldberg at 248.357.5544 or mgoldberg@shaareyzedek.org


Sisterhood Shabbat Lunch is supported entirely by contributions to the Sisterhood Shabbat Lunch Fund. To contribute, please contact Janice Stoneman at 248.770.3454 for details.

Weve saved you a seat!

Join us at sisterhood shabbat Lunch! Feel the spirit and warmth. Our shabbat Lunch has become the place to be! Robin Lash Sisterhood President ilana Ben-Zeev and Sue Oleinick VPs for Shabbat Lunch

Adult Learning Opportunities

Shabba t Lunch an d Learn
with the Rabbis F o ll ow in g t h e C on g r eg a t io n a l Lu nc h


uNPacKiNG the hiGh hOLy Day PRayeRS

with Rabbi aaron Starr July 13, 2013

BecOMiNG WhOLLy hOLy iN 5774

with Rabbi Joseph Krako august 24, 2013 For information, please contact Karen davis at 248.357.5544 or kdavis@shaareyzedek.org

Tuesday Lunch and Learn

Sum m er Se ri es w ith CSZ Cler g y

exPLORiNG SPiRituaL theMeS iN PRePaRatiON FOR the hiGh hOLy DayS 5774
august 6 with Rabbi aaron Starr august 13 with Rabbi Joseph Krako august 20 with assistant cantor Leonard Gutman Classes meet at Congregation shaarey Zedek $12 per person per date, includes lunch. RsvPs required no later than the Monday preceding each class, to Karen davis at 248.357.5544 or kdavis@shaareyzedek.org

Tequil a & Ta lmud

Join Rabbi Joseph Krako and Rabbi aaron starr for a dads night out of cameraderie and a little learning. July 25, 2013, 8:00 p.m. Jewish New Years Resolutions for 21st Century Men

Martinis & Mishna

Join Rebecca starr for a night out with other mothers of young children. august 8, 2013, 8:00 p.m. Sanctifying Family Time

yotsuba Japanese Restaurant 7365 Orchard Lake Road west Bloomeld 48322 RsvP to Karen davis at 248.357.5544 or kdavis@shaareyzedek.org

volunteer in the CsZ Community vegetable garden

CsZ is partnering with yad ezra and young israel of southeld to provide fresh produce to those in need. we need help with garden maintenance and harvesting! Please contact tobye to volunteer, or to make a donation at 248.357.5544 or tbello@shaareyzedek.org.

state Representative Rudy hobbs recently dropped by CsZ to meet with Rabbi Joseph Krako.

JULY 2013 TAMMUZ-AV 5773



Friday, July 19, 2013 6:00-7:30 p.m.
Heritage Park, Farmington Hills Bring the entire family to a SPLASHTASTIC pre-Shabbat experience at the Heritage Park Splash Pad. Meet at the picnic shelter near the splash pad with a dairy or pareve picnic dinner, your bathing suits and towels. CSZ will provide challah, grape juice and dessert, and Rabbi Aaron Starr will help usher in Shabbat with blessings and songs.



Wednesday, July 31, 2013 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Bring your blankets, pack a kosher picnic and meet us in the Zoos Main Picnic Grove to enjoy a concert featuring


The concert is free with Zoo admission, $6 per person after 6:00 p.m. Parking is $5.

Thrilling Thursdays
Come play! 10:00 a.m. weekly at Congregation Shaarey Zedek
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Children ages 0-5 years bring an adult and join us each Thursday morning for a kid-friendly, creative and innovative experience. You wont want to miss the special costumed characters! All Activities are open to the community, and are FREE!
Giddy Up Partner Come all you cowboys and cowgirls to the CSZ corral for pony rides and much more. Arts and Scraps A trunk full of supplies to make a special creation to reduce, reuse and recycle.
Your $5 donation is appreciated.

Stories, baking with a special whiskered guest.


Build! Build! Build! The Robot Garage

comes to Shaarey Zedek.
7/18 8/8

Wet and Wild Water Day Bring a

bathing suit and a towel.
7/25 8/15

The Cat in the Hat A special feline

visits CSZ to help design wacky and wonderful hats.


a FREE parent/grandparent and toddler experience For children ages 18 months to 3 years of age.

Me & My

Sunday, August 11, 2013 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Fulfill your dream of joining the circus! Join CSZ for a day of Big Top fun with face painting, circus snacks, and Circus Skills workshops led by Cirque Amongus. All are welcome, although circus skills stations are geared to ages 3-7. Please bring a box of your favorite kosher snack to donate to Yad Ezra.

Saturdays at 10:45 a.m.

Free, joyful adult and child classes with music, snacks, and Shabbatoriented games. Free, adult and kid-friendly community lunch follows. Ruach activities available for older siblings through age 7.

Members and non-members welcome. RSVPs are preferred. Please contact 248.357.5544 or RabbiStarr@shaareyzedek.org
Adults: please, no jeans or sweats.


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In Memoriam
Congregation Shaarey Zedek extends heartfelt sympathies to the families of the following:
LUCILLE BENDIX Beloved wife of the late Norman Bendix (zl); cherished mother of Carol (Michael) Allen, Dr. Judi Thurswell (Dr. Joel) Miller and the late Dr. Stephen A. Bendix (zl); motherin-law of Lauren Bendix; loving grandmother of Jeffrey (Courtney) Allen, Jeremy (fianc Cassandra) Thurswell, David (Jaime) Allen, Brooke Bendix, Lindsey Thurswell, Dr. Scott Bendix, Jason Bendix, and Matthew Bendix; great-grandmother of Skylar and Sloane Allen; dear sister of Roz (Don) Levey, the late Harold Edelson (zl) and the late Lillian (the late Sam) Solomon (zl); sister-in-law of Elaine Edelson. Also survived by many loving nieces and nephews. ELLEN BETH CANTOR Beloved daughter of Judith and Bernard Cantor; adored sister of Glenn (Inga Eriks) Cantor, Clifford (Pauline) Cantor, James (Susan) Cantor and Mark (Karen) Cantor; cherished aunt of Alida Cantor, Emma Cantor, Rebecca Cantor, Clara Cantor, Daniel Cantor, Tilly Cantor, Brian Cantor, Lauren Cantor and Erica Cantor. Also survived by many cousins. Ellen was the granddaughter of the late Prof. Samuel and the late Lillian Levin (zl), the late Alexander and the late Tillie Cantor (zl). DR. ERWIN WALLACE COLVIN Beloved husband of Cynthia Colvin; dear father of Lisa Elrom and Jay (Sandy) Colvin; loving grandfather of Rachel Elrom, Joseph (Dayna) Elrom, Jeffrey Colvin, Steven Colvin and Jaclyn Colvin; devoted brother Arnal (Rhoda) Colvin. Also survived by many loving nephews, other family members and friends. MIRIAM TYBA COUF Beloved wife of the late Herbert Couf (zl); dear mother of Karen Couf-Cohen (Dr. Gerald Cohen) and Donna (Armando) Reyes; dearest sister of Norman (Sylvia) Kohn and the late Freda Kohn (zl); loving grandmother of Nicolas Reyes, Natalie Reyes, Sarah Cohen and Sophie Cohen. Also remembered by many loving nieces, nephews, other family members and friends. DR JEROME H FINCK Beloved husband of the late JoAnne M. Finck (zl); father of Howard D. (Karen) Finck and Michael (Eileen) Finck; grandfather of Alex, Addison, Stephanie and Adam; grandfather of Alex, Addison, Stephanie and Adam; brother of Millicent (Dr. Gerald) Grossman. Also survived by his devoted caregiver, Nancy Patterson. HAROLD FORTGANG Beloved husband of 63 years of Hilda Fortgang; cherished father of Julie (Dr. Jack) Kaufman and Harriet (Gregg) Orley; loving grandfather of Dr. Erin L. Kaufman, Michael Kaufman, Ryan Orley, and Emily Orley. Also survived by many loving relatives and friends. Brother of the late Marvin (the late Flo) Fortgang (zl); son of the late Harry and the late Anna Fortgang (zl); brother-in-law of the late Ben (the late Irene) Roth (zl) and the late Dorothy (the late Al) Farkas (zl). ANITA HAYMAN Beloved wife of Alan Hayman; cherished mother of Mindy (Larry) Markle and Hillary Hayman; loving Nana of Adam Chase Markle; dear sister of Elaine (Douglas) Harris; sister-in-law of Stephen (Linda) Hayman; also survived by nephews and nieces; John (Paula) Harris, Paul Harris, Kenny (Linda) Harris, Valerie (James) Sklar, and Andrew (Rebecca) Hayman. DAVID GILDENBERG Beloved husband of the late Vivian R. Gildenberg (zl); dear father of Alan (Arlene) Gildenberg, Dr. Stuart (Suzanne) Gildenberg, Edward (Nancy) Gildenberg and Sheri (Jim) Mocio; devoted brother of Dr. Philip (Pat) Gildenberg and the late Robert Gildenberg (zl); loving grandfather of Elyse (Ryan) Jahnke, Eric Gildenberg, Jamie, Melissa, Mitchell, Brenna, Ashley and Corey Gildenberg, Max and Kaitlyn Mocio. Also survived by many loving nieces, nephews, other family members and friends. LORRAINE KALES Beloved wife of Paul Kales; devoted mother of Marilyn Kales, Nancy (Jeffrey) Weinfeld and Aaron (Marilyn) Kales; loving grandmother of Julie (Ted) Dziuba, Jordan Weinfeld, Ethan Weinfeld, Andrew Kales and Kara Kales; proud greatgrandmother of Caitlyn Dziuba, Isabel Dziuba and Anthony Dziuba; cherished sister of Yale (Anna) Levin, Karen Block and the late Harold (late Doris) Levin (zl). EMANUAL KOENIGSBERG Beloved husband of the late Theresa Koenigsberg (zl); dear father of Elaine (the late Efrem, zl) Goldberg, Sheila (William) Hall, and the late Jesse Koenigsberg (zl); dearest brother of Pauline (the late Morris, zl) Fine; loving grandfather of Andrew Hall, Gabriel Hall and fiance Joanie Barocio, Jay Hall, Reva Goldberg and Sasha Goldberg; great-grandfather of Sophia Barocio-Hall; father-in-law of Terry Koenigsberg. Also remembered by many loving nieces, nephews, other family members and friends. MONTE M. KORN Beloved husband of 64 wonderful years of Eleanor Karbal Korn; cherished father of Larry (Marge Clarke) Korn, Linee Diem, Dr. Howard (Lynne) Brooks-Korn, Stephen Korn, Joanne (Dr. Michael) Rowe, Rabbi Richard (Shuli) Korn, and Nancy Korn Zelch; loving grandfather of Jeff Diem, Melissa Rowe, Jeremy Rowe, Sholom (Tova) Korn, Yisroel Korn, Sarah Korn, Yakov Korn, Rochel Korn, Brittany Zelch, Jared Zelch, Jordan Zelch, Amy Diem, Shira Diem, and Rena Diem; proud greatgrandfather of Ephraim Korn and Chaya Korn. Also survived and appreciated by Lizzie Willams. Brother of Phyllis Zatzick, the late Dr. Robert (the late Annette) Korn (zl), and the late Beulah (the late David) Moss (zl); brother-in-law of Beverly (the late Leonard, zl) Mitz, and the late Arlene Mehler Levenson (the late Morton Mehler and the late Albert Levenson) (zl). DR. DAVID KREVSKY Beloved husband of Kathleen Krevsky; cherished brother of Jay (Nancy) Krevsky, the late Dr. Seymour Krevsky (zl), the late Dr. Harold Krevsky (zl), the late Herman Krevsky (zl), the late Pearl and the late Norman Scher (zl), the late Marsha Levine and the late Ethel Shapiro (zl); dear brotherin-law of Margery Krevsky and Fannie Krevsky. Also survived by many nieces and nephews. HENIA CIESLA LEWIN Beloved wife to the late Isidore Ciesla (zl) and the late Henry Lewin (zl); devoted mother of Rosa (George) Chessler, Rochel Leah (the late Dr. Eric, zl) Peterson and Miriam Ciesla; loving grandmother of Mark (Michele) Chessler, Elana (Dr. Mark) Lofman, Sara (Ari) Zaidoff, Yisroel (Tova) Peterson and Aaron Dovid (Dina) Peterson. Also survived by many adoring great-grandchildren. MILFORD T. LEWIS Beloved husband of 41 years of Melvy Lewis; cherished father of Steven (Jennifer) Lewis and Mark (Rena) Lewis; loving Poppy of Ryan, Alex, Samantha and Lauren Lewis; brother of Frank (Carole) Lewis; brother-in-law of Earle and Beth Erman; loving Uncle Milfy of Mark (Audrey) Erman, Alyse Erman and Eric Erman; Great-Uncle Milfy of Charlie Erman; devoted son of the late Ruth and the late Samuel Lewis (zl); dear son-in-law of the late Hilda and the late Jack Erman (zl); also survived by a world of devoted friends. DAVID LEVINE Beloved husband of the late Evelyn T. Evie Levine; cherished father of Linda (Gershon) Blumstein, Steven (Char Gordon) Levine, Shelley (Joe) OBrien, and Robert Levine; also survived by his loving companion Florence Goode; loving grandfather of Dodi Blumstein, Yarden (Bayla) Blumstein, Zachary Blumstein, Danielle Blumstein, Emily Levine (Brett Willner), Seth Levine, Travis OBrien, Kellen OBrien, Jacob Levine, and


EVA LIPTON Beloved wife of 42 years of Dr. Steven Lipton; cherished mother of Dr. Rebecca (Craig) Warkol and Jessica (Matt) Shepherd; proud grandmother of Sari and Donny Warkol, and Ari and Zoe Shepherd; loving sister of Jerry (Marcia) Firestone and Tom Firestone; sister-in-law of Jeffrey (Sharon) Lipton, Pat (Robert) Orloff and Pam Gross. Also survived by many other loving relatives and friends. GORDON MOSES Beloved father of Daniel and Jonathan Moses; brother of Ken (Carolyn) Moses, Sherri (George) Glassman, and the late Cindy (Steve and Kim Friedman) Friedman (zl); son of the late Gloria and the late Robert Moses (zl). Also survived by his dear friend and caregiver Ellie Peterson, Margi Moses, and many loving nieces and nephews. PATTI NEMER Beloved mother of Michael Baum and Stuart Baum; devoted daughter of Ilene Nemer and Milford (Barbara) Nemer; loving sister of Ellen (David) Maiseloff and Larry (Rosalind) Nemer. Also survived by Ellen and Davids children, Jennifer, Stephen and Alyssa Maiseloff, and Larry and Rosalinds children, Drew and Daniel Nemer, and her former husband, Howard Baum. ALEXANDER ORNSTEIN Beloved husband of 42 years to Harriet, who died in January 2013. He was most proud of being a father to Charles and Deborah. He was a loving father-in-law to Shari Ornstein; proud grandfather of Miles and Jude Ornstein; beloved brother to Pauline Woll; uncle to Peter (Dr. Rachel) Woll, Jessica Woll (Donald Stewart), and Allison Woll (Dr. Harry Parr) and close friend to many. RALPH PIERCE Beloved husband of Adrian Pierce and the late Marion Pierce (zl); cherished father of Marc (Judy) Pierce, Deborah Pantoni, and the late Elizabeth Pierce (zl); loving grandfather of Jennifer Pierce, Marjorie Pantoni, Madeline Pantoni, Zachary, Joshua and Matthew Segall, David and Jacob Kleiman and Emma, Erika and Joe Kleiman. Also survived by Adrians children, Scott (Michelle) Kleiman, Ingrid (Scott) Segall and Ira (DeAnna) Kleiman. DOUGLAS S. PERGAMENT Beloved husband of Patricia Sabolo Pergament; cherished father of Brian Pergament, Conner Pergament, and Sydnie Pergament; devoted son of Gerald (Martha) Pergament and Miriam Pergament; dear brother of Lisa (Brien) Runyon, Aaron (Adina) Pergament, and Jeffrey Pergament; step-brother of Jeff (Kim) Blakeslee, Jerry Blakeslee, and Jimmy (Melissa) Blakeslee; son-in-law of the late Amelia Sabolo (zl); brother-in-law of Robert Sabolo and John Sabolo. ROBERT SCHECHTER Beloved husband of 51 years of Bluma Schechter; cherished father of Greg (Julia) Schechter, Marc (Susan) Schechter and Rachel (Jason) Zimmerman; loving Grampy of Lauren Schechter, Ben Schechter, Aaron Schechter, Josh Schechter, Annie Schechter, Sammie Schechter, Jordan Zimmerman, Corey Zimmerman and Ryan Zimmerman; devoted son of the late Hyman and the late Lee Schechter (zl); son-in-law of the late George and the late Elsie Bremen (zl); brother of Ronald (Sheila) Schechter, Howard (Barbara Lee) Schechter, and the late Neal Schechter (zl); brother-in-law of Marilyn Schechter, Margo Bremen, Beryl Bremen and the late Barry Bremen (zl). Also survived by many loving nieces, nephews and a world of devoted and loving friends. ELAINE SELTZER Beloved wife of Seymour Cy Seltzer; cherished mother of Michael (Jill) Seltzer, Lee Seltzer, and Robert (Mindy) Seltzer; loving grandma Lanie of Adam (Betsy) Seltzer, Jake Seltzer,

RHODA SILLS Beloved wife of the late Arthur Archie Sills (zl); dear mother of Douglas (Todd Murray) Sills, Susie (Michael) SillsLevey, Claudia Sills and the late Dr. Lawrence D. Sills (zl); devoted sister of Dr. Joseph Nemeth and the late Helene Rothstein (zl); loving grandmother of Adam, Nicki, Tedi and Andrew Milgrom. Also survived by her devoted caregivers, other family members and friends. MILDRED B. SIMON Beloved wife of the late Markus S. Simon (zl); cherished mother of Elizabeth (the late Dr. Robert, zl) Tam, Caleb (Lenore) Simon, Deena Simon (the late Kenneth, zl) Jones, Charlotte Ellen Simon (Melvin) Natinsky, Samuel (Amy) Simon, Rachel Simon (Paul) Hindelang, Daniel (Judi) Simon, Silvia Simon (Kent) Van Allen, Jonathan (Nancy) Simon, Ruth (Jerry) Strauss; loving grandmother of Faith and Jeff Brasch, Aaron Tam, Susan and David Guralnick, Jessica Tam, Ephraim Simon, Boruch Simon and Katherine Dessert, Nathan and Bobbi Jones, Sarah and Nick Nunnally, Eli Natinsky, Ari Natinsky, Marlena Schaefer, Valerie Simon, Benjamin Simon, Dara Pollak, Andrew Pollak, Alexandra Simon, Noah Simon, Jacob Simon, Max Strauss, and Matthew Strauss; proud great-grandmother of Jonathan and Seth Brasch, Markus, Gillian, and Tatum Tam, Sophia and Charlie Guralnick, Tavi Simon, Ryan and Brett Jones, and Alexis Farquharason; sister of the late Martin J. Budman (zl) and the late Eveleen Budnitzky (zl). GERALDINE SPALTER Beloved wife of the late Dr. Myron Mike Spalter (zl); cherished mother of Ronald (Betsy) Spalter, Richard (Joyce) Spalter and Mark Spalter; loving grandmother of Alison (Jeremy) Manson, Emily (fianc Brett Carbone) Spalter, Sara Spalter, Molly (Shalom) Shomer, Noah Spalter and Madison Spalter; proud great-grandmother of Meir Shomer and Willa Manson; dear sister of Donald Starler. Also survived by other loving relatives and friends. ETHEL ROSSMAN Beloved wife of the late George Rossman (zl) and the late Eugene Abraham (zl); cherished mother of Nancy and Nathan Kolender; loving Nana of Laurie Jerris, Jonathan Gornbein, Brian and Elyse Kolender, Suzanne Gendelman, and Mindy and Jeremy Barron; proud great-grandmother of Benjamin and Emily Jerris, Joshua, Jennifer and Samuel Gendelman, Zoe and Ruby Kolender, and Jemma Barron; sister of Anne (the late Leonard, zl) Radner, the late Jerome Rothenberg (zl), and the late Gertrude (the late Edward) Kline (zl). DORRIANE ZIEF Beloved wife of the late Arthur Zief (zl); cherished mother of Reinart ( Dr. Eugene) Gelzayd and Arthur Zief Jr.; loving Nannie Dorraine of Dr. Bradford (Julie) Gelzayd, Dena Tarson, and Allison (Michael) Weinstein; proud great-grandmother of Justin, Evan and Lauren Gelzayd, Lindsay and Dylan Tarson, and Phillip and Matthew Weinstein; dear sister of the late Jean (the late Robert) Muenter (zl); devoted daughter of the late Thekla and the late George Heath (zl). Also survived by her devoted caregivers Deon Woolfolk, Jessie Johnson, and Sonia Sumling. SHIRLEY ZIRKIN Beloved wife of 55 years of Dr. Richard M. Zirkin; cherished mother of Ronald (Rebecca) Zirkin, Deborah (Jay) Danto and Monica (Rick) Schatz; loving grandmother of Trevor Zirkin, Samantha and Jillian Danto, Ryan, Marlee and Mia Schatz; sister of Herschel (Joan) Solomon, the late Frank Solomon (zl), the late Marie (the late Al) Schultz (zl) and the late Elizabeth Libby (the late Arnold) Colb (zl); sister-in-law of Judith (the late Sherwood, zl) Weiser, Howard (Libby) Zirkin and Joel Zirkin; also survived by many loving nieces, nephews, cousins and friends.

JULY 2013 TAMMUZ-AV 5773


Miriam Levine; proud great-grandfather of Chaya Mushka, Menachem Mendel, and Levi Yitzchok Blumstein; brother of the late Sidney M. (Evelyn) Levine, Sara (Benny) Bar Moshe, Harriet (Seymour) Sandweiss; brother-in-law of Sally (the late Ben, zl) Kott, Allen (Vivian) Prinstein, and the late Jack Prinstein (zl). Also survived by many loving nieces and nephews and a world of friends.

David Seltzer, Lesley Seltzer (fianc Mark Sassin) and Dani Seltzer; devoted daughter of the late Max Kerner (zl) and the late Flora Kerner Kovan (the late Dr. Dennis Kovan) (zl); dear sister of Iris (the late Richard, zl) Fynke and the late Shirley Kerner (zl); sister-in-law of Muriel and Alex Cowan and the late Dolly Alper Solomon (zl). Also survived by many loving nieces and nephews.



RABBI JOSEPH KRAKOFF DISCRETIONARY FUND In Appreciation of: Rabbi Krakoffs kindness by Paul D. Borman, Linee Diem, Ike Engelbaum, David & Susan Harold, Bud Robinson, Pamela Stoler, Leon & Debrah Warner and Ralph Zuckman Rabbi Krakoff for Ben Raabs Bar Mitzvah by Laurie & Emil Raab Rabbi Krakoff for your thoughtfulness during Harriet Salzbergs illness by Dr. & Mrs Clarence Salzberg Rabbi & Susan Krakoff for their hospitality by Neil Zechman In Honor of: Sylvia Serwins special birthday by Julie & David Borenstein and Gail Goodstein Mae Schwartzbergs special birthday by Rita Folbe Jay Knoll and James Zacks special birthdays by Sheldon & Barbara Larky Sylvia Pomerantzs special birthday by Marlene Margolis Rabbi Joseph Krakoffs birthday by Sharon & Bennett Schwartz Sally Margolis Happy Mothers Day by Marlene Margolis Anita Taylor and Grandma Rose on Mothers Day by Marc & Stacey Wittenberg Alan & Helen Kanters marriage by Linda & Mark Klein Mazel tov to: Brian Elkus and Melissa Ardery by Donald & Dottie Wagner In Memory of: Patti Nemer by Karen & Gerald Cohen, Robert & Bryna Frank, Wendy & Michael Gorge, Stephan & Barbara Morse, Richard & Debra Partrich, Harry & Jeanie Tabor and Donald & Dottie Wagner Shirley Zirkin by Mandy & Jim Daitch and Dee Fishman Dr. Jerome Finck by Howard Finck Robert Schechter by Gail & Franci Goodstein, Alan & Freddie Harvith and Joseph & Nancy Jacobson Eva Lipton by Gail Goodstein and Harry & Jeanie Tabor Milford Lewis, Rhoda Sills, Rabbi Reuven Frankel and Mildred Simon by Cookie & Lenny Lachover Lorraine Kales, Sheldon Kapen, Monte Korn, Miriam Couf, Ellen Cantor and Emanuel Koenigsberg by Stephan & Barbara Morse Ellie Weiss by the Sternberg family Alex Ornstein by Harry & Jeanie Tabor Marking the Yahrzeit of: Bernard Brown and Alice Berlin by Alan Berlin Raye Matler by Dee & Seymour Brode Phyllis Madgy by Sheldon & Barbara Cohn

Morris Ben Lewis by Scott & Francie Watson and Robert & Bryna Frank & family Brenda Faith Glickman by Steven Glickman Beverly & David Winston by Freddie & Alan Harvith Arlene Gorbaty by Marlene Margolis Louis Stober, Irving Steloff and Gertrude Steloff by Ruth Stober Naomi Floch by Harry & Jeanie Tabor Estell Wainer by Debrah Warner Lily Blanche Belinsky by Brenda Zales Dr. Jay Gorell by Emma & Michael Zerkel Wishing a Speedy Recovery to: Ruth Wayne by Cookie & Lenny Lachover RABBI AARON STARR DISCRETIONARY FUND In Appreciation of: Rabbi Starrs kindness by Bernard & Judith Cantor and Isaac Engelbaum Rabbi Starr for Sophia Gawels Bat Mitzvah by Randall & Leah Gawel Rabbi Starr for Ben Raabs Bar Mitzvah by Laurie & Emil Raab In Honor of: Alex Raabs special birthday by Leon & Marlene Cogan David Levines special birthday by Sheldon & Barbara Larky Marking the Yahrzeit of: Herbert Couf by Gerald & Karen Couf-Cohen Regina Gruca by Wolf Gruca Mollie Ingber by Paul & Roberta Ingber Barry Goldman by Gail Sandweiss RABBI IRWIN GRONER PUBLICATION FUND In Memory of: Rabbi Reuven Frankel and Mildred Simon by Eugene & Marcia Applebaum Rabbi Irwin Groner by Linda Roth and Marilyn Victor Marking the Yahrzeit of: Douglas A. Purther by Donald & Joanne Purther CANTOR MEIR FINKELSTEIN DISCRETIONARY FUND In Appreciation of: Cantor Finkelsteins beautiful music by Bernard & Judith Cantor Cantor Finkelsteins kindness by Ike Engelbaum Cantor Finkelstein for Ben Raabs Bar Mitzvah by Laurie & Emil Raab Yizkor CD by Mark & Margaret Eichner

In Honor of: Kate Jacobs Bat Mitzvah by James & Doris August In Memory of: Patti Nemer by Marvin & Helene Cherrin Adele Sonenklar by Louis & Paula Glazier Miriam Couf by George & Helen Kerwin and Roz Sell Marking the Yahrzeit of: Nettie Firestone by Leonard & Bobbie Borman Rose Cohen by Peter & Rachel Siegel Marian Mann by Gershon & Jeannie Weiner ASSISTANT CANTOR LEONARD GUTMAN DISCRETIONARY FUND In Appreciation of: Assistant Cantor Gutmans beautiful Minyan Services by Bernard & Judith Cantor Assistant Cantor Gutmans kindness by Ike Engelbaum, Richard & Sally Krugel and Raymond & Nancy Silverman In Honor of: Edward Shermans special birthday by Sheldon & Barbara Larky David Stroms special birthday by Debbie & Skip Warner In Memory of: Daniel Swimmer by Harriet Ruza Marking the Yahrzeit of: Fay Rotberg and Sydney Ellias by Frank & Betty Ellias Alexander Grosinger by Max & Ilona Fynke Fannie Robinson Hochman by Jack & Aviva Robinson Molly Rohtbart and Alexander Rosin by Markus and Beanie Rohtbart Solomon N. Zucker by Leonard Zucker EDUCATION FUND In Appreciation of: Rabbi Krakoff, Rabbi Starr, Cantor Finkelstein and Assistant Cantor Gutmans kindness by Philip & Wendy Arnold Cillia Kleiman, Fanny Sherman, Leah Gawel and Toby Schlussel, for a great year at CSZ Religious School by Ari & Emma Feldberg In Honor of: Cillia & Leslie Kleimans daughter, Caras, marriage by Keith & Karen Davis Ellen Labes special birthday by Gail Goodstein Blanche Needles special birthday by David & Shelley Koloff and Shawna, Blake & Arlene Lachman Sara Manson receiving the 8 over 80 Award by Gail Goodstein Miriam & Bill Konstatin, birth of granddaughter, Samantha Konstatin by Beverly & Martin Miller


In Memory of: Alex Ornstein by Sheila Charlip, Gail Goodstein, Ronnie & Rena Meyers and Brian & Rochelle Raznick Miriam Couf by Karen Davis and Gail Goodstein Patti Nemer, William Schwartz and Shirley Zirkin by Gail & Franci Goodstein Ellen Cantor by Ronnie & Rena Meyers Rhoda Sills by Jeffrey & Leigh Moss Marking the Yahrzeit of: Susan Hare Cuttner by Wendy Arnold GENERAL FUND In Appreciation of: Anna & Yale Levins Passover hospitality by Gloria Kogan and June & Jamie Snider Sandy & Alan Schwartzs hospitality by Evie & Allen Lichter Pulpit Honors by Paul Schwarzbaum In Honor of: Erika Folbes Bat Mitzvah by Celia Cicurel, Frieda Langnas and Gloria & Milton Siegel Mary Knoll becoming President of CSZ by Rick & Linda Cohen, Gary Schwartz & Cindy Shaffran and Gail Goodstein Sylvia Serwins special birthday by Sara Manson and Don & Dottie Wagner Paula & Lou Glaziers birth of grandson, Noah Joseph by Beverly & Martin Miller Sara Manson receiving the 8 over 80 Award by Raechel & Lenny Nagel Lois Levines special birthday by Alan & Sandra Schwartz Dottie & Don Wagners birth of grandson, Jacob by Alan & Sandra Schwartz Jenny Schoenbergers graduation from University of Michigan by Karen & Keith Simmons & family Wishing a Happy Passover to: Marlene & Paul Borman and Doreen Hermelin & Mel Lesser by Leonard & Bobbie Borman Pam & Jacob David & family by Selma Ladenheim In Memory of: Anita Hayman by Alan & Sharyl Ackerman, Talmer Bank & Trust, Gary & Marlene Kraft, Don & Dottie Wagner and Renee Porvin & family Patti Nemer by Elizabeth Barash & family, Mark & Tobye Bello, Leonard & Bobbie Borman, Steven & Carolyn Marks, Sandra & Robert Moers Andrew & Marla (Rogers) Moiseev, Janet Randolph, Suzanne Schatz, Steve & Liz Schubiner, Leonard & Susie Colton & family, Philip & Estelle Elkus, Shelley Golsky, Doreen Hermelin, Reva Krause, Eva Laski & family, Lois Levine, Randee Lipman,

JULY 2013 TAMMUZ-AV 5773

Trude Lumelsky, Karen & Mickey Shapiro, Arnold Weiner & Shira Shapiro, Mindy & Harry Siegel, Marty & Janice Stoneman, Ruth Tuomey & family, Joan & David Weinbaum, Rissa & Sheldon Winkelman and Eleanor Wolf Rabbi Reuven Frankel by Harold & Barbara Berry Milford Lewis by Dee & Seymour Brode and Joseph & Nancy Jacobson Robert Schechter by Larry & Suzi Dell, Mary & Jay Knoll, Steven & Beth Margolin, Larry & Rosalind Nemer and Marcy & Douglas Sternberg Dr. Wallace Colvin by Ilene & David Einstandig and Charles & Elsie Freedman Eva Lipton by Judith Elder, Ilana Ben-Zeev, Alan & Sandra Schwartz, Paul & Roberta Ingber and the Shabbat Lunch Volunteers Miriam Couf by Davida Gale, Steven & Beth Margolin, Larry & Rosalind Nemer and Alan & Sandra Schwartz Craig Armbruster by Gail & Franci Goodstein Geraldine Spalter by Mary & Jay Knoll Shirley Zirkin by Brad & Sherry Levin Leslie Scheinfelds mother by Trude, Joan & Rosalind Ellen Cantor by Steven & Beth Margolin Monte Korn by Jamie Snider and Larry & Rosalind Nemer Adele Sonenklar and Rhoda Sills by Larry & Rosalind Nemer David Gildenberg by Richard & Pam Nodell Harold Noveck by Evelyn Noveck Gordon Moses by Marcie & Rob Orley Henia Ciesla Lewin by Alan & Sandra Schwartz Jean Roney and Dr. Barry Tilds by Don & Dottie Wagner Marking the Yahrzeit of: Dr. Reuven Bar-Levav by Leora Bar-Levav Rose Bardenstein by Max Bardenstein Moe S. Dann and Dorothy B. Dann by Harold & Barbara Berry Vivian Berry, Louis Berry, Esther Berry, Hershel Berry and Betsy Eisenman by Harold & Barbara Berry and Selma & Jack Schwartz Dr. Morris Brent and John D. Fuller by Robert & Dasi Brent Brandon Weiss by Mala Dorfman Milton Lenobel by Jack & Judith Elder Sophie Fishman by Alvin Fishman Rabbi Moshe Funk by Alan Funk

George Davis and Dorothy Davis by Joseph & Nancy Jacobson Ann Jacobson Rutberg by Joseph Jacobson Florence Borock by Ira & Brenda Jaffe Mariska Karp, Martha Karp, Ignacz Karp and Borlala Lugosi by Alexander & Gabriella Karp Zolton Lugosi by Gabriella Karp Roslyn Tucker and Arnold Margolis by Marlene Margolis & family Betty Podolsky by Terry Podolsky Maxwell Richter by Andrew Richter Adolph & Fani Schoenberger by Lola Schoenberger Melvin Weingarden by Cindy Schwartz Pauline Victor by Jay and Marianne Victor Irving & Iliene Winkelman by Sheldon Winkelman Earl Hordes by Evelyn Wishnetsky Martin Taylor by Lisa Taylor MORNING MINYAN FUND In Appreciation of: Assistant Cantor Gutmans kindness by David & Susan Harold and Anna Himelhoch Pulpit Honors by Bernard Morof, Neil Zechman and Harvey Stein Ben Raabs Bar Mitzvah by Laurie & Emil Raab In Honor of: Gabe & Stephanies Marriage by Keith & Karen Davis and Lori & Robin Edelson Mary Knoll becoming President of CSZ by Sandra Moers Sanford Pearlmans special birthday by Leroy & Brenda Neumann In Memory of: Ivan Edelstein and Renee Edelstein by Faye Adelson Patti Nemer by Steven Adelson, Dolores Fishman, Stephen & Sandra Wittenberg Judy Snyder Fridson and Steven Snyder Lorraine Kales by James & Doris August, John & Nancy Levy, Donald & Dottie Wagner, Stephen & Sandra Wittenberg and Norman & Ruth Beitner Robert Schechter by Bobbie & Leonard Borman Rabbi Reuven Frankel by Michael & Marcy (Tatken) Feldman David Levine by Dee Fishman, Bobbie & Leonard Borman, Lou & Paula Glazier, Anna Himelhoch, Yale & Anna Levin and Donald & Dottie Wagner Hyman Kramer by Michael & Zina Kramer Shirley Zirkin by Yale & Anna Levin



18 #

Anita Hayman by Neil & Joan Satovsky Monte Korn by Gerald & Karen Shiener & family Marking the Yahrzeit of: Abraham Averbuch, Gilbert Averbuch and Bennie Wolman by Freddie Averbuch Ralph Bernstein by Mildred Bernstein Gerson Bernstein by Harold & Penny Blumenstein, Elliot & Wendy Wagenheim Dr. Harry Burstein by Richard Burstein Ted Coden by Stephen Coden Lew Rose by Stephen & Carol Sue Coden Rose Frenkel by Sheila Ellmann Esther Berry by Aaron & Cynthia Greenspon & family Mason Himelhoch by Anna Himelhoch Florence Jonas by Larry & Shirley Jonas Sol Kanat and Esther Brandt by Evelyn Kasle Sacha Dell by Manus & Barbara Krasman Bernard Kane by Elaine Laker Meyer Levin by Yale Levin Perlyn Ellison by Sandi Matz Jill Hooberman by Sandra & Bob Moers Milton Oleinick by Allan Oleinick Arthur Sandberg by Hershel & Dorothy Sandberg Samuel Satovsky by Neil Satovsky Harry Shuman by Marjorie Saulson Phillip Shiener by Gerald Shiener Morton Uzansky and Ben Uzansky by Fran & Jerry Uzansky Louis Horowitz and Isabel Block Kaplan by Elaine Block-Victor Wishing Good Health to: Ike Engelbaum by Evelyn Goodman & family Wishing a Speedy Recovery to: Joe Cohen by Lori & Robin Edelson David Levine by Gloria Flanders and Gail Goodstein SISTERHOOD GENERAL FUND In Honor of: Joanne Robinsons special birthday by Sheldon & Barbara Larky Dina Brodsky receiving the Woman of Valor Award by Eric & Linda Novak

In Memory of: Monte Korn, Patti Nemer and Mildred Simon by Lawrence & Karen A Katz Patti Nemer by Michael & Laynie Langnas and Josh Jankelovitz & family Wishing a Speedy Recovery to: Rick Cohen by Michael & Rita Zadoff SISTERHOOD SHABBAT LUNCH FUND In Honor of: Mary Knoll becoming President of CSZ by Donald & Marcia Boxman Sara Manson receiving the 8 over 80 Award by Helene Cherrin and Gershon & Jeannie Weiner Ralph Zuckmans birth of grandson, Jack Mitchell by Harold & Nancy Finkel Adam Finkel for appointment to the Board of CSZ by Harold & Nancy Finkel Lois Levines special birthday by Judith Fridson Hilda Neumans and Ronald Wagners special birthdays by Sheldon & Barbara Larky Dottie & Don Wagners birth of grandson, Jacob by Dr. Gershon & Jeannie Weiner Ruby Colenders Bat Mitzvah by Rachela Yager In Memory of: Mildred Simon by CSZ Sisterhood, Pearl Coffman and Robin Lash Miriam Couf by Candy Cuttner, Harold & Nancy Finkel and Nancy Firestone Alvin Russman by Floyd & Esther Bornstein Alex Ornstein by Floyd & Esther Bornstein and Robin Lash David Levine by Floyd & Esther Bornstein, Robin & Larry Lash and Marty & Janice Stoneman Milford Lewis by Donald & Marcia Boxman Eva Lipton by Helene Cherrin, Gershon & Jeannie Weiner and Pearl Coffman Patti Nemer by Mickey Gold and Gershon & Jeannie Weiner Ellen Cantor by Robin Lash Rabbi Irwin Groner by Judith Orbach Monte Korn by Martin & Janice Stoneman Marking the Yahrzeit of: Harriet Elkus by Philip & Estelle Elkus Fay & Irving Rosenberg by Elayne Galin Virgina & Harry Heller by Barbara Heller

Abraham Kusnetz and Esther Kusnetz by Harold Kusnetz Ethel J. Sherman by James & Ellen Labes Bettye Blumberg by Graham & Alene Landau Benjamin Cowan and Dorothy Cowan by Judy Orbach Sidy Lowenthal by Marvin & Dorie Shwedel Jack Klain by Alice Silbergleit Wishing a Speedy Recovery to: David Levine and Marlene Gilbert by Floyd & Esther Bornstein Pam Stoller by CSZ Sisterhood MENS CLUB In Memory of: Alex Ornstein by Norman & Ruth Beitner, Richard Cavaler and Karen Davis Wishing a Speedy Recovery to: Ike Engelbaum by Stephen & Sandra Wittenberg GOLDIE & RABBI MORRIS ADLER SCHOLARSHIP FUND In Memory of: Paul Worona by Landra Rosenthal Marking the Yahrzeit of: Ruth S. Barsky by Frances Barsky & family Robert Eppstein by Landra Rosenthal MORRIS & BEVERLY BAKER ISRAEL COLLEGE STUDIES FUND In Honor of: Franci Goodstein & Sam Shanboms engagement, Dina Brodsky receiving the Woman of Valor Award, Ann Baruch and Ruthe Steins special birthday, Cantor Daniel Gross Kol Ha Kavod, Sara Manson and Barbara Cantor receiving the 8 over 80 Award by Beverly Baker Geri & Daniel Levits Wedding anniversary by Beverly Baker & family In Memory of: Robert Schechter by Beverly Baker & family N. Brewster Broder, Mildred Simon, Ellen Cantor, Miriam Couf, Sylvia Baker, William Schumer, Patti Nemer and David Levine by Beverly Baker Thank You to: Leonard & Ann Baruch by Beverly Baker Wishing a Speedy Recovery to: Zvi Shevach and Lita Zemmo by Beverly Baker MORRIS & MARION BARON SCHOLARSHIP FUND Marking the Yahrzeit of: Samuel G. Harvith by Tom & Sharee Fahidy


ANN & LEONARD P. BARUCH TZEDAKAH FUND In Appreciation of: Ann & Leonard Baruchs kindness by Stephan & Barbara Morse In Honor of: Ann Baruchs special birthday by Judith Fridson, Elayne Galin and Neil Zechman In Memory of: Shirley Zirkin by Leonard & Ann Baruch Rabbi Cantor Reuven Frankel by Amy & Allen Olender RICHARD & PHYLLIS BLEZNAK SCHOLARSHIP FUND In Memory of: Robert Schechter by Michele & Mitchell Bleznak & family HERMAN BRODSKY MEMORIAL FUND In Appreciation of: Pulpit Honors by Helene Brodsky Brody In Honor of: Dina Brodsky receiving the Woman of Valor Award by Lynda Brodsky, Marilynn Farber, Annette Weiss, Doris August, Lillian Binder, Eleanor Bluestone, Joyce Borovoy, Liz, David, Daniel & Audrey Elkus, Robert & Bryna Frank, Jack Friedman, Shirley Friedman, Debbie Glassman, Rosalie Gold, David & Susan Harold, Rosalind Hayes, Ruth Kahn, Marilyn Karbal, Zelda Klaiman, Murray & Shirley Levin, Libby Newman, Deborah Brodsky, Fred Smith, Rose Lieberman, Geraldine Sakwa, Shelley Shindler, Leo & Libby Sklar and Marilyn Wayne Rhona & Rob Fidlers birth of grandson, Joseph Baruch Wald, Dayna & Rafi Walds birth of son, Joseph Baruch Wald by Dina Brodsky Erma Mazurs birth of great grandson, Joseph Baruch Wald by Dina Brodsky In Memory of: Robert Schechter by Dina Brodsky Patti Nemer by Dina Brodsky, Stacy & Jeffrey Brodsky Milford Lewis by Stacy & Jeffrey Brodsky Marking the Yahrzeit of: Louis Konikof and Herman Brodsky by Dina Brodsky Herman Brodsky by David & Ann Rosenberg, Helen Brodsky Brody, Stu, Amy and Rachel Wishing a Happy Passover to: Dina Brodsky and Helene Brodsky Brody by Stuart & Amy Brody RICHARD & SHARON BROWN EDUCATION FUND In Honor of: Megan Satawa, Sophia Gawel, Ruby Kolender and Erika Folbes Bnot Mitzvah by Richard Brown

Jessica Harold and Daniel Schicks upcoming marriage by Richard Brown Ellen Labes special birthday by Richard Brown and Marlene & Wally Handler In Memory of: Emanuel Koenigsberg, Robert Schechter, Frances Kushner, Blanche Vandou, Mildred Simon, Patti Nemer, Lorraine Kales, Shirley Zirkin and David Levine by Richard Brown Adele Sonenklar by Marlene & Wally Handler Marking the Yahrzeit of: Isadore Belkin by Alan Belkin Betty Weiner by Nison & Doreen Sabin and Laurie & Brad Sabin Sanford Weiner and Lottie Sabin by Nison & Doreen Sabin BERNARD & JUDY CANTOR EDUCATORS AWARD FUND In Memory of: Ellen Cantor by Harold & Barbara Berry and Dr. Gershon & Jeannie Weiner Patti Nemer by Bernard & Judith Cantor FANNIE & MEYER COOPER HEARING IMPAIRED FUND Marking the Yahrzeit of: Lillian Perlman by Howard & Linda Perlman, Mitzi Weinberg and Jack Perlman Rose Rubin by Jack Perlman HARVEY ALAN DEUTCH MEMORIAL FUND FOR SPECIAL EDUCATION In Honor of: Susie & Michael Leveys special anniversary by Alan & Lenore Deutch-Singer Franci Goodstein & Sam Shanboms engagement by Alan & Lenore Deutch-Singer In Memory of: Belle Frost by Alan & Lenore Deutch-Singer, Brad Deutch and Leanne Elias Alvin Steinman, Rose Braiker, Robert Schechter, Jeanne Feldstein, Ellen Cantor, Jacky Schwartz and Patti Nemer by Alan and Lenore Deutch-Singer Marking the Yahrzeit of: Harvey Deutch by Lenore Deutch-Singer, Brad Deutch and Stephanie Goldstein Wishing a Speedy Recovery to: Susan Erlich by Alan & Lenore Deutch-Singer REUBIN & YETTA DUBRINSKY EDUCATION FUND In Memory of: Bradley Botvinick and Milford Lewis by Marvin & Innis Dubrinsky

BETTY FISHMAN MEMORIAL FUND In Honor of: Josh Knolls special birthday by Steven & Jeri Fishman Mary & Jay Knolls anniversary by Steven & Jeri Fishman Mary Knoll becoming President of CSZ by Steven & Jeri Fishman In Memory of: Craig Armbruster, Mildred Simon, Ellen Cantor, Patti Nemer, Lorraine Kales, Eva Lipton and Alex Ornstein by Steven & Jeri Fishman Thinking of you: Dee Fishman by Steven & Jeri Fishman Wishing a Speedy Recovery to: Rick Cohen by Steven & Jeri Fishman Mickey Couf by Steven & Jeri Fishman MAE & MILTON GOODMAN ISRAEL FAMILY MISSION FUND In Honor of: Dina Brodsky receiving the Woman of Valor Award by Rob & Jodi Goodman Marking the Yahrzeit of: Milton Goodman by Leslie Goodman Beloved father, Milton Goodman by Jodi and Rob Goodman DEBBIE GRONER JEWISH ACADEMY BOOK FUND In Memory of: Rabbi Irwin Groner by Alvin Fishman, Gershon & Jeannie Weiner and Stephan & Barbara Morse Rabbi Reuven Frankel by Stephan & Barbara Morse Marking the Yahrzeit of: Eugene Newman by Natallie & William Newman & family Debbie Groner by Stephan & Barbara Morse LILLIAN & SAMUEL HECHTMAN EDUCATION FUND In Memory of: Fred Greenspan by Sally & Graham Orley SONIA & I MURRAY JACOBS BIRTHRIGHT SCHOLARSHIP FUND In Memory of: George Ludowe by Sylvia Koss MORRIS & HANNAH KARBAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND In Memory of: Michael Karbal by Owen & Sheila Perlman & family

JULY 2013 TAMMUZ-AV 5773


Marking the Yahrzeit of: Yetta Dubrinsky by Seymour & Carol Dubrinsky Shirley Barenholtz, David Siegel and Reubin Dubrinsky by Marvin & Innis Dubrinsky



ABE & BEA KATZMAN CAMP RAMAH FUND In Appreciation of: Pulpit Honors by Judie Blumeno In Honor of: Emily Rex receiving her Masters Degree in Special Ed from U of NC by Judie Blumeno Elliott Weingarten receiving his Law Degree from Duke University by Judie Blumeno In Memory of: Mildred Simon and Ellen Cantor by Judie Blumeno and Ruthe Goldstein Patti Nemer by Judie Blumeno, Ruthe Goldstein, Steven Schwartz & Ronna Ross Sally Gold, Miriam Couf, Eva Lipton, Alex Ornstein and David Levine by Ruthe Goldstein Marking the Yahrzeit of: Norman Blumeno and Bea Katzman by Judie Blumeno Bea Katzman and Charles Goldstein by Ruthe Goldstein Sophie Jean Margolis by Barbara Grant SIDNEY KATZMAN MEMORIAL PURIM FUND In Memory of: Patti Nemer and Fred Greenspan by Rhoda and Linda Katzman HERB & BABS KAUFMAN LISTEN-IN FUND In Honor of the Birthdays of: Bryna Frank, Stephen Rosman, Beverly Baker, Rabbi Joseph Krakoff, Barbara Stollman, Marjorie Saulson, Jerome Halperin, Sherry Najman, Edward Radner, Rhea Brody, Sue Ellen Simon, Eugene Gelzayd, Brand Marwil, Cookie Lachover, Hon. Charles Levin, Janet Pont, Marlene Borman, Brian Hermelin, Ellen Labes, Sally Soberman, Manny Sklar, Marilyn Karbal, Hilda Sonenklar, Sharon Fleischman, Marvin Fleischman, Martin Goldman, Dorothy Gerson, Alden Leib, Marilyn Wolpin, Terry Podolsky, Lynda Giles, Michael Maddin, Mickey Shapiro, Sally Orley, Aviva Robinson, Dottie Wagner and Elaine Serman by Babs (zl) & Herb Kaufman In Honor of the Anniversaries of: Sharon & Marvin Fleischman, Ruthan & Bernard Brodsky, Susan and & Howard Tapper, Diane & Morton Scholnick, Sally & Graham Orley, Madeline & Bill Berman, Marta & Ben Rosenthal, Sally & Arthur Rubiner, Dorothy & Bud Gerson, Dottie and Don Wagner, Erica & Ralph Gerson, Shirley & Paul Feinberg and Marcia & Eugene Applebaum by Babs (zl) & Herb Kaufman Wishing a Speedy Recovery to: Herb Kaufman by Gail Goodstein

SAMUEL M. & LILLIAN KEIDAN LEVIN ARCHIVE FUND In Honor of: Gail Goodstein on daughter Francis, engagement to Sam Shanbom by Bernard & Judith Cantor In Memory of: Ellen Cantor by George & Joyce Blum, Marvin & Helene Cherrin, Karen Davis, Dee Fishman, Sharon Fountain, Davida Gale, Shelley Golsky, Gail Goodstein, Mary & Jay Knoll, Eleanor Korn, Graham & Alene Landau, Murray & Shirley Levin, Rhoda Medow, Steven Schwartz & Ronna Ross and Joseph Shulman Craig Armbruster, Robert Schechter and Lorraine Kales by Bernard & Judith Cantor Wishing a Speedy Recovery to: Herb Kaufman by Bernard & Judith Cantor BEN & ESTHER KERT TRANSPORTATION FUND Marking the Yahrzeit of: Betty Schwartz and Janet Levenson by Glenn & Judy Shapiro RITA & JERRY KEYWELL NEW MEMBER FUND In Memory of: Patti Nemer by Denise, Fred & Matthew Kalt and Rita Keywell DENNIS KLAR MEMORIAL FUND In Memory of: Fran Goldberg by Marion & Sol Stein DR. DAVID KLIGER & CEIL RUDA KLIGER SCHOLARSHIP FUND In Memory of: David Gildenberg by the Kliger family EDITH & ISADORE KOLODNEY EDUCATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND Marking the Yahrzeit of: Edith Kolodney and Reva Stocker by Thelma Kaplan ERWIN & BESS KORNWISE SENIORS PROGRAM FUND Marking the Yahrzeit of: Bess Kornwise by Sally Katz BELLE & HAROLD KUKES MEMORIAL FUND In Memory of: Eva Lipton by Barbara Kratchman HARRY & SARAH LAKER CONCERT FUND In Memory of: Milford Lewis, Ellen Cantor, Shirley Zirkin and David Levine by Gerald & Elaine Laker

SOPHIE & BEN LEFKOWITZ SCHOLARSHIP FUND Marking the Yahrzeit of: Julian Lefkowitz by Ruth Wayne Wishing a Speedy Recovery to: Ruth Wayne by Melvin & Karol Chinitz LORELEI & CARL LIPNIK CAMP RAMAH FUND In Honor of: Jenny Beitners engagement to Sam Maxbauer by Karen & Keith Simmons & family In Memory of: Patti Nemer by Norman & Ruth Beitner and Carl & Lorelei Lipnik David Levine and Ellen Cantor by Carl & Lorelei Lipnik KEITH ANSON MALL SCHOLARSHIP FUND In Memory of: Louis Gutter by Renee Lynn & family TILLIE MARTIN MEMORIAL HEBREW RELIGIOUS SCHOOL FUND In Honor of: Maddie Bormans Bat Mitzvah and Brendan Tilds Bar Mitzvah by Arlene & Chuck Beerman Allan Lassers and Phyllis Serlins special birthdays by Arlene & Chuck Beerman Arlene Beermans special birthday by Linda & Dennis Kayes In Memory of: Robert Schechter, Verne Primak, Barry Tilds and David Levine by Arlene & Chuck Beerman Wishing a Speedy Recovery to: Chuck Beerman by Leonard & Bobbie Borman IRVIN & LILLIAN MECKLER MEMORIAL FUND In Memory of: N. Brewster Broder and Herbert Rechter by Marvin & Adria Aronovitz Marking the Yahrzeit of: Mary Coleman by Walter & Judith Coleman LOIS & HARRY NELSON FAMILY FUND In Memory of: Miriam Couf by Jan & Julie Nelson-Klein BARBARA & MICKEY NEMER LIBRARY FUND In Honor of: Dorothy Berns special birthday by Barbara & Mickey Nemer Megan Satawas Bat Mitzvah by Barbara & Mickey Nemer In Memory of: Milford Lewis by Gary & Barbara Eisenberg


CELIA ORLEY SCHOLARSHIP FUND Marking the Yahrzeit of: Manny Lax by Larry & Melissa Lax GEORGE C & ANNA PARZEN CHOIR FUND Marking the Yahrzeit of: George Parzen by Steven Parzen JANET PONT MITZVAH FUND In Honor of: Shannon & Marc Goldbergs birth of Tess Alexandra Goldberg by Karen & Henry Goldberg Dottie & Donald Wagners birth of grandson, Jacob Teddy by Janet Pont In Memory of: Ellen Cantor, Rabbi Reuven Frankel, Monte Korn, Dr. Jerome Winkler, Harriet Ornstein, Jerome Stein, Rudi Straus and Douglas Pergement by Herbert & Janet Pont Marking the Yahrzeit of: Rae Cohen and Hannah Robinson by Zelda Robinson Harry Kersch by Sylvia Serwin CANTOR SIDNEY RUBE MEMORIAL FUND In Honor of: Dr. Ruben Kurnetz receiving the 8 0ver 80 Award by Saul & Jennifer Rube In Memory of: Monte Korn and Adele Sonenklar by Saul & Jennifer Rube ANDREA LYNN RUBINSTEIN OUTSTANDING LEADERSHIP AWARD FUND In Honor of: Marvin & Sharon Fleischmans birth of great-grandson, Jack Tyler Tischler by Reva Krause In Memory of: Solomon M. Nivy by the Nivy, Clarke and Lerner families Craig Armbruster, Ellen Cantor, Patti Nemer and Lorraine Kales by Marvin & Sharon Fleischman Wishing a Speedy Recovery to: Alvin Weisberg by Marvin & Sharon Fleischman

LEAH & HYMAN SAFRAN LIBRARY FUND In Memory of: Lorraine Kales by Mandell & Madeleine Berman Wishing a Speedy Recovery to: Ken Safran by Murray Cohen & Barbara Safran BELLE & MAURICE SIDEN SCHOLARSHIP FUND Marking the Yahrzeit of: Maurice Siden by Harriet, Lawrence, Harold & Anne Siden ISADORE & EVELYN SILVERMAN FUND In Appreciation of: Pulpit Honors marking the yahrzeit of Isadore & Evelyn Silverman by Lois Langberg In Honor of: Sara Manson receiving the 8 over 80 Award by Marla, Stewart, Adam & Amy Feldman Dr. Sam Langbergs graduation from Medical School by Jane & Chuck Kessler, Aaron, Linda, Emily & Jacob Rosberg, Raymond & Nancy Silverman and Marion & Sol Stein Andrew Langbergs graduation by Jane & Chuck Kessler, Aaron, Linda, Emily & Jacob Rosberg and Raymond & Nancy Silverman Janet & Allen Halpers special anniversary by Mark & Lois Langberg Ralph Zuckmans birth of grandson, Jack Mitchell by Warren & Lynn Silverman & family Kathy and Steven Minns birth of grandaughter, Violet by Marion & Sol Stein In Memory of: Ellen Cantor, Donald Goren, Mildred Simon and Morris "Moe" Bensman by the Gubow family Evelyn & Isadore Silverman by Alan & Sharon Kaplan Robert Schechter by Lois & Mark Langberg Fran Goldberg by Mark, Lois, Sam, Laura & Andy Langberg Isadore Silverman by Eric, Jodi, Morgan & Noah Leib Patti Nemer and David Gildenberg by Warren & Lynn Silverman & family Hayim Gross sister Ruth by Marion & Sol Stein and Raymond & Nancy Silverman

NATHAN SOBERMAN MEMORIAL FUND In Memory of: Shirley Felsenfeld by Roger & Marcia Fenton Doris Kashtan by Virginia Hoffman Marian Shifman, Anita Hayman, Frances Kushner and Eva Lipton by Sally Soberman Marking the Yahrzeit of: Nathan Soberman and Mary Granadier by Sally Soberman ROXANNE STROMER SCHOLARSHIP FUND In Honor of: Joel Kellmans special birthday by Morrey & Shayna Silverman DR. ROBERT TAM VETERANS FUND In Memory of: Mildred Simon by Stephen & Carol Sue Coden, Candy & David Cuttner, Celia Fine, Gail Goodstein, Barbara Grant, Mary & Jay Knoll, Sheldon & Barbara Larky, Marilyn McCall, Stephan & Barbara Morse, Steve & Julie Schlafer, Martin & Janice Stoneman, Elizabeth Tam, Dr. Gershon & Jeannie Weiner and Stephen & Sandra Wittenberg Eva Lipton by Stephan & Barbara Morse and Elizabeth Tam Lorraine Kales, Rabbi Reuven Frankel, Alex Ornstein and David Levine by Elizabeth Tam Marking the Yahrzeit of: John Tam by Elizabeth Tam Wishing a Speedy Recovery to: Samuel Simon by Elizabeth Tam DR. ALEXANDER ULLMANN EDUCATIONAL MEMORIAL FUND In Memory of: Monte Korn, Ellen Cantor, Mildred Simon, Eva Lipton and Patti Nemer by Audie & Faye Ullmann Kanter Marking the Yahrzeit of: Donald Lewis by Leah Lewis MEL & HELENE WALLACE FUND FOR SZUZY HEBREW HIGH SCHOOL RETREAT In Honor of: Barbara Wallaces special birthday by Sheldon & Barbara Larky In Memory of: Rabbi Reuven Frankel by Ruth Podolsky Tobias Marking the Yahrzeit of: Albert Kaplan by David & Barbara Wallace

JULY 2013 TAMMUZ-AV 5773


Patti Nemer by Deena Canvasser, Suzi & Larry Dell, Ronald & Nancy Rechter, Karen & Mickey Shapiro, Walter & Marilyn Wolpin, Robert & Bryna Frank, Sheldon & Rose Rita Goldman, Dr. George Leach, James Hall, Yale & Anna Levin, John & Nancy Levy, Beverly & Martin Miller and Sandra & Robert Moers Marion Gordon & Shirley Obron by Barbara & Mickey Nemer

IRVING & FAYE SAFFER EDUCATION FUND In Honor of: Mark Saffers birthday by Karen Blanke and Ellen & Alan Malisow Linda & Kenneth Lechners special anniversary by Mark & Peggy Saffer Wishing a Speedy Recovery to: Gloria Stuppler by Mark & Peggy Saffer

Judge Michael Stacey by Marion & Sol Stein Marking the Yahrzeit of: Harry Silverman and Isadore Silverman by Raymond Silverman



JEFFREY WEISBERG MEMORIAL WRITING AWARD FUND In Memory of: Patti Nemer by Owen & Sheila Perlman and Barry & Deena Weisberg PETER & CLARA WEISBERG CONCERT FUND Wishing a Speedy Recovery to: Alvin Weisberg by David, Gail, Solomon, Mathew & Stephanie Amster and Murray & Shirley Levin SIDNEY & MELBA WINER CREATIVE ARTS FUND FOR CHILDREN In Honor of: Sylvia Serwins special birthday by Esther & Marvin Mintz ANN ZUCKMAN SPECIAL NEEDS FUND In Honor of: Ralph Zuckmans birth of grandson, Jack Mitchell Rothenberg by Barry & Elaine Resnick Sara & Jeff Rothenbergs birth of son, Jack Mitchell Rothenberg by Barry & Elaine Resnick and Sharon & Bennett Schwartz In Memory of: Florence Keys, Louis Kingston, Betty Drilich, Martin Leshman, Karen Moss and Miriam Resnick by Barry & Elaine Resnick Lorraine Kales

by Barry & Elaine Resnick and Ralph Zuckman Robert Schechter and Chani Goldfein by Ralph Zuckman Marking the Yahrzeit of: Rosalind Zuckman by Barry & Elaine Resnick and Ralph Zuckman Rosalind Zuckman, Clara Barry, Jeffrey Brandwin and Morris Zuckman by Ralph Zuckman Wishing a Speedy Recovery to: Shelley Plous by Barry & Elaine Resnick EUGENE ZWEIG MEMORIAL CHOIR FUND In Memory of: Adele Sonenklar by Stephan & Barbara Morse Ann Shewach by Rose Banteler and the Rappaport family Eva Gyongyosi by Susan Zweig, Russ Orlando and Helena Marking the Yahrzeit of: Morris Zweig and Ada Zweig by Barbara Zweig



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Womans World
A Tradition of Sisterhood and Community Since 1964

Woman of Valor Dina Brodsky, Sisterhood President Linda Cohen, Keynote Speaker Jessica Yellin, Event Chair Susan Kozik Klein

Ann Brodksy Rosenberg, Susan Brodsky, Dina Brodsky, Stacy Brodsky, Helene Brodsky Brody

CSZ President Mary Knoll and Dina Brodsky

Marc Brodsky, Dina Brodsky, Jeffery Brodsky

Sisterhood President Linda Cohen with President-Elect Robin Lash

WLCJ Regional President Rhonda Cohn and past Sisterhood President Judie Bluemno

More than 500 women from across the community came to shop, nosh and schmooze at this years event. Dina Brodsky was the 2013 recipient of the Woman of Valor honor, and Jessica Yellin, Chief White House Correspondent for CNN, was our featured speaker.

Periodical Postage paid at Southfield, Michigan 48037

You partied with us last year... Dont miss this years CSZ Soire
SATURDAY EVENING OCTOBER 19, 2013 8:00 P.M. Party planners are working feverishly! Details to come.