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Blessing of a Married Couple on their

silver or gold wedding anniversary


• The priest may use any other exhortation at the end of Mass.

Twenty-five (fifty) years have passed since that day when, with the blessing
of the Church, you plighted troth before the Altar of God.

In the long space of time which has intervened many things have come to
pass. You have had your full share of happiness, but you have perhaps tasted
sorrow as well. There may have been dark days as well as bright ones, and
now, by the Providence of God, a very special privilege is granted you,
namely, that of celebrating the Silver (Golden) Jubilee of your wedding…
surrounded by those who love you (your children, your grandchildren, and your friends).

With hearts filled with gratitude you have come to the church today to thank
God for His many favors, to renew in His presence the good avowals made
long ago and to receive the blessing of the Church on the years that remain
to you.

In very truth you have cause to thank God. He has not only showered His
blessings on you, but His Fatherly Hand has often protected you from evil,
and it is by His mercy that in moments of darkness and discouragement you
have been preserved from despair and received courage to persevere.

He has given you children to console and support you as the years come
upon you. I feel sure, however, there is no further need for me to enumerate
the many causes for thankfulness which must be well known to yourselves
and of which, on a day like this, you must be well aware. The reasons for
gratitude must be deeply imprinted on your memory and in your hearts

It is for you, then, to remain faithful to God, and in the time that is left, to
serve Him with your remaining strength. You have borne the beat and
burdens of the day bravely; do not lose now the eternal rest you have earned
by your labors. Turn to profit the experience the years have brought you,
using such experience to the benefit not only of yourselves but of others.
Teach the young people around you how to avoid the shoals and quicksands
on which married happiness is so often wrecked; advise them, in particular,
how to procure the best interests of their children through Catholic training
and education.

Be patient still with each other in the weaknesses and failings which
sometimes are the accompaniment of advancing years, and let an atmosphere
of peace and gentleness increasingly surround you. Should it please God to
send one or both of you sickness, do not complain, but, uniting your
sufferings with those of our Divine Savior, say often as He did humbly and
patiently, "Not my will, but Thine be done." In this way your lives will bring
forth the fruit of their maturity unto your lasting profit in eternity.

(Speaking now to you, children and grandchildren of these happy parents, I charge you to
make those lives bright and happy from which you have derived, by the disposition of
God, your own being. Anticipate, insofar as you can, their every wish and avoid anything
that would sadden or grieve them. Give them that greatest of all consolations, namely,
the knowledge that you are leading good Christian lives so that they will understand their
labors and pains on your behalf have not been in vain. By doing this you will earn the
special blessing promised by God to those who are good to their parents.)

Ant: ecce sic benedicetur homo qui timet Dominum

Beati omnes qui timent Dominum * qui ambulant in viis eius
labores manuum tuarum quia; manducabis * beatus es et bene tibi erit
uxor tua sicut vitis abundans * in lateribus domus tuae filii tui
sicut novella olivarum * in circuitu mensae tuae
ecce sic benedicetur homo * qui timet Dominum
benedicat te Dominus ex Sion * et videas bona Hierusalem omnibus diebus vitae tuae
et videas filios filiorum tuorum * pax super Israhel
Gloria Patri…

Ant: ecce sic benedicetur homo qui timet Dominum


Praise the Lord, all ye nations, proclaim his glory, all ye peoples,
For his mercy is confirmed upon us, and the faithfulness of the Lord abides forever. Send
them help, 0 Lord, from your sanctuary. And sustain them from Sion.
0 Lord, hear my prayer.
And let my cry come to Thee.
The Lord be with you.
And with thy spirit.
Let us pray.

Stretch out the right hand of Thy heavenly assistance, 0 Lord, upon Thy faithful, that they
may seek Thee with all their hearts and deserve to attain what they worthily ask.

Almighty and eternal God, look kindly upon these Thy servants, who come with joy to
Thy holy temple to give thanks. Grant that, trusting in Thee alone, they may receive
the gifts of Thy grace, preserve charity in unity, and after the course of this life
deserve to attain to the joys of eternal blessedness (together with their children)
(together with their son) (together with their daughter). Through Christ our Lord.

Te Deum…