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Frases para comenzar la introduccin a una carta comercial o formal:

I am writing to enquire about... Por la presente quisiera saber... In reply to your letter of... En respuesta a su carta de... In accordance/compliance with your request... Conforme a su peticin... I regret to inform you that... Lamento comunicarle... We are pleased to announce... Nos complace anunciarle(s)... We are pleased to inform you... Nos es grato comunicarle(s)... We acknowledge receipt of your letter of... Acusamos recibo de su carta de... We refer to your... (letter/circular/newsletter/order/statement) of... Referente a su...(carta / circular / circular / pedido / cuenta) de... We should like to remind you that... Le recordamos que... We have carefully considered your... Con sumo cuidado hemos considerado su... We are pleased to confirm... Nos es grato confirmar... It is with considerable pleasure / It is with considerable regret that... Con sumo gusto... / Lamentamos... With reference to your letter of... Referente a su escrito... We find it necessary to inform you... Nos es necesario informarle(s) We greatly appreciate... Quisiera agradecerle(s)... Please accept out thanks for... Ruego acepte nuestro agradecimiento... I reply to your advertisement for... Contesto su anuncio acerca de... I should like to apply for the job of... Quisiera solicitar el puesto de... I saw your advertisement in today's Times and... Hoy he visto su anuncio en el Times y... Will you please note that... Ruego tome nota que... I enclose our order for... Adjunto nuestro pedido de...

We have pleasure in acknowledging the receipt of your cheque... Nos complace confirmarle que hemos recibido su taln... We thank you for your order for... Agradecemos su pedido de... I am very much obliged to you for... Le quedo muy agradecido por... Would you please quote for... Ruego nos comuniquen precios de... We have received your letter... Recibimos su (atta.) carta... I must protest most emphatically about... Quisiera protestar rotundamente acerca de ... We have today dispatched to you... Hoy le hemos remitido... We should like to call your attention to... Tenemos el deber de comunicarle... In accordance with our agreement... Segn lo convenido / acordado... Contrary to our agreement... Contrariamente a lo convenido / acordado...

Frases para comenzar la introduccin a una carta informal (social, personal):

Thanks for your letter... Gracias por tu carta... Thanks for... Gracias por... Many thanks for... Muchsimas gracias por... I must thank you for... Muchsimas gracias por... I'm sorry to have to say that... Siento tener que decirte que... I'm just writing to say... Te estoy escribiendo para decirte... It was very good of you to... Era muy amable de tu parte... It's been so long since I last wrote!... Cunto tiempo desde mi ltima carta!... It's been so long since I heard from you!... Cunto tiempo desde que escuch noticias tuyas!... I wonder if you could... Me pregunto si pudieras... I'm sure you will be sorry to hear that... Seguro que sentirs mucho saber que...

I've just heard the wonderful / sad news from Dave about... Acabo de escuchar la maravillosa / triste noticia de Dave acerca de... I've noticed of late that... ltimamente he observado que... I was on the point of writing to you about... when your letter arrived... Estaba a punto de escribirte sobre... cuando lleg tu carta...

(Dear Mr) (APELLIDO(S)), (Dear Sir), (Sir), (Dear Mr) (APELLIDO(S)), My dearest (NOMBRE VARN)), / Hello / Hi /, (NOMBRE). It's (NOMBRE) here from (NOMBRE EMPRESA). / Hello / Hi /, (NOMBRE). It's me again. You) will probably remember me. I'm (NOMBRE) from (NOMBRE LUGAR/EMPRESA).

(I look forward to) (receiving) (your) (reply) (shortly). (Espero) (recibir) (pronto) (tu) (contestacin). (Thank you so much) for (your) (help). (Muchsimas gracias) por (tu) (ayuda). (I'll) be in touch (shortly). (Estar) en contacto (dentro de poco). (We) await (your) prompt reply which (will clarify the situation). (Esperamos) en breve (tus) noticias (que aclararn la situacin). Confident that (I) shall receive a favourable reply (I) look forward to hearing from (you) (shortly). En la confianza de (verme favorecido) con la contestacin (espero) noticias (tuyas) (dentro de poco). I trust this is going to work out OK so (look forward) to hearing from (you) (soon). (Confo) en que todo salga bien y as que (espero) noticias (tuyas) (dentro de poco). (I'm) sorry that (I) can't be of any further help to (you) but (thank you for your interest in our company). (Siento) que no (pueda) ofrecer(te) ms ayuda pero (se agradece el inters en nuestra empresa).

Hoping that this will be of interest to (you), (we) look forward to (doing business with) (you) in the near future. Esperando que esto (te) sirva de inters, (esperamos) (establecer relaciones comerciales) (contigo) en un futuro prximo. (really) hope this will be of interest to (you) and that perhaps we can (do business) (in the near future). (Espero) (de verdad) que esto sea interesante para (ti) y que quizs podamos (hacer negocios) (en un futuro prximo). Hoping that this will be of interest to (you), (we) wish (you) (the best of luck for the future). Esperando que esto (te) sirva de inters, (te) (deseamos) (la mejor de las suertes para el futuro).

Opening Expressions: How to start an email / letter

How are you? How have you been? Hows everything going? I was glad to hear from you. I hope things are going well with you these days. I hope you are doing fine. Hope you are well.

Whats new? Reason one is writing: I am writing because The reason I am writing is because

I wanted to I would like to Opening Expressions when we answer an email / letter Thanks for you email / letter It was great to hear from you It was so nice to hear from you. Sorry for not writing earlier I hope you and your family are well

Responding to news

Sorry to hear about Glad to hear that youre all well Good luck with Hope you feel better soon

This is the most important part. Here we talk about the main subject and expand with details about the reason of writing the email. If we talk about two different things it is best to write another paragraph. Intenten ordenar sus ideas en el cuerpo principal para que puedan desarrollar un patron lgico para ordenar sus ideas. Cuando tienen mas de una idea podran empezar con : First, I wanted to let you know Esto ayuda a que el lector pueda entenderlo mejor.

Then if you need to ask for something I suggest the following expressions: Asking for something

Can you please? Is it ok if you ? I want to Would you mind ? I was wondering if


Closing expressions

Anyway, / Well thats all for now Hope to hear from you soon / Looking forward to hearing from you soon Send my regards (love) to Take care / Best wishes / Regards / (Lots of) love from Sincerely, Stay in touch / Keep in touch Bye for now See you

At the end of every email, we use ending expressions like

Best regards, Kind regards, Yours sincerely, Yours faithfully,

For informal e-mails:

Best, or Regards, or Cheers,

For formal e-mails:

Kind regards, or Respectfully, or Sincerely,

Best regards" (or just "Br") is, in my experience, extremely common in business emails, and a safe choice for many situations. "Best wishes," is also a common alternative that falls into this category.

For informal situations or when messaging friends, I'd probably go with something lighter, such as:

Take care,

Business Email/Letter Closings:

Best Regards, Cordially, Enjoy, Enthusiastically, Good Wishes, Many Thanks, Most Sincerely, Regards, Sincerely, Thank You, With Confidence.

Informal Email/Letter Closings:

Adios, Blessings, Cheerio, Cheers, God Bless, Gotta Boogie, Grace and Peace, Have Fun, Health and Happiness, Keep the Faith, Later Vader, Later Alligator, Lots of Love, Onward and Upward, Over and Out, Peace, Love & Happiness, Peace & Blessings, Rock On, See ya, Smell ya Later, SMILE,

TA TA, Toodles, Your Friend, Dream BIG.