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Single Access Controller

This product is RFID access control system, which is currently one of the advanced access systems. It uses the latest central process unit (CPU) and memory chip of large capacity. There will be of no information loss even in case of power failure. It takes the latest HOMMARD technology, with strong power of three ways to open door: open by card read, open by card read adding with password, and open by password. The perfect security functions let the users feel much more safe, which include door state monitoring, alarm output, safety mode, anti dismantling, RFID card and password. While its functions of opening button, close notification, door bell, to be connected with NO. and NC. locks bring more operating easiness to the users. This product provides access control mode, which is safe and fully automatic, it is an ideal device for business organizations, offices, factories, residences and communities.

1 2 3

Power supply Max load Dimension

DC: Voltage 12V10%; current < 0.1A Alarm output: 100mA Electrolock output: 3A 92mm86mm22mm 11811823mm(Waterproof level: IP43)

2) Set open mode: Press 1 0 0 # by valid card only. Press 1 0 1 # by valid card and password. Press 1 0 2 # by val id card or password. Note: factory setting is valid card. Since the initial password can not be used to open door, If set to valid card or password mode, password for use should be modified. 3) Add user card.

4 5 6 8

Weight Ambient temp. RH Universal Password

180g -2060 20%90% 10 sets of universal password

8 9

Induction distance Car type

813CM EM or EM compatible card

Press 2 Input code read card # Note: the code should be three figures from 0001 to 2000, which should not duplicate. The code must be input, otherwise the card will be invalid. If add more than one cards, read the

1. Default value: Login password 8 8 8 8 , Password in common use 5 5 5 5 User password 1 2 3 4 2.Enter programming mode: Press * mode. 3.Function setup (should be in programming mode): 1) Modify login password. Press 0 new password # confirm new password # Login password # enter programming

second card directly after the first three-digit code is put in before pressing # . 4) Delete user card (three ways): A. Press 3 0 0 0 0 # to delete all user cards. B. Press 3 card C. Press 3 input code # to delete lost card. read card # to delete the corresponding

Technical Features
No Item Specification

Note: the new password should be any 4-8 figures.

5) Set the length of open time: Press 4 X X #. 4. Modify user password (no need in programming mode): after pressing * to read user card, the green LED flashes, then press # to enter

Memory capacity







passwards Common use Keyboard Lock door monitoring safety mode External Reader backup data Card state

passwards Ten Passwords Yes

Note: XX is from 00-99, unit is second, factory setting is 3 seconds.

input user password

password modifying mode. Now input new password 6) Set safety mode: Press 7 0 0 # to disable this function. Press 7 cards, 0 1 # to read 5 invalid cards or valid enter 5 wrong passwords 5. of 4 figures, press again, press # and input the new password

# to save the setting. The personal

password of user's card can't open the door alone , it is effective that can only use with the card together Resume the programming password: If forget the programming password , can use J2 on the main board to connect and resume the


successively, the system is locked for 5 minutes. Press 7 0 2 # to read 5 invalid cards or valid enter 5 wrong passwords



successively, the system activates alarm signal output. Note: factory setting this function is disabled. 7) Set up the password in common use: Press 8 Input code 0-9 # New password (password is four six 6.

programming password while dispatching from the factory short . This operation only resumes the programming password, the materials of the


LED Status Indicator:

Events Standby Effective cards -------

Red LED Take turns flash light

Green LED

memory will not be lost.

repeat new password

Performance differences:

Nonlicet cards data backup Import data

Two lights flashing in turn three times Flicker Flicker Rapid Flicker Flicker

figures),press password then press # enter. 8)Press 9 86 can resume getting and is dispatched from the factory setting up ; Code KS158 KS168

Into programming Alarm

Note: 1. Please correct line must be better to electricity, remember!

KS158 KS168

Attachment: wiring diagram for installation