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The Board of Directors Has Lost their direction in the Health and Safety of this community ASBESTOS MOLD


They have wasted our money;---------Management Financial s Unaudited Over 350K for Administration No Roof Replacements Special assessments and increased dues totaling 1 Million Dollars No budget Vote No Vote....Assessments the Board decides on their Own Board of Directors has exceeded Term Limits and must step Down No Garage Painting, shot y repairs, no Painting or Beautification of the complex

Structure is failing in many areas No real concern for the health and safety of this community by acknowledging Questions and providing answers Wasted Money due to Budget allowance used at 100% TMMC is performing a $1400 dollar audit for the last 5 years. What kind of checks and balances can be audited for that amount of money, what kind of audit is being performed? 170 K Plus Insurance Spent with only 75K to Lloyd's of London Insurance for Highline Meadows Where is the other 100K? Major Roof Damage with no future plan disclosed to community association members No acknowledgment of Asbestos to community members OSHA Rules being constantly violated by

Maintenance Crew Performance of maintenance personnel requires additional expensive permitted work from outside certified companies No Required Permits being pulled for Maintenance projects Roof Repairs (Patches)have exceeded 100K in two years, Darby Roofing claims roofs are shot TMMC Delays responses to the needs, questions, emails, letters or any phone voice mails. In some situations they never respond at all. Video Evidence shows that the board of directors will not follow the set Declaration by providing the Audit documents during a HOA Meeting in July 2007. Other Declaration violations include Extra Ordinary Assessments and Board of Directors Exceeding term limits with no Elections Rules and Regulations are established based on

Board of directors needs. Example: Violations, courtesy notices, new installations, changes to budget, increases in Dues

The board of Directors has not tried to cut the Budget or decrease spending but have increased spending and continues to waste our money with little or no improvement to the condition of the complex NO ROOF RESORATION- Roofs are sinking and water does not drain off, water is leaking into structures for years now. Board of Directors not communicating the Consideration OR acknowledgment of structure damage and condition of roofs and structure.. Current Roof Repair cost would provide enough money for roof restoration:::: Quoted by Community Members

The Current Board of Directors has Caused extensive damage to this property by not keeping it beautiful, they have allowed the paint to chip over the years exposing the wood to water damage.

We could have restored every Condo roof for around 150K that's 10 roofs at 14 K Each What do you think of your Board of Directors? Concerned Citizen