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Next Level Occultism

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Next Level Occultism

Next Level Occultism is more than just being trained by a proper Occult Guild or College. It is a completely new methods of teaching and learning. Having the finest most powerful knowledge ever offered to the public, is not enough. If this knowledge cannot be offered in a new manner for complete deep understanding, at levels the occult sciences needs to be understood, than, it is worthless having this knowledge. This problem of teaching complicated occult sciences, so the general public can understand it in a proper manner, has plagued occultism from the beginning of occult teaching. This why, Mystery Schools and Occult Guilds were formed. Sadly these have all disappeared until now. But, a rebirth of Occult Guilds must include the best of modern known scientific methods of learning. With the fantastic assistance of computers, video, music, telephones and communication media of all kinds, learning has taken a huge step in the educational process. But, this still has not brought new, modern teaching methods into the classroom. These tools have assisted learning only. We need to bring all the modern methods of super-learning into use. Today, no matter the modern computers and videos used in a classroom, the actual teaching methods are the same. This is very sad for traditional schools and even worse for Occult Schools that are teaching alternative occult science. It is really very stupid and lacks a true occult consciousness.

There are thousands of occult books written each year. All these books claim they know something, usually better than others, a new fact a new way of doing things. Yet, they are all very much the same. Using the same old failed system of teaching known, as the book. Books are the primary primitive method of teaching today. The old style book is an easy way of teaching. No one is required to help use it, no personal assist comes along with it and no further assistance is given. This terrible method of teaching continues, no matter the advanced technology we use to view it with. Like with most science of modern times, it takes old technology and uses it differently. It is not new technology, it is technology that is smaller, cheaper, easier to use, but all the same. It is the same technology of the past, only used in a different manner or design. This is bad science and worse teaching!

Next Level Occultism is about creating masters, not just learning on a basic level, like common schools do. You basically learn just enough to pass tests. That is what learning is about, in traditional schools. Pass the test and you are a qualified whatever. This is not true learning. You can get away with that, with most common professions, but, not if you want to be a Master Occult Scientist. It requires expert training, far superior to what is offered in occult books and common old style occult courses. Even in the common world, teaching needs to evolve past the methods used for hundreds of years, to a new Next Level of learning that really teaches all those that want to learn. A $5,000 computer using old methods of learning is really worth a buck. This stupid method of teaching is furthered by the Controllers that want only a selected group of people to learn. If the masses are empowered by knowledge, they lose control.

It is really extremely sad to read the boring, same old style texts, coming from socalled occultists. Some of these authors write well, based in their Illuminati trained manner from top traditional colleges. It really fools the ignorant occultist that thinks knowledge is based on quality writing. You can write as well as Shakespeare, but, it you lack the correct knowledge of what you are writing about, it is worthless. This is the case with 99% of occult literature today. While the common world maybe clueless, the occult world should be ashamed of itself. Producing "dry" common like regular world texts. There is nothing occult, about occult books. They are written by untrained, researchers with basic occult knowledge and little more. They can put together a fancy book that looks good and is written in correct English but, the contents are terrible. You are again, stuck learning in the same old manner as thousands before you did.

Ancient Guilds did not teach in this manner alone. There were many, mind opening physical training methods used along with book learning. In modern times, only the lazy stupid way is used. These "authors" are teaching occult students important methods, when they do not even have basic occult understandings on how to transmit occult training to others. I find this frightening! This is also why few occultists raise to any height of power whatsoever. All the authors I know, have less abilities then their average reader. When you learn from common untrained occultists, you obtain common results and low empowerment states.

What are Next Level Occult Training Methods?

These training methods involve traditional ancient mystery school and occult guild training methods, combined with all kinds of known modern methods and tools. Most of these only known by Occult Guilds. I will state what they are without going into details on how it is done.

1. Books needed to be charged with Magical energies that are transferred to the reader. 2. Specific instructions on how to access and use the book. This includes when to read, how to read, and the mental state to create before reading the book. 3. Books should be filled with coded information, built into the text with encoded illustrations throughout the book that past the knowledge to the reader. 4. Books need to be connected on astral realm so that the reader is taught how to access, for greater understanding of the training in the book. 5. Books need to be connected to Akashic Energy stream in general. 6. Every book should serve as Talismanic text, having power built into the book itself, like a Talisman would be charged. With the above done, all kinds of advanced learning can be achieved by the student, far beyond the common regular school methods.

Modern Teaching Methods Common

There are also just plain advanced teaching methods in general.

1. A vast Internet listing of additional study materials. This includes books, videos, music etc. Each of these references must be explained in detail as to their worth. There is a lot of interesting information on the web. But, most of it has gross errors in it. This needs to be pointed out and discussed. Just referencing a book or video is worthless and misleader to the student. 2. Personal guidance. Each student must have a personal guide to contact with anything they feel they do not understand. This is critical if the student is expected to reach high levels of empowerments. In Ancient Guilds, this was the norm. This includes e-mail, video phones and even direct contact at times. 3. Detailed advanced methods of learning needs to be used. From subtle energy machines, subliminal tapes, light and sound machines, teaching tools of all kinds, crystals, lasers, brain supplements and lots more. There are all kinds of teaching tools available for the modern occult teacher to access. 4. The student needs to be taught how to learn and how to go into higher learning states and trances. 5. Memory tricks of all kind need to be taught. Memory is the key to learning everything on a basic level. 6. Make learning FUN! There are a lot of ways of doing this.

All the elements listed above are included in Next Level Occultism. It is all about becoming a Master, not just obtaining basic skills. It is the Age of Understanding and then applying awesome skills to empower the forces of the Light. Once empowered unlimited states of wisdom and power can be achieved. This can only happen with Next Level Occultism.