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the Law of Attraction is cultivated in the soul which is the only connection with the divine, for it is from

the divine, and it is the divine that allows for things to "BE" there. From the highly cultivated soul insight is transferred to the mind which creates the spark of positive/proactive action, which eventually leads to the attainment of the object of desire. It is no mere wishful thinking, or tricking the mind into thinking a certain way. Because the mind, like any perishable object can only think a certain way depending on the outer knowledge it gathered from years of perception (and subconscious conditioning), its genetic make-up, and others. Therefore through out the years, the mind has gathered information without deciding the truth of it, and it just accepts. Now, depending on how the mind was brought up, in the latter years, it only accepts truths based on what it already knows, unless if proven otherwise, then it can take up a different set of beliefs. And because of this endless subconscious conditioning by the society (the outerworld) it has gone into constant thinking, and sometimes dictates the body to do certain action, that might yield negative results because of the way it dictates it. Today, A lot of people forgot about their soul, and veiled it with the illusions that the mind has perceived throughout the years, and therefore their actions are not divinely inspired. Because it is not divinely inspired, these actions are sometimes brought about by wrong intentions, and therefore can lead to morally, and ethically questionable acts just so the mind can satisfy itself with the sight of or the attainment of a perishable thing. Then it continues in a vicious cycle of material attainment (having the object then getting bored with the object then wanting a new object then doing what it takes to get the new object then attaining the object then getting bored with the object......) . And the mind, because of the way it was brought up it never gets contented, and is always left unsatisfied, wanting for more. Because the soul is veiled from sight, we only follow what the mind dictates us, and there is no light in our work. Therefore to polish the mirror and see our true self, our soul, we must establish prayer, and meditation (remembrance) of Allah, giving alms to cleanse our selves of greed, and if possible take a pilgrimage to the ka'aba, to partake in the mysteries of the hajj. In, meditation of Allah (through salah, duas, and constant repitition of his divine attributes, and signs) we get to know our selves better, understand the meaning and reason of our existence, and therefore creating a close connection with Allah. This is when the mind is cleared of impurity, and it can therefore constantly generate positive thoughts, and the attainment of desires, without attaching itself to any material desire (though it is attained, loss of it doesnt affect it), and therefore creates the mentality of abundance (that Allah can provide for everything (legitimate) we ask him for ). And if our duas (supplications) our not given to us in this world, most surely we can attain it in the hereafter. ALL, IF IN SHA ALLAH (IF GOD WILLS). "blessed is the Godwary"

The product is the life blood of the company, If the product doesn't speak well of the people that the company is targeting then it isn't wise to market it. The product must represent the people within the company and the people it wishes to target, otherwise the company will have questionable stability. It is true that self-help can do

a lot for a person and his company, but not to the point of creating a kind of illusion which doesn't have tangible effects. In these day and age, Self-help positive mindsets, should be balanced with the scientific methodology that management systems provide for us. The law of attraction shouldn't be like "the force" in star wars, instead it should provide the proper insights to be applied in studying a case for example. That's the beauty of having a management degree, you see everything more clearly