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FCU reduces the AC running hours on the telecom site whenever ambient temperture is lower than the shelter temperature.
Controller Features: Can control upto two AC and one free cooling unit Temperature control Humidity sensor

Structural Features: Wall mounted outdoor unit Front discharge Easy installation, maintenance & service

Operational Features: Air intake from ambient Air circulation in the shelter Emergency cooling

Free Air Cooling - GREEN cooling for Telecom

Free Cooling units are designed to provide reliable and cost-effective removal of excess

Free Cooling Solution

Free Cooling Unit from Acme is unique solution for Telecom Operators which provides Lower energy OPEX cost high uptime of Cell Site

Operation. FCU reduces the AC running heat in telecom shelters, cabinets and rooms hours on the telecom site whenever temperture is lower than the shelter Equipment inside the Telecom Shelter can be hosting GSM, UMTSambient or LTE networks.


Free Cooling is the key to unlock substantial energy savings in telecom shelters and rooms. Our free cooling units provide our customers with huge energy savings around the clock and have done so for years. Free Cooling controlled ventilation it removes excess heat from telecom base stations and cools down the shelter or enclosure by use of ambient air. No compressor is involved in free cooling. The free cooling system is significantly more economical in use than air conditioners. One will typically save 70-95% of your energy for cooling by switching to ACMEs free cooling units.

cooled very economically by FCU which will operate for much longer durations thereby reducing the run time of Air Conditioners. FCU allows a shelter to be cooled using cooler outside air and air recirculation methods instead of running compressor based air conditioners at higher energy cost. Continuous Monitoring of temperatures inside and outside allow it to choose the most cost e ff e c t i v e m e t h o d t o m a i n t a i n r o o m temperature. When the FCU cannot use exterior air to cool the shelter, the hybrid control unit of FCU allows the normal Air Conditioning units to turn on and operate as normal, until conditions are met to begin using FCU again. The FCU has the ability to operate its main

Free Cooling Benefits:

Free cooling with low energy consumption savings up to 95% energy - high ROI Flexible installation for both existing and new telecom sites Free Cooling reduces energy consumption, CO2 and carbon footprint Reduced service visits due to large filters and quality components Emergency cooling during power or AC failure

intake fans at a variable speed to maximize its efficiency allowing it to move large and small volumes of air as it sees fit given the situation.

FCU Operational Logic Item FCU FAN#1 81F FCU FAN#2 90F A/C #1 95F A/C#2 96F Indoor Temp =95F Controller FAN, Air Conditioner,Indoor
/Outdoor Temp Sensors

Site Topology Power Source

PUF Grid / Batteraies

FCU installation with shelter reference


FCU reduces the AC running hours thecontroller telecom site Theon system also provides means of whenever ambient temperture is lower than the shelter failsafe in which the site will revert to If the shelter temperature exceeds 95F FCU temperature. mechanical thermostat control if the controller controller will stop both fans and give start
command to the air-conditioners to maintain the temperature.When the temperature reaches down to 90F controller will stop the air-conditioners and will take over again to the FCU mode. fails or is taken offline. FCU Controller comes with a RS 485 connection for transmitting data through a GPRS modem to remote NOC center. FCU Controller unit is fully protected in the conditions of reverse polarity, surge, voltage, EMI, short circuit. The system comes with the capability Switch ON-Off the controller from remote signal (Digital input, RS 485 and Relay).

FCU Fan-1 will switch on when the shelter temperature exceeds 81 F and maintain the temperature within the desired levels. If the shelter temperature exceeds 91F FCU Fan-2 will start and both fans together will maintain the temperature within the desired limits.

The Controller unit has the capability to manage three HVAC controllers and does the sequencing of HVAC depending on run time to ensure the run hours for 3 ACs are almost same.

Controller Features
The FCU controller comes with a LCD Display which shows the status of equipment, room & ambient temperature, mode of operation, room humidity and fault status.

General Assembly drawing

Technical Specifications
FREE COOLING UNIT (FCU48VDC2000CFM) 1 CONSTRUCTION Two DC blowers are located in sheet metal housing. They take cold air from outside ambient and supply air to the shelter. They operate when the out side ambient & humidity are below a set value. 2 OPERATING VOLTAGE 3 POWER CONSUMPTION 4 NO. OF FAN(s) / BLOWER(s) 5 SIZE (H X W X D) 6 NET WEIGHT 7 MOUNTING 8 WALL CUTOUT SIZE (L x B) 9 DAMPER 48 V DC 475 watts (Max) (at 48 VDC) 2 575 X 950 X 608 mm 50 Kgs (Approx) Wall mounted outdoor unit 525 X 890 mm Damper is closed when Air-conditioner is operating and will open when FCU is operating 5 micron FC3 class heavy duty filter with larger surface area that reduce periodic maintenance. 1. Controls AC controllers and FCU. 2. Sensors 3 (1 each for Room Temperature & Ambient temperature and Room Relative Humidity sensor) 3.Sensing range for outside ambient <50C Activates FCU when ambient temperature is in pre-set limit and disconnects the AC's. Measures the humidity in the room and deactivates the FCU and starts AC's if humidity is more than 80% RH Emergency Cooling (EMC):-Incase of AC Unit fails and the shelter inside temperature is higherthan the out side ambient then EMC will start

10 INLET FILTERS (Air Filtration)



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