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Command take ip all node b run below comman in rnc >uv ip_database that will show you path

of ip database

Auto create CV Hi, may this can help you 1. get ConfigurationVersion 2. check your part "autoCreatedCVIsTurnedOn true" 3. if still false set to be true with command set ConfigurationVersion autoCreatedCVIsTurnedOn true maximum transmission power vs max dl capability max dl capability is what the RBS capable of transmiting minus the downlink loses while maximum transmission power is the total power used in a cell for all downlink channel. in pratice maximumTransmissionPower <= MaxDLCapability maxDlPowerCapability parameter is set in NodeB. It's read-only parameter, so you can't change it. It shows the real maximum DL power which RBS can provide. maximumTransmissionPower is defined on RNC level. It is used in Capacity Management, so it limits DL power by the level selected by operator.