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Negative pull-up
" ..
Wi .... .
Tan:an pull-up
How to do tt
Stano on a bench
and get into tile
\lp' POSition befOre
lowenng yourself as
slowly es possible.
Why? n a lull set
of classic pull-ups Is
too 10Ugh, these will
allow vou to fllttgue
your muscles l\llly
and help b<JIId tile
S1rength to pertorm
the full move.
How to dolt
Gnp the middle
of the bar, with both
hands almost touching.
: Pull yourself up and,
: as vou reaCh rhe
: lOP, IWlSI your bOdY
: 10 00 UP and IO llle
; rlgln betonl loweMg
: and the<l repealing
: IO the lell SlOe.
: Why? This requires
: greater
: ll\e 'up' mo"' to
; raise vour bodY to each
: side, wh!Je a strong
; core Is develol)e(l 10
: prevent your lower
: bodY from swinglnp

Weighted pull-up

How to dolt
Secure a weigh! plate
to a belt or place a
dumb-bell be1'M!en
your legs before
per1ormlng lhe move.
Why? II vou can
do regUlar pull-ups
wiOlOUl tOO muCh
trouble. the additional
weigh! wnt ShOCk your
muscles into growing
bigger and stronger.
'- : .................... ................... .
e ........ :a !O
' ....
Round the world
""" '
How to d.o it
EXactly the same as
Ule Classic move,
except you swing
your legs ro generate
lhe momentum
10 pull to tile 101>
or the move.
Why? Pr.!CIIslng
with lflls m""'
will build power
In an yoUt ma)O<
bael\ muscleS.
; Bow to dolt
: At me urp ol the
; mow, draw your
: knees In to your d1est
: b<ltore IWISIIng IO
: me telllhen to me
; right, befOre Jowertng
: slowly 10 the stan.
; Why? Your entire
: core Is engaged durtng
; the IWists, worldng
: your abs and obliques.
; wn11e fOrcing vour
: IOOSCies to hoiO vou
; In tile 'up' posfllon
: while you IWISL
' US't IWU)
' ........
Bow to doll
Pull yoursellro
the lOll As yOU
approach the bar,
11n up and to the
leM betore moving
across to me
and ca<npletlng
a semi-Circle
befOre 1owenn"
Why? This lOugh
mOYe requires
huge strength
10 hOIO vour
OodY ftnm whllo
010111ng sldewavs
ano downwartls
under control.

----------- ----------------------- : -------------------------------

...... : .. .....
Towel grip pull-up
Howtod.o it
Take a narrow
gnp wtm your
hands so lhOI
your palms are In
front ol vour face.
ThiS vanauon
Increases the
Involvement of your
bleeps. reducing
the lOad on vour
back muscles and
maki ng me move
sughtiV easle<.
Row to dolt Kowtod.o lt
As you reaCh tne \'haplWQli)W!liS
lOp olll\e move, oYer the oar and
raise your legs one wllll eacn nand
out In front or snoulder-wtOth apan.
vou until they Gripping the IOWBIS, pull
are parallel to yourself up to me oar
me lloor befOre belt>re lowering Slowty.
Why? Using towels
Why? ThiS reqUires great gnp
move will also strength and builds
wort< your abs
lorearm muscle pawer,
and slow each rep : as wen as taxing
down. forcing vour : the whOle Upper
baQ< muscles
bael\ and bleeps.
IO WOrk llartler.