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Part II.

EMP/SCHOLARS I. ASIA A. Male 1. Philippines 2. Bangladesh 3. ZAF B. Female 1. Thailand 2. Cambodia 3. Indonesia 4. Thailand SUB-TOTAL II. WESTERN BALKAN (8) A. Male 1. Macedonia 2. Macedonia 3. Serbia 4. Bosnia-Herzegovina B. Female 1. Albania 2. Bosnia-Herzegovina 3. Bosnia-Herzegovina 4. Kosova SUB-TOTAL EXCHANGE FULL DEGREE FIELD OF STUDY


1 1 1 1

Masters Masters Masters Masters Undergraduate Undergraduate Undergraduate

1 1 1 4 (3 M; 1 F)

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 (2 M; 1 F) 5 (2 M; 3 F)

Undergraduate Undergraduate Undergraduate Undergraduate Masters Masters Masters Masters

III.MIDDLE EAST/SOUTH AFRICA (4) A. Male 1. Syria 2. South Africa

1 1

Masters Masters

B. Female 1. South Africa 2. Egypt SUB-TOTAL IV.RUSSIA/CENTRAL ASIA (6) A. Male 1. Krygystan 2. Uzbekistan B. Female 1. Krygystan 2. Krygystan 3. Kazakhstan 4. Tajikistan SUB-TOTAL

1 1 1 (F) 3 (2 M; 1 F)

Masters Undergraduate

1 1 1 1 1 1 5 (1 M; 4 F) 1 (M)

Masters Masters Masters Undergraduate Undergraduate Undergraduate

SUMMARY: Exchange (1 AY) Masters: Males Females Undergraduate: Males Females Full Degree Masters: Males Females Undergraduate: Males Females TOTAL

ASIA (7)

W. BALKAN (8) 1 1

M.E./S.A (4) 0 0 1 0

RUSSIA/C. ASIA (6) 1 1 0 3

3 (4) 3 1 0 0 7

1 0 (3) 2 3 0 0 8

2 1 0 0 4

1 0 0 0 6 = 25

SECTION B. B.1 When: Sept 2012 Mode of Transport: a) Plane b) Bus c) A & b d) Train e) A & d B.2 Problems encountered Yes No Asia (7) 2 0 4 0 1 0 7 Western Balkan (8) 5 2 0 1 0 0 8 M. East/S. Africa (4) 1 0 3 0 0 3 1 Bad situation in Syria and some details in Lebanon Missing connecting flight (in big airports suggests the intervals of connecting flights should be 2 hours or longer (long distances between terminals and long security checks queues); missed also student agency bus Delayed issuance of visa Russia/C. Asia (6) 2 1 2 0 1 0 6

B.3 How did you overcome or ____ with the problems< Forced to catch my plane in Lebanon Rebooked to next flight and a tutor rebooked her bus ticket on-line

Requested travel agency for rebooking of flight B.4 Would you think it would have been better if someone from MU met you at place of arrival? Yes No

6 1

2 5
(one did not indicate)

3 1

4 1
(one did not indicate)

SECTION C. ACCOMMODATION AND TRANSPORTATION C.1 Are you comfortable in the dormitory of hotel you are currently staying? Yes No Asia (7) 7 0 Western Balkan (8) 7 1 I have excellent communication with my roommate, however, due to difference in field of study and time, I find it difficult to adjust given that my roommate follows more strict schedules Whoever is incharge with housing should asked if he/she prefers a single room or double room M. East/S. Africa (4) 4 0 Yes but the rooms are not like the way they are advertised on website Russia/C. Asia (6) 5 1 I want a separate room

C.2 Who chose the place of

accommodation? a) Personally chosen b) MU recommended (OIS) c) Recommended by someone from home d) Others, please specify SECTION D.MEALS D.1 How do you manage your meals? a) Service from Cafeteria Is the service satisfactory? Yes No b) Cooking own food No difficulty sourcing things needed? Yes No

1 5 1 0

3 5 0 0

0 4 0 0

1 4 1 0

Asia (7) 2 1 1 4 1 3 Far distance of dorm from the supermarket (20 min travel time) 1

Western Balkan (8) 3 3 0 4 0 4 Go to TESCO to buy groceries weekly 1

M. East/S. Africa (4) 1 1 0 3 2 (but find substitutes) 1 (grocery too close to dormitory)

Russia/C. Asia (6) 1 1 0 5 1 5 No oven in the dormitory 0

c) Buy from restaurant outside university

SECTION E.SERVICES E.1 Support services MU has Asia (7) Tutoring from Czech Western Balkan (8) Tutoring during first M. East/S. Africa (4) OIS support always Russia/C. Asia (6) IS System

provided you (guidance/counseling, etc.)


few days

Guidance and counseling (documents and other problems) Student services tutoring

MU staff are wellorganized

Ms. Radka Brolikova provides continual student support

During orientation week I always had full access to information about issues related to university and daily life in Brno Coordinators are always there to provide the needed support Guidance that is provided by my department of studies the European Politics at the FSS is quite sufficient Sufficient orientation services well provided by OIS

there as well as OIS at my faculty especially while working on diploma recognition Information/ administration of immigration documents and general support, summer schools Trip advice



I had a tutor who helped me with most of the more challenging aspects of moving into a new city

Coordinators services (Erasmus Mundus)

Consultation services guidance, helper

Free resources


Visa extension Enrolment/ registration Advisement Coordinator E.2 What services need to be Need

from Tutoring Immigration None




Immigration Officials /staff who can speak English

needs English speaking personnel (tutors or translators are not always available since they have classes or other responsibilities to attend to No Immigration Official who can speak English language and we are left on the grace of officers

Nothing, everything is perfect

Courses which are enlisted in and English degree program only presented or available in Czech Just perfect, all staff helped me from the beginning of the program until now that I need to extend my visa. Thank you very much for your kindness and all the goodness turn back to you. E.3 Do you participate in events/activities organized by ISC at MU? Yes No

6 1

7 1

2 2

6 0

Been traveling outside of Brno quite often so I couldnt manage the time to participate in the activities that much. (Is the trip academicrelated?)

Because I organize trips by my own with my friends

Medical situation (with injury)

Dont like going to clubs E.4 Are you satisfied by the services provided by OIS at MU? Yes No E.5 OIS staff contactable in case of emergency? Yes No

7 0

8 0

4 0

6 0

7 0

8 0
(one did not indicate)

4 0

6 0

SECTION F.ACADEMIC-RELATED MATTERS Asia (7) F.1 Are you satisfied with the program you are registered? Yes No 5 2 Degree program in SSME is great except courses which are in Czech As a foreign student, it is impossible for Western Balkan (8) 7 1 M. East/S. Africa (4) 4 0 Russia/C. Asia (6) 6 0

me to take a lot of courses specified by the mobility agreement At the moment, I am taking 3 courses in Czech which I never attend class, cannot read or understand course materials and which I am afraid I will fail because of these extreme handicaps I have to register immediately the system open if not be on the waiting list and write a permission to be on waiting list but sometimes couldnt be enrolled. And there are not many courses offered in the semester and therefore we are forced to enroll courses that do not satisfy our needs F.2 Are you satisfied with: a) Teaching-learning process at MU? Yes No b) Communication with OIS?

7 0

8 0

4 0

6 0

Yes No c) Interaction with students? Yes No F.3 Do you think the current practice of conducting examinations at MU satisfactorily? Yes No

7 0 7 0

8 0 8 0

4 0 4 0

6 0 6 0

8 0

Generally yes but there are subjects where the lecturer uses multiple choice and yes or no answers which are suitable for undergraduate or HS students but not for MS. For MS should be more on essay type to help build students thinking and analytical abilities as well as help improve their writing skills which is important for masters theses.

6 0

F.4 Do you have opportunity to talk to your teachers if unhappy with the results obtained? Yes No

6 1 English issue Since courses are in Czech some teachers are not worried

8 0

2 1 1 yes and no

6 0

about students ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS Asia (7) Would you recommend to other students from your country to study at MU? Yes No


Western Balkan (8)

M. East/S. Africa (4)

Russia/C. Asia (6)

7 0 I believe MU is providing one of he best quality education amongst European Universities. It has modern teaching curriculum, efficient teaching staff and available learning materials. So IS can come and enroll at MU without any doubt. And Brno is perfect city for students.

8 0 It is open suggestions to

3 1 (both) Yes, it is a good school with lots of resources that is if one studies Czech language. No. It is hard for embedded systems students to get English taught courses.

6 0 Yes, of course I strongly recommend to other students from my country because MU has different faculties which help to students to choose any faculty according to their field of studies. For researchers is wonderful opportunity to use those resources at library. I thought before that when I arrived, I would have a problem with adaptation and so long but it was not because of OIS and ISIC club the staff of OIS and ISIC club help us!

I will, however, give strong warning against the study programs at informatics as a lot of courses are only Czech with no exception, even if these courses are listed under foreign English study programs.

Give support to IS and provides good tools and methods of teaching.

MU made me feel like my home university, OIS really takes care even before I arrived in Brno. People are there always to give

Only disadvantage is usage of English language which can be quite poor, especially in public places and institutions in Brno. But generally, MU is

The MA Sociology Programme(coursewor k) is excellent and the lectures and the entire department are usually available to assist or respond to any queries. Fortunately my courses and classes are in English and the lecturers are first language English speakers too so this is a great advantage as they are able to engage properly with all students. The activities at the ISC are worth it and trips and other excursions are encouraged. I would therefore recommend the MA Sociology programmer (English) and that the student joins the ISC and partakes in the Big Brno trips. First of all, I really admire the study and learning here. It is much more practical in a very useful way. I would recommend any one to come and if I

Thank you for your consideration! Definitely, I will recommend the MU because I think it is the place where the international students can find the high quality of education, nice, friendly and helpful OIS staff, the connections with the ISCi which organize the entertainment for the students and many other positive things staying in Czech Republic.

Because MU is one of the leading universities in Europe and it has good library, dormitory and students from over

me ideas and helped me in every e-mails I asked them. MU has good education system with good lecturers and equipment, especially Brno and people here so much. So if I can, I will tell other students to make MU as their first choice when studying abroad through ERASMUS MUNDUS. MU is really a good place to study, standardize with the European education system in my country. So if the student from my country want to experience and expand the new knowledge that we cant earn from our country, MU is a recommended place to study. Brno is also really a good city to live, not too crowded and pretty cheap city with very amiable people and unique cultures.

good university and Brno is good city for living.

will have a choice to go study somewhere I will come to MU again.

the world. Im proud that I am studying at MU.

The level of quality that MU is offering is substantially different. Administrative matters are dealt without delays. Curriculums are comprehensive and provide sufficient knowledge. The library and other resources as well. In the end, I think that MU offers good career perspective whether in academic or on the field job.

Teaching process is very good; students can discuss various topics and express their opinion openly, the IS system is great, includes many functions necessary and helpful for education, local students are friendly and open to help and Brno is a very good city for students.

I would recommend

other students to come because of the good system of study; developed institution; the University have good ranking position. I would recommend it because it has a remarkable study programs (at least the one I am enrolled in) and it provides high quality teaching methods and facilities as well,