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Advanced PDF Password Recovery: README ====================================== Contents -------Program information Company information Description Requirements Technical support Registration Copyright and license Where to get the latest version Program information ------------------Program Archive Name: apdfpr.zip Program Name: Advanced PDF Password Recovery Program Version: 1.0 Program Release Date: September 19, 2000 Program Description: Decrypt protected Adobe Acrobat PDF files Target OS: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 Software type: Shareware ($30) Company information ------------------Company Name: Elcom Ltd Contact E-mail Address: support@elcomsoft.com Contact WWW URL: http://www.elcomsoft.com/apdfpr.html Contact Postal Address: 2-171 generala Antonova St. Moscow 117279 Russia Description ----------This program (Advanced PDF Password Recovery, or simply APDFPR) can be used to decrypt protected Adobe Acrobat PDF files, which have "owner" password set, preventing the file from editing (changing), printing, selecting text and graphics (and copying them into the Clipboard), or adding/changing annotations and form fields (in any combination). Decryption is being done

instantly. Decrypted file can be opened in any PDF viewer (e.g. Adobe Acrobar Reader) without any restrictions -- i.e. with edit/copy/print/annotate functions enabled. Please note that APDFPR doesn't work with documents which have user-level passwords (preventing the files from being opened), if both user and owner passwords are unknown. Requirements ------------ Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0 or Windows NT 2000 - about 600 kilobytes of hard disk space Technical support ----------------For technical support, please us at support@elcomsoft.com. Registration -----------This program is distributed as shareware (look at "license.txt" for details). Being unregistered, it decrypts only small PDF documents (less than 64K in size). After you register (look at "order.txt" for details), we'll send you your personal registration code. To enter it into the program, just press the "Register" button on the main screen; the program will display the small window dialog asking you to enter the code. If the code is correct, APDFPR shows the message that it is registered now, and so since than it will be able to recover all passwords regardness the length. Please note that your registration will be valid for all future versions of APDFPR -- it means, that they will be free for you. Copyright and license --------------------See "license.txt" file. Where to get the latest version ------------------------------The latest version of APDFPR is always available from our web page at: http://www.elcomsoft.com/apdfpr.html Please also have a look at other password recovery products made by our company: http://www.elcomsoft.com/prs.html You will find the password recovery software for MS Word/Excel

documents (all versions), Access 95/97/2000, VBA, MS Money, MS Outlook, MS Backup; ZIP, ARJ and RAR archives; Lotus SmartSuite (Organizer, 1-2-3, WordPro, Approach). More products will follow.