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Title Holder: John H-Doe; self aware living man/woman John H-Doe; self aware living man/woman


c/o 1234 Freeman Avenue Sovereignville, America [99999] Non-Domestic Mail


I, Me or Myself also known as John H-Doe; as a self aware living man/woman, sovereign living soul, hereby certify that the Image shown above is my Image, and I am XX feet XXX inches tall, I have XXXXX hair XXXXX eyes and I weigh app. XXX pounds. As far as a birth date and location is concerned, I have no firsthand knowledge of any of that, therefore I cannot say anything more that what I have been told, which is hearsay, which is that I was born a man, on or about ???????, on the land of North America and there was no commercial transaction involved. This PHOTO IDENTIFICATION AFFIDAVIT supersedes and replaces all to date. Under the laws of the united States of America, this PHOTO IDENTIFICATION AFFIDAVIT is made under the penalty of law without THE UNITED STATES,22 USC 1746(1).

By: _________________________Date:_______ John H-Doe; self aware sovereign living soul ACKNOWLEDGEMENT
On this _______day of November 2011, before me the Notary below appeared before me


H-Doe; to me known to be the living man/woman described in and who executed the foregoing
instrument and acknowledged before me that he/she executed the same as his/her freewill act and deed.

Subscribed and affirmed before me, _____________________, Notary on the ______Day of November 2011.
NOTARY PRINT NAME: ____________________________ Date: _____________


NOTARY SIGNATURE: ____________________________ Date: __________ My Commission Expires: _______________________

Title Holder: John H-Doe; self aware living man/woman


1. Pull this up in Microsoft word, click insert at the top of page, go to HEADER scroll down to edit HEADER and click it now in the HEADER change John HDoe to your name and choose if you are a male of female then at the top right click close Header. 2. Insert your Upper Lower name , choose man or woman and then insert your address, city, state, and zip code. Insert your STATE AND COUNTY. 3. Click on the Trespass sign and Right click and scroll down to change picture then Insert a Facial picture of you then you can change the size of the picture but this is intended to be a one (1) page affidavit. 4. First paragraph insert your name, choose man or woman, insert your height, weight, eye and hair color. 5. Second paragraph insert your date of birth. 6. Third paragraph nothing needed to be changed 7. Next is where you sign in front of a Notary so insert your name below where you will be signing. 8. Next and last section is for the Notary so insert you name, insert the proper month and year, choose man or woman, he or she, his or hers 9. Now print out and take in front of a Notary and have it notarized. 10. Next take to Secretary of State and have it Apostilled. 11. Next Take it to you county recorder and have it put on the public record and also get a few certified copies for yourself. Keep one in your vehicle, one at home and one in you possession at all times. THIS NOW WILL SERVE AS YOU NEW IDENTIFICATION