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BTS I and C

BTS Installation and Commissioning (BTS I and C)

Installation of BTS / MW Equipment Testing and Commissioning of BTS / MW Equipment Rack Installation Electrification in Equipment Shelters of the Cell Sites Resource Support Management

Installation of BTS / MW Equipment



Fixing of Horizontal Cable Tray Fixing of RF Antennae and Microwave Antennae Clamping and Routing of Cables Grounding / Earthing Alignment of Antenna as per Specifications


GSM necessary corrected to ensure the following: -

Installation of Radio Base Station (RBS) Installation of Tx Rack Installation & Commissioning of Tx Equipment Fixing of Cable Tray Grounding of Equipments Installation of Rectifier and Battery Bank
Antenna Installation

The installation of antenna mounting pipes associated with mechanical arrangement will be examined and where


Desired Orientation Desired Height Grounding Lighting Protection Installation Process

The antenna installation & testing will be carried out using the following resources: -


Trained team Expert supervision Site Master Top and Commissioning of BTS / MW Equipment

DLC (Digital Loop Carrier)

DLC rack and installation of cards like FXS, PRM, E1 and BRI will be installed by our engineers FXS cables routed at MDF frame and kroned. E1 cable routed at TX. rack and kroned. Power cables routed and connected to DLC rack and power up the DLC.


Installation will be done for two link heads.

Installation of MUX. Power-up to Mux and link head. and Commissioning of link head:







The following are the equipments used by our surveyors to complete the process successfully:


GPS Binoculars Altimeter Compass Digital Camera Topographic maps with the help of above said equipments.

The surveyors need to reach the site A where the survey has to be conducted and looks towards Site B for the Line Of All the obstruction which are observed in the path are recorded and applied in to the Software of Pathloss v4.0 to get determine the height with reference to AMSL (Above Mean Sea Level) of MW antenna and Azimuth be installed to get the LOS cleared.

MW Antenna Installation


The mounting accessories of the MW antennae will be inspected and the mounting arrangements will be

organized for the required orientation. The antennae, the wave-guide locks, flexible wave guides will be fixed with due care taken to ensure reliable and The outdoor radio unit & antenna support arms are finally fixed. Alignment of Antennae of the link will be done to achieve the required receiving signal level. Top Installation proper RF connections.

The rack for the installation of indoor unit and other equipment will be installed in the equipment room by grouting the bolts in the floor. The rods will be used if additional support is required.

Installation and Commissioning of Multiplexers in MSC, BSC and Cell Sites

Installing the mux in the rack and powering up from DC Distribution Box. Installing The NVM (Non Volatile Memory) cards in the Mux. Installing The DCDB in the rack. Power tapping from rectifier to DCDB. Installing the tributary cables from mux to Digital Distribution Frame. Kroning the E1s in their respective krone modules (Tx, Rx). Labeling the krone modules like TXs and RXs, and tributary cables. Earthing the rack, and mux, from the earthing bar (less than 1 ohm) in the shelter. Commissioning of mux. Giving IP Address for DCC and Ethernet for management purpose. Checking all kroned E1s with giving local loops from PC by using Bit Error Rate (BER) Meter. Checking mux Tx power of all out ports. Checking the transmitting power of both the optical ports using power meter. Checking mux receiving sensitivity of optical ports by using variable mechanical attenuator. Top























The earthing system is designed to achieve the uniform earth resistance of less than 1 ohm at the site. The grounding system consists of the following Sub Systems:Earthing pits - 4 nos., one for lightning protection of Tower and Equipment Shelter, one for the Electronic Equipment inside the Shelter, one for the DG Neutral DG & Body earth earth and one for AC earth. Earth conductor runs from the lightning protection system, Principal ground bar maintained as reference in the shelter for electronic equipment, DG neutral and DG body to the respective earth pits.