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It is inspiring to see a soft-speaking and hard working professional becoming successful in his career.

Yes, he is none other than Dr Suresh Raj Sharma the creator of Kathmandu University (KU). Though he taught as a professor at the TU, the first university of the country and held various policy making posts of the Government (Govt) for long in the past, none of those could satisfy him. In this context it would be relevant to remember philosopher J. S. Mill, who said its better to be dissatisfied Socrates than to be satisfied in illusions. The government comes and goes and making and remaking of policies too is a continuous process. These are common things. What is uncommon and important is a mans faith in struggle and duty. It is the same faith, which has given Dr Sharma a new recognition. He is now both the founder and a nurturer of the historic Kathmandu University. One more thing to add here is that our society is full of negative and positive thoughts. Its a doer, not a non-doer, who suffers most while moving ahead the topsy-turvy road of life. KU founder Dr Sharma is rich in such experience because he has now successfully produced a refined product from his lifes experiment. This product has not come out easily. It has taken a kind of ordeal to him: financial problems, administrative troubles, political instability, policy level difficulties at the nations educational sector and discouraging social environment are only a few to mention. The hearty thing now is that the KU has passed all such earlier hindrances. How all this became possible? How it became possible to think of a separate university when Tribhuvan Universitys fame and hegemony both were unimaginably high? How Dr Sharma and his team managed to get spacious place, financial capital, manpower and recognition to establish and run a separate university. If we talk all these questions looking back to the then environment, it appears like a mission of making an impossible possible. In fact, curiosities about Kathmandu University are there. In this context, it also seems natural to think that Dr Sharma and his team must have some unique qualities to establish KU as a vibrant institution. The KU founder, however, does not think so for the success. Thats why he has followed a humble way to answer various queries related to peoples curiosities in the book of Kathmandu University - Rough Road of a Tough Journey. Dr Sharma emphatically says the success of KU is only a reflection of thought, patience, devotion and hard team work.

Former Indian Prime Minister APJ Abdul Kalam in his book Ignited Minds says the right thinking is the womb of right action. It must be said now that Dr Suresh Raj Sharma has justified Kalams this saying in the Nepalese soil of Dhulikhel in connection to the successful upbringing of Kathmandu University by thinking right and doing right. So far as the publication of the book is concerned, this 150-page book is a success story. It is full of qualities to inspire and boost confidence. There are both sweet and sour facts, but sour facts are not written to hurt any one. This means the description is doubtlessly humble. KU, no doubt, is the brain child institution of Dr Suresh Raj Sharma; but he seems to be keenly interested to share this pride jointly. For it, he has opened a longer list of names of well-wisher individuals and institutions at home and abroad. This spirit must be praised. Now summing up the review, this is like a morale book for persons who have to live amidst problems and yet they try to remain honest to meet their goal. Similar inspiring work can be expected from Dr Sharma in future because he is a seasoned educationist of the country