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National Issues: New Provinces (Essay). Corruption (Essay): Introduction. Modes of Corruption. Faces of Corruptionthe dependency of Politicians on Bureaucracy.

cy. Effects of Corruption. Conclusion. Judicial Activities (Essay): International Context. Executive. Karachi Traffic. Legislature. NRO. PM Disqualification. Asghar Khan Case Baluchistan Government. Conclusion. Economy of Pakistan (Facts, Figures) (Pakistan Affairs And Essay). Akhter Mengle 6 points. Pakistan Security Challenges. The Thar Coal Project (A Myth Or A Reality): Experts Opinion. International Coal Conference. Chasing the Pipe Dream. Thar coal and our Nuclear Scientific Elite. Conclusion. Baluchistan Crises: Introduction. Games in Baluchistan. Cause of Baluchistan Unrest. Foreign Involvement. Interest of USA in Baluchistan. Indian InvolvementinBaluchistanAgony. Baluchistan Home Department Report. Baloch Separatists Not to be Backed, Pakistan assured. Covert Us Support For Baloch Separatists Exposed. Trade and Not Aid. Geographic Location Of Pakistan: Geographical Importance. Relations: Pakistan And Russia: Historical Prospective. Foreign policy. Chronological view of relationship. South Recent Developments why Russia Tilting towardsPakistan. Indian Reaction. American Reaction. Things for Pakistan to consider. Future of Pakistan and Russia. Pak India: . MFN Encirclement of Pakistan. . Encirclement of Pakistans Organizations: D-8 Euro Crises: International Issues: Syria Mutating Conflicts: Introduction. Background. Modus operandi. Causes. Congressional views of Syrian Revolt. Possible recent scenario of Syria conflict. US China conflicts:

Encirclement of China. South China Sea. Currency War. MEAD. US Withdrawal From Afghanistan: Process. Before Withdrawal Steps. Government Possibility. Impact of Government. Taliban of Pakistan. Arab Uprising: A Glimmer of Hope For A New Beginning In Middle East. Modus Operandi. Background. Impacts Of Arab Uprising. Role of US, France and UK. Conclusion. Recommendations. Analysis. Economic significance. Political Importance. Main Threats to Pakistan. New Afghan Peace Plane Would Cede Southeast to Taliban: Political leadership. Report DEC 2011,2012. Pakistan Afghanistan Moving Ahead. Can Pakistan lead Afghan Peace.