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NESTED BOXES Halfmark is in the design phase for a set of nested gift boxes, and needs your assistance to create the specifications of the new product. In the drafting phase, the design is plotted on a coordinate plane for ease and consistency in labeling. PLOT EACH OF THE TASKS ON THE SAME GRID (ATTACHED) AS YOU SOLVE THEM. LABEL YOUR SKETCH. PART 1:
1. The base of the largest box is in the form of a square which was drafted on a grid with coordinates at the points: M (1,9) A (7,1) T (-1,-5) H (-7,3) Find the perimeter and area of the base of the box. Show all of your work below. Perimeter: ____________ Area: ________________

2. The base of the inner box will be created from connecting the midpoints of the sides of the outer box. These midpoints will be labeled L, O, V, E. What is the most specific name that can be given to describe the shape of the base of the inner box? Justify your answer mathematically using two different methods, and explain your response in writing. 3. Find the area of one of the triangles created by the space in between the bases of the inner and outer boxes. Area: ______________________

4. The design department would like to wrap a ribbon around the base of the inner box (with base LOVE). How long would this ribbon be? Length of Ribbon: __________________ 5. The handles of the box will be attached at the coordinates that divide sides MA and TH into segments with lengths in the ratio 1:2. These points will be point F on side MA and B on side TH. Find the coordinates where the handles will be attached. Coordinates: Point F____________ Point B ____________

Halfmark wants to create a similar set of nested boxes, this time with the base of the outer box in the shape of a triangle. Once again, the base of the inner box will be created from connecting the midpoints of the sides of the outer box. The design department wants to plot the base(s) of the box on a grid. Select coordinates for the vertices of the outer box, and find the coordinates of the vertices of the inner box. (NOTE: The sides of the either box cannot be horizontal or vertical.) What conjectures can you make? Can you support your conjectures with algebraic proof? Explain your reasoning.