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Accountants Enterprise FBT (AE FBT)

Accountants Enterprise FBT can help turn Fringe Benefits Tax into a profitable client service. Not only
do you generate revenue, you take away the trouble and complexities of FBT from your clients – so
everyone wins. Accountants Enterprise FBT allows you to do FBT work easily and cost-effectively.

“FBT is a great investment. This is the first year we’ve ever made money on FBT – previous years we’d
only broken even”
John Ure, Perry Associates Accounting Services, Newcastle NSW

AE FBT is powerful software that records and consolidates fringe benefit data, intelligently calculates
liabilities and quickly produces returns and customised reports. It places vital FBT information at your
fingertips - in as much or as little detail as you want.

AE FBT takes you smoothly and efficiently through the entire FBT process. You have the choice to
gather information in easy to use schedules or enter the data directly into the return itself. Either way,
sophisticated checking against FBT legislation occurs as you enter the data, which produces an FBT
return that is always correct.

Features at a glance
• Makes it easy to collect and manage all FBT information
• Provides comprehensive checklists to help in every stage of the FBT process
• Compliant FBT returns for lodgement with the ATO
• Windows® software that’s accurate, fast and easy to use
• Includes on-line help and a user manual
• Suitable for single or multiple users
• Rolls forward your last years’ data
• Automatically checks every return for full ATO compliance

Comprehensive schedules
Minimise the complexities of collecting your fringe benefit information by using support schedules.
Simply enter FBT-related information into the schedules and AE FBT will automatically calculate the
totals and populate the main return. This makes it easy to collect, record and calculate fringe benefits
data as it crosses your desk.

The schedules include:

• Motor cars • Residual
• Car parking • Airline transport
• Property • Loan and debt waivers
• Board meals • Living away from home allowances
• Expenses • Exempt body entertainment
• Housing • ‘Meal Entertainment’

Great for practices and commercial businesses

You do not need to lodge FBT returns to use AE FBT. For example, if you calculate the taxable value of
a benefit to cash it out, then AE FBT can help. You can use AE FBT yourself and recommend it to your
clients to make your work easier.

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Fast direct input

You have total flexibility to choose exactly how much data you wish to enter into the schedules or
the main return. You can also complete the FBT return directly. Simply key in benefit totals and other
related data straight into the main return screen.

Analysis checklists
Comprehensive ‘yes/no’ checklists ask all the questions you need to determine liabilities. Each schedule
has a checklist of questions that take you through step by step so you don’t need to remember
complex FBT rules.

Intelligent roll over

Once data has been established in AE FBT for the first year, simply roll forward data for use in subsequent
years’ returns - this is where your savings really start.

Easy to use and learn

The intuitive point and click Windows® interface makes AE FBT easy to use and learn. Standard icons,
simple menus and clearly designed benefit schedules make navigation effortless. You can quickly
switch between checklists, schedules and the main return using drop-down menus.

Pick-lists save time, putting all your choices at your fingertips when selecting things such as return
items and industry codes.

The best calculations

Whether you choose once a year or progressive data entry your liabilities are intelligently calculated
without fuss. AE FBT automatically chooses the best possible calculation method to give you the lowest
FBT liability. It also lets you view each of the alternative methods to see why it made that particular

Useful error checks

With AE FBT it is hard to make mistakes. Sophisticated data checks during input and at completion
make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Single step return completion

Simply select “completion” and the system checks all active schedules and completes the entire return
in one hit. You can be confident that your return is correct as calculations are made by our widely used
tax intelligent software. Over 6 million tax forms are lodged using our tax software each year.

Consolidate data from multiple offices

If you or your clients have multiple offices you can consolidate your data into one FBT return. Data is
entered into a copy of AE FBT situated at each office. It can then be sent to one office for consolidation.
Reports can consolidate any or all of the offices.

Find records instantly

All FBT information is at your fingertips with the employee and cost centre finders. You can view
records by first name, last name, cost centre or code - you choose the most effective way for you.

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Flexible benefit reporting

FBT expenses for employees and cost centres can be split across benefit types. This gives you the
flexibility to report by employee or cost centres with ease. You can create the exact reports that
you want without fuss.

Customised reporting
Every business has their own reporting style. That’s why you’re given the power to use FBT data
in spreadsheets to customise reports. Now you can modify reports and use familiar spreadsheet
tools that require no additional training.

Track exemptions and reductions

AE FBT intelligently tracks commonly over-looked exemptions and reductions - saving you time.
As you enter data in schedules the system takes notes. It then determines if you’re eligible for an
exemption before automatically allocating it across the correct items on the main return.

Questions answered fast

Online help makes it easy to track down pertinent FBT information without leaving your desk.
Type in your query and the answers appear. A comprehensive manual with illustrations of screens
is also supplied.

Smart electronic communication

Now everyone involved in your FBT process can review the data quickly without reams of paper.
It takes just a few seconds to export your data from AE FBT to disk or an electronic file. This means
you spend less time on FBT and more time focussing on other business.

Don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what Peter Moon, reviewing AE FBT in The Australian Financial
Review, had to say:

“Accountants Enterprise FBT is a bargain for a specialised tax product. When non-computerised colleagues
are on their third pot of coffee, Accountants Enterprise FBT users can be tucked up in bed with a good
depreciation schedule.”

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States and/or other countries.

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