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The Official Newsletter of HIPF Trainees, Instructo rs and St aff Issued by the Marketing and Public Relations Dep art ment, HIPF


The selected candidates for the 12th batch of trainees for HIPF Diploma Course attended the orientation week seminar in the HIPF training hall.

Welcoming L-group Best Teacher 2012 HIPF Profile Educational Field Trip Train the Trainer HIPF Activities st 1 HIPF Technical Fair Student Council Activities Inter Group Quiz Comp. Technical Contest KET Program Guest / Visitors Short Courses P.1 P.1 P.2 P.3 P.4 P.6 P.7 P.9 P.10 P.10 P.11 P.13 P.15

HIPF Educational Field Trip Program

Train the Trainer Course
A five day workshop designed to impart training by external experts and HIPF Staff. See highlights on pages 4-5.

See on Page 3


HIPF is the first specialized institute to serve the plastics industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Established in 2004 and started operation in September 2007. The Higher Institute for Plastics Fabrication was established as a non-profit institute in an agreement signed by the Saudi Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources (MOPM), the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC), the SABIC Eastern Petrochemicals Company (SHARQ), and the Saudi Petrochemical Development Company (SPDC Ltd. is the Japanese partner of Sharq). The establishment of HIPF aims to train Saudi youth to participate as skilled technicians in the booming plastics industry in the Kingdom under the supervision of Japanese experts with more than 30 years of experience from the prominent the plastics industry in Japan. The institute offers a four-semester course that leads to a Diploma in Plastics Fabrication. The medium of instructions are English and training is conducted in industry-sized state-of-the-art plastics manufacturing plants. The Saudi Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) and various Saudi plastics companies provide tuition fees and salaries for trainees. Currently, we have more than 500 enrolled trainees who undergo intensive theoretical and practical training in plastics fabrication processes such as; Injection Molding, Blown Film Extrusion, Blow Molding, Pipe Extrusion, Sheet Extrusion and Thermoforming, and Plastics Test Methods.

HIPF Educational Field Trip Program

As part of its educational trip program, HIPF is proud to announce the Student Visit Program sponsored by The National Industrialization Company (TASNEE). The program targets elementary and high school student in the kingdom and introduces them to the world of plastic technology and plastic manufacturing through organized educational field trip at HIPF facilities.

Train the Trainer Course
The 5 day Train the Trainer program is designed to impart training by external experts and HIPF Staff.

Day 1 & 2: Valuable Strategies for a Dynamic Classroom Motivation of trainees and how to keep them enthusiastic about learning and developing themselves Useful strategies for successful teacher-student communication Unique techniques and activities which employ pair work and group work scenarios for maximum peer cooperation and enhanced skills practice. By: Mr. T. Ben Porter - Managing Director, Golden Gate for Saudi Training and Dr. Saeed Alam - Managing Director, Redstone Academy UK. Day 3: A Systematic Approach to Classroom Discipline 3-stage system for classroom discipline 1. Discipline Through Prevention 2. Discipline Through Behavior Control 3. Discipline Through Punishment By: Ahmed Eric Ali - ESP Teacher, HIPF Day 3: Teaching for Understanding Institutional transition to the learning paradigm Emphasis on Delivery of Content Emphasis on Learning with Understanding

By: Eng. Sanjay Rawat - Education Coordinator, HIPF

Knowing vs. Understanding
Knowing is just to memorize the facts but understanding means the integration of information to make a concept. Knowing the facts and doing well on tests of knowledge does not mean we understand. If you learn by knowing, that means you know the facts but if you learn by understanding, that means you understand the meanings of the facts. When you understand something you not only know if that something is true or false but you also know why it is true or false. If you understand you can judge yourself and know when and when not to use which you know.

Day 3: Passive to Active Learning Defining passive & active learning Implementing active learning Model lesson on active learning Day 4: Transformation form Idle to active Define Idle Time Understand Practical Training Real Example of Idle Time Our Policy Trainee Work Flow in our workshop Ways to cut Idle time in our workshop Achievement By: Mr. Rameshwar S. Selukar HOD, Pipe Extrusion Dept. HIPF

Day 4: Behavioral problems in Student learning-Best Practices for Trainers Behavioral Dimensions in Students Learning /Training Behavioral Dimensions in Learning/ Training Best Approaches for Trainers/Instructors for Effective Training By: Dr. D. Masthan Prof. Human Resource Manager, KSU

Day 5: Knowledge of specific areas of Computer for better work efficiency.

By: Mr. Mohammed Arshad - I.T. Administrator, HIPF

Day 5: Formula and Function in Excel 2007.

By: Mr. Ganesh D.R.- Computer Teacher, HIPF

Awarding Certificates of Appreciation

Security and Housing Personnel Training

Specialized training was conducted last December for HIPF Security and Housing personnel.

3rd Fire Evacuation Drill

HIPF Fire Evacuation Drill is performed every semester it is very helpful in preserving the preparedness of all staff and trainees is case of a fire. Some of the HIPF Fire Evacuation Drill guidelines are; stay calm, dont panic. Panic can cause more trouble and accidents. As a policy LIFE FIRST, PROPERTIES SECOND. In an event of a Fire, the alarm system will be activated. Upon hearing the alarm, respective Teachers /SIs will guide their group to evacuate the site. BE ALERT and CALM. DONT RUN BUT WALK FAST. In a single walking line formation, the group will pass through the exit doors as indicated in the Evacuation Route Diagram and go straight to the designated meeting area.

Anti-smoking Campaign

Anti-Smoking Campaign spearheaded by Purity an Anti-Smoking Charitable Association in association with National Institute of Health, Riyadh KSA. The program reminds and informs the trainees the danger of smoking to once health, family and surroundings.

The first HIPF Technical Fair

1st Place: Pipe Extrusion Group#1 Group H4 1. Abdulmajeed Al Qonfothi 2. Jarah Al-Jaried 3. Mohammed Al -Mohash 4. Raid Rashed H. Abo Hameed 5. Yazid Al-Shammari 2nd Place: Blow Molding Group I4

1. Hamad Saud A. S. Al-Dosari 2. Hashem Ali Al Khalaf Al-Faqih 3. Hussain Ali Hussain Al-Hasan 4. Khaled Mohamad A. Emair 5. Walid A. M. Al Gefail Asiri
Injection Molding Group#1 Group I1 1. Abdullah Faisal Al-Hendi 2. Abdulelah Noman Arafat 3. Mahmood Faisal Al-Hendi 4. Manea Saleh Al-Yami 5. Marwan Khaled Al-Denini Injection Molding Group#2 Group I3 1. Aqeel Abdulmajeed Al-Khalifa 2. Ateya Masfer Al-Malki 3. Mohammed A. Al-Ebrahim 4. Mohammad Eisa Al-Daham 5. Sultan Saeed Al-Amri Pipe Extrusion Group#2 Group H3 1. Hussien Al- Semail 2. Mohammad Al- Amri 3. Mohammad Hadadi 4. Mohammad Al- Sweeq 5. Yousef Al- Othman

Film Extrusion Group#1 Group H1 1. Abdulaziz M. S. Hawsawi 2. Abdullah M. L. Al-Enazi 3. Abdumohsen A. A. Al-Homoud 4. Amer Naser A. Al-Shehri 5. Asem Abdulaziz S. Al-Huthayel Film Extrusion Group#2 Group H2 1. Ahmad Salah M. Al-Harbi 2. Ayoub M. Eid Al-Mutairi 3. Belal J. T. Al-Jelwah 4. Faisal Eid A. Al-Enazi 5. Majed U. M. Safar Blow Molding Group I2 1. Ahmad Ali A. Al-Barbari 2. Ali Deraan Ali Al-Deraan 3. Ali Saed M. H. Al Jaarah 4. Mohammad A. K. Al-Rajeh 5. Mohammad A. H. Al-Obaid

1st Technical Fair Awarding Ceremony

The Technical Fair was judge on the following criteria; 1. How the display is done. For example, its organization, aesthetic and arrangement. 2. The trainees demonstration. 3. Any new Idea and Creativity in the display. 4. Level of effort.

Trainees Activities

Sports Activity

Morning Assembly Hosting

Halaqa Program

Umrah Trips.

Trainees utilizing the Library.

Advisory Meeting

An Advisory Meeting was conducted on 11 March 2013. All the trainees went to their advisors and received feedback about their performance. The advisors guided the trainees in their plan of action in their studies to achieve the best results.

Inter Group Quiz Competition H group

November 2012: Inter Group Quiz Competition for H group. Congratulation! Group H-4 (1st place)
Abdulmajeed Wadi Masoud Al-Qonfothi Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed Al-Mohash Raid Rashed Hamad Abo Hameed Yazid Mamdouh Nisha AlWabiri Al-Shamari

Group H-3 (2nd place)

Hussain Adnan Ahmad AlSemail Mohamad Abdullah Jobran Hadadi Mohamad Abdulwahab Hussain Al-Saadan Mohamad Ahmad Abdulmohsen Al-Sweeq

Group H-2 (3rd place)

Ahmad Salah Mohamad Al-Wesidi Al-Harbi Ayoub Menwer Eid AlMezani Al-Mutairi Belal Jaafar Taher AlJelwah Faisl Eid Awad Al-Shamlani Al-Enazi

Group H-1 (4th place)

Abdulaziz Mohammed Sedek Hawsawi Abdullah Mohamad Lafi Al-Dahmashi Al-Enazi Abdulrahman Hossain Ali Alghnam Asem Abdulaziz Saleh AlHuthaayel

Technical Contest

Regular Technical Contests are done in the workshops as extracurricular activities.


Student Technical Orientation to Touchstone

February 5, 2013, English Department coordinated and participated in a workshop on Technical Orientation to Touchstone with Mr. Warren Ritson as the workshop presenter. They discussed how the authors intended the series to be used, how the corpus was instrumental in the making of the series and advice to motivate the students on how get the maximum benefit from the series.

KET Program


Thanks to Dr. Khaled extending the official KET sponsorships to anyone scoring 70 and above, this year more than 25 trainees from group H were awarded for excelling in their English exams. They are now qualified to take the official KET exam at the British Council. Topping the list is;

Ali Saed M. Hermes Al Jaarah

Marwan Khaled Saad Al-Denini Hamad Saud A. Shanan Al-Dosari Mohammad Eisa Ali Al-Daham Abdullelah Noman Ziad Arafat Mohammad Ali Hassan Al-Obaid Walid A. M. Al Gefail Asiri Mohammad A. M. Al-Ebrahim 93.33 91.50 89.83 87.67 83.33 82.17 81.33

Hussain Ali Hussain Al-Hasan Ahmad Ali Ahmad Al-Barbari Hashem Ali I. Al Khalaf Al-Faqih Abdullah F. Mahmood Al-Hendi Ahmad Ali Ahmad Al-Abdullah Mohammad Hasan Ali Al-Shehri Mahmood F. Mahmood Al-Hendi 94.83 93.33 90.33 89.00 86.17 82.67 81.67

Exam Week


Arabplast 2013 Exhibition

HIPF participated in Arabplast 2013 @ the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre UAE. The petrochemical industry in the GCC region has become a major investment opportunity for the Gulf states as they set to become the world's largest source of polyethylene and polypropylene Arabplast.

TTC visit HIPF

March 09 & 11, 2013: TTC (Technical Trainers College) visit and tour HIPF facilities as part of their learning and training program.

TVTC Al-Baha visit HIPF

Feb. 26, 2013. HIPF Welcomed TVTC Al-Baha delegates and gave them a tour of HIPF facilities.


SPDC Courtesy Visit

Mr. Osamu Murata, Managing Director in charge of Finance SPDC. January 2013.

SPDC Managing Directors, Mr. Okumura & Mr. Tago with Mr. Kanamori, President of SPDC.

Mr. Sakurai of SPDC Courtesy Visit January 2013.

HRH Sattam Bin Saud bin Abdulaziz with TVTC Governor and Delegates.

March 4, 2013: HRH Sattam Bin Saud bin Abdulaziz with TVTC Governor and Delegates visit HIPF.

Minister of Trade & Industry visit HIPF

December 26, 2012: Minister of Trade & Industry and delegates tour HIPF facilities.


Mitsubishi Corp. visit HIPF

December 2012: HIPF Welcomed Mitsubishi Corp. President & CEO Mr. Ken Kobayashi and Delegates.

HIPF welcomes SADARA

March 13, 2013: HIPF Welcomed SADARA Executives.

TVTC Mackenzie Delegates

February 13, 2013: TVTC Mackenzie Company Delegates Visit HIPF.

Al Hokair Group visit HIPF

February 13, 2013: Al Hokair Group, Mr. Khaled A. Al Jebali, GM, IQS and delegates tours HIPF.


Short Courses

February 18-20, 2013: Basic Polymer Technology Short Course special for PCC (Saudi PETROCHEMICAL CONVERSION COMPANY LTD.)

February 10-12, 2013: Sheet Extrusion & Thermoforming Short Course attended by participants from SABIC and Takween.

February 3-5, 2013: Injection Molding Short Course participants attended from NEPROPLAST (Jeddah) and SIG Combibloc Obeikan Company Ltd. (Riyadh)

December 17-19, 2012: Injection Molding Short Course participants attended from SABIC, SIG Combibloc Obeikan Company Limited and Advanced Electronics Company.

October 8-10, 2012: Plastics Test Methods Short Course attended by participants from SABIC, SIPCHEM, PETRO RABIGH, National Co. for Plastics and AlHarbi Fiberglass & PI.




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