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CAR PURCHASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is mainly developed for car Company. It is used to maintain the whole company activities such as invoice, selling, order, purchase, stocks, account information and dealer details. There is also possibility for searching the customer information by using car id, car model. Our project also has the entry for the stock and product details that are maintained by the administrator and it contains the information like type of car, car rate. The Management can know the growth of the company by viewing profit and loss by maintaining the total tax accounts and turnover of the company in a particular year or durations. This project is useful for car booking and generating the report bill for purchased cars either imports or exports Models. Customer can choose the models with extra features using this project and compare the engine Quality with other product for best purchase.

PROCESSOR RAM HARD DISK FLOPPY DISK KEYBOARD MOUSE : : : : : : Intel Pentium IV 512 MB 80 GB 1.44MB drive Logitech Internet Keyboard Optical Scroll Mouse.


Front-end Back-end : : VB.Net 2005 SQLSERVER 2005

Operating System :

Windows XP.

3. Module
This project CAR PURCHASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM deals with purchasing of various car models. The different Modules are: Product Master Car Details Car Models Stocks Dealer Details Sales Payment Invoice Report

Product Master
The Master, who decides the rate of the car and maintains the stock details. The administrator has a user name and password to view the details of the car.

Car Details
In this Module we can show the various type of car and their details. The car details are car id, car model, company name, rate, quantity, engine quality.

Car Models
In this module contains car color, car style, engine speed.

In this module is used to display the total number of car and also used to view the particular car and the whole stock. The reorder level is also maintained by the admin to purchase the car from the dealer at the correct time.

Dealer Details
This module is used to know the details of the dealer.The details are as follows dealer name, address, phone no, mobile no.

In this Module the master purchase the car from dealers.It contains the following details such as date, dealer id, car id, number of car, car amount, and total amount of the car.

This module is used to sales the car to the customer.

This module is used to pay the amount the cars.

This module is used to display the bills with the number, quantity of cars and then finally display the total amount of the car.

This Module is used to create the reports for necessary process .These reports are used to view the items available in the stock. This Module contains, Stock Reports Bill Reports Order Reports Profit Reports

Stock Reports
This module is used to display the total number of cars.

Bill Reports
This Module is used to create the purchase bill and sales bill.

Order Reports
This Module is used to display the details of the ordered car.

Profit Reports

This module is used to calculate and display the profit