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kura FAQ --------1. Can I use a different MySQL version other than MySQL server 5.5?

-You can use only MySQL server 5.5 or a higher version. 2. Can I use different versions of Java and Tomcat other than the specified vers ions in ReadMe file? - applicationThe application has been fully tested only with the specified v ersions given in the ReadMe file. 3. Do I need to set the environment variables (JAVA_HOME, CATALINA_HOME) to setu p the application? - it is not required for installation. But if you checkout the source code f rom Sourceforge.net and build the application, then you need to setup the JAVA_H OME, ANT_HOME and append JAVA_HOME\bin, ANT_HOME\bin to the `path` environment v ariable. 4. I installed Tomcat, but not as a service. Then how can I start Tomcat after I restart my PC? - You can start Tomcat by executing the tomcat\bin\startup.bat file. 5. I'm getting an error like "Access is denied; Unable to open the service tomca t7" in Windows7. How do I solve this? I. Right click 'tomcat7w.exe' which is in the bin folder of the Tomcat insta llation. II. Select 'Properties'. II. Then in 'Compatibility' tab, under 'Privilege Level', select the 'Run thi s program as an administrator' option. 6. Can I have more than one Tomcat server on a single machine? - Yes you can, but make sure that both servers are configured properly. 7. Can I execute the db executers in MySQL Workbench? - No you cannot. 8. How do I execute the db executer with the MySQL command-line tool? - The executer has paths configured relative to SQL scripts. Therefore, firs t you need to change the path to the base directory of the db scripts folder. Fr om there, you need to start the MySQL command-line tool. Then you can run the ex ecutor with no issues. E.g.: c:\windows>cd c:\akura\Db Scripts c:\akura\Db Scripts>mysql -u root -p root mysql>\. EXECUTER_NEW_USER.sql 9. How do I setup the database without using the db executor? - If you are not using the db executor, execute the SQL scripts one-by-one i n the following order: alpha/SMS_TABLES.sql alpha/SMS_VIEWS.sql alpha/SMS_STUDENT_ADVANCE_SEARCH_SP.sql alpha/SMS_DEFAULT_DATA.sql

beta1.0/AKURA_TABLES.sql beta1.0/AKURA_VIEWS.sql beta1.0/AKURA_DEFAULT_DATA.sql beta1.1/AKURA_TABLES.sql beta1.1/AKURA_VIEWS.sql akura2.0/AKURA_TABLES.sql akura2.0/AKURA_VIEWS.sql akura2.0/AKURA_DEFAULT_DATA.sql akura2.0/SMS_STUDENT_ADVANCE_SEARCH_SP.sql akura2.0/SP_STUDENT_EXAM_MARK.sql akura2.0/SP_LANGUAGE_ID_TO_STUDY_MEDIUM_MIGRATION.sql akura2.0/AKURA_DEFAULT_DATA_USER_PRVILEGES.sql akura2.1/AKURA_TABLES.sql akura2.1/AKURA_VIEWS.sql akura2.1/AKURA_DEFAULT_DATA.sql akura2.1/SP_STUDENT_EXAM_MARK.sql akura2.1/AKURA_DEFAULT_DATA_USER_PRVILEGES.sql akura2.2/AKURA_TABLES.sql akura2.2/AKURA_VIEWS.sql akura2.2/AKURA_DEFAULT_DATA.sql akura2.2/SP_STUDENT_EXAM_MARK.sql akura2.3/AKURA_TABLES.sql akura2.3/AKURA_VIEWS.sql akura2.3/AKURA_DEFAULT_DATA_USER_PRVILEGES.sql akura2.3/FAITH_LIFE_GRADING_FIX.sql akura2.3/SECTION_HEAD_INTEGRATION_FIX.sql akura2.4/STUDENT_STATUS_FIX.sql akura2.4/STAFF_LEAVE_TYPE_INTEGRATION.sql akura2.4/AKURA_TABLES.sql akura2.4/AKURA_VIEWS.sql akura2.4/AKURA_DEFAULT_DATA_USER_PRVILEGES.sql akura2.4/AKURA_STUDENT_ADVANCE_SEARCH_SP.sql akura2.4/SP_STUDENT_EXAM_MARK.sql akura2.4/AKURA_DEFAULT_DATA.sql akura2.4/METHOD_OF_TRAVEL_FIX.sql akura2.5/AKURA_TABLES.sql akura2.5/AKURA_VIEWS.sql akura2.5/AKURA_DEFAULT_DATA_USER_PRVILEGES.sql akura2.5/SP_STUDENT_GAMIFICATION_SEARCH.sql akura2.6/AKURA_TABLES.sql akura2.6/AKURA_VIEWS.sql akura2.6/SP_STUDENT_GAMIFICATION_SEARCH.sql akura2.6/AKURA_STUDENT_ADVANCE_SEARCH_SP.sql akura2.6/AKURA_DEFAULT_DATA_USER_PRVILEGES.sql akura2.6/AKURA_DEFAULT_DATA.sql AKURA_TABLES.sql AKURA_VIEWS.sql The above scripts are only for new users. Existing users need to execute add itional scripts to carry out data migrations. Data migration from kura-0.9-alpha : Users who have filled `Religious Activit ies` should execute the following script. Dummy records have been added to the ` GRADING' table and set as default value for the `GRADING_ID` in `FAITH_LIFE_RATI NG` table. beta1.1/FAITH_LIFE_FIX.sql Data fixes (kura-2.0 or previous versions): Before executing the upgrade scri pts it is mandatory to execute the following script:

STUDENT_PARENT_DUPLICATES_REMOVAL_FIX.sql Data fixes (kura-2.1 or previous versions): Before executing the upgrade scri pts it is mandatory to execute the following script: FOREIGN_KEY_FIX.sql Data fixes (kura-2.2 or previous versions): Before executing the upgrade scri pts it is mandatory to execute the following script: USER_LOGIN_DATA_MIGRATION.sql 10. How do I configure Gmail to send email? Make the following changes in the `akura-common-beans-main.xml` file. I. Find the `javaMailSender` bean element and add the following property. <bean id="javaMailSender" class="org.springframework.mail.javamail.JavaMailS enderImpl" > <property name="javaMailProperties"> <props> <!-- Enable SMTP authontication --> <prop key="mail.smtp.auth">true</prop> <!-- Use TLS to encrypt communication with SMTP server --> <prop key="mail.smtp.starttls.enable">true</prop> <!-- if you are using SSL you need to uncomment the following pr operty file. --> <!-- <prop key="mail.smtp.ssl.enable">true</prop> --> </props> </property> </bean> II. The port for TLS/STARTTLS is 587 and the port for SSL is 465. You have to set this port in the `email.properties` file. 11. I deployed kura in Tomcat 6 and some JSPs. Why am I'm getting errors? -It is recommended that you use Tomcat 7 with kura because some JSTL function s work only in Tomcat 7.