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The Newsletter of the Rotary Club of Jerrabomberra Inc D9710

Volume 17 No 01

Welcome Pres Paul

Meeting 750 - 04 Jul 13

President Paul welcomed members to meeting No 750, invited Peter Jarvis to read the Charge to Australia, Paul Robey to read the Four Way Test, and in his own words, was not as prepared as P/Pres Chris, as he proposed the Toast to Rotary International, noting no local Clubs to be toasted tonight. And I think Pres Paul was putting it mildly when he advised that he was not as prepared as PPres Chris. Pres Paul had planned to present Strategic Direction for his year, however forgot his presentation. And whilst I am in the dobbing mood, he also forgot the new pennant. So off went Pres Pauls angelic wife to pick up said forgotten items. Pres Paul welcomed Anne Davis back from her 12 months Leave of Absence, we missed you Anne!!

Chilli; Sue Jarvis; George; Kerry; Bruce; Jon Wells and Alex and Vera.

Julia and Harvey Worboys will be celebrating their 25 th Wedding Anniversary on 9 Jul 13. Happy Anniversary you two! What a fantastic milestone.

Jerraganda business: Reports: President

There was no guest speaker tonight, as Pres Paul booked the spot to enlighten us all with his Strategic Direction for the Year. Oh dear, and so it begins.. Pres Paul has emailed you all a copy of his presentation, so I will just copy direct from the presentation an extract of those important and relevant points:

The new Board has developed 5 strategies to help us grow: Strengthen our club and adapting to build our membership and diversity; Focus our service and effectiveness;

Support the Rotary Foundation; Enhance our public image and community awareness of the Rotary brand and what we do; and Have fun and enjoy ourselves. We will also modify our monthly meeting program Aim for shorter meetings - a meeting length of 90 minutes (max) i.e. start promptly at 6.30 and finish by 8pm at the latest; Have one good guest speaker each month; Ensure all members involved in club activities; Exploit fellowship and social opportunities; and Enhance members knowledge of Rotary.

and we will introduce tighter meeting schedules:

We will further explore current meeting formalities through Club Forum. On the table for discussion will be: The current toasts; The reading of the four way test; Reports; The role of the Sergeant and the fines process; The Joker; Heads & Tails; and The National Anthem.

Looking to our structure for 2013-2014. We have a Board of 8 Directors, 3 of who hold executive position: Executive: President Secretary Treasurer Paul Roger Glenn Wahlert David Bailey Directors: Chris Hunter Paul Robey Terry Spencer Sue Jarvis Lynne McPherson

Club Service Committee Director Paul Robey: Attendance & Meals David Stevens Comms & Public Engagement Chris Hunter Program and Fellowship Ian Wholohan Welfare & Historian Sue Roger Jerraganda Newsletter Mez Mulvaney SGT-At-Arms Mez Mulvaney Club Service Projects Colin Hobbs Community Service Committee Director Sue Jarvis BBQs Jan Pettigrew Epic Markets Anne Davis Fair TBA Ball Sue Jarvis & Jon Wells Bowel Care Kerry McPherson Projects Bruce Miller Pres Paul finished with the following:

International & Foundation Committee Director Terry Spencer Polio Plus Pam Spencer Cleft/Interplast/Shelterbox Cathy Hobbs Rotary Foundation George McIvor Exchange Visits & VTTs Terry Spencer Future Vision Terry Spencer

Youth & New Generations Committee Director Lynne McPherson Local Programs Glenda Wahlert District Programs Robert Cooke National Programs Lynne McPherson International Programs - Julia Worboys (LOA to 01 Jan 14) - Lynne McPherson Vocational Service Peter Jarvis

As always, I and the board members are interested in your views. We will be tabling some things for discussion at meetings over the coming weeks, but if you would like to better understand our thinking, or provide any additional thoughts to the matters highlighted in the presentation, please feel free to discuss with me or any of the directors. I am back working on contract for a couple of months for 4 days a week, but will be happy to take calls or catch up at meetings. Pres Paul advised that the new Club Public Officer is Glenn Wahlert. And finally, our motto for this year Doing good, and having Fun.

Reports: Secretary
Secretary Glenn handed out copies of the District Directory to all members .

Reports: Treasurer
Treasurer David had Nothing to Report

Reports: Club Service:

Paul Robey had Nothing to Report

Reports: Community
Sue Jarvis was doing the proud Grandmother thing and was in Sydney helping out, so Nothing to Report

Reports: International
Terry suggested he might give a 10 minute presentation on one of the projects currently being undertaken, however after gauging the responsiveness of the Club Members following Pres Pauls presentation, I believe his decision to save that for a later meeting was a wise one.

Reports: Youth
Nothing to report.

General Business:
Invite to Fundraiser. PPres Chris raised the Fundraiser. Glenn has sent out invite from Alison and Bill Taylor. Trivia Night: Cathy Hobbs advised she has one table and if any other members were interested could they pls let her know. Historian. Sue Roger asked if anyone has any photos or reports or otherwise of past presidents, could they pls send to her for our 15th year anniversary.

Jerra Jam. Ian advised that the next Jerra Jam was scheduled for Fri 26 Jul. Resignation. David Bailey advised that Vanessa was unable to find a new Club that would meet the dizzy heights of the standard of our Club and consequently has submitted her resignation. A great loss to the Club, (we nearly had a youngin there!), however we have a mutual acquaintance in the form of her dad, so Vanessa will always be welcome back! New Members. And so we move on. You lose some and then you win others! Rosemary and Anton will be transferring to our Club on 19 Jul 13.

175th Anniversary Ball. There will likely be updates, reminders and requests leading up to Sep, so I have dedicated a special spot for all Ball announcements

175 Anniversary Ball:

From Pres Paul: I have emailed a poster promoting the 175th Anniversary Ball. Could you do your best to promote the ball to your contacts with a view to getting the word out. We have confirmation we will have the Melbourne Cup on the night and we will also be minting a special commemorative medallion which will be a gift to all attending the Ball (only 400 will be minted). There has been reasonable early interest with several people advising they are getting a table (or tables together). We also have a Gold and a Silver sponsor on board already, so it looks like a great night is in the making. Get your DJs and best frocks dusted off. Could you let me know if you are planning on attending the 175th Anniversary Ball on 28th September and how many tickets you might want? I am reserving tables on the floor plan and need a rough guide on numbers. Equally, if you are going to be away, and have not yet advised, could you also let me know? Currently I have Anne and David, Colin and Cathy and Glenn and Glenda out of the state/country at that time.

Twitter: Go to @jerrarotary. Invite your friends to like our FB Page.


Farmers Market Corner:

Introducing the Market Mistress Anne Davis For anyone who wasnt aware, Anne has taken over the market roster so any changes need to be advised to her. I will continue to record the takings in this forum, so pls include me each week in the email you all religiously send advising of the breakup of money for bags and tables.

Thankyou Anne and good luck!

Market Takings for last week:

28 Jun 13

Anne Davis, Vicki Still, Terry Spencer

Tables $140.00

Bags $122.00

Total: $262.00

Comments: Tough gig, almost market virgins relying on Terry for guidance!! Comments: Tougher gig. Pulled triple duty!! No money for Tables

04 Jul 13

Ian Wholohan

Tables Nil

Bags $76.00

Total: $76.00

Surgery/Medical Call: Apparently Chilly has the man flu and is dying. Rumour has it that no-

one has ever had such a severe case of this deadly ailment in the history of man flu. If anyone else has been unwell over the last week and I am not aware, get well soon!

SGT Fines: The fines session this week took - $40.90. And to ensure you are all up to speed
with the Golden Rules of the fine session, here they are just one more time: No talking excessively during the fine session, (in fact, after last Thu night, no talking at all during the session, hey Paul Robey?); Do not argue with the SGT, truth is a mere detail that won't get in the way of a good fine, you argue, you pay twice; I will email 3 Rotarians a week to send me (via email) a fine on one of their fellow Rotarians (you will remain anonymous). No fine, and you will be named and shamed at the next meeting, as well as being fined; Do not complain, fine sessions can be challenging, if you can do better, please feel free to volunteer to take over from me.

Heads and Tails: Congrats to Sue Roger, who on winning was heard to say crap, I won a bottle
of the cheap wine left over from my Heads and Tails days.

Attendance: Thankyou David Stevens, although technically attendance was 72.0%, being the

first meeting for the Rotary Year, and using the secret formula only used at Changeover Meetings, Attendance was actually 99.9%. And true to my prediction, the Port and Baileys was compliments of P/Pres Chris. The Pom didnt bring any.

********************************************************************************************************************* Joker:
Anne Davis has kindly offered to take over the Joker as of next week. I will continue to include a joke each week in the Jerraganda but am more than happy to print any jokes sent into me. David Stevens won the fight but lost the war. Total for the Joker was $34.00, which brings the current Joker balance to $293.00, however still waiting for confirmation from our Treasurer that I am on the right track. The Australian Medical Association has weighed in on the Prime Minister's health care proposals: The Allergists voted to scratch it, but the Dermatologists advised not to make any rash moves. The Gastroenterologists had a sort of a gut feeling about it, but the neurologists thought the Administration had a lot of nerve. The Obstetricians felt they were all labouring under a misconception. Ophthalmologists considered the idea short-sighted. Pathologists yelled, "Over my dead body!" while the Paediatricians said, "Oh, Grow up!" The Psychiatrists thought the whole idea was madness, while the Radiologists could see right through it. The Surgeons were fed up with the cuts and decided to wash their hands of the whole thing. The ENT specialists didn't swallow it, and just wouldn't hear of it. The Pharmacologists thought it was a bitter pill to swallow, and the Plastic Surgeons said, "This puts a whole new face on the matter...." The Podiatrists thought it was a step forward, but the Urologists were pissed off at the whole idea. The Anaesthetists thought the whole idea was a gas, but the Cardiologists didn't have the heart to say no. In the end, the Proctologists won out, leaving the entire decision up to the assholes in Parliament.

************************************************************************************************************************** Reminders:
None this week, maybe we need to remind some people???

Program Watch this space!

Social & Special Events

28 Sep 175th Anniversary Ball

Farmers Market
13 Jul 13 20 Jul 13 27 Jul 13 Cathy and Colin Hobbs and Jon Wells David and Anne Davis and Bruce Miller Paul and Sue Roger and Terry Spencer

St Benedict's Roster Watch this space

Club Officers 2012-2013 President President Elect Vice President Secretary Treasurer Club Service Director Community Service Director International and Foundation Director Youth and New Generations Director Paul Roger Paul Robey Chris Hunter Glenn Wahlert David Bailey Paul Robey Sue Jarvis Terry Spencer Lynne McPherson

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Vera Alexander Vickie Still Phil Sixsmith

In 1998 the Rotary Clubs of Queanbeyan and Queanbeyan West Rotary decided to sponsor a new Rotary Club based in Jerrabomberra. Bill Lilley, John Snedden and Peter Jarvis from Queanbeyan West took on the joint roll of mentor (Peter Jarvis went on to become our Charter President). Advertising for potential members began in March 1998. After a successful campaign, the Club was chartered on 18 November 1998 with 20 members. We are an unusual club as we have a very high proportion of female Members. Initial meetings were held at the Jerrabomberra General Storethe venue was very good until we grew in numbers. We then moved to the Jerrabomberra Community Centre for a few years. We now meet at the Jerrabomberra Public School Staff Room, on Thursdays (6.15 for 6.30 pm). As at 11 Jun 2013 the Club has 27 members 11 female and 16 male. Included in this are seven married couples. We also have 4 supporters of the Rotary Club. (Charter) President Peter Jarvis ran competitions to select a name for our Club bulletin and a design for the Club banner. There were some good and (very) bad suggestions. Pam Spencer suggested the winning bulletin name; Jerraganda. The banner design by David Stevens was eventually selected. The design incorporates a goose and the windmill associated with the original entrance to the estate.

'Never trust a man with short legs his brains too near his bum.'