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Facts: Danilo and Vida Ma. Corazon married on March 23, 1988. Four years after, the wife filed for Declaration of Nullity of Marriage alleging that both she and her husband were suffering psychologically incapacity. The root cause of such psychological incapacity being present prior and even during the time of the marriage ceremony was stated and alleged in the complaint by discussing their family backgrounds which was clinically identified by a competent and expert psychologist who found that the psychological incapacity of both husband and wife to perform their marital obligations is grave, incorrigible and incurable. Such PI of the husband manifested by lack of financial support; lack of drive and incapacity to discern the plight of his working wife ; by consistent jealousy and distrust; by alternated moods between hostile defiance and contrition; his refusal to assist in the maintenance of the family, refusal to foot the household bills and provide for his family's needs; by being insensitive to the feelings of his wife; by humiliating and embarrassing his wife even in the presence of their children. He also exhibited arrogance. The wife, on the other hand, is effusive and displays her feelings openly and freely which change very quickly - from joy to fury to misery to despair, depending on her day-to-day experiences. Her tolerance for boredom was very low. She was emotionally immature; she cannot stand frustration or disappointment. She cannot delay to gratify her needs. She gets upset when she cannot get what she wants. Self-indulgence lifts her spirits immensely. Their hostility towards each other distorted their relationship which led to the breakdown of their marriage. Private respondent manifested psychological aversion to cohabit with her husband or to take care of him. Petitioner principally argued that the petition failed to state a cause of action and that it failed to meet the standards set by the Court for the interpretation and implementation of Article 36 of the Family Code.

ISSUE: Whether or not the allegations contained in respondent's petition are insufficient to support a declaration of nullity of marriage based on psychological incapacity? HELD; No. The petition observed the requirements in Republic vs. Court of Appeals (268 SCRA 198), otherwise known as the Molina Doctrine. There was allegation of the root cause of the psychological incapacity of both the petitioner and the respondent. The manifestation of juridical antecedence was alleged. The allegations constituting the gravity of psychological incapacity were also alleged in the petition. The incurability was likewise alleged. Moreover, the clinical finding of incurability was quoted in the petition. There is a cause of action presented in the petition for the nullification of marriage under Article 36 of the Family Code.