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Point 021.

Affiant has no record or evidence that Affiant's signature is not properly rescinded with this and any other previous documents, as per EXHIBIT 021 DECLARATION OF CORRECTION BY RESCINDING SIGNATURE/AUTOGRAPH. ADMIT - Libellees listed in this document admit to the truth and guilt of utilizing Affiant's signature as binding when Libellees knew, or should have known, full disclosure of all the terms with ramifications explained, were not made at any time of any application or demand of Affiant's signature.

EXHIBIT 021 - NOTICE of Rescission of Signature

Affiant, because of fraud, not generally, but specifically, from the inception/inducement of contracts altogether with fictional/legal entities, who cannot, with first-hand knowledge, by act or deed, by way of a flesh and blood, living, breathing man, whether, implied, assented, assumed, presumed, or otherwise, from lack of understanding, or by being purposely misled (whether intentional or by mistake, in order to get another to give up their Right or Property), whereby having converted my Rights given by my Creator and the Creator of all that is, into a Privilege to be monitored, controlled, or retracted by fictional entities, legal entities, or by Corporate Structure, and having the binding of the alleged agreement/contract executed by the giving of my signature/autograph, does, hereby with this Declaration rescind all signatures made in pursuit of any alleged agreement made with non-living, fictional, and corporate entities from the inception of alleged agreements, whereby all the facts of the agreement were not made known to Affiant, making said agreements of a fraudulent nature, being based upon fraud with the solicitation to defraud, and being brought forward on fraud previously formed. All presumptions are hereby dispelled with fictional, artificial, and legal entities, and all fictional, artificial, and legal entities are hereby NOTICED that they are at arms length, and shall remain at such distance, with all assumptions and presumptions dispelled. Affiant has no record, evidence, or proof that the above statements are not correct.

If a contract or agreement is void for fraud or voidable for fraud, and the opposing party ignores (does not respond to/rebut) one's affidavit of rescindment for fraud, a dishonor has occurred (UCC 3-505) for nonacceptance of refusal for cause (of unconscionable instrument UCC 2-302). UCC 1-103.6 mandates all parties to construe the statute in harmony with the common law, within statutorially created legislative agency, forcing recognition of common law rights.

Assimilation Act [As to signatures, when on the witness stand, or in any sworn document, you can deny a signature that you wrote is your signature. "You can say it looks like my signature but it is not" BECAUSE to be a bona fide signature, two factors come into play; 1) the form or the writing and 2) full knowledge of what you were signing, i.e. full disclosure. So in many cases one can legally deny a signature because of the non full disclosure and the discovery of FRAUD].