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SAP Report Specification Form

To help us meet your reporting needs, please provide specific details of the business process as well as your reporting requirements. Complete the Report Specification Form and send it to John Doe, Mailstop or email jdoe@axis.com.

About Yourself
Requestors Name Iain Coope Dept. or Cost Center SAP Report User (or Accounts Receivable Dept.) if different from requestor Phone 01189 053 118 Email Iain.coope@uk.mci. com Todays 27/10/2004 Date

About the Report

Priority or need for this report (check one): High Medium Low

1. Name of desired report 2. Customer with Credit Balances 3. Give a short description of the desired report (including the business benefit of this report): 4. Show customers with a net credit balance, show figures net of vat or inclusive of VAT, show figures in local currency 1 and 2

Report Specification Form

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Technical Information
5. Source of business data: Name the application or data area of the report 6. Accounts receivable, customer balances. Create a report to show Customer balances (in Credit only) in Local Currency 1 and 2

7. Please specify any known tables and/or fields desired within report: 8. BSEG, BSID, BSAD, BKPF, KNB1 Fields required in attached spreadsheet

C:\Docum ents and Settings\hschreur\Desktop\foreign currency and custom er with credit balance.xls

9. Please list any standard SAP reports you found that are similar to the desired report. Specify why the reports you considered do not meet your needs. 10.Title of Report Program name / transaction code / other

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Bungee Corporation

11.Please enter a long description of the desired report. Please include: 12.Business need for this report 13.Selection Criteria 14.A description of the layout and screen information the report should provide (such as weekly, monthly, or quarterly data; column or row headings; summations, and document data, etc.) 15.References to any legacy system reports considered from which this report can be found (with attachments, listings, or screen-shots if possible) 16. Existing report to be copied and new selection criteria and filters to be added. The report currently outputs a balance and split into aged debt buckets for all customers within the selection criteria, these balances include all DR and CR items regardless of a VAT amount being present in the line items making up that balance. Requirement is to show the balances of the top X customers with the highest balance within the selection criteria e.g. top 60 with highest outstanding debt in the RFPDO1 PER4 column. The top highest number will be a selection criteria i.e. select 50 and the top 50 customer balances in RFPDO1 PER4 (BSID-DMBTR) column.

A further selection criteria should be tax code BSEG-MWSKZ . Only those items, balances and customers with a tax code of G4 should be output in the report. To add flexibility this should be selection criteria. Show balance inclusive of Credits on a customer account provided all debits on the account are tax code G4 or whatever tax code was selected. Only output the top X customers, the ranking of this X list is in highest to lowest order according to balance in RFPDO1 PER4 (BSID-DMBTR) column.

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Bungee Corporation

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Copyright 2000 SAP AG. All rights reserved

Bungee Corporation