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Lesson Plan

Subject Year / Class No. of Students Date Time Duration Theme Learning Area Learning Objectives : : : : : : : : : 1 hour Investigating Force and Energy 2. Movement 2.1 Understanding speed Science 6 1

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to: (i) state that an object which moves faster travels a longer distance. (ii) state that an object which moves faster takes a shorter time to travel a given distance Pupils know what is a speed.

Prior Knowledge

: :

Science Process Skills

Observing, inferring, communicating Comparing and contrasting, generating ideas, making

Critical Thinking : conclusions Scientific Attitudes & Noble Values

Being thankful to God, thinking rationally, being cooperative, having critical and analytical thinking, being confident

Teaching -Learning Resources : Laptop, LCD projector, pictures, worksheets

Phases / Time Orientation (5 minutes)

Contents Some objects moves faster while others moves slower.

Teaching - learning Activities Teacher shows a video clip about hare and tortoise race. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyQdsJ6_11Q Teacher asks the students: Have you ever listened to this story before? Why the hare thought tortoise will lose the game? In this story, if hare did not sleep who would win the game? Why hare could win if its did not sleep? Why tortoise would lose the game? Teacher introduces the terms slower and faster. Student fills in the black:

Remarks Teaching aids Laptop, LCD projector Science process skills Observing, inferring Thinking skills Comparing and contrasting Scientific attitudes / Noble value Being thankful to God

Elicitation of Ideas (15 minutes)

An object which moves faster travels longer distance

A hare moves faster than tortoise. A tortoise moves slower than a hare. Activity 1 Teacher gives a situation and asks the student questions based on the situation. Questions: Which car travels longer distance in 1 hour? Why? Which car takes longer time to reach the destination? Why?

Teaching aids Situation card, map Science process skills Observing Infering Thinking skills Comparing & contrasting

An object which moves faster takes shorter time.

Situation: Car A and Car B travelled to a destination without stopping at any place. However, Car A reached the destination earlier. At that time car B

was still half way

Relating Scientific attitudes / Noble value. Thinking rationally. Having critical and

Restructuring of Ideas (10 minutes)

Compare movement of cyclist and motorcyclist. a horse and a cow aeroplane and bus

Activity 2 Teacher shows pictures of certain activities. Student come in front and state which activity is faster and slower.

analytical thinking Teaching aids Pictures Science process skills Observing Communicating Thinking skill Comparing and contrasting Scientific attitudes / Noble value Having critical and analytical thinking Thinking rationally Being confident

Application (25 minutes)

Students compare speed of toy car on different surfaces. 1. carpet

Activity 3 Student moves a toy car on different type of surfaces using same force. Teacher can do it with

Teaching aids carpet, floor, sand, rubber band, toy cars (same type)

2. sand 3. floor other types of surfaces.

aid of rubber band to make sure the same amount of force applied. Student compare on which surface the car travels furthest, further and slower. Then, on floor teacher moves two toy cars with different forces; 1 is using small force (Toy Car A), another one is using bigger forces (Toy Car B). Student concludes that the car which moves faster (Toy Car B) travel faster and longer distance, while the car which moves slower travel shorter distance.

Science process skills Communicating infering Thinking skill Relating Scientific attitudes / Noble value Thinking rationally Being confident

Reflection (5 minutes)

Conclusion about speed

With aid of pictures student summarizes the lesson.

Teaching aids Worksheets, mind map, pictures Thinking skill Making conclusion Visualising Scientific attitudes / Noble value Thinking rationally Being confident


Orientation - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyQdsJ6_11Q

activity 3: Materials: Carpet, Sand, Floor, Toy car.

Activity 2: Pictures