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MRF Limited (MRF) Business Process Procedure for Bank Master MRF_BPP_MD_FI006_V1.0 S L Suryanarayanan, Jayakar Samuel, GSR Potti & Subba Rao (Core Team) A.K.Venkatesh (Functional Consultant) K Varadharajan (Integration Manager) K Varadharajan (Integration Manager) Contact No. 28292777 Version: Date: 1.0 29.05.07

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28292777 Ext: 508 28292777 Ext: 508 28292777 Ext: 508

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29.05.07 29.05.07 29.05.07

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Requirements & Expectations Bankers Name, Account Number, Type of account, Currency details. Reports: Receipts and payment Report, Customer wise Report, Instrument dishonor Report and Bank Reconciliation Statement.

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General Explanations The bank master would contain all the details pertaining to the bank accounts of the company. The banks where we are maintaining the accounts are called the house bank and is identified by the country key and the bank key. Under the house bank there could be many accounts denoted by the account ids. Bank masters are also to be maintained for the banks where the customers and the vendors maintain their accounts. GL accounts would be mapped to these bank masters where we create the link between the bank master and the general ledger. The GL accounts pertaining to the banks should have a reference of the house bank id and the account id in it. It should also contain the cash management planning levels mentioned which will enable the cash management and the liquidity forecasting.

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Naming / Numbering Conventions All the banks are arranged alphabetically and numbers allotted.

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Special Organizational Considerations The account should specify whether it is a cash credit account or current account.

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Changes to the Existing Organization At present we have one bank account code in general ledger for the same bank different accounts at different locations. Ex:- 4633 is used for HDFC Bank account whether it is in Raipur or Delhi. Description of improvements Bank Reconciliation Statement can be taken from the System itself. ( since there will be 3 different GL account codes ) Description of Functional Deficits Number of GL Accounts would increase since we have to give account code for each Bank account Number even if it is in the same branch of the bank.
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Approaches to covering Functional Deficits For the purpose of the preparation of the bank reconciliation in the system, three general ledger accounts are to be maintained for each house bank account. File Conversion Considerations None

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Financial Accounting Bank Master Bank Master


Project Team Name A K Venkatesh Varadharajan K Role Consultant Siemens Integration Manager Siemens Core Team MRF Core Team MRF Process Owner MRF Signature Date

Subba Rao Jayakar Samuel S L Suryanarayanan

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