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(Translation and Interpretation) The differences between translating and interpreting is translating is more a process of changing a source language

(written text) to a target language text. Interpreting is more to a verbal process of changing the source language to target language.

Working lineeeeeeeeeee :3 : teachers, petition writer, professional interpreter, pegawai tadbir dan diplomatik in government service, lecturer, law firm assistant, personal assistant in companies, proofreading and translating, and lots more... 1. basically, youll learn LOTS of foreign language and culture :D (yeay!!! A very great point in my point of view)cause youll have foreign language week; e.g. Spanish Language Week, Malay Language Week, Korean Language Week and Japanese Language Week. A student from the same course type this up in her blog post saying; We even had fiesta or exhibition about the origin country of the foreign language. They cooked their delicacy, show you how to make small crafts, etc. As for USM Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) Translation and Interpretation (Ijazah Sarjana Muda Sastera (Kepujian) Terjemahan dan Interpretasi) students, you get priority in taking foreign language course as your minor. Minor courses offered are Japanese, Chinese (for non-primary Chinese students) and Arabic. I took Japanese as my minor and even keep learning Japanese till now. 2. classes. Heres what to expect! (I dont know why when Im listing these things.im feeling a bit jealous cause your course sounds soooo fun! -.-) youll learn about the history of translations. Youll learn basic knowledge of computer and adobe flash thingy. If you have a very great vocab collection in BM and BI, congratulation, cause with those beautiful vocabs in your head, the only thing that left to learn is the translating method! Heres what student from the course blogged: I like Sociolinguistic this class the most. We got to analyse the language used by all walks of life and found a way to explain why they used that kind of expressions. I also like Malay and English Grammar & Editing Strategy. We could role-play as editor and told our friends what mistakes they made. In exchange, we got the same harsh critics from our friends too! first semester of the course introduced the basic theories of translation, ways to editing, English grammar, Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi, basic English (everyone must take in order to graduate from university). The theories part is a bit tricky, although translating process is the same, but different theories lead to different approaches and focus on different aspects of languages, e.g. some focus on translating the exact meaning, thus focus on singular/plural and tenses; some focus on bringing out the meaning that is easy to understand by the 'audience' (reader). p/s: your course sounds way too fun than mine. -.- I really think its a good course cause weyhh you still can be a teacher by the end of the day :D cause youll learn basic things like grammar and stuff in BI and

BM. Plus, you can be another foreign language teacher too (sdfghjkl. Ini saya jelesssssssssssss) .. in SBP and MRSM (I think mrsm have too hmmm not sure but im sure about SPBs student) student have to learn 3rd/4th language so, tarraaaaaaaaaaaa!!! You can be another spb teacher. Cheers! You can be book editor too (baca buku yang best awai dari segala orang ). So far, im pretty sure this course is a great one! Enjoy your study Lala! :*