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Tennessee Alumnae News

De l ta Ze ta Te nne s s e e A lum na e

Delta Zeta is for Life

Hello Delta Zeta Sisters! Welcome to our third publication for our state newsletter! We hope this newsletter finds you well and having a great Summer! Our State Alumnae Team has been very busy working with our alumnae chapters as well as our collegiate chapters and we have some exciting news to share with you this quarter that youll find in our newsletter. Stay connected! Did you know the Tennessee Alumnae Team has a Facebook group page and Twitter account? Please search for us as Delta Zeta Tennessee Alumnae on Facebook and request to join our group! You may also follow us on Twitter, @tndzalumnae. would like us to publish and share with your sisters in our next issue, please email us at tndeltazetaalumnae@gmail.com. TN State Alumnae Team: SAC: Donna Baldwin, donna.baldwin@vanderbilt.edu Membership: Heather Hilley, hilleydz@yahoo.com Public Relations: Stephanie Bishop, steph.bishop02@gmail.com Please welcome our new coordinators! Reconnection: Jade Gallimore, jadegallimore@gmail.com Recognition: Lizzie Custer, lizziegcuster@gmail.com Volunteer Engagement: Kim Godwin, kagodwin02@yahoo.com.

July 1, 2013 Volume 1, Issue 3

Dont forget to update your contact information with National Headquarters to make sure you receive your copy of The Lamp and other important information about Delta Zeta happenings! You can do this through Delta Zetas national website, deltazeta.org, and click on Members located at the top of the page. Its easy to join and a great way to stay connected! If you have any questions or comments about our newsletter or any news you

Inside this issue:

Getting to know 2 our new State Coordinators Q&A With AAD 3 Jean Person Lost Sisters 3

Chattanooga Meet & Greet

Alumnae Chap- 4 ter Contact Info

Memphis Meet & Greet

There will be a Memphis Meet & Greet coming up soon! It is scheduled for the weekend of July 27th time and location to be determined. Join us for fun and refreshments and get to know your local sisters! Whether you are looking to reconnect to Delta Zeta, find out how to become more involved, or just hang out with some friends or meet new ones, wed love to see you there! Be on the look-out in your email for more information with further details to come soon! Were excited and hoping to get a Memphis Alumnae Chapter in the works!

Getting to Know Our New State Coordinators

I asked each of our new state coordinators to fill out a brief survey to better introduce themselves to our alumnae. Reconnection: Jade Gallimore, jadegallimore@gmail.com Volunteer Engagement: Kim Godwin, kagodwin02@yahoo.com. What chapter/school were you initiated at? Jade: Epsilon Delta, Concord University Kim: Alpha Pi, Samford University Where is the school located: Jade: Athens, West Virginia Kim: Birmingham, AL What semester and year were you initiated? Jade: Fall of 2005 Kim: Jan. 1994 Why did you join Delta Zeta? Jade: I went to a school where I knew no one but my brother. He was a year older than me, and he had introduced me to a lady named Sara over the summer when I went to register for classes. When I moved into the dorms, she was an orientation leader, and she put me in her group. Little did I know, but she was a Delta Zeta. I moved onto the fifth floor, which also happened to be the Delta Zeta floor. Regardless, I was NOT a sorority girl, and I wasnt even going to consider joining a sorority. After getting to know the girls on my floor and girls from the other sororities, I knew I was a Delta Zeta at heart. One day, I burst into Saras room and said, Sara, how do I become a Delta Zeta? After being picked up as a new member and going through initiation, the icing on the cake was that Sara became my big sister, and we are still best friends to this day! Kim: Cheri Stites King and Rebecca Rowell Cooke. I was in the marching band and had absolutely no desire to be in a sorority. When I moved to college early for band practices, my first roommate was Cheri and she asked me about the 4th day if I was registered for Recruitment. I explained that it was not what I wanted to do. That same day, Rebecca and Joanna that stood on either side of me on the field asked me if I had signed up for recruitment. So being someone that loves to try new things and meet new people I of course registered. Now, as a reminder this was Fall 1993, my boyfriend was on MTV (seriously the band was Self), and I was a grunge kid and I went Page 2 to college in Alabama. I remember my then Rho Chi telling me that no Chapter would want me if I wore those clothes to recruitment events, so I did to prove a point. When I walked into the Delta Zeta house for the first party I felt at home. I wasn't prepared for that because no one in my family was in a social fraternity or sorority, so no clue what to expect. I met about a million people, and was so impressed that it could happen that way, I did know about bumping yet. Well, the excitement for me happened when introductions occurred and I learned for the first time that not only is Cheri a Delta Zeta, but was Chapter President. After introductions I was talking to someone from UAH about who knows what and Rebecca walked up to ask me how I was doing, yep that's when I learned she is a DZ. I went through the rest of Recruitment with an open mind, but let's be honest I knew as soon as I walked into the "Ice Water Party" that if I joined it would be Delta Zeta. What makes you want to stay involved as an alumnae? Jade: Saras mother, Lisa, was our CCD, and I became very close to her as well. She was an alumna of that chapter (Epsilon Delta), and while we had our ups and downs (she was not afraid to tell you when you were getting out of line or when something you did didnt reflect Delta Zetas values!), she was a fabulous role model and someone I looked up to an enormous amount. Her sudden passing in February 2012, while devastating to myself and the chapter, really motivated me to become involved again. I have tried to stay involved with the chapter, but I want to meet my sisters that live closer to me as well. The second best decision I ever made was joining Delta Zeta (my first best was marrying my husband, John), and I want to give back to the organization that has given me so much! Kim: I take my oath of membership seriously and I made a commitment for life to this organization. My Masters degree is in Student Affairs and my first job was as a Coordinator of Greek Life at what is now Missouri University of Science & Technology. My second position was as Director of Greek Life at Middle Tennessee State. This was the first time I had been on a campus with Delta Zeta since I transferred after my sophomore year of college. There wasn't even an Alumnae Chapter in Nashville, Bowling Green (graduate school), or Rolla. Shockingly when word got out that I am a DZ, I was approached by the CCD of Iota Iota to go to an Alumnae Chapter event (back when we were called Heart of Tennessee). I went and got elected to serve as the Nashville Area Panhellenic Representative. I have never gone without an office in our Alumnae Chapter since then. When I left MTSU, I went to work for a National Men's Fraternity to run their Leadership and Educational Programming, I also did the Risk Management. I am not going to get on my soapbox about involvement because this is just about me, but let's just say that I am passionate about alumni/ae involvement. I know that my entire career, most of the dearest friends I have in the world, and some of my best memories both past and those yet to come are a direct result of being a Delta Zeta. I give up five days of my vacation time at work every year to facilitate UIFI (NIC leadership program) and weekends in the Spring for Regional events for lots of organizations. I do this because I love what Delta Zeta has given me and I want to help one other person find that too. Our creed tells me to seek, give, crusade, and love deeply...so that is what I do. Hobbies/family/etc.? Jade: I am a 3rd year osteopathic medical student at Lincoln Memorial University DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine. I am about to celebrate my three year anniversary with my soul mate, John, and I have the absolute BEST family in the world! Kim: I am a Foster Mom for Almost Home Animal Rescue in Rutherford County. We are a large and giant breed rescue, that save the big guys that don't get much of a chance once surrendered to a shelter, we are on facebook in case you want to learn more. I have 2 Great Danes of my own, Cash and Grace. Presently Harper Lee is living with me and she is my 15th foster in the last almost 5 years. I have an actual horse to go along with those inside ones listed previously. Dun Dancin' is thirteen and an unintended, though perfectly wonderful, outcome of moving his Mom to graduate school with me, his color is dun and he is a descendant of Northern Dancer the racehorse.

Tennessee Alumnae News

Pi Lambda Needs Our Help

The Pi Lambda Chapter at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga will be having a Perfecting Weekend (or in other words a Rush Retreat) August 9th and 10th. The Chattanooga Alumnae Chapter is hoping to help the Pi Lambda sisters by providing them with breakfast for the chapter. They would like to provide bagels, donuts, a parfait bar, and other great options to get the Pi Lambda sisters going each morning. The Chattanooga Alumnae Chapter is also hoping to provide the Pi Lambda sisters lunch on August 15th which is the first day of recruitment at UTC. They will be buying supplies to provide a sack lunch. Local alumnae are more than welcome to help pack and deliver the lunches on August 15th. They are looking at feeding 90-100 ladies in helping keep their expenses down as they start back to school. If you cannot donate your time, there is still an option to help! The Chattanooga Alumnae chapter is graciously accepting donations to be able to help provide the breakfasts and lunch. You can mail your donations to: Delta Zeta Chattanooga Alumnae c/o Elizabeth Powell 408 Signal Mountain Blvd. Signal Mountain, TN 37377 If you have any questions, you can contact Heather Webster at 423-653-2113 or hwebste1@yahoo.com. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Lost Sisters-Do you know so-and-so?

There are several sisters in our state who are considered lost with National Headquarters. They are considered lost because National does not have their current complete contact information for the sisters. If you know any of the sisters listed and her current contact information, please encourage her to pass on her information to our Reconnection Coordinator, Jade Gallimore at jadegallimore@gmail.com or to sign up through Delta Zetas national website, www.deltazeta.org. The sisters below are listed by name, chapter, and initiation year. Katherine Green, Beta Lambda, 1985 Katherine Medley Cameron, Lambda Delta, 1994 Jennifer Womack, Beta Lambda, 2001 Nancy Benedict Bentley, Kappa Theta, 1984 Heather Gross, Alpha Alpha, 2004 Patricia Ligon, Beta Lambda, 2008 Harriett Houchin, Beta Lambda, 2009 Julie Mathews, Alpha Sigma, 1988 Michelle Hodak, Epsilon Nu, 2005 Rachel Nielson, Beta Lambda, 2008 Stacy Stiles, Beta Lambda, 2006

Greater Nashville Alumnae Chapter Donates Bears

On March 23rd, the Greater Nashville Alumnae Chapter hosted an event at the Cool Springs Mall at Build-A-Bear Workshop to make bears with cochlear implants for children with hearing needs. The event was a successful turnout! There were approximately 20 bears made and donated to the Bill Wilkerson Center at Vanderbilt Childrens Hospital. The alum chapter was even featured on a local news station, WSMV Channel 4 News, with Meteorologist and Delta Zeta Alumna Lisa Spencer! Pictured to the right: Greater Nashville Alumnae Chapter Members with their bears!

Volume 1, Issue 3

Page 3

Delta Zeta Tennessee Alumnae

Stephanie Bishop-Tennessee Public Relations Coordinator Cell: 615-603-9183 E-mail: steph.bishop02@gmail.com

...That I may walk truly in the light of the flame.

Delta Zeta and Sisterhood doesnt end after your collegiate days. Stay involved as an alumnae and show your support for Delta Zeta by getting involved in an Alumnae Chapter and/or volunteering for a leadership position today! Reconnect with sisters and meet new ones as they join their local Alumnae Chapter after their collegiate days or when they move to your area. After all, one of the best things about becoming a Delta Zeta, is that its for life!

Alumnae Chapter Contact Information

There are currently three fantastic Alumnae Chapters in the state of Tennessee that you can be a part of. If you live near one of these areas, please contact the Chapter President for more information to find out how to join or get involved in your local are Alumnae Chapter. Greater Nashville Alumnae Chapter Kim Godwin, President kagodwin02@yahoo.com 615-300-1506

Chattanooga Alumnae Chapter Jennifer Foote, President jenniferfoote07@gmail.com 423-364-3832

Knoxville Alumnae Chapter Jessica Sharp Carnathan, President hesscar13@yahoo.com 865-671-0498