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A: General Information Construction of a House for Ms. Saba Nosheen S -17 / 2013 M/s Solitaire
Title / Name Saba Nosheen Anam Irshad Waseem Ahmad Irum Nosheen Rahila Naz ms.anum.irshad@gmail.com Waseem215mrp@gmail.co m Irum_nosheen@yahoo.com Phone Authorization

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Position Project Sponsor Program Manager Project Manager Project Coordinator Research & Procurement Manager

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Executive Summary M/S Solitaire has been assigned to build a House for Ms. Saba Nosheen. The company will execute the Project on turn key basis with conception, designing, construction, landscaping, testing of systems and handing over as the major milestones. All the plans, drawings and materials to be used for the Project will be approved by the client before implementation. The budget of the Project is Rs 15 Million which will be provided to the company in six installments. The project is to be completed within 2 years from the signing off date of project charter. The area of land available is 2-kanals (9000 Sft) having dimensions 90 ft x 100 ft. The construction is to be carried down on 40% of land and 60% to be left open. The House should be airy and well lit. Optimum utilization of natural resources is to be ensured. It will be a double story House with 6 bed rooms (3 on ground floor and 3 on first floor) all with independent dressing rooms and bath rooms. Formal and informal living rooms will have wide connections and both to have good access to the open space through verandas. Two dinning places (formal and informal) to be provided separately. Family kitchen should be spacious enough to cater all the basic requirements along with the separate servant kitchen and laundry. Splash free water outlets to be provided. Energy efficient lighting system to be applied. Adequate security system along with close circuit TV (CCTV) to be installed. Solar energy to be utilized as alternate energy resource. Provision of Rain Water Harvesting to be ensured.


Project Purpose Business Problem

Ms. Saba Nosheen is currently living in a small house which does not fulfill her requirements. Due to her expanding family requirements, she needs a bigger house. Project Business Objectives The project is supposed to provide a spacious, comfortable and modern house to the sponsor. It will have maximum possible latest facilities to meet the requirements. D: Assumptions M/s Solitaire will execute the project keeping in view the approved specifications, budget and time lines upto the satisfaction of sponsor. The project manager will remain in contact with the sponsor as and when required The team will utilize their best effort in the interest of project. Any Emergency (manmade or natural e.g rain) E: Project Authority

1. Authorization Program Manager has authorized the project manager. 2. Project Manager

Mr Waseem Ahmad has been designated as a Project Manager for the project S 17 / 2013. He will be responsible for all the project activities from conception to handing over. He may call on demand the organizational resources as and when required. He will be the connecting link between the sponsor and the organization and keep all quarter updated on monthly basis.


Project Organization Description


Resources Resources Allocation and Source Rs 15.000 Million Sponsor Core team will be full time dedicated to the project, however, skilled and un-skilled man power will be participating in the project as part time team members upon their requirement Accommodation to the temporary workers at site. Transportation to the core team members visiting site and market. All teams will be having their own equipments Autocad, MS-Project

Funding Project Team (Full & Part Time Staff)


Equipment Soft Ware Tools Others



Position / Title Proponent Agency Head Project Sponsor (Required) Program Manager Project Manager (Required) Other Stake Holder as Needed Other Stake Holder as Needed

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