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Exercise 4 Breast Cancer Incidence in Upper Cape Cod

In this final example you will examine the # of observed breast cancer cases in upper Cape Cod in conjunction with EPA TRI Sites. You will start by linking breast cancer data to census tracts for Barnstable County. You will then Geocode the EPA TRI Sites. Geocoding is the process of converting addresses in a database to map points. You will then use some geoprocessing tools to look at the link between breast cancer incidences and EPA TRI Sites.

4.1 Start ArcMap

- Click on Programs ArcGIS ArcMap.

4.2 Open Example 4

- In ArcMap click on File Open from the menu bar.

- Click on the arrow for the drop down menu next to Look In at the top of the open window and select c. - Double click on the temp folder. - Double click on the workshop folder. - Double click on example4.mxd. - ArcMap opens with the Massachusetts census tracts in the display window.

4.3 Joint the Breast Cancer Data to the Barnstable Census Tracts
The breast cancer data table includes the number of observed breast cancer cases, the number of expected breast cancer cases based on statewide averages, and standardized incidence ratios (SIR) which are calculated to account for differences in age distributions within census tracts. An SIR of 100 means the incidence in that tract is the same as the statewide incidence. Right click on barnstable_tracts in the ArcMap table of contents. Select Joins and Relates and then Join. The Join Data window will open. You want to Join Attributes from a Table. The field the Join will be based on is TRNUM. The table to join to the census tracts layer is breast_cancer_data.
- 19 -

The field in the breast_cancer_data table to base the join on is also TRACT90. When finished, the Join Data window should look like this:

4.4 Display the Tracts by the Standardized Incidence Ratios

Now that you have added the relevant data to the census tracts you can display the census tracts by the SIR. -

Double click on barnstable_tracts to open the Layer Properties window. Click on the Symbology Tab.

- 20 -

In the Show: window click on Quantities and then Graduated Colors. Use the down arrow next to the Value window to select breast_cancer_data._SIR. You should select 3 classes. Your Layer Properties window should now look like this:

Click OK. Notice that you no longer see all the tracts in Barnstable, just those with a SIR value.

4.5 Geocode the EPA TRI Sites

In this step you will geocode the addresses for each EPA TRI Site to create a point layer of all the sites. Right click on the TRISites file and select Open from the pop-up window. Notice the address listed for each site in the data file.

- 21 -

Close the data file. In the ArcToolbox window click on the + next to Geocoding Tools Double click on Create Address Locator. The Create Address Locator window will open. Click on the folder next to the Address Locator Style window. Select US Streets (File) from the Select Address Locator Style Window. Click OK. Click on the folder next to the Reference Data window. Select the file in c:temp\workshop called barn_streets.shp. This file contains reference information for all the streets in Barnstable County. This will be used to locate the addresses in the TRISites database. Click in the window under Role and select Primary Table. If you scroll down in the Create Address Locator window you will see that the Field Map information has been automatically entered. The Field Map identifies which fields specify which part of the address. Click OK. A window will open showing you the progress of the creation of the address locator. When finished, close this window. Right click on TRISites and select Geocode Addresses in the pop-up window. The Address Locator you created should be in the Choose an address locator to use window. Click on it to highlight it and click on OK. In the Geocode Address window, most defaults should be acceptable. Just make sure that the word ADDRESS appears in the Street or Intersection window. The Geocode Address window should look like this:

- 22 -

Click OK. A new window opens that allows you to Review/Rematch the addresses. This window shows how well your addresses were matched and in this case all but one was matched. Click on Done. This adds a new layer to your ArcMap project that contains the points of the EPA TRI Sites based on the address listed for each site in the database. You can visually examine the relationship between the EPA TRI Sites and the SIR value for each tract. Can you see any relationship between the two?

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