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Subject: Anti-BHO "blasts" Continue - I [Overview]

The advantage of allowing ~2000 e-mails to accumulate is that overlap in any summary thereof will be unlikely; necessitated, however, are themed blasts that accrue key-hyperlinks that may have been lost in the shuffle. Hearings were to have been held this past week regarding each of the four ongoing major-scandals [Holder, IRS, Benghazi, NSA]some open, some closed. Through it all, the MSNBC-types have been true-to-form, as NBC News committed a seventh act of willful, intentional journalistic malpractice. [BTW, one wonders why S. Africa says Obama won't visit Mandela in hospital]. Those who desperately cling to BHOs personal popularity must contend with a new Fox News poll released Tuesday, which shows his troubles have worsened; he is upside down by a full eight points with only 43% approving of his job performance while 51% disapprove. Last month, in this same poll, Obama was in a little better shape at 44% - 50%. This poll almost perfectly aligns Fox News with other recent polls showing a similar slide. The internals of the poll don't look much better. Obama's approval among Democrats is down to 73% (a new Washington Post polls shows the same). On specific issues, Obama upside on all but one by double-digits: Economy: 38 percent approve, 58 percent disapprove (-20). Immigration: 39 percent approve, 53 percent disapprove (-14). Gun control: 38 percent approve, 57 percent disapprove (-19). Deficits: 32 percent approve, 63 percent disapprove (-31). Healthcare: 41 percent approve, 55 percent disapprove (-14) Foreign policy: 41 percent approve, 50 percent disapprove (-9) On issues surrounding the handful of scandals swirling around the White House, Obama can only muster 32% approval of his wide-open surveillance programs and his handling of the IRS. Disapproval on both issues is over 70%. As to whether or not the GOP congress should continue investigating Benghazi, the IRS, and the Justice Department's spying on journalists, it isn't even close. On all three issues, over 70% want the inquiries to continue with less than 28% saying no. This is a huge failure for a mainstream media that has worked overtime to make these investigations a liability for the GOP. The news breaking today about the 1st-quarter GDP being revised down to 1.8%, a collapse in mortgage applications, and the promise of more NSA revelations, shows there is little relief in sight for our embattled president. Although the focus here has been on the scandal-sheet, one cannot ignore their profound Ripple Effects, both Domestic and Foreign, despite the fact that Rush laments he has eeked-out political successes in myriad ways. Many stories have been themed on concerns with 1

ObamaCare [ObamaCare starts in 99 days; these 99 things need to happen before then] and the implications of last weeks defeat of the Farm Bill in the House, noting the blame -game has focused on both Rs [Republicans are blaming House leadership for losing focus and giving divisive bills too much play.] and Ds [Paul Ryan: Democrats didn't deliver votes they promised on farm bill]. Meanwhile, Rubios conservative counterpart in the House has been making the rounds [can Paul Ryan sell immigration reform to conservatives?] as the pivotal parliamentary-procedure concern has emerged [will Boehner abide by the Hastert Rule and block a floor vote on the ouput of a conference-committee on the Immigration issue (if a majority of Rs oppose it)?]. Meanwhile, respect for American interests overseas has dissolved [as detailed by Krauthammer on Tuesdays installment of the Fox All-Stars], despite BHOs fervent efforts to change the subject. Regarding his effort, respectively, to ignore human rights violations by China and to reset with Russia, White House says Snowden decision will chill U.S.-China relations and U.S.Soviet relations. As Russia resolutely supports Assad, BHO has reactively joined-the-syrian-frayto-avoid-facing-iran, inexplicably supporting al-Qaeda-linked rebels [Cruz To Obama: Dont Arm People Who Hate Us]. Illustrating the results already documented of such an alliance, Reuters found that, using a mix of intimidation and organization, alliances of Islamist brigades are filling the vacuum in areas where Assad's army has withdrawn and more secular rebels have failed to provide order. To whatever degree they may disagree, Obama and Kerry's fingerprints all over Syria crisis. Regarding Afghanistan, Taliban gunmen and bombers using fake NATO identification attacked an entrance to the Afghan presidential palace in the heart of Kabul on Tuesday, just a week after insurgent leaders opened an office in Qatar for peace talks. Regarding Iran, the newlyelected Rohani must be perceived as Iran's new fanatic-in-chief; details are critically important: The Iranian regime has apparently succeeded in bamboozling the Western media by portraying newly elected Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, as a moderate who could end the Islamic Republic's showdown with the international community over its nuclear program. The Guardian, CNN, Reuters and Yahoo News all headlined stories about "Rouhani the Moderate" while The Washington Post went even further with the headline, "Rouhani seen by BHO as best hope for ending nuclear standoff with West." The election of Rouhani, however, changes nothing in Iran's strategic vision for its nuclear program and may even be a tactical victory for the Ayatollahs. As Iran's chief nuclear negotiator in the early 2000s, Rouhani never agreed to any real compromise with the West and later admitted that the temporary suspension of certain elements of the program in 2003 was a ploy to enable Iran to build up its nuclear infrastructure. It is necessary to close this intro-blast by noting testimony in the Zimmerman/Martin trial that is sadly reminiscent of the emanations from the Haskins-duo during the past year. The 2

graphic that follows memorializes a quote from the star witness [which she repeatedly, today, claimed wasnt racist]. It may be recalled I documented reverse-racism emanating from Germantown/Mt. Airy [plus anti-Semitism] and it may be recalled that BHO immediately commented [on a criminal case, behavior which he disclaims in other convenient situations] when he claimed the victim resembled his potential offspring.

Subject: Anti-BHO "blasts" Continue - II [GOP]

After having spent the past few hours reviewing ~200/2000 [most recent] e-mails, this compilation may encompass key-points thatwhen assembled into a cohesive wholetell a story about the level of corruption promulgated by BHOand its implications. Again, however, before summarizing the scandal-sheet, the larger political implications regarding the future of the GOP must be highlighted, invoking the Immigration Reform issue as the template; for example, remaining undefined is Border Security, which-is-the-pivotal-concern, particularly because the Corker/Hueven Surge Amendment defers final-decision-making to Big Sis, who already has claimed the Border is secure. To be sure, the turmoil BHO wished to create within the GOP is indeed rampant, but it may have settled-out long before the 14 [and certainly before the 16] elections, as the base acts to settle-accounts; Sarah Palin has already set the tone [Voters wont forget Sens. Rubios, Ayottes immigration betrayal]. Note the 14 Republicans [and the years they will be up for reelection] who joined with Democrats were: Sens. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee [2014], Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire [2016], Jeff Chiesa of New Jersey [temporary], Susan Collins of Maine [2014], Bob Corker of Tennessee [2016], Jeff Flake of Arizona [2018], Lindsey Graham of South Carolina [2014], Orrin G. Hatch of Utah [2018], John Hoeven of North Dakota [2016], Mark Kirk of Illinois [2016], John McCain of Arizona [2016], Lisa Murkowski of Alaska [2016] and Marco Rubio of Florida [2016]. Karl Rove can claim more White Votes Alone Won't Save the GOP, but the clamor for a leader [such as Cruz] who is Reaganesque will become deafening. {My hope is that the Conservative/Libertarian Split dramatized in Scalias DOMA Dissent will allow the latter to dominate, particularly because most people will now perceive the LGBT-controversy to have been settled [removing a socialissue that has benefitted the Ds, and which must be perceived as a victimless crime even by those who find gay-marriage to be abhorrent.} {My view has been that marriage has an etymology that is decidedly / , whereas civil union could be used legally to determine whatever benefits might be accrued by dual-cohabitants of whatever sexual orientation. Because the word is so supercharged, however, such distinctions have been discarded by polarized polemics, yielding the creation of this civil right that isnt explicitly in the Constitution. Although the decision isnt properly tethered to the Bill of Rights, it serves to legitimize disparate lifestyles, and lectures by Phyllis Schlafly over the decades have proven unconvincing regarding the impending dissolution of American Society were such liberalization in a libertarian fashion to transpire.} {I allow myself to editorialize so as to focus the debate over the GOP-core; the social conservatives must accept the need for the fiscal conservatives to dominate [and to trust that a retreat from absolute libertine postures of the Ds should suffice, for now], invoking [for example] recognition that farm-subsidies4

are-really-financial-subsidies. Unconvincing has been the rhetoric emanating from those opposed to the DOMA decision [and the Hollingsworth punt, which essentially invalidated a plebiscite by challenging the standing of subsequent appellants without challenging that of initial protestants].} The GOP is united, however, when it comes to many other issues. Regarding race-relations, it is noted in-passing that Philadelphias new-black-panther-who-sparked-voter-intimidation-probein-2008-was-arrested, and the hyped-trial [by MSNBC/HLN/CNN] is rapidly devolving [Key Witness Against George Zimmerman Is Hard to Understand, Harder to Believe and Zimmerman Witness Cant Read Letter She Wrote About Shooting]; even as Media misreporting is rampant, even the NY Times has been forced to admit error. As BHO conducts a war-onprosperity by promoting The Leviathan Regulatory State, the GOP condemns his decision to blame sequestration for cancellation of naval-academy classes, condemns his climate-plan [as it attacks the coal-industry], condemns his honoring a sheikh-who-okedd-killing-americans-iniraq, condemns his inability to apprehend a Benghazi-attack suspect, whom Libyans released, condemns the spike in domestic terrorism during the past half-decade [when compared with the quiescence after 9/11 under Bush-43], and condemns his institution of Clinton-era policies that [denying the existence of Islamic Terror] that have prevented IDing the Boston Marathon Bomber [rather than reveling in his having been Indicted]. This is how one author summarized The Immigration Football: I dont want to kick it Charlie Brown style, which is why, unlike Jordan, I set no stock by the so-called border surge amendment, which, if proponents are to be believed, will give us a zillion mile border fence and octuple the number of guards and make it virtually impossible for illegals to become normalized without paying their back taxes six times over plus interest. Even if all the above were true and I dont think any of it is, not even the bit about the border fence ( President Bush signed the Secure Fence Act of 2006 when I was a high school sophomore: anyone seen 700 miles of fence yet?)do lets remember that were still talking about a bill thats going to hurt working-class Americans by cutting the number of jobs available to them and slashing the wages theyll be paid if theyre lucky enough to find work in the first place.

Subject: Anti-BHO "blasts" Continue - III [NSA]

{Three follow-up hyperlinks are in-order: First, corroborating my commentary on the [positive] future of the GOP is this commentary by Dick Morris; when he spoke last month @ the Constitution Center, I concur with his view that Gay Marriage need not compel the LGBT community [and its supporters, such as myself] to vote with the Ds, but I am not c onvinced that the Immigration Reform package constitutes the best we can get. Furthermore, following-up on the 7th example of deceptive-editing by NBC is this 8th example thereof, just uploaded onto Breitbart: NBC-s-Deceptive-Editing-Makes-Rabbi-Appear-to-be-Covering-UpSex-Abuse. Finally, the contact-info for the GOP-Senators who voted to prioritize promptamnesty over border-security has been compiled.} Multiple articles have documented how the NSA has collected e-mail and other types of Massive Online Surveillance and Data. Thats why a distraction has been promulgated by the DbM [Drive by Media] regarding whether Snowden is a traitor [ Snowden needs to 'face the music' in the US], a hypocrite [snowden-2009-those-who-publish-secrets-should-be-shot], or a hero [michaelsavage]and on his travel plans [Snowden-expected-to-fly-to-Cuba]rather than upon how he gained access to top-secrets [who-is-snowden], whether such clearance-errors are widespread [Company allegedly misled government about security clearance checks], what he revealed [More NSA Documents Reveal Obama Lies About Domestic Spying] and its import [NSA-Chief-Refuses-To-Answer-When-asked-about-the-NSA-hacking-Chinese]. As a result, Snowden has been vilified [Fmr. CIA director James Woolsey joins Morning Joe to discuss why Snowden has caused substantial harm to U.S. national security] as has been his media-conduit [As-Obamas-Poll-Numbers-Drop-Media-Turn-Against-Glenn-Greenwald], who has even been accused on MSNBC of being a criminal. Right on cue, the Washington Post has taken the reflex-tendency to blame Bush to a new level [blaming Nixon] and CNN continues to ignore the scandals [perhaps pleased that , although soft, the ratings of its new AM-show are beating Morning-Joe]. Tacitly recognizing his impotence, BHO has disclaimed interest in scrambling-jets-to-apprehend-snowden. More heinous, however, is his having rewritten-fisa-history, prompting one commentator to warn Obamas crackdown routinely (and sometime unjustifiably) views leaks as aiding enemies of U.S.; while discussing five-myths-about-the-NSA, another commentator exclaimed: I dont understand how national security was breached [by Snowdens leak]. Meanwhile, Leftists cannot stomach any manifestation of patriotism, even by erstwhile allies [nancy-pelosi-booedfor-calling-edward-snowden-a-criminal].

Subject: Anti-BHO "blasts" Continue - IV [IRS]

{To inject a bit of levity, note how the oeuvre of Woody Allen has been summarized [and recognize the breadth of his achievements]. To inject a bit of history, note how 'God Bless America' has Jewish roots [and kvell over the photo of Kate Smith @ the Spectrum]. To recognize a bit of hope, note how America is cohesive more than divisive [and know that academic underpinnings were also manifest when Victor David Hanson spoke a few years ago @ what was to become the Barrack Campus]. To inject a bit of pessimism, note how Jonah Goldberg characterizes the GOP's Immigration Tussle [and recognize how its impact upon entitlements has been satirized]. To inject a bit of religiosity, ponder the limits of the argument that the SCOTUSs DOMA decision presages the Death of America [and appreciate how effectively the libertarian perspective emphasizing federalism has been provided by Rand Paul].} The IRS chief admitted the Agency improperly screened political groups until last month. Despite the disinformation campaign conducted by Left-Wing Bloggers, the Inspector General has confirmed Targeting Was Mostly Against Tea Party Groups and specifically, Liberals were not targeted; not only is the quantitation overwhelming [IG: IRS Targeted 292 Conservative, 6 Liberal Groups], but the screening practices that transpired thereafter were exclusively anticonservative. In 2011, the IRS sent more than $46 million in tax refunds to 23,994 unauthorized alien workers who all listed the exact same Atlanta, GA address . More Than 1,000 IRS Employees Misused Government Charge Cards and Wrote 325 Bad Checks. JudgeJeanine-reminds-us-that-irs-bonuses-were-on-our-buck. On Wednesday, another senior-irsmanager-invoked-the-5th-amendment. Even a Veteran congresswoman [a Democrat] hammered an IRS contractors questionable veterans disability claim. This patter explains why some feel the-irs-scandal-needs-special-prosecutor. But others feel the-real-irs-scandal is that D.C. appears out of controlas BHO slumbers. This was the message delivered at Glenn Becks IRS rally in D.C. [which allegedly undermined pseudo-bipartisanship of scrutiny being conducted by Dave Camp and Sander Levin]; video-highlights-of-the-audit-theirs-rally-included-a-big-zinger-from-ted-cruz: Abolish it! {It is indeed a sad commentary on Americas priorities that the three-highest-paid-pentagonofficials-are-all-football-coaches. It is indeed a sad commentary on BHOs domestic-policy intransigence that NSA-takes-down-an-inaccurate-fact-sheet-on-surveillance-programs after two D-senators functioned as whistle-blowers. It is indeed a sad commentary on BHOs foreignpolicy intransigence that SoS-Kerry's characterized Israels plan to build 69 new housing units in a Jewish settlement in East Jerusalem as unhelpful.}

Subject: Anti-BHO "blasts" Continue - V [Benghazi]

This will complete the five-part cycle [and hours of culling-through the e-mail that just arrived today, leaving ~1700 [plus what arrives overnight] to be checked tomorrow to determine if anything crucial had been overlooked], the goal of which has been to distill [with a diversionary graph] what has enveloped BHO. I continue to aver that the Benghazi-component will ultimately engulf him. [Its getting late and, thus, this presentation wont be as tight as its predecessors.] Before embarking on this task, it must be recognized that Free Speech Died in UK when Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller have been Banned from Entering England; this is the level of worldwide anti-Semitism that BHO has promulgated [overtly, noting Kerrys commentsand covertly, noting the absence of any condemnation of this heinous action by Conservative Cameron]. For example, D-Congressmen successfully blocked educational ads promoted by Ms. Geller regarding Islamic Terrorists [photos on the outside of busses in Seattle] alleging they were offensive-to-Muslims. Judicial Watch forced The Department of State to release the first seven photos depicting the aftermath of the September 11, 2012, terrorist attacks on U.S. diplomatic and CIA facilities in Benghazi, Libya. The House Oversight Committee Subpoenaed Four State Dept. Beng hazi Witnesses, even as multiple stories have been composed themed on this one: The U.S. Benghazi mission was secretly involved in procuring and shipping weapons to the Syrian opposition before the deadly attack last September that killed the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans. Presaging his murder [and recalling Libya released probable-culprits], Chris_stevens_benghazi_diary_captured his brooding,_hopeful_final_days. Meanwhile, regarding other State-Dept. scandals, a new-us-amb-to-belgium-was-announcedafter-accusations-of-soliciting-underage-prostitutes, even as multiple stories have been composed themed on this one: cheryl-mills-is-again-functioning-as-a-clinton-cover-up-expert. Again, Ted Cruz has adopted a leadership role in the effort to cleanse the State Department, for he has pledged to block-White-House-nominees-until-BHO-nominates-an-Inspector-Generalfor-the-State-Department. As BHO conducts a Proxy War on Mideast Christians, the unofficial death toll in Syria passed 100,000 on Wednesday, and Bashar al-Assad's forces built on recent military gains by retaking a strategic town along the Lebanese border; BHOs NSA -Advisor Susan Rice is angry about all of this [cold comfort to the Syrian opposition] claiming the 2 -year delay in helping to overthrow Assad is 'A moral and strategic disgrace that history will judge harshly.' [The article quotes her as blaming the U.N. rather than a failure of U.S. Leadership.]



Subject: Anti-BHO "blasts" Continue - VI [Overview]

Guzzardi has complained that the prior blasts are in -the-weeds because they fail to present succinctly the overall danger of Big Government; as ideologically promoted by BHO, this does meld each of these scandals but, to ensure completeness, the reader is invited to review his Facebook postings. For additional articles from multiple sources, the reader is invited to consult the [daily, M-F] labors of Linda Rosen. Otherwise, each hyperlink provides a portal to additional work [including those invoked from the Statists], the quality of which can be assessed based on the level of internal documentation provided. The beat goes on, as they say, but [just as occurred herein, noting the electrical-silence of the Haskins-Duo], the extensive scandal-sheet simply cannot be defended by the Ds and, thus, everything possible is headlined [e.g., Baldwins tweet] so as to avoid updating it and/or detailing the contents of the Immigration-Deal just passed by the Senate. * Domestic-Policy Ripple-Effect. Two items cited yesterday merit updates: [1]Prosecution witness to Zimmerman-Martin confrontation today said person on bottom [Zimmerman] had lighter skin color; this must be coupled with a consensus view that the prosecutions star witness has been dismembered on cross-examination during the past two daysonly to be countered by libs citing the racially-tinged claim of overkill; and [2]Rick Perrys positive characterization of the mini-filibuster-er in Austin regarding abortion-control [as a teenagemother] has been condemned as a personal attack (by a snarky Kelly ODonnell and an aloof Joe Scarborough) along the lines of how Rush satirized Fluck as a fluke-floosie, rather than praise. Immigration Reform. [BTW, the Washington Post has probed the presumed rationale for the tabulation of the Immigration Reform vote by Republicansomitting the fact that no D would dare deviate from BHOs agenda.] As Sarah Palin explains why the Immigration Bill Targets American Workers, what must be appreciated is the following welcome clarification: The pledge by Boehner to subject any Immigration Reform Bill to the Hastert Rule extends to any Conference Committee Report, prompting proponents thereof to promote issuance of a Discharge Petition.] Foreign-Policy Ripple-Effect. That BHOs petulance and arrogance [regarding the 29 year-old hacker] continues to be belittled, most recently in extremis by the Prez of tiny Ecuador [as the message in Africa to Obama is We Want Bush Back, even among the countries hes visiting]. His support for the Muslim Brotherhood now is palpable, as Egyptian protesters [including the secular, liberal reformers whom he promoted two years ago during the Arab Spring] attack BHO for siding with the unremorseful anti-Semite Morsi; meanwhile, to appear palatable, Rebels in Syria have Moved to Show Moderation. As he did when delaying a trade agreement with perhaps the only South American country that remains somewhat friendly with the U.S. [Colombia], BHO has bowed to pressure from Big Labor by Suspending Bangladesh's Preferential Trade Status. Meanwhile, BHO is being admonished for pursuing an 'Alice in 12

Wonderland' Syria Strategy and for talking with the Taliban. And he has done nothing to counter Russias_fight_to_keep_the_un_corrupt. Throughout, ideology trumps practicality, as American influence worldwideregardless of whether it is tethered to democracy promotionis besmirched. The banning of Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer from the U.K. The reader is invited to review their indispensible-websites, respectively: Atlas-Shrugs and Jihad-Watch. These are quality people, both publicly and privately, recalling their visits to Philly; a half-decade ago, after his speech to a meeting of the Middle East Forum, I drove Robert to the airport while he was being interviewed by Michael Savage. They also debate via the internet responsibly, defending their attack on Rick Perry two years ago [about which Guzzardi and I were skeptical] for having OKed (a decade ago) a problematic high school course on Islamism by having unearthed a scrubbed screen-shot. Where is BHO, speakingout for free-speech? Scandal-Sheet Update. Key-details continue to emerge exclusively from the R-controlled House [but not from the D-controlled Senate]: [1]A decision is expected after Holder is interviewed privately [today, I heard but havent found documented on the Internet] by Issas committee regarding potential-contempt. [2]Amazingly, yesterday, illustrating why this scandal isnt ascribable to bungling, the IRS-Chief-Revealed-He-Didnt-Speak-with-Lerner-or-FormerCommissioners-prior-to-issuing-30-Day-Report, as it was revealed that the preferential treatment of liberal groups [over conservatives] was manifest as prompt-approval rather than inordinate-delays; just announced is the fact that The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee voted 22-17 Friday that embattled IRS official Lois Lerner waived her Fifth Amendment rights during a hearing last month on the agency's tea party targeting scandal. [3]Details emerged on NSA's Now-Ended Internet Program and how it is Collecting Citizens Financial Info Without Warrants, as its rationale for sucking up information on everyone is due to its inability to differentiate an_american_and_a_foreigner. Meanwhile, BHOs Department of Defense has imposed a Blackout of All Articles About NSA Leaks From 'Millions' of Computers (even manifesting guilt by association). Not surprisingly, the suspected Stuxnet-leaker [Gen. Cartwright] was known as one of the presidents inner circle of national security advisors. *


Guzzardi has remitted the top-graphic [below], forgetting perhaps that it is a foolish consistency that is the hobgoblin of little minds; quoting the last line of Gatsby: So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past. Perseverance is necessary when honoring the bottom-graphic [below]. This is what were up against [c/o Rasmussen]: [A]mong those who approve of the presidents job performance, just 29% see radical Muslims as the bigger threat. Twenty-six percent (26%) say its the Tea Party that concerns them most. Among those who Strongly Approve of the president, more fear the Tea Party than radical Muslims.


Subject: Anti-BHO "blasts" Continue - VII [Iran]

Guzzardis complaint that I attempt to convey too much by using a compact-format is now to be undermined in two ways: Both e-mails focus on one topic, and both mirror my hyperlinking-styles [terse and elaborative]. Those who contribute reactions should note they are routinely included in the followup blast. {In response to the prediction of a manslaughter conviction [infra], I feel todays testimony may even prompt the trial-judge to dismiss the case after the prosecution rests [assuming forensics are tangential].} Wouldnt it be just-fine if SOMEONE inquired of BHO whether he will EVER confront Tehran?

Iran atomic energy chief: Following Rouhani election, Iran will push ahead with nuclear program Iran MP: Following Rouhani election, Iran will also push ahead with bolstering embattled Syrian regime As Egyptian army again moves against smuggling tunnels, Hamas officials lash out at Egyptian media Iran state media declares U.S. Treasury counter-terror office controlled by "Ashkenazi Jew," "arch Zionist Likudnik... partisans What were watching today:

The head of Irans atomic energy agency said Friday that Tehran will push ahead with its atomic program and continue enriching uranium in the aftermath of the election of Hassan Rouhani, a revolutionary cleric linked to Irans conservative pragmatist camp, as Irans next president. Fereydoun Abbasi-Davani told reporters at a nuclear energy conference in Russia that work at Irans underground nuclear bunker at Fordow which the West has pressured Tehran to close without success would continue. He also indicated today that Irans Russian-built Bushehr reactor has been brought back online after months of inactivity. Abbasi-Davanis comments echo those made earlier this week by Iranian MP Mehdi Sanayee, a member of the Iranian parliaments National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, foreclosing the possibility that Rouhanis administration would agree to suspend uranium enrichment in talks with the West. They are also in line with a post-election speech by Iranian Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi rejecting compromise with the United States. Irans diplomatic posture is in any case dictated by the countrys Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, who during the election preemptively prohibited the 15

eventual winner from making concessions to the West. The pace and consistency of post-election Iranian comments emphasizing Irans unwillingness to compromise on its nuclear program align poorly with some foreign policy analysis suggesting that Rouhanis election has dramatically boosted the possibility of securing a diplomatic solution to the Iranian nuclear crisis.

Iranian parliament member Ahmad Bakhshayesh declared this week that Iran would continue to support the embattled regime of Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad in the aftermath of the election of Hassan Rouhani as Irans next president. There had been suggestions made by some foreign policy analysts suggesting that Rouhanis election could provide an opportunity to productively engage Iran regarding the critical role being played by Tehran and its Lebanese terror proxy Hezbollah in bolstering the regime. Bakhshayeshs comments, which echo those made last year by Rouhani himself, are difficult to reconcile with such analysis. Meanwhile, reports are emerging that Hezbollah head Hassan Nasrallah recently made a secret trip to Iran to request full financial and military backing from Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Hezbollah forces played a key role in enabling the Syrian regime to wrest the strategic city of Qusayr from rebel control earlier this month, and Tehran has dispatched top military figures to Syria. Bakhshayesh's comments included the MP describing the Syrian civil war as a mini-world war, with Iran, Syria and Hezbollah on one side and Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, the U.S. and Israel on the other. In what will likely be read as another indicator that engagement may not bear fruit, Bakhshayesh continued to say that the Syrian civil war has become a proxy war between Iran and the U.S. Hamas officials have again lashed out against what the Iran-backed terror group describes as a smear campaign being conducted against it by Egyptian media outlets, after an Arabic-language story published in a pan-Arab newspaper blasted the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood for financially supporting the group despite the fragile Egyptian economy. Hamas has seen its popularity in Egypt plummet as an ongoing media-based cold war with Hamas officials on one side and Egyptian security forces on the other has taken its toll. The Egyptian army blames Hamas for fomenting violence and facilitating terrorism in the countrys Sinai Peninsula, including an August 2012 attack on an Egyptian convoy that saw 16 security officers killed and two vehicles stolen. More broadly, Egyptian intelligence and interior officials have linked Hamas to violence conducted on behalf of Egypts Muslim Brotherhood, stretching back to the 2011 Egyptian revolution that would eventually see the Brotherhood take control of Egypts government. The links are doubly dangerous to Hamas and the Brotherhoods standing: Hamas is endangered by being blamed for fomenting unrest inside Egypt, and the Brotherhood is damaged by being linked to the increasingly unpopular group. Meanwhile the Egyptian army this week escalated its campaign against the smuggling tunnels that link the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip to the Sinai.

Iranian state media is blasting the U.S. Treasury Departments Office of Asset Control (OFAC) for being run by a bunch of hard-line neoconservative arch Zionist Likudnik 16

radical Israeli partisans in general, and by an Ashkenazi Jew called Adam Szubin in particular. At issue appears to be Iranian displeasure with measures taken by OFAC against Iranian regime media outlets, including specifically PressTV. The outlet has been criticized by watchdog groups for being the Iranian governments primary propaganda tool to promote a wide range of pernicious anti-Semitic conspiracy theories in English to a worldwide audience. It has trafficked in Holocaust denial, has accused Jews of injecting viruses into Palestinians, has blamed Israelis for the Sept. 11 World Trade Center attack, and has insisted that Jews trade body parts and abduct Afghani children. Trying to explain why OFAC would target the station, a PressTV commentator suggested that U.S. Treasury officials dislike the degree to which PressTV get[s] the truth out to the people of the West and the Zionists are mortally threatened by the truth. *
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Iran Disclosures Show Activity, No Matter How Small

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Iran, Russia and China prop up Assad

Financial Times Iran, Russia and China are propping up Syria's war-ravaged economy, with President Bashar al-Assad's regime doing all its business in rials, roubles and renminbi as it seeks to beat western sanctions, according to the country's senior economics minister. See all stories on this topic

Iran's new president plagiarized his PhD thesis, activists claims as UK ...
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Iran requests new Qatari emir to change Syria policy

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Iranian Religious Orator Reportedly In Syria To Defend Holy Shrine

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Iran ICBM Advances - Washington Free Beacon

By Bill Gertz U.S. intelligence agencies recently detected Iran conducting a static ground test of a large rocket motor that could be used for a future intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), according to U.S. officials. Washington Free Beacon

Head of US cyber-attack on Iran probed over leak of details source ...

By RT The four-star general who headed the reported cyber-attack by American and Israeli hackers on an Iranian nuclear site is under a DoJ investigation over leaking the details of the operation to the press, reports NBC News.


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Remembering Iran in Brooklyn - Hyperallergic

By Jillian Steinhauer Saman Arbabi is trying to remind people of Iran with a wheatpaste mural devoted to Iranian protesters who died after the 2009 elections in the country. Hyperallergic

'New York Times' profile of group bent on sanctioning Iran fails to ...
By Alex Kane The New York Times recently profiled United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI), a hawkish group bent on monitoring Iranian commerce at sea and promoting sanctions against the country. But the article had a glaring omission--there was no ... Mondoweiss

Iran: Syrian crisis prelude to coming of Mahdi - WND

By Reza Kahlili Reza Kahlili, author of the award-winning book "A Time to Betray," served in CIA Directorate of Operations, as a spy in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, counterterrorism expert; currently serves on the Task Force on National and Homeland ... WND

From: shelbgt500@aol.com [mailto:shelbgt500@aol.com] The whole Zimmerman Martin was definitely based on racism. Not on Zimmerman's part, but on Martin's. Martin was out looking for a fight. Zimmerman was overreacting to his role on town watch and was eager for action...Martin just had to stop and talk to the man... or was his attitude at fault? Who threw the first punch? Martin didn't deserve to die for being out of order, but sometimes being out of order can kill you.. the same as driving too fast can. Zimmerman will get manslaughter.


Subject: Anti-BHO "blasts" Continue - VIII [Miscellaneous]

Having skimmed the e-mails that hadnt been previously highlighted, a few illustrate points already made regarding the scandal-sheet and its ripple-effect; each of these concerns can be traced to BHO. Benghazi Although its not yet available on the Internet, the in-depth analysis of what transpired on 9-11 provided last night by Fox-News @ 10 p.m. included a tick-tock of key-events [and the contradictory time-lines that have emanated from myriad BHO-underlings]. For example, a former-us-commander-in-libya-said-an-army-unit-was-never-told-to-stand-down-during-9-11attack; apparently, someone told him to stand still in Tripoli [a distinction without a difference]. Meanwhile, belatedly, the orders to prepare to deploy were issued sometime after the BHO/HRC chat [@ 10 p.m.], this being akin to the infamous political ad that HRC ran i n 08 regarding how allegedly-unprepared BHO would be to react to any emergency 3 a.m. telephone call; in this instance, apparently, this was the only telephone call between BHO and any decision-maker ALL NIGHT! It seems that, after Panetta met with him @ 5 p.m., he went to the Pentagon and met for TWO HOURS with the military-brass, but no one has yet revealed what Gen. Ham was told [and when] regarding his marching orders; apparently, one rapid response team was training in the Balkans and could EASILY have been shipped over the Mediterranian. These developments were discussed during the friday-lightning-round [Special Report @ 6:37 p.m.], even as two internet-reports have emerged averring that libyan-intelligence-is-reportingthe-muslim-brotherhood-and-morsi-were-involved-in-u-s-consulate-attack, with one labeling Morsi as the-butcher-of-Benghazi! Of greater immediacy is the electrical-silence emanating from BHO and his minions after Iran defies Obama on nuclear power despite election of 'moderate' leader, as predicted. NSA/IRS/AG-Holder BHO was zinged by Mick Jagger and a gop-congressman-blasted-him-for-having-createdtyranny-in-America; in particular, the seriousness of the NSA-leaks has been detailed by multiple commentators such as deBorchgrave, whose left-wing columns I recall reading in the late 1970s while in NYC in the Village Voice. This may explain why BHO has inserted into every speech some statement of reassurance that Big Brother isnt Watching. Ripple Effect Rasmussen reports his Daily Presidential Tracking Poll shows only 46% Approval of Obama's Job Performance; only 35% Think Obama is Doing Good or Excellent Job with Economy, while Confidence in BHO's handling of the economy and national security continues to fall. These data have been corroborated by Gallop: Americans say the economy (17%) is their greatest worry for the future of the United States, followed by the federal debt (11%). Five percent or more also mention jobs and international wars and conflicts as their top worries. 20

Yet, the GOP has been split asunder by the Immigration Reform controversy, although the majority appears to adhere to the views of the base; the Heritage Foundation has both IDed 10-problems-with-the-gang-of-eight-immigration-bill and detailed the-kind-of-immigrationreform-we-could-support. In reaction to the erosion of support for their cause, McCain/Rubio and their crowd have increasingly sounded like Ds; this has not been lost on a transientlywayward commentator [Hannity], as Rush keeps pounding away @ this acute threat to American sovereignty. The tone-deafness of the GOP-Establishment [primarily constituted by the Wall St. Financiers and the D.C. Consultants] was dramatized during the weekly Journal Report that is aired @ 2 p.m. each Saturday [on Fox News], during which the second segment [~7 minutes] was devoted to this topic; there was NARY A MENTION of the multiple glaring defects in the bill passed by the Senate, while the editorial board members busied themselves discussing the politics of the situation facing the House. It is subterfuge such as this that has prompted sarah-palin-to-bash-the-gop-establishment-overimmigration, even-suggesting-she-could-leave-the-republican-party. The members of the TEA [Taxed Enough Already] Party movement are also not mollified by the good-news-on-thebudget-deficit because it actually reflectsperhapsonly a decrease in the rate of increase thereof. Ultimately, it seems the major vote-mover in 14 will be the impending train wreck that will transpire during the ObamaCare rollout. Racism Notwithstanding the fact that the Prosecution-witnesses appeared to exculpate Zimmerman as no Defense-witness ever could, the libs are recognizingat the very leastthat he was overcharged [2nd Degree, not Manslaughter] and, when they opine sociologically, they fail to cite sworn testimony [The Zimmerman Trial]. Some claim [including shelbgt500@aol.com] that acquittal [particularly if charges are dismissed] would trigger race-riots [recalling Rodney King aftermath]; nevertheless, I hope justice is done [and he is recognized as having acted in selfdefense], for I do not believe in bowing to intimidation. Illustrative of the double-standard that appears rampant is how Deens publisher dropped her, despite the fact that shes a best-seller, while many including Jimmy Carter has advised that the Public Should Forgive her; meanwhile, Alec Baldwins homophobia is ignored. Coda On a serious note, Jim Foster is flaming-out regarding Phillys L & I Scandal in his germantownnewspapers.com editorial [We_Have_Met_the_Enemy_And_He_is_Us!], which references Walt Kellys Pogo comic-strip of the 60s/70s. On a lighter note, the origins of Jewish Humor have been probed [Going to Synagogue, With a Punch Line], which has a number of classic-jokes. Compendium I was asked to distribute this index of Think Israel for its May-June 2013 issue [edited by Bernice Lipkin].


The Legal Foundation of Jewish Sovereignty of the Land of Israel Legal Rights And Title Of Sovereignty Of The Jewish People To The Land Of Israel And Palestine Under International Law by Howard Grief The Rights Of The Jewish People Over The Land Of Israel Under International Law by Howard Grief A Landmark Work by William Mehlman Roots Of Israel's Sovereignty And Boundaries In International Law: In Defense Of The Levy Report by Wallace Brand Why Is The Israeli Government Ignoring Its Sovereign Powers? Why Do Jew-Haters Deny The Land Of Israel Belongs To The Jews? My Prediction: Please Help Prove It Wrong by Martin Sherman Stealing A State by Gil Bringer No Excuses, Progressive Anti-Zionism Is Anti-Semitism by Matthew Hausman The Significance Of The Al-Dura Affair The Al-Dura Affair And Its Implications For Morality And Ethics In France by Ambassador Freddy Eytan My Muhammad Al-Dura Case Journey by Shmuel Rosner Should Terrorists Be Tried By Military Or Criminal Courts Defining 'Rights' In A Terror Case by Michael B. Mukasey Americans, Your Government Is Listening To You Just Like They Promised by Brig. General (Ret.) Dov Shefi Americans, Your Government Is Listening To You Just Like They Promised The Black Box: Inside America's Massive New Surveillance Centre by James Bamford Why Expanded Government Spying Doesn't Mean Better Security Against Terrorism by Barry Rubin Blind To Terror: The U.S. Government's Disastrous Muslim Outreach Efforts And The Impact On U.S. Middle East Policy by Patrick S. Poole Flubbing It In Syria And China The Obama-Xi Summit: Hot Air And Mirage by Rachel Ehrenfeld; by Sol W. Sanders The Caliphate On The Horizon by Dr. Reuven Berko Al-Qaeda Calls On Syrian Rebels To Build Anti-Western State by Colin Freeman Lebanon Openly Enters Fighting In Syria by E. B. Picali and H. Varulkar History Section 22

Hollywood's Creepy Love Affair With Adolf Hitler, In Explosive New Detail by David Mikics Nazis On The Run by Yvette Alt Miller


Subject: Anti-BHO "blasts" Continue - IX [Corroboration]

Received overnight are a few more hyperlinks-of-interest, the first of which is a MUST-VIEW! Benghazi Fox-presents-Benghazi: the-truth-behind-the-smokescreen, a compelling [39-minute] start-tofinish timeline of the tragic events leading up to, during, and since the 8-hour Sept. 11 raid that left four Americans dead; it aired on FNC on Friday 6/28/2013 @ 10 p.m. E.D.T. Fox weaves face-to-face interviews together with testimony to generate a riveting [and condemnatory] before/during/after recap; this yields [per Fox] a comprehensive look at all of the new developments in the story, including the fact that just last week, four more subpoenas were issued for officials at the State Department. Guzzardi observed that, about three minutes into the video, BHO speaks fluent Arabic. It opens with the following observation by Fox News Anchor Bret Baier: A recent Fox poll found more than 7 in 10 American voters want Congress to continue investigating [Benghazi]. Congress has, and so have we. NSA New-Snowden-leaks-claim-US-bugged-&-spied-on-EU-offices. AG-Holder It may be recalled that Holder was the main-mover behind what transpired, and it must be recalled that this effort was supported by the mainstream of national Jewish organizations:
Marc Rich: Convicted financier Marc Rich died this past week. In 2001, President Clinton pardoned Rich for his financial crimes, after the urging of American-Jewish and Israeli leaders. Clinton later regretted the decision. The arguments leading up to the pardon caused a great stir and almost led for calls of resignation of top Jewish leaders. An OpEd in the New York Times called for the resignation of Abe Foxman, accusing him of ethical blindness in this case. U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council called on the council's chairman, Rabbi Yitz Greenberg to resign, for writing a letter urging the pardon on the stationery of the Holocaust museum.

Foreign-Policy Ripple-Effects As the Syrian Army Assaults Homs by air, Al Nusra Takes Checkpoint Near Jordan; this may explain why BHO faces backlash on Syria, for he has ignored the HUMANITARIAN-need to impose a no-fly-zone over the entire country [which, it may be recalled, Texas Governor Rick Perry advocatedstanding aside Danny Dannon @ the UNin September, 2011, advice condemned by the lefties]. This may also explain why Kerry is attempting to announce an Israel-Palestine peace summit that would take place in Jordan's capital Amman [with the participation of Israel, the Palestinian Authority, the US and Jordan]; apparently, one facet of the stalemate relates to Jonathan Pollard. Recalling an item in the Think-Israel litany in the prior e-mail, note that a Paris court found French media analyst Philippe Karsenty guilty of defaming France 2 TV over its controversial footage of Mohammed Duras death.


A major side-effect of BHOs embrace of the Muslim Brotherhood is his association with thugs, recalling [citing Glenn Becks The Blaze] that a Catholic Priest was Beheaded In Syria As Men And Children Cheer [Syrian Catholic priest Francois Murad was killed last weekend by Jihadi fighters. According to a report by Catholic Online, Murad was beheaded and is linking to video purportedly showing the brutal murder to prove it. Murad, 49, was setting up a monastery in Northern Syria. Last Sunday extremist militants trying to topple President Bashar Assad breached the monastery, grabbed Murad and killed him. See the statement issued by the Vatican on this tragedy HERE.] Domestic-Policy Ripple-Effects Despite a concerted disinformation campaign [by the usual-suspects among the Progressives], 51% of Americans feel U.S. Economy is in a Recession. Meanwhile, recognizing that lobbyists including those in Silicon Valley are preparing to push House toward immigration reform and RNC-Chair Priebus is pitching support for immigration reform to Hispanic leaders, how this is handled will test Boehners style, particularly because it is undisputed that loopholes in the Senate bill portend granting amnesty before border security has been confirmed by Congress. Therefore, the following has been conveyed directly to Congressman Fitzpatrick and to those who serve as his closest advisors [opening with: I have spared you my blast e-mails decrying this amnesty-first/security-never bill, but you [and those on the CC-list] should know of what was just published regarding your being targeted.]: IMMIGRATION-DCCC IDENTIFIES 23 PERSUADABLE HOUSE REPUBLICANS: Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Steve Israel tells his caucus in a memo, "With bipartisan passage of a comprehensive bill in the Senate, the onus now falls on the House to pass legislation that echoes the spirit of the Senate and upholds our basic principles: to secure our borders, protect our workers, unite families and offer hardworking immigrants an earned pathway to citizenship. To achieve our ultimate objective - passage - we've identified 23 Republican colleagues in districts where constituents will demand progress on immigration, and where those pressures could persuade our Republican colleagues to support true comprehensive immigration reform." In 12 of these districts, more than 10 percent of the voting age population is Hispanic. [Fewer than 30 percent of districts represented by House Republicans are more than 10 percent Hispanic.] THE LIST: Denham, Valado, McKeon and Miller (CA); Coffman (CO); Webster, Young, Diaz-Balart and Ros-Lehtinen (FL); Davis (IL); Kline and Paulsen (MN); LoBiondo and Runyan (NJ); Pearce (NM); Heck (NV); King, Grimm and Gibson (NY); Joyce (OH); Gerlach, Meehan and Fitzpatrick (PA). Average Dem support and Obama's vote share in each of these districts: http://goo.gl/qZHYu. PRESSURE FROM THE RIGHT TOO-"No recess for tea party on immigration," Leading POLITICO this morning from Tarini Parti and Burgess Everett: "Activists are promising to spend the congressional recess reminding lawmakers who support the Gang of Eight legislation what the base is 25

capable of. Think loud town halls, jammed phone lines and primary challenges down the road - echoes of ObamaCare three years ago...Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) [said] that conservatives who support a pathway to citizenship lose the right to be called conservatives." http://goo.gl/zjAIz And Presidential-Politics have been impacted, as Ann Coulter has [finally] determined that her hero, Chris Christie, is 'Dead to Me'; in contrast, it should be noted [as detailed in a prior blast e-mail] that the state-dept-finally-filling-a-vacant-position-after-Senator-Cruz-pledged-to-blocknominees. {Those who wish to track our postings about his potential to be elected POTUS in 2016 can visit Ted Heads @ Facebook.} In follow-up of issues related to racism, it has been claimed by an MSNBC Contributor that Justice Thomas is a Metaphoric Hitler, due to his vote ending four decades of selective federal oversight of voting-rights. Two Florida-linked articles are also relevant: five key moments from the first week of the Zimmerman trial and hypocrisy of a RINO: 2014 WATCH-CHARLIE CRIST RECANTS, Tampa Bay Times' Adam Smith: "What kind of Democrat would oppose President Barack Obama's Supreme Court nomination of Sonia Sotomayor, support a constitutional ban on gay marriage and back legislation that every environmental group in Florida reviled as gutting growth management? ... If he could do it over, Crist would take back each of those stances, he said in a Political Connections interview airing Sunday on Bay News 9. Never before has Crist stated so clearly that he took positions and actions he did not actually believe in to appease fellow Republicans while running against Marco Rubio in the Republican U.S. Senate primary. 'When you're in a Republican primary - especially 2010, which was kind of the zenith I think of a very hard right turn, if you will - I really felt like a round hole in a square peg. It was difficult for me,' Crist said." Crist is almost certain to seek the Democratic gubernatorial nomination next year. Judeo-Christian Ethics Guzzardi has been ranting/raving about the SCOTUS-decision allowing for Gay Marriage [which I welcomed, if for no other reason than to neutralize it politically], even as Atheists unveiled a monument next to Ten Commandments at a Florida courthouse. He emphasizes the Jewish principles related to the need to preserve lives, and segues into the empowerment of Big Government enshrined in ObamaCare [What, exactly, is wrong with euthanasia and 'death panels' anyway? Is not the belief that every human has valuethat every life is a life worth livinga religious idea defying rationality and common sense? ] which he condemns [because it finds its inspiration in the European Welfare State and in state-run government medical and health care unionized bureaucracy...like the K-12 school system. It appears the Leftists in the UK, Canada and the US have gotten more with honey of lies than with vinegar of violence.] by citing a U.K.-model [josef-stalin-would-have-admired-the-uksgovernment-run-healthcare-system].
Subject: Anti-BHO "blasts" Continue - X [Mop-Up]


The effort here is to ID hyperlinks that have legs [rather than merely topical appeal], but certain issues that arent directly tied to BHOs scandal-sheet [including the overlooked four-separate-scandals-goingon-at-epa-right-now] have occasionally been included [such as Kate Smiths rendition of God Bless America @ the Spectrum, almost four decades ago]. In this regard, I have also disseminated Jim Fosters editorial [exposing L & I]; he has been characterized by Guzzardi, thusly:

Categorizing the input allows for enhanced retention; this is why the scandal-sheet has been subdivided and the ripple-effects have been tethered to domestic-policy [the track record on border-enforcement guarantees is not encouraging, Stephen Colbert Turns On Obama: Hes a Tyrannical Despot, and 9republicans-who-can-give-modern-liberals-hope] and foreign-policy [how-iranian-procurement-agentsdodge-us-sanctions]. Follow-up of prior citations is included [Jimmy-Carter: Christianity-MistreatsWomen-As-Much-As-Islam], and how information is reported [or avoided] is mainstreamed [CNNsEvident-Bias-on-Supreme-Court-Decisions]. ObamaCare has caused 41%-of-small-businesses-to-freeze-hiring, and healthy consumers could see insurance rates double or even triple when they look for individual coverage under the federal health law later this year, while the premiums paid by sicker people are set to become more affordable, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of coverage to be sold on the laws new exchanges .

{With apologies to Johnny Cash.} Israel-based news from JTA [El Al Tests Anti-Missile Defense System for Passenger Aircraft (VIDEO)] and IMRA arrives en-masse, with the latter both more comprehensive [and less leftist]; it often provides both instant-revelations [Cabinet Communique asserts any potential peace-treaty would be subject to a national referendum) and relevant-background from both original sources [Comprehensive quick update on the Pollard Case - 5 brief items] and reliable analysts [CAMERA Details Pre-Oslo Prisoners-terroristsnot political prisoners].


Some articles convey object-lessons that are simply too-good to ignore: Russian Navy Capture Somali Pirates Shortly after Somali pirates had captured a Russian oil tanker, Russian Navy Commandos stormed their pirate ship, freeing their compatriots and the tanker; the Euro Union navy that patrols these waters had not interfered because it feared it would suffer casualties. After they moved the pirates back to their own pirate ship and hand-cuffed them to it, the Russians searched the pirate ship and found plenty of weapons and explosives, undermining the defense that this was a fishing vessel [a phrase that is audible in English in the video]. After they left the ship, they exploded it [and all remaining pirates]. Yes, the Commandoes sank the pirate ship along with the pirates and without any court proceedings, lawyers, etc., etc. They used the th th anti-piracy laws of the 18 and 19 centuries, whereby the captain of the rescuing ship has the right to decide what to do with the pirates. Usually, they were hanged. It may be concluded that, from now on, Russian ships will not be targets of Somali pirates. Repetition is generally eschewed, although Guzzardi insists this graphic be included again

and that another be disseminated [reflecting his disgust with those in the GOP who are joining the big spending Ds]:

Finally, included are essays that carry practical impact [trayvon-martins-involvement-in-local-burglariescovered-up-by-media, school, and police] and philosophical import [shelby-and-lefts-false-narrative-byandrew-c-mccarthy: But the Left does not live in a real nation; it lives in a false narrative: The United States is the villain that can never be redeemed, and racism is not just its original but its indelible sin. ], particularly when a hyperlink will draw the reader into multiple additional essays [on a given website] that impart maximal insight. In this category, it is vital include the voice of one of the few people who predicted 9-11, Daniel Pipes [Obama to Save Presidency by Bombing Iran? Round Two].


Subject: Anti-BHO "blasts" Continue - XI [Economics]

Although Congress isnt in-session, there is no shortage of scandal-sheet updates. Furthermore, contributions from myriad individuals must be accommodated and Guzzardi demands some sort of analysis of Global-Warming/Climate-Change. Transiently proud of having cleared the Sat./Sun. Inbox, Im now re-flooded. Therefore, again, information that is not otherwise dominant is to be disseminated in cognizable segments.

I never saw this in graphic form.

Proud moment if youre a socialist.


Why work when its free?


Socialism on the rise & yet government expanded:


Of course, it takes more idiots to do the work of 1.


Who is going to pay for the free stuff?


Don't they take enough money from us already?


This excludes unfunded-liabilities, > $100T.


Subject: Anti-BHO "blasts" Continue - XII [Foreign-Policy Ripple-Effect]

NSA spying allegations riled EU-allies, including France and Germany, threatening trade-talks schedules for next week; seemingly deaf/dumb/blind, BHO and Kerry dismissively claimed that Americas having bugged 38 foreign embassies was OK because 'Spying on allies is not unusual.' Meanwhile, Snowden applied for political asylum in Russia, even as day-late/dollarshort BHO claimed US was in 'High-Level Discussions' To Extradite him. Through it all, top U.S. officials contributed to the misinformation surrounding leaked NSA surveillance programs with misleading, erroneous or false statements about the secret initiatives, The Washington Post reports, citing the fact that Director of National Intelligence James Clapper apologized to the Senate Intelligence Committee for his "erroneous" response during a hearing; it was concluded that "beyond inadvertent missteps, however, an examination of public statements over a period of years suggests that officials have often relied on legalistic parsing and carefully hedged characterizations in discussing the NSA's collection of communications." During the past half-decade of BHOs presidency, worldwide American influence has [predictably] rapidly waned, due to the absence of a coherent strategy other than to follow from behind. Yet, for Republicans, the politics must be supplanted by the patriotism born of the incessant drive to disseminate freedom [ la Sakharov]. Thats why, when analyzing what has been occurring throughout the Middle East during the Arab Spring, the GOP recognizes the impact of Islam's Hatred of the Non-Muslim; thats also why the GOP cringes when BHO recalls his infamous apology tour mindset when he warns African governments to be wary of foreign powers, even the United States. It is apt to report that I have been blogging aggressively on an issue raised a few days ago, namely, the attack by Melanie Phillips on Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer [who were unjustifiably banned from visiting the U.K. due to their antiIslamist advocacy]. That I had to engage in verbal fisticuffs emerges, but the outcome [minus the profane reaction to my unabashed defense of Pamela/Robert, whom Ive met a few times while theyve visited Philly] reflected the inability to document anything they had written/said that could justify their being forbidden to enter England. BHO remains tone-deaf as Egypt flares, again refusing to choose sides [recalling the Green Revolution in Iran that he spurned]; Barry Rubin observed that BHO appears still to be backing Morsi, as BHO messaged Egyptian Christians that they should stop protesting the muslim brotherhood. Yet, the BBC has declared the total number of Egyptian protesters against Morsi [15-30 million] to constitute the largest political event in the history of mankind. With the military having given Morsi an ultimatum/deadline, Egyptian-military-helicopters-showedsupport-for-anti-morsi-protesters. Meanwhile, another-white-house-play-date-with-muslim-jihad has recently transpired, even as Obama-Backed Syrian Rebels Beheaded a Catholic Priest Before a Cheering Crowd Of Islamic Jihadists as another faction claimed we-have-no-beef-with-israel. 36

After the 9-11 Benghazi attack, HRC denied having been involved in generating the talking-points memo used by Susan Rice [while her State Department was busy cleansing it]; after the Washington Post dismissively derided further investigation thereof, Steven Hayes wrote a detailed rejoinder to this latest deny, deny, deny meme from the lefties. Meanwhile, a permutation of the analyses of the prodrome of the attack is an essay that purports to reveal the-truth-behindbarack-obamas-benghazi-body-of-lies, suggesting sinister relationships had been established among the key-players. A certain levity is needed during such tough times [as we count the days until 1/20/2017], and physicians need it more than ever. Thats why, yesterday, I disseminated this video [waking-upis-hard-to-do] to all of the physicians in all of the Delaware Valley hospitals in the Catholic Healthcare System [including mine, Nazareth]. Hyperlinks to additional videos by this quintet are provided after each song; you dont need to have a healthcare career to appreciate the lyrics, and you dont have to be collecting Social Security to recognize the harmonies.


Subject: Anti-BHO "blasts" Continue - XIII [Domestic-Policy Ripple-Effect]

The leftist-media are attempting to corrupt Edmund Burkes political philosophy, essentially claiming todays conservatives must emulate the perceived anti-corporate compassion that the Ds feel they enjoy; limited-government mantras are to be eschewed. Forgotten is the greatest impact of his politics, that elected leaders must function as representatives rather than delegates, daring to enact legislation that might run counter to how constituents may feel at any given moment. And forgotten is the greatest impact of his philosophy, that enlightenment entails application of principles that transcend secularismthat encompass moralitythat honor the rule-of-law. The Ds utilitarian approach to liberalism mandates that the GOP become disheartened; what else could animate an article that seemingly undermines the GOPs [welcome] control of the House. Politico pushed a piece [GOP could pay price for gerrymandering] that provides a two-fer, in that it attacks the post-census redistricting [by using the pejorative term that suggests undue favoritism had transpired] and it attempts to create lamentation that this majority had been achieved [by claiming a skewed electorate could revolt next year]. The thread that runs through this [and other Politico pieces] is that the GOP is radicalized and alienates, notwithstanding the observation that Independents are increasingly disenchanted with BHO. The progressives are also claiming Marco Rubio won on immigration, even as he has become anathema to most Republicans [with my comment on this essay suggesting he will lose the 2016 GOP-primary to former-Congressman Colonel Allen Westwhom I once met and who makes a striking live presence]; illustrating the vacuous nature of the claim that he would prove indispensible, polling suggests Rubio-Matches-Romney-Among-Latino-Voters. Mirroring the need to debunk such assumptions is how Jeb Bush is being shamelessly promoted for having endorsed the Senate bill by inter alia the WSJ, which seems fixated on the acquisition of cheaplabor. As to whether a physical barrier along the Mexican border could prove effective, consider: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, today (Monday, 1 July 2013), commented on the 99.6% Decline in Number of Infiltrators entering Israel in the first half of 2013; there were only 34 infiltrators, all of whom were detained [as opposed to 9,570 in the first half of 2012, most of whom reached Israeli cities]. In June 2012, a law took effect mandating every illegal work infiltrator entering Israel be detained.) "This is the result of the comprehensive work that is being done to deal with infiltration. Having blocked the phenomenon with the help of the fence that was built along the border, we are now working to repatriate the infiltrators who are here; in this also we will achieve results." That is why there will be no recess for the tea party on immigration. As people read summaries of the bill, they will learn what many have missed: The Senate bill allows the government to take over the entire foreign labor market. This may explain why BHO has admonished the House to finish immigration reform by Augustwhile everyones on vacation. And 38

superimposing hyperbolic claims to counterbalance his threat of mass-protests if Immigration Reform isnt passed, Schumer declared amnesty for illegal-immigrants would be "one of the greatest civil rights movements we've ever seen." This does not undermine uncertainty regarding the looming issues that will inevitably illustrate partisan tension, as the Debt-Ceiling Fight looms. Sadly, social-issues also abound, among them the CBOs claim that the Abortion bill passed last week by the House would up Medicaid costs by ~$400 million due to increased perinatal services; another concern with ObamaCare has been focused on youth, for it will fail unless millions of people sign up for insurance and BHO needs the additional cash to implement this massive program that would be generated by a doubling of interest rates on educational loans doubled. In related news, the IRS was Caught On Tape advising organizations to Keep Your Faith To Yourself, while it was revealed that Lois Lerner plans to fight on after she was told she had waived her 5th Amendment right to avoid self-incrimination. Finally, commentators are openly suggesting that todays testimony in the Zimmerman/Martin trial in Sanford, Florida will prompt the judge to dismiss the charges; after last weeks input from prosecution witnesses who actually buttressed the Defense-case [self-defense], tapes were played today that included Zimmerman describing his having been jumped during a confrontation with Martin.


Subject: Anti-BHO "blasts" Continue - XIV [Climate Change]

Guzzardi requested that recent articles related to climate change be scrutinized and, in that regard, scientists must clarify how global warming [remembering that global cooling was all-the-rage a few decades ago] explains why the North Pole is meltingwhile the South Pole is freezing; meanwhile, politicians must clarify the meaningful impact of anything America might do, absent coordinated efforts by [inter alia] China/India. Because Guzzardi recoils @ the listing of raw-hyperlinks, the dozen references he forwarded have been amplified and placed into a useful context, recognizing the scandal-ridden history of those [including BHO and his EPAzealots] who claim the debate has been settled. At the onset, it is crass for craven environmentalists [again] to blame out-of-control Arizona wild-fires [and those who perished therein] on global-warming; even as BHO denies waging a war on coal, he has claimed theplanet-will-boil-over-if-young-africans-are-allowed-cars, air-conditioning, and big-houses and the EPA released revised emissions rules for new power plants. A brief history of warming and cooling observed that the godless and the godly both imposed a view and suppressed competing viewpoints, and noted that, although CO2 has increased and although IPCC computer models predicted a rise in temperatures, empirical measurements have shown the contrary. It concluded: But there is a fundamental problem with the temperature records from this contentious period, when climate science crashed into political science. The land based records, which have been under the control of global warming alarmists at the British Met Office and the Hadley Centre Climate Research Unit, and at NASAs Goddard Institute for Space Studies and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in the U.S., show much more warming during this period than the incorruptible satellite atmosphere temperature records. Those satellite records have been further confirmed by atmospheric weather balloons. But the land based records can be subject to tampering and falsification. Causing consternation among the global-warming crowd is the fact that the planet hasnt warming as expected by the models (i.e., about 0.2C per decade), inasmuch as temperature did not increase during 1998-2005 [a period coinciding with society's continued pumping of more CO2 into the atmosphere]; indeed, global records show 2010 was the hottest year on record (tied with 2005) and the hottest 12-month period ever recorded was from June 2009 to May 2010. This may have fueled the ClimateGate e-mail scandal, during which the thenhead of the Hadley-Climatic Research Unit (CRU), Phil Jones, wrote an email in 2005 to Michael Hockey-Stick Mann [a professor @ Penn State University] stating his concerns: The scientific community would come down on me in no uncertain terms if I said the world had cooled from 1998. OK, it has, but it is only seven years of data and it isnt statistically significant. Jones later admitted that the planet had been cooling slightly (-0.12C per decade) during 2002-2009, although he contended that this trend is not statistically significant. In 2009, a fellow-ClimateGate e-mailer and Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) contributor, Kevin Trenberth, wrote this to Mann: The fact is that we cannot account for the lack of warming at the moment and its a travesty that we cant. [italics added.] The IPCC [the Vatican of Global Warming] has 40

now renamed this phenomenon Climate Change, because models predicting warming have been disvalidated by empirical, real world temperature measurements. The danger with adopting simplistic viewpoints is that it is necessary to eschew cherry-picking single points and, instead, to assess all the data for the existence of trends and the effect of other variables [e.g., El Nio, ocean current, sunspots]. Indeed, researchers feel that sunspots explain, somewhat-explain or dont explain global warming/cooling; a leaked [by Alex Rawls] draft of a climate report by the U.N. concedes sun-spots may play a significant role in Global Warming. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) concluded they are caused by changes in the magnetic fields on the solar surface and, for centuries, scientists have observed that they rise/fall with some regularity. [In 1878, British economist William Stanley Jevons published an article in the scientific journal Nature in which he claimed the pattern of business cycles in the United Kingdom coincided with the regular ups and downs of the solar cycle.] Some scientists have correlated decreased visible sunspots with lower temperatures on Earth, although they dont know why; thats why some have concluded that a decline in the number of sunspotswhich is now occurringcould warm-up the market for natural gas. The following chart depicts a tight relationship between solar radiation and daytime hightemperatures taken directly from Berkeleys BEST project [which others have shown to be mirrored by data accrued from other regions of the United States].

This new sun-climate relationship paradigm suggests that the way our sun cools/warms the Earth is largely through the penetration of incoming solar radiation in regions with cloudless skies. Recent work by National Center for Atmospheric Research senior scientists Harry van Loon and Gerald Meehl place strong emphasis on this physical point and argue that the use of daytime high temperatures is the most appropriate test of the solar-radiation-surface-temperature connection hypothesis. All previous sun-climate studies had included the complicated nighttime temperature records while the sun is not shining.


Subject: Anti-BHO "blasts" Continue - XV [Non-Scandal Issues]

As D.C.-types vacation, BHOs scandal-sheet is placed-aside [although the second part of an Internet series regarding BHOs Benghazi-themed deceit has been uploaded] , so that allegedlyneglected issues can be resolvedand the GOP can then become disencumbered by any associated baggage. These real-life concerns must be a part of a political partys platform [including recognition that, per the Washington Post, few of the sequester-cuts caused any degree of hardship, despite BHOs heartfelt warnings], for Republicans must be positive assertive as BHOs popularity plummets in Ohio and elsewhere. 1. DOMA. Social conservatives must explain how those who have been traditionally married would be harmed by the existence of civil-unions between those in the LGBTQ community; Social-Conservatives claim Traditional Marriage Supporters Deserve to Be Treated with Dignity, but even this article fails to articulate a cogent legal argument that would justify denying civil-union-type benefits to the GLBTQ-community. 2. Immigration Reform. Those within the GOP who have compromised with the Ds to promote Immigration Reform [forsaking the responsibility, instead, to seek common ground] must be IDed, among them Rubio [who is Not Winning The Hearts Of Hispanic Voters] and Americans for Prosperity [recognizing that these business-oriented sophists include Ralph Reed, a friend of Grover Norquist]. But, notwithstanding the flawed CBO Report, know that immigration-reform-wont-make-social-security-solvent, and any doubt about the risk of empowering BHOs AG-Holder with prosecutorial discretion is erased by awareness that the justice-dept-went-after-a-major-retailer-for-verifyingemployees-immigration-status. Meanwhile, Jennifer Rubin defends the Gang of Eight [and attacks Cruz]. At the end of the day, Rush [and Sarah, and others] claim Establishment Republicans seem to have no idea that their support of the Senate's immigration reform bill has so angered their own voters it threatens the party's existence. 3. Martin/Zimmerman. In an e-mail exchange [with shelbgt500@aol.com], it was claimed that, due to yesterdays testimony at the Zimmerman Trial [ i.e., the police report], acquittal is looking better. I had queried In what way? and [three hours hence] had later attempted to answer my own question by providing a hyperlink that described how Zimmerman had been jumped during his confrontation with Martin. This-a.m., he clarified his viewpoint in a fashion that was consistent with what I h ad surmised [In The police report, Zimmerman stated that Martin said to him You are going to die tonight. The cop who took the report was on the stand today. Martin's GF {girl-friend} stuck her foot in her mouth, Zimmerman's neighbor was of little help, but the police report is the reason that Zimmerman was initially given a pass.] He just observed wryly what is now being mainstreamed in the wall-to-wall coverage by the media, as Zimmermans renditions of what transpired are dissected for [minor] disc repancies [The News Media and lefties say there were no bushes. They also wish there never were Bushes in the White House!!!]. A CNN Panel even debated N-Word vs. Cracker: Which Is Worse? 42

while a Democrat Ripped Black English On Fox, claiming Black Leaders Have To Stop Making Excuses For Rachel Jeantels Speech and Democrat Kirsten Powers exclaimed Im Tiring of the Wendys of the World. In any case, the updated testimony has been summarized. Meanwhile, as the Prosecution Implodes, A Media Invested In His Guilt Grows More Shrill anddespite todays claim that his injuries were insignificant speculation is increasing that Zimmerman will walk. 4. Middle East. BHO has [finally] called upon a defiant Morsi to hold Early Elections. Last nights debate on Hannity-between-pamela-geller and Michael-ghouse was focused on Egypt, but Pamela also requested an apology from Michael for having accused her of posting NYC-subway ads that preceded a murder [despite the fact that the ads hadnt yet appeared]; under-reported is the act that Russia-evacuated-its-naval-base-in-Syria. Illustrative of BHOs duplicity regarding the urgent need to impose more-than-biting sanctions on Iran is this revelation: Exploiting a loophole in Western sanctions, Iran is importing a high grade of refined alumina ore from several European countries including Germany and France that Tehran could be using to make armor parts and missile components. And a recently-acquired e-mail is chilling, for it alleges Jewish movie moguls collaborated with Nazis. 5. Cable-TV. The quarterly-ratings werent good for CNBC [Fall To Lowest Level Since 1994] or for MSNBC [Worst Quarter Since 2007, while Piers Morgan Drops on CNN], as reviewers wonder Whats Wrong With MSNBCs Chris Hayes? One answer has been rendered [Jeremy Scahill Trashes MSNBC On Leno: One Long Episode Of Obamas E! True Hollywood Story], even as Megyn Kelly Moving to Primetime at Fox News [where I extensively blogged]. Meanwhile, a Former Fox News Anchor [who now is an investigative reporter on Glenn Becks The Blaze] Candidly Discussed her Dark Struggle With Alcoholism. 6. ObamaCare. BHO is postponing for one year [i.e., until after the 14 elections] the requirement that businesses cover their workers under ObamaCare. The Washington Post has revealed Democrats are trying to suppress the confusion and hide the cost of ObamaCare. Meanwhile, as Rush averred yesterday, it was announced today that Democrats are increasing Student Loan Rates to Help Fund ObamaCare.



Subject: Anti-BHO "blasts" Continue - XVI [More (mostly) Non-Scandal Issues]

Complaints, Complaints, Complaints.Guzzardi wants me to disseminate MORE of his thoughts and, thusto mollify himnote his analysis of Corbetts status following the recess of PAs General Assembly, in reaction to articles that may be hyperlinked [infra] following presentation of his rant [noting that todays mail included an invite to a $1K-event for Corbettwhich has already been circular-filed]: Only hacks are saying he will win and they have to say it. The Dave Freed vote is the proxy for Corbett 2014. Freed was Corbett's handpicked candidate and Freed/Corbett lost receiving 92,000 fewer votes than Diana Irey Vaughn! What does that tell us? Corbett has failed the base because he has not produced. Even Voter ID is still stalled because of Corbett's patronage appointees incompetent implementation of Voter ID. Tom Corbett has not, and, in my opinion, cannot explain alleged three-year delay of [and assignment of only two troopers upon] Sandusky investigation, from initial complaint in November 2008 until 2011. Either Tom Corbett, intentionally slow-rolled the investigation [to avoid antagonizing potential PSU-loyal contributors] or he incompetently conducted the investigation. Either way, a child molester had three more years of freedom than any to which he may have been entitled. The opportunistic NCAA lawsuit [briskly/predictably dismissed] has not helped him gain bipartisan support from the millions who admire PSUs legacy. Finally, many remember that Tom Corbett did not come to defense of Joe Paterno and, in fact, pushed for his firing [mere hours after he had already announced his retirement following the last few games of the season]; that a disheartened JoePa died weeks later tugs at the heart-strings of those who revered his decades-long academics/morality-first reputation. Indeed, had Corbett acted more promptly, many feel the NCAAs sanctions [wiping-out JoePas winningest-coach-inDivision-I-A achievement] would have been less Draconian. In my view, the Republican General Assembly has tarnished the Republican brand and we will see a reprise of 2006, when Rick Santorum deserted his base; although Tom Corbett is not as arrogant as Rick Santorum (a very high hurdle), he is not a good listener. Tom Corbett's greatest accomplishment is to have saved Marcellus Shale production from the clutches of Class-Warrior Democrats and Unions. None of the hacks have mentioned this outstanding contribution to Pennsylvania's economic health and job-creation. A victory for Democrats in 2014 is a defeat for Pennsylvania's economy. Tom Corbett is bailing-out the dysfunctional Philadelphia School District by forcing the Forgotten Taxpayer to pay for financial catastrophes of Philadelphia's One-Party Democratic Rule, yielding an unbridled Teachers Union. The 45

Philadelphia Democratic base will never thank Tom Corbett; they will only want more free-stuff that the Forgotten Taxpayer has to finance. Hello Gov. Schwartz. Texas here we come. Corbett's struggles pose big problems for the GOP how-pa-legislators-fumbled-governors-agenda The Corbett Agenda, What Went Wrong: Criticism pours down as guv's agenda stalls Climate Change. Guzzardi also complained that my summary of his e-mails [only ~ of which survived editing] did not adequately convey his editorial message; already stated was the conclusion that America shouldnt unilaterally attempt to deal with Global Warmingwithout the rest of the globe in complianceeven assuming the phenomenon is genuine. The imbalance this creates in business overhead is often dispositive in a worldwide marketplace, and Federal expenditures should be supplanted by private-enterprise R&D. To buttress his case, he provided this notification: A recent NASA report threw the space agency into conflict with its climatologists after new NASA measurements proved that carbon dioxide acts as a coolant in Earth's atmosphere. NASA's Langley Research Center has collated data proving that greenhouse gases actually block up to 95% of harmful solar rays from reaching our planet, thus reducing the heating impact of the sun. The data were collected by Sounding of the Atmosphere using Broadband Emission Radiometry, (or SABER). SABER monitors infrared emissions from Earths upper atmosphere, in particular from carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitric oxide (NO), two substances thought to be playing a key role in the energy balance of air above our planets surface. http://principia-scientific.org/supportnews/latest-news/163-new-discovery-nasastudy-proves-carbon-dioxide-cools-atmosphere.html Middle East. Because events are rapidly-evolving in Egypt, its difficult to ID a resting-spot; thus, info that may have been missedand that may be particularly instructive in other contextshas been mined from the Internet: After key-members of the current cabinet had resigned, the Muslim Brotherhood requested resignations from Prime Minister/Cabinet and the Egyptian military command is meeting, as ultimatum deadline approaches; an Update suggests the Army has seized state TV. Meanwhile, the message from BHO to Morsi remains, I, uh, hope you guys can work this all out; an Update suggests he Warned military against coup. Regarding Pakistan, the underpinnings of musharrafs_malaise have been detailed, as a four_member_committee_has_been_formed_to_investigate_treason_charges_against_him. Finally, it appears the newly-released World War Z contains major elements promoting Zionism. 46

ObamaCare. Rush is probing the impact of [and media coverage of] the 18-month delay in the mandate that employers provide healthcare insurance. He suggested BHO may be abrogating the ACA to enhance D-chances in the mid-term elections, and he suggested the discordance between implementation-deadlines of individual-mandate and benefit-mandate will prompt employers to end the latter and force everyone subject to the former [i.e., EVERYONE] en masse into the exchanges [viewed by BHO as a two-fer]. I noted the leftist-tilt of todays healthcare summary by Politico [politicopulse], and blogged accordingly. Martin/Zimmerman. Rush ended his 12:30 p.m. tease with this query: Must an innocent man be convicted [even for jay-walking] to avoid nationwide race-riots? His observation [documented by a patter of media-voiced pleas that, at least, he be convicted of manslaughter] is consistent with what transpired at-trial yesterday, when the prosecution called medical examiner Dr. Valerie Rao, chief medical examiner for Seminole, Volusia and Flagler counties. [The state did not, however, call the pathologist in Daytona Beach who did the autopsy on Trayvon Martin.] She testified the abrasions on Martins hands were consistent with striking someone, that there were no other injuries on Martin other than the gunshot wound, and that there were no injuries consistent with trauma that took place on cement. Rush quoted Geragos [on CNN] claiming the Prosecution is going-through-the-motions because it feels it was forced [by people like NSNBCs Rev. Al Sharpton] into arresting Zimmerman. Texas. Polling shows Davis popular but trails Perry by double digits; even among women, Perry is substantially ahead against Davis, by a margin of 49 percent to 43 percent. {In my view, Perry should maintain his gubernatorial [political] position, from which he can endorse Cruz in 16.} Immigration Reform. The Heritage Foundation has compiled five-key-immigrationquestions as this legislation moves to the House; meanwhile, big-money GOP groups and donors are bolstering pro-amnesty Republicans. Their potency will be reflected, perhaps, in the degree to which the House farm bill can resist the Farm lobbys efforts to split it. NSA. Two gigantic-new-nsa-revelations have been IDed: PRISM provides real-time access to email and chat and All of your cellphone calls are being recorded. Meanwhile, Intelligence chief Clapper apologized for clearly erroneous Congressional Testimony.


Note: This e-mail has been read by the National Security Agency. There is no expectation of privacy.


[XVII] Its impossible to distill the unreviewed 1200 e-mails when fresh ones keep arriving; thus, this one will be more abbreviative. It is difficult to categorize them because comparable misconduct spans multiple departments; for example, wasteful parody-videos generated by the IRS have also been generated by the GSA and an OFA-like social-media program is now being conducted by a state-department-bureau (which-spent-630000-on-facebook-likes). Quietly emerging today is the immunity demand from Lois Learner of the IRS and the fact that FBI investigators have not contacted any of the 41 conservative groups involved in the class-action IRS lawsuit. To disorient the reader even more, Guzzardi advises perusing a brief/comprehensive essay, World gone mad. Points made earlier today have been documented by additional hyperlinks regarding the proIsraeli impact of World War Z and the potential for a Zimmerman acquittal to yield race-war, bloody-riots, and/or generalized civil-unrest. And Guzzardi notes Regulations eat 2 percent of GDP every year, while BHO has compared Nelson Mandela to George Washington and a whitehouse-memo-shows-the-BHO-administrations-painful-efforts-to-support-Valerie-Jarrett. Overall, BHOs Falling Job-Approval isnt a Panacea for Conservatives because it will not forestall pursuit of his agenda and because it isnt influenced-by-the-likability-question. Drudge summarized reactions to the allegedly-unconstitutional delayed implementation of ObamaCare: IT CAN WAIT UNTIL AFTER THE ELECTION... Obamacare Penalties Delayed for Big Firms... 'Deviously Brilliant'... 'Obama gets last laugh'... Individuals STILL REQUIRED TO COMPLY... Boehner: 'Train Wreck'... KRAUTHAMMER: 'Massive Transfer of Wealth From the Young to the Old'... Libs blame ... FOXNEWSLIMBAUGHDRUDGE! Axelrod: 'Bumps in the Road'... Regarding Egypt, which finally displaced excess-coverage of Martin/Zimmerman on cable-TV, Anti-government demonstrators are criticizing U.S. Amb. Anne Patterson and BHO for supporting Muslim Brotherhood [expressing anger/contempt]; for context, note BHOs antipathy for Egyptian-Copts and Steve Emerson's new documentary about domestic subversion ["Jihad in America"], both of which have been aided/abetted by BHO. To illustrate this pattern, his support for Turkeys Islamist has been slammed in Commentary and on Front-Page-Magazine. BHOs lassitude may explain why Morsi Supporters Chanted Anti-Jewish Slogan at Cairo University and threatened Christians against protesting. The WSJ considers Egypt Turmoil to be a Blow to Muslim Brotherhood that undermines any argument that Egypt could serve as a Model for Arab Spring Countries; Israel is warily watching. What Comes Next after the ouster and BHOs reaction thereto is unclear. In any case, despite


BHOs supportreinforced as recently as yesterdayMorsi is gone, Stratfor issued a special report and an analysis thereof that predicts ongoing instability, and Drudge is WILD: TANKS MOVE ON CAIRO... U.S. DUMPS ON MORSI... REPORT: President Under House Arrest... Islamist refuses to step down... Fight to the death in 'final hours' showdown... Offers Military a Coalition Govt... Muslim Bros prepare defense force... 'Massive wave of anti-Obama sentiment'... PHOTOS... Oil Above $100... Epidemic of Sexual Violence; 91 Attacks in 4 Days... LIVE CAM AT TAHRIR SQUARE... Regarding Iran, BHOs failed economic-isolation policy is dramatized by the announcement that India is poised to resume accepting Iranian oil imports; regarding Syria, Up to 6,000 jihadists are now fighting with al Qaeda groups. Illustrating again why Israel cannot entrust her security to international bodies is revelation that the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Palestinian Human Rights is under-fire for appearing on a 9-11 truthers radio show and questioning the official version of the Sept. 11 attacks (the latest in a string of controversial comments to draw criticism). Regarding Afghanistan, the U.S. Embassy distances informants by inviting them to come to a gate that they can't reach. As Prosecutors in Bradley Manning court-martial trial rest their case, new leaks have revealed that the NSA is monitoring snail-mail, prompting Jihadists to flock to the federally funded Tor network to hide their activities. And reflecting misguided priorities, the JLENS program faces cuts as missle-threats (Iran, North Korea) grow. These revelations of massive government surveillance of ordinary citizens have prompted former Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman (N.Y., D)who sat on the House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate erato advocate for BHOs immediate impeachment, in an article published in The Nation, which is Americas Oldest continuously-published (Flagship of the Left) Weekly.


[XVIII] The Immigration Reform issue has split the GOP into those who are prioritize business vs. those who are prioritize rule-of-law; the profundity thereof must be appreciated so that these factions can be unified prior to the 14-midterms. The War Between the States [a.k.a. Civil War] is raging, with the viability of the Rubio-wing [and his progenitors] pitted against the unassailable credibility of the Cruz-wing [and his erstwhile allies]. Loosely characterized, the former includes the Establishment, the WSJ, and the Consultantswhile the latter includes the TEA [Taxed Enough Already] Party Movement, Rush, and the Originalists. To be gleaned from the hundreds of unread e-mails [from both camps] are reasons to support the latter, illustrated by Rushs lament today that the TPM wasnt embraced by the GOP after the 10-midterms. BHO sustained a whipping that reached state-governments predicated on revulsion of ObamaCare, but the nomination of Romney predictably neutralized this lightningrod issue and helped to de-motivate the electorate that could have yielded a Republican victory [Republicans Leaving Party Are Tired of Two Evils Argument], angst that was referenced yesterday by Sarah Palin. This prcis yields to a segue into what must now be accomplished. In my view, Neo-Cons are properly arguing that prioritizing Policy Over Law yields undesirable Compromise; this essay starts with a profound observation by Lord Edward Cecil: Compromise: An agreement between two men to do what both agree is wrong. Instead, one must seek COMMON GROUND, lest the violation of core-principles yield vulnerability to keep digging after having discovered oneself in a hole [as they say]. New CBO Report [pre-vacation dump] Regarding S.B. 744 The following was quietly released today, noting the rectitude of the initial response thereto [I thought the purpose of the immigration bill was to eliminate illegal immigration, not just to reduce it by 1/3.]: WASHINGTON (AP) Comprehensive immigration legislation passed by the Senate would reduce illegal immigration into the U.S. by one-third to one-half beyond what would happen under existing law, the Congressional Budget Office said Wednesday. Thats a significantly greater reduction than the nonpartisan budget office said would have resulted from an earlier version of the bill approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee, which would have cut illegal immigration only by 25%.... Pro-Bill Sen. Chuck Schumer [N.Y., D.]: CBO has reaffirmed that immigration reform reduces the debt and grows the economy. It also shows that the CorkerHoeven amendment further substantially reduces the flow of illegal immigrants, even using a methodology that underestimates how effective immigration reform will be in reducing that flow. [] 51

Anti-Bill Roy Beck [NumbersUSA]: CBO says that the Senate bill with all its promises about extra enforcement would still allow half the illegal immigration flow to continue, said, in a statement. This CBO finding suggests that by 2020 the illegal population will have grown big enough that presidential candidates will once again be pressed to promise yet another amnesty. Roy Beck elaborated on his perspective via a blast e-mail [excerpted]: The excuse for subjecting American workers to the extra job competition from 11 million amnestied illegal aliens and a doubled flow of authorized immigrants was supposed to be that the Senate bill would guarantee an end to future illegal immigration. But now CBO says that the Senate bill with all its promises about extra enforcement would still allow half the illegal immigration flow to continue. This CBO finding suggests that by 2020 the illegal population will have grown big enough that presidential candidates will once again be pressed to promise yet another amnesty to fix a broken immigration system. Half-way border security and half-way interior enforcement is not at all what Sen. Marco Rubio promised when he was gaining support earlier this year from people like Sean Hannity and Mike Huckabee. Now, both influential TV hosts are turning over all or much of their shows this weekend to Dennis Michael Lynch, a filmmaker who specializes in showing the failure of the government to live up to promises to protect its workers and citizens from immigration harm. At this moment, Lynch and his film [THEY COME TO AMERICA II, The Cost of Amnesty] are scheduled to be featured on the Fox News Channel: HANNITY [7/4/2013 @ 9 p.m. EDT and Midnight] HUCKABEE [7/6/2013 @ 8 p.m. EDT & 7/7/2013 @ 8 & 11 p.m. EDT] This may be another sign of momentum shifting AGAINST the S. 744 amnesty bill of Pres. Obama and Sen. Rubio. The momentum FOR the bill seemed to have stopped about two minutes after the Senate passed it last week. Since then, most of the news has been about resistance to the bill. Representing the alternate viewpoint is todays editorial from the Wall Street Journal, which has attacked opposition to the immigration bill that passed in the Senate last week, urging the Republican-led House to improve the bill, not kill it. Joel Pollack [of Breitbart] continues: The bills border security provisions, the Journal argued, were not weak, as conservatives had charged, but were wretched excess, the result of the Republican party letting its blood-and-soil wing trump its supposedly free-market principles. 52

It might seem odd to attack blood-and-soil conservatives (a phrase of Nazi provenance, evidently, see Blut und Boden) on the eve of July 4th. But one need not wave the American flag or protest the obviously offensive connotations of the insult to defeat the Journals arguments for the Senate bill. By arguing that economic growth should drive immigration reform, the Journal actually undermines the Gang of Eight legislation it attempts to defend. The editorial states, up front, that its preferred option for immigration reform would focus entirely on easing the way for more people to come legally. Border security plays no role whatsoever in the Journals considerations. That is an astonishing position for a newspaper that has taken a strong stance in favor of the war on terror, including, recently, a strident defense of the National Security Agencys surveillance powers. Furthermore, border security is not just about stopping terrorism. It is also about the rule of law. And the rule of law, in turn, is fundamental to economic growth. The Journal well understands that fact. It co-publishes an annual Index of Economic Freedom with the Heritage Foundation, in which rule of law is not just one of the criteria, but the first criterion for economic freedom, before limited government and open markets. The rule of law is what sets the U.S. apart from many of the societies whence immigrants come. The stifling welfare socialism of Europe; the maddening corruption of the developing world; the brutal repression of the worlds lingering tyrannies--all drive ambitious, talented people to our shores in the hope that the rule of law that Americans enjoy will allow them to enjoy the rewards of their hard work. If not, they will go elsewhere. The fundamental problem with the Senate immigration bill--indeed, with any immigration bill--is that there is no longer any reason to trust the Obama administration to enforce even the mildest of border security provisions. The president has not only refused to enforce the nations immigration laws, but has brought legal action against Arizona for trying to do so, and ignored Congress in imposing a Dream Act by executive fiat. If any immigration bill passes, it should focus solely on border security and law enforcement--not just because of the importance of the rule of law to economic growth, but because that is the preference of the American public, given the failure of past rounds of immigration reform. A bill that links a so-called path to citizenship to ineffective border security provisions will lack democratic legitimacy, much as ObamaCare still does today. The thornier issues of guest-workers, skilled immigrants, and illegal aliens already in the country should be handled piecemeal--separate from, and subsequent to, border security legislation. That is the alternative 53

the Journal demands from opponents of the Senate bill: not deportation, but delay--hardly a fatal flaw, given that the Senate bill itself allows most illegal immigration to continue, according to the CBO. The Journal is right to criticize the Senate bills law enforcement provisions: many of them are mere sound and fury, signifying nothing, mistaking expensive inputs for security outcomes. But the greater weakness of the bill is its failure to restore the rule of law, which did not begin with Obama but has accelerated under his administration. That will, in turn, hurt economic growth. The so-called blood-and-soil patriots are right. These concerns are reflected in the following real-life portrayal of what must be envisioned: Personally I Dont Believe in Borders In a California lucha libre-style wrestling match, Blue Demon Jr., a selfproclaimed defender of Mexican immigrants, does battle against wrestlers who portray United States border patrol agents. New York Times blurb Watch the NYT video at the link and tell me youre confident Latino advocates will accept cutting off the future flow of illegal immigrants, as envisioned in the Gang of 8s comprehensive reform, after the 11M or so illegals who are already here are given legal status. Why do I suspect that Blue Demon Jr.s philosophyPersonally, I dont believe in bordersis closer to the views of his audience, and the 11 million, and the National Council of La Raza, than the claims of comprehensivists (including Rep. Luis Gutierrez) that of course theyll eagerly enforce the border if Gang-style legalization passes.

I do not believe that BHO handed-off the push for immigration reform. Nor do I concur that there is no pressure on House Republicans to tackle immigration reform. Perhaps I have become over-emotional regarding the need for our side to be credible, but after I read this deceitful statement by Dick Morris today
The perfect solution for Republicans is the approach charted by Texas Sen. John Cornyn: border security before immigration reform. Cornyn's approach demands that the border be sealed before any legalization begins.

I discontinued receiving any further blasts from him [and will avoid listening to his radioshow]. Others had warned me about his limitations, but this was the final-blow [for I had even discussed this issue with him prior to his appearance last month @ the Constitution Center]. There is absolutely no question that the Senate Bill INITIALLY allows for Illegals to come out 54

of the shadows and, although they dont enter a pathway to citizenship immediately, they are instantly legalized. An individual who actually READ the Senate Bill concluded it-borders-on-the-criminal, for he rediscovered that the devil is in the details. That so many Republicans have not devoted a modicum of due-diligence to this legislative task is disheartening; that so many rationalize this inattention to their responsibilities by spouting progressive-lingo extolling lofty goals, THIS is what angers those who would want to trust the GOP leadership. Such is the challenge faced by the House leadership, with the fate of the Party hanging in the balance. * Homeland Security watchdog faces fresh allegations 12:37 AM 07/03/2013 By Brendan Bordelon The embattled deputy inspector general at the Department of Homeland Security destroyed incriminating documents to prevent their public release, used federal funds to pay for two Puerto Rican vacations, and bugged his employees phones and email, a new letter from Cause of Action, a government-accountability group, charges. The recent allegations against Charles Edwards add to those leveled last week by the Senate Homeland Security Committee. The Daily Caller News Foundation reported on Friday that the committee accused Edwards of whitewashing a politically sensitive report, abusing agency resources, and committing a slew of other offenses. Inspectors general are put in place to hold agencies accountable and conduct thorough and accurate investigations of misconduct within agencies, Cause of Action Communications Director Mary Beth Hutchins told TheDC News Foundation. When the deputy inspector general is the one who is causing the corruption and who is actually in hot water himself, its a disservice not only to his office but to the agency and the American people as well, Hutchins continued. According to the group, anonymous insiders within DHS Freedom of Information Act unit say that Edwards routinely ordered the destruction or removal of records from his offices database in order to avoid questions about his wrongdoing. In one instance, whistle-blowers allege that documents sought by a reporter regarding the teleworking history of Edwards wife inexplicably disappeared from 55

their internal database and email systems. Edwards is accused of breaking antinepotism laws by employing his wife, and putting pressure on subordinates to approve her seven-month teleworking stint in India. The letter also states that Edwards took two separate four-day trips to Puerto Rico on the governments dime, ostensibly for a site check of a sparsely staffed inspector generals office in San Juan. Insiders report that Edwards spent little time at that office, presumably enjoying the sights and sounds of the Caribbean commonwealth instead. In one visit, he allegedly took six other high-level employees with him, including his personal secretary. Finally, the letter maintains that Edwards spied on and abused his employees, cultivating a toxic work environment that made it difficult for the office to investigate waste, fraud and abuse at the Department of Homeland Security. Worried that someone was leaking information about his transgressions to a journalist, sometime in early 2012 Edwards instructed his IT department to monitor the phone and email communications of his employees. He would know things that he only wouldve discovered through their emails and then would go and yell at them, an insider said. Another source said that Edwards was verbally abusive and had no patience for dissenting employees. If you tell him No, he takes that as insubordination, the whistle-blower alleged. So if anyone opposes him, he finds reasons to put them on administrative leave. The letter was sent to the White House on Monday and calls on President Barack Obama to immediately fire Edwards and nominate a permanent inspector general. The Department of Homeland Security has languished without a Senateconfirmed watchdog since February 2011. Cause of Action recently sued the inspector generals office for the release of records under the Freedom of Information Act, and says it will continue to pursue any facts or documents detailing Edwards misconduct. Inspectors general are supposed to be this watchdog within the government, Hutchins said, but unfortunately in this case, the watchdog is not guarding anything but his own reputation.



One of the risks of remitting information in a piecemeal fashion is that subsequently-IDed articles emerge that would have enhanced prior data and/or assertions; so much has been reviewed that it has been necessary to clear-the-decks before accumulating fresh hyperlinks. [This style empowers the reader to decide the level of proof he/she would seek to review when confirming the way issues have been framed herein.] In any case, Guzzardi argues that a bit of repetition enhances ones impact, so I will rationalize belated transmission of relevant articles by recapping their import: 1. Immigration Reform. This issue was framed in the prior blast by juxtaposing pro-/anti-arguments regarding the actions of Senator Rubio [how-he-lost and how-he-won]; Glenn Beck predicated an Internet survey on this concern [Love-him-or-leave-him?How-do-you-feel-about-marcorubio?], with the voting overwhelmingly antagonistic to how he championed the Senate bill. 2. The GOP Leadership. The goal here has been to sketch -out a revised Party Platform that could facilitate taking over the Senate in 14; this would entail diminishing the Conservative Social Agenda by capturing current libertarian trends in Americaresolving potential paradoxes prophylactically, particularly with regard to DOMAwithout forsaking the base. 3. The Inspectors General. The careful reader may have noted an article was inserted in the most recent blast that was themed solely on the impact of the Immigration Reform issue on the GOP Leadership. It dealt with the super-scandal of a corrupt person who is empowered to uproot corruption [Homeland Security watchdog faces fresh allegations], and it explains the motivation harbored by Senator Cruz when he froze State Department personnel approvals until/unless an Inspector General were nominated by BHO to fill a chronic vacancy. 4. Martin/Zimmerman. Todays summary [A Nothing Case Against Zimmerman] includes the testimony of a witness who claimed Zimmermanstudied-self-defense-law; does this really matter? 5. Energy Policy. The Republican (House) Study Committee characterized BHOs recent speech as a continuation of his war on American-Made Energy. 6. Academe. A bigot and leading figure in two hate organizations nominated to be University of California Student Regent.
7. Egypt. Following todays Military Coup, analysts are having a field-day, with

one claiming The Arab Spring unleashed disorder, not democracy and 57

another probing its next-phase. Under-reported is the report that 100 women sexually assaulted during anti-Morsi protests, under-emphasized is the fact that the media have been silenced, and under-appreciated is the fact that Turkey remained under Erdogans control because he had neutered the Army.
8. Islamic Terror. Argentina Blocked a Prosecutor from Telling Congress About

Irans Troubling Terror Network, while Canadian Authorities Thwarted a Terrorist Attack in B.C. 9. Syria. The dangers associated with supporting the Rebels have been explored, and it may be recalled that establishing a no-fly zonefor purely humanitarian purposeswould not necessarily tilt America excessively towards them collectivelyand would afford the ability to titrate involvement to befit shifting goals. 10. World War Z. References to Israel in this movie were removed when it was released in Turkey; prompting protests against the appeasing movie-studio. 11. NSA Hacking. This process can go both ways; Snowden and Assange were themselves Targeted by a mysterious hacker, The Jester.
12. Independence Day.

Listening to the Founders/Framers on July 4th may partially explain why America stayed Cool with Coolidge 150 years later, and an essay exploring why the Patriotic tend to be Religious [bucking an increasing level of Religious Apathy] ends thusly: Meanwhile, religious Americans, and most Americans, are right this July 4 to be grateful for where Providence has placed us. Being American is and always has been both challenge and sacred opportunity.

13. Copperhead. This film is touted as a real-life depiction of how the Civil War disrupted life in the North, not just in the South. 1200 e-mails remain unaccommodated, even as Guzzardi continues to feed hyperlinks that cry for inclusion; tomorrow is another day.




My most intense critic [my son] prefers focusing on what the GOP can do, rather than on BHOs scandal-sheet; anticipating this level of advice has led to increased inclusion of hyperlinks that may have been obscure AND that are overtly unrelated to BHOs corruption. He also advised greater focus on ObamaCare; there has been no shortage of essays on this topic during recent days. Again, havent caught-up with the Inbox [due to justifiable intrusions], so this will have to suffice as a taste of what has been animating the Ethernet. In the lest we forget category are two buried stories: Nazi Commander was found Living in Minnesota and a Jihadist Group claimed to have Started Arizona Wildfires. Egypt Noting the existence of a multi-part video-series on the Muslim Brotherhood {MB} and autopsies of Morsis misconduct [akin to that of BHO], much is being written of the next-steps in post-Morsi Egypt, some related to the alleged-return to military-dominance that existed under Mubarak and others related to assessing how the Egypt 'Coup' has been a Big Blow For MBbut that the MB will Recover and Why the MB Can Still Win in Egypt; the MBs violent reaction may have started [MB & Salafis Attack Church & Loot Christian Homes Retaliating For Ousting Of Morsi] and the Copts feel vulnerable. Threading through all commentaries is recognition of decreased American influence, c/o BHO, perhaps because Morsi Ouster Challenges U.S. Engagement With Egypt. A profile of Adly Mansour [Top Judge for Two Days, Now Interim President] suggests competence, while the Arab World is Split Over Ouster in Egypt because, it has been concluded, Egypt is No Model for Arab Spring Countries. Also noted are the congrats of Abbas to the new-prez and the Report that Hamas was Weakened by Leadership Change in Egypt [and Qatar] and that After Egypt Coup, Israel Fears Sinai Rocket Attacks. [Proximate] Middle East Reflecting regional turmoil [and BHOs failure to curb Assad], note that when Syrias-Assadbragged-opponents-failed-to-oust-him, he prompted a Senior-Saudi-Journalist-to-exclaim-SaudiArabia-Must-Defeat-Assad-With-or-Without-U-S-Help. Under-reported also is the following [which arrived by e-mail via IMRA and hasnt yet been hyperlinked]: Jordan/Syria border violence builds. Iraqi wave of bloodshed continues. Abbas taking no sides re Syria spillover in Lebanon. ObamaCare BHO claimed no one would lose his/her health insurance; another example of this level of deceit is recognition that ObamaCare Cost 58,000 Californians Their Health Insurance; its Full Effect will be to create A Two Class Nation when, just like in D.C., Small Businesses will be forced into Government Healthcare Exchanges. This is the master-plan underlying the decision [as detailed yesterday by Rush] to delay only the business-mandate, for maintaining the individual60

mandate will leave people in limbo [for employers will be able to cut them with abandon]; this turmoil may be Massively Costly, but this Latest Obamacare Waiver makes ObamaCare a double-edged sword for Dems in 2014. Illustrative of MSNBCs ideological-flaws and overall-malaise [reflected in ratings] is that MSNBCs-Hayes-Bashed-GOP-For-Delaying-ObamaCare-ImplementationOne-Day-BeforeBHO-Did-Just-That; this one-trick pony is simply comprised of repetitive boredom that idolizes recidivism instead of recognizing the dangers of perseveration and the motivation to seek realnews elsewhere [and as reflected in the way this sentence was structured!]. In a related item, it was revealed that, during the 1st Week of these trials, the Mainstream Media produced only 5 stories related to Gosnell while it aired 203 storie regarding Zimmerman. Presaging what might transpire if Zimmerman is acquitted are these social-media actions: Facebook Wont Remove Kill Zimmerman Page, but it Delays Blocking Riot for Trayvon Account. Independence Day and the Scandal-Sheet It is no accident that July-4th events were focused on Tea Party Groups Ramping-Up Fight Against Immigration Bill and an Explosion of 100 anti-NSA Protests. The latter carries both domestic implications [director-of-national-intelligence-uses-childs-excuse-about-lying-tocongress] and foreign implications, noting that Merkel is going to one-on-one with BHO [whenfriends-spy-on-friends]. This domestic-spying stuff relates also to the IRS-Scandal [Martha Boneta: A Linchpin Between The Clinton & Obama Administration's IRS Scandals] and explains why Rush considers James OKeefe to be the Special Forces of the Conservative Movement. Immigration Reform The former is shaping-up to become a battle-royale. Already documented is the dependence of the WSJ on promoting the economic advantages to be accrued via immigrant labor regardless of issues related to border-security [immigrants-account-for-all-job-gains-since-2000], and already documented is the migration of Hannity and Huckabee to their natural opposition [after having flirted with Rubio, who may have been duped by the Dems into Destroying His Presidential Hopes]. Noting that a common-owner is involved [WSJ and FNC], it is intriguing to learn that Rush-Limbaugh-stated-it-was-Quite-Telling-Fox-News-Didn-t-Want-Me-to-Talk-AboutOpposition-to-Immigration-Reform during his interview on Fox and Friends. Guzzardi has observed that it gets curiouser-and-curiouser when it is noted that the WSJ has reported the Sinai Negev fence is 144 miles and cost $416 million and Breitbart reports it was 100% effective in stopping infiltration and illegal border crossings [because it reduced 99.9% of the illegal crossings (from 2000 to 2) and those 2 were caught]. He doesnt understand why the construction of a Mexican-border fence [and hiring guards] would cost $35 billion, per the CBO, a figure that seems to be exaggerated and inconsistent with empirical, real world Israeli experience. Is CBO exaggerating costs to depress enthusiasm for the project and is a a 2000 mile fence necessary. He theorizes the Border Patrol knows where illegals enter, per videos, and that this inflated cost may have been conjured as an initial come-on and a subsequent impediment.


Madonna: Has the Queen of Pop Sensationalism gone too far by wearing a chainmail niqab?



[XIX] Just as was necessary when this spurt of e-mails was initiated eight days ago, sensory overload has supervened [staring @ 1400+ Inbox messages], which will be alleviated by grouping keycommunications thematically; this first one is themed on the Immigration Reform issue because the essay that just arrived via e-mail isnt hyperlinked to the Internetand is so potent that it must be provided in its entirety. Preliminarily, note that George W. Bush will discuss this issue on Wednesday, that TEA Party groups are ready to challenge any omnibus House bill, and that 13 Broken Promises by Rubio about an open process on his amnesty bill have been compiled. This was just received from Numbers USA, which has functioned as a major force against amnesty before security legislation; it provides a modus vivendi when conceptualizing how to accommodate the fundamental changes BHO is making to the good ol USA: A July 4th patriotism devoted to our countrymen, and respectful of other nations "[T]hinking that some of the most patriotic people I know are Dreamers," an immigration reporter provocatively tweeted last night while watching Fourth of July fireworks. She was referring to young-adult illegal aliens, many of whom were brought illegally to the country by their parents and who are urging U.S. citizenship for themselves AND also for their parents, the ones who knowingly and deliberately broke the law to live and work here. The tweet immediately got ME thinking about the patriotism of all of YOU who are fighting the elite establishment's all-out efforts for a giant overall amnesty and a doubling of the importation of immigrant workers. How does your patriotism stack up against the patriotism of illegal aliens in general and of those who support them? Depends on the definition of patriotism, doesn't it. Looking out my office window at the national monuments that were illuminated throughout last night's fireworks spectacle, I'm sharing my own thoughts about patriotism and what we are all doing together in our immigration activism. These are not official organizational statements but my personal reflections. Is "patriotism" mainly the intense desire to live in a country and the belief that this country is far superior as a place to live compared to every other country in the world? If so, I would say that most illegal aliens seeking an amnesty are indeed patriotic to America. Certainly, they don't want to be made to live anywhere else in the world. To them, the United States is so superior to all other nations that many 64

illegal aliens consider it a violation of their international human rights to be made to leave. Do an internet search and you will find that kind of definition seems to prevail in quotations about patriotism. You'll also find that those quotations are usually pejorative and suggest that patriotism is selfish and leads to bad behavior by a country in relation to other countries. You'll find a lot of great and small figures through history who say the worst behavior by countries the last two centuries has been undergirded by a patriotism of chauvinistic superiority. Or is "patriotism" mainly "devotion to the welfare of one's country," the way the dictionary at my desk simply defines it? That is the concept I embrace. And it is what I believe drives most of you. Yes, you desire a legal flow of immigrants that is low enough that it doesn't deteriorate YOUR quality of life. Yes, I'm sure you would rather live here than anywhere. But what causes you week after week for years to make phone calls, send faxes, read websites and alerts and even give hard-earned cash to NumbersUSA in fighting for different immigration policies? I think it is your devotion to the welfare of the country where you were born or which have adopted. I say this on the basis of what I have heard from literally thousands of you since I founded NumbersUSA in 1996. Most of what you have said indicates that what really drives you to act beyond passive citizenship on this issue is your concern for the fellow citizens of your national community -- especially the most vulnerable -- and your deep desire to feel that your grandchildren's grandchildren and your neighbors' grandchildren will not be denied by actions taken today the ability to enjoy the aspects of your country that you hold most dear. You do not wish for your generation to be the one that bars all future generations of your country from the natural heritage, the freedom of mobility and the quality of life that you treasure. Your patriotism does not deny the importance of any other peoples to love their own countries and to place a priority on their own countrymen. But your patriotism signals that you will not stand idly by while politicians try to give out 33 million more foreign work permits the next decade -- even though your own wages and occupations may not be threatened -- because you feel an obligation to your countrymen who indeed ARE threatened by a vastly loosened labor market. I found a lot of the rhetoric of the pro-amnesty Senators last week to be troubling in its boastfulness about America's superiority, as if it is not possible for the 95% of the people in the world who do NOT reside in the United States to live meaningful lives. Some of the rhetoric was in service of the idea that the U.S. has 65

a humanitarian obligation to allow every person possible in the world to live here. And other of that superiority rhetoric served the concept that our country should vacuum up all the top talent in the world to supposedly increase our wealth, regardless of what that might do to other countries. Many of you who have attended church services may be familiar with the 1934 hymn, "This Is My Song," written by Lloyd Stone to the tune of the Finlandia Hymn {by Jean Sibelius}. To me, it encapsulates the kind of patriotism that I believe many of us practice in seeking immigration policies that best serve our own country, but also other nations, as well. This is my song, O God of all the nations, A song of peace for lands afar and mine. This is my home, the country where my heart is; Here are my hopes, my dreams, my sacred shrine. But other hearts in other lands are beating, With hopes and dreams as true and high as mine. My country's skies are bluer than the ocean, And sunlight beams on cloverleaf and pine. But other lands have sunlight too and clover, And skies are everywhere as blue as mine. O hear my song, O God of all the nations, A song of peace for their land and for mine. Like the message for the world that the French symbolized in their gift of the Statue of Liberty, I desire that every country would be able to emulate in their own way the spirit of individual freedom and rule of law as practiced by a United States government committed primarily to the broad interests of the people of the United States rather than the special interests of the corporate elites. Happy Independence Day weekend, fellow patriots, Roy Beck Fri, July 5th


[XXII] Foreign Policy Magazines blasts employ much-the-same format that has been used here; for example, this is the top-part of the Egypt-oriented emanation from this-a.m. [with references to Syria deleted because they were covered in the prior blast] with selected op-eds retained [that characterize what happened as a popular impeachment (rather than a coup), that call for a new US Policy, and that prognosticate], illustrating the type of unrest that had been predicted as America is sidelined and SoS-Kerry phones it in during the coup from his yacht (again, today, forcing former BHO Campaign Spox Retract Kerry 'Yacht' Denial): Thousands of Egyptian Islamists protest ouster of Morsi Allies of deposed leader Mohamed Morsi called on Egyptian Islamists Friday to peacefully protest against his overthrow. Thousands of Morsi supporters have mobilized in Cairo's Nasr City, and numbers are likely to grow after Friday afternoon prayers. This so-called "Friday of Rejection" follows the military's ousting of Morsi on Wednesday, an action that satisfied millions of Egyptians but marginalized Morsi's Islamist allies. In his swearing-in as Egypt's interim president, Adli Mansour -- formerly the chief justice of the Supreme Constitutional Court -- appealed for an inclusive transition: "The Muslim Brotherhood are part of this people and are invited to participate in building the nation as nobody will be excluded, and if they respond to the invitation, they will be welcomed." Calls for national reconciliation have neither healed the country's divisions nor reduced the anger of Morsi's supporters, however, as numerous high-ranking Muslim Brotherhood officials have been arrested since Morsi's removal. Security forces arrested the Muslim Brotherhood's supreme guide, Mohamed Badie, on Wednesday, and have issued an arrest warrant for Khairat al-Shater, an influential Brotherhood leader who also serves as Badie's deputy. Despite the Friday protest organizers' calls for "peaceful demonstrations," the arrests of Brotherhood leaders and outrage of Morsi's supporters raise fears of violent resistance or heightened militant activity. Tension has already flared in the Sinai Peninsula, where Islamist militants attacked military and security installations early Friday morning, killing one soldier and injuring three others. Moreover, clashes have reportedly broken out between security forces and Morsi supporters in Cairo's Giza neighborhood, and the Egyptian military has deployed additional forces to address anticipated unrest in Morsi's hometown of Zagazig. Although Drudge headlined the fact that BHO tells BROS: I've got your back,, commentators have concluded BHO Alienated Both Army and Muslim Brotherhood In Egypt. As anticipated, Egyptian troops have fired upon MB-Protesters and Raided Al Jazeera yielding fears of civilwar, while Pro-Morsi Muslims Fulfilled their Promise to Attack Egypt's Christians and a BBC reporter was shot in the head; this violence [with clashes against Islamist Pushback yielding 17+ deaths] has led to issuance of an Army warning against 'endless circle of revenge' as it arrests the MB-leadership. Some have suggested that the Army Ousted Morsi for his having supported the Syrian rebels but, regardless, Oil stocks are surging. Also, predictably, Turkey rejected the 67

coup, decrying ouster of the democratically-elected MB-regime as "unacceptable, no matter what the reasons. And Hamas has urged faith in the Arab Spring despite Morsis outster. IMRAs excerpts reflect [predicted] reactions from the usual suspects: Gulf states welcome Egypt new leader Turkey slams coup Energy Minister Warns Israel that Army, Resistance Can Protect Lebanon Oil Reserves Additional Snowden fall-out Lebanon at risk Again illustrating how out-to-lunch BHOs administration has become, the State Department Suggested initiation of Talks with Iran Based on 'Mutual Respect' and GITMO Detainees have been allowd to sign book deals and to get profiles on Match.com. And illustrating the diminished stature of BHOs America, the EU will Investigate NSA Surveillance Claims, despite the fact that French Minister Rips U.S. Spying While His Own Government Does Same. As NSA leaker Edward Snowden remains trapped in a Russian airport travel limbo, a fuller picture of him continues to emerge; meanwhile, he may obtain asylum from Venezuela or Nicaragua. This South American destination is no accident, inasmuch as the entire continent appears united against BHOs America, as manifest when multiple countries have expressed contempt via endorsing the absurd charge by Bolivian President that US 'Imperialism' Caused his Flight from Moscow To Be Diverted; opening Rushs radio show today, substitutehost Mark Steyn said, Obama may not have wanted to scramble jets to catch a 29 year-old hacker, but it seems he caused other nations to scramble their jets in the process. * Pamela Gellers daily [2 a.m.] blast arrived, and todays contributions are provided intact; hyperlinking to the one about Wilders provides a crash-course on European Islamism and connecting to last one will, in-turn, lead to a site on which 336 entries [I provided dozens, manhandling multiple opponents] during the past two days have been focused on the reaction in the U.K. to the banning of Pamela and Robert Spencer for their strident brand of truth-telling.

A Great American's Birthday on an open thread "Put yourself in my shoes": BBC Syrian jihadi cannibal Egypt: Muslims burn down 23 houses belonging to Christians Hamas arrested with explosives in Cairo: Muslim Brotherhood proxies retaliate Canada in landmark move to kill "hate speech" law UK University Student Knifed to death in broad daylight by laughing Muslim Geert Wilders Gets Answers on British Ban of Geller and Spencer: "Since freedom of expression may have consequences for public order....." Obama and Al-Qaedas Jihad on Anti-Morsi Egyptians: Multiple attacks launched against Egyptian forces in Sinai Pat Condell: "Our crippling fear of the truth"


Subject: Anti-BHO "blasts" Continue - XXIII [Anti-Semitism]

One can correlate the atmospherics of the 30s with those currently being experienced, as illustrated by the facts that the EU has reportedly lost patience With Israel and Germanys most popular broadsheet published a vicious anti-Semitic cartoon [which appears here]; meanwhile, a piece in the liberal-Buzzfeed attacked three conservative authors as bigots, but it also presents key-quotes from notorious anti-Semites. Historically, it has been noted that HITLER WAS ALMOST DESTROYED IN 1933, but that Jewish leaders failed them, a situation that eerily correlates with the Jewish-Ds who support BHOs lassitude as Iran nukes-up. The article making this latter point was circulated with a photo {received yesterday} that depicted a 1937 rally which resulted from efforts that had started in 1933 [by American Jews] to organize a nation-wide boycott of Nazi-Germany; ironically, the identical photo was distributed with a blast e-mail {received today, c/o Brian Rosenthal} that contained additional images that constitute the rest of this blast:

The Yad Vashem Archives contain this photo that depicts Jews in hiding in 1943 during Passover in Poland, baking matzos, their faces alight and happy:


This image depicts Jews, not in hiding, but within a transit camp in Holland lighting a Menorah on Hanukkah in a packed-room:

This man was in the Jewish Brigade, a segment of the British Army that fought the Germans in Italy in 1944; the rocket says Hitlers Gift:

This depicts Holocaust survivors at the moment of realizing they were liberated [noting this back-story]:


Here is a woman at the moment of her liberation, so skinny you can hardly see her; her face is aglow and aliveas if she was never imprisoned:

Taken in Buchenwald just after its liberation by photographer Margaret Bourke-White, this image shows the pure joy of liberation of normal folks (celebrating with champagne and cigarettes):


Rabbi Herschel Schachter [see his recent obituary in the New York Times] led a Shabbat service shortly after the liberation of Buchenwald in 1945 with prisoners (still in their garb, still in their prison, but free to celebrate the most important day of the week):

This is an edited photo posted by u/FTZ on Reddit depicting the photographers recently-liberated grandfather aiming a gun at a Nazi soldier:

This image (taken by photographer/writer Ruth Gruber) depicts a group of Holocaust survivors attempting to enter the United States from Italy in 1944 on a ship called the Henry Gibbins that was being hunted by the Nazis; these were the only refugees to be sheltered by the United States throughout the war. {Read more about Ruth Gruber and the ship here.} Some notable passengers included Dr. Alex Margulies (a distinguished radiologist who contributed to CAT scan and MRI technology), Rolf Manfred (who was instrumental in developing the Minuteman missile and Polaris submarine), Leon Levitch (who became a composer), and Dr. David Hendell (a dentist who pioneered the bonding of teeth).


This depicts Buchenwald Survivors Entering Israel in 1945:

This depicts Brothers traveling to England in 1946:


This depicts two happy Holocaust survivors at their 1946 wedding in Rishon Lezion, Israel. The bride (center), Chana Keller, survived a 800 km (500 mile) death-march:

In 1946, this unknown teenager joyously sang to smiling-survivors in their Displaced Persons [DP] Camp (which transiently held Holocaust victims):

Aleksander Kulisiewicz, a Holocaust survivor, composed 54 songs while he was in a concentration camp, and performed them for fellow inmates in secret gatherings; later, he performed them in the 60s:


This woman, a Holocaust survivor, was one of the first to rush in and attack a group of skinheads who were demonstrating in the streets of Vxj, Sweden in 1985; moments later, thousands of angry citizens swarmed the men and chased them until they finally locked themselves in a bathroom in a train station and had to be rescued by police:

This couple found a Rabbi to marry them in a camp when they learned they were to be separated the next day to different camps; they discovered they had both survived at the end of the war in 1945 and this image was taken two decades hence and shared on Red dit by u/BobtheGuy [with the title, Its Holocaust Remembrance Day. So heres my adorable Holocaust surviving grandparents]:

A Holocaust survivor looking into the eyes of her granddaughter went viral on Facebook [and this is how it got digitized]:


A Holocaust survivor went skydiving in San Diego with his grandson (not pictured) for his 85 Birthday, demonstrating the total freedom of a man once in bondage:


This is a young religious Jew looking up into the Hall of Names, an exhibit in the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem at Yad Vashem:


Subject: Anti-BHO "blasts" Continue - XXIV [The Middle East]

The prior blast undermines the claim that America has reached the end of photography (c/o the NY Times). In any case, in a [desperate] effort to clear-the-decks of the best of the Internet [by skimming the ~1400 unread e-mails], the following is proffered, focused on Foreign Affairs. Egypt. Why hasnt BHO spoken-out against the consistent pattern of the MB to destroy those who profess other religions? [Obama Send-Off: Muslim Group Slaughters 30 killed in school attack in Nigeria They burned the children alive] When the MB Claims the New Egyptian President Adly Mansour is Jewish, advice from people like McCain [to cut-off Egyptian aid] is even more difficult to swallow [particularly when noting its roots in the 1979 Camp David Accords]; countervailing forces [favoring the coup] include its endorsement by Qatar (in an apparent policy shift), the murder of a Coptic Priest by MB-Islamists supporting Morsi, and the observation that Hebrew-Speaking Egyptians Embraced New Role in Revolution 2.0. Meanwhile, can it be possible that the us-ambassador-to-egypt-vows-to-apply-pressure-tosupport-muslim-brotherhood? Andrew McCarthy notes: We have reached the point that we harsh critics of the bipartisan U.S. policy of Islamic democracy promotion have always warned about: Anti-democratic totalitarians clinging to power by exploiting the Wests Spring Fever; he adds that it is unclear whether the Egyptian Military will Scrap the Sharia Constitution. Predictably, Iran Condemned Overthrow as Improper, but Iran's Clerics See a Moral in Morsi's Fall. Meanwhile, as Post-Coup Violence Spreads In Egypt, ElBaradei isn't Prime Minister despite initial reports, as Egyptians Open Door to Mubarak's Allies and Detained Ex-President remains in the Eye of Egypt's Storm; it may be recalled that his control over the IAEA was characterized justifiably as a cover for Irans Nuke-production efforts. From the JTAs weekly blast-summary:
Morsi was ousted as president of Egypt {typo fixed} this past week in a military coup. In his short tenure, Morsi had distanced himself from Israel; he declined an invitation to Israel in August 2012 and, despite international pressure, did nothing to stop the smuggling of arms from Egypt into Gaza.

Israel. Before the lie that he hadnt been on his yacht [during the Egyptian Coup-#2] had been photographically-disproven, Kerry continued to push Israel to accept unilateral concessions prior to re-initiation of peace-talks; noting whats been happening in neighboring countries, the IsraelArab Conflict Should be the Last Item on John Kerrys To-Do-List. The weekly Israeli Cabinet meeting today (Sunday, 7 July 2013) contains a series of messages to Americans {excerpted} c/o Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:
Regarding blocking illegal migrants, we have received data according to which in the first half of the year, only 34 illegal migrants crossed the border. This is in comparison with 9,570 in the same period last year. We are talking about a reduction of over 99%.


The fence that we built is making a significant contribution to blocking illegal migration to Israel. In practice, nobody has entered and the few who have arrived did not reach Israel's cities. The fence has completely stopped illegal migration to Israel, but it also has an additional function - namely counter-terrorism. You must remember that this fence is equipped with very advanced means. There is also a doctrine being developed to protect the State of Israel against the double threat of illegal migration and terrorism from Sinai. I think that every passing day underscores how correct and how important the decision was to build the fence in the south. Regarding the intent to increase equality in sharing the burden of military service, Civilian Service and the Labor Force, a proposed outline was approved for gradual implementation while considering the special needs of the ultra-orthodox population; Bibi attributes great importance, also, to integrating inter alia Israeli Arabs into the labor force. {Also note: Israel Passes Draft Law To Force Haredim Into IDF.} Regarding Michael Orens resignation, appreciation was extended for his excellent and exemplary service.

Iran. Illustrative of the failure of economic sanctions are the facts that Iran's Non-Oil Exports to Azerbaijan Surpassed $140mln in 1Q, that Iran, Australia Call for Strengthening Bilateral Relations, and that [although Iran wont import Indian wheat due to disease concern] Iran purchases Indian soy-meal. Illustrative of the sting of economic sanctions, Iran halved value of local currency for most importers and Exempted Foreign Investors From Taxes. Meanwhile, the unnerving premise of a novel predicts Iran Nuclear Weapons could Destroy Israel, noting that America's missile defense system failed on Friday in a test over the Pacific, with an interceptor failing to hit an incoming ballistic missile; this represented yet another setback for the costly ground-based interceptors, which have not had a successful test result since 2008. Turkey. A court ruling canceling the development of Istanbuls Taksim Square was made public. The court ruled the government could not go ahead with its plan to build Ottoman-era barracks in the square [which triggered nationwide protests]; it is unclear why the court ruling is only being made public now, inasmuch as the court made its decision [which the government will likely appeal] in early June. Interrelated Elements of Middle East Conflagration. IDNS reports three items that actually correlate: Fatah called on Palestinians to overthrow Hamas, Lebanese parents demand Hezbollah stop sending their sons to die in Syria, and Egypt's coup is affecting the Syrian civil war. Another correlates the history of Arms for Hostages and Iran-Contra from the 1980s with the current American program of arms to rebels. England. As the banning of Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer flares [and as I have resolutely defended them on Israpundit, here and here], the UK Deported a Radical Cleric to Jordan After Decade Fight and a Disgraced Former British-MP Blamed the Zionist Lobby for Iran Satellite TV Ban. This latter observation segues into what transpired in a Commonwealth Nation, Canada, whenrecalling the point that anti-Semitism remains pervasiveit is noted that one of 78

the suspects in the alleged plot to bomb the British Columbia Legislature had previously made an anti-Semitic statement online [The Jews killed Jesus (they are proud of it)]. Guantnamo. As the Islamic month of fasting begins tomorrow, the staff schedule was changed so that forced-feedings will take place before dawn and late at night.


Subject: Anti-BHO "blasts" Continue - XXV [Domestic Affairs]

Ponder what Victor David Hanson views as [modern] Liberal Apartheid [The elite mostly lead a reactionary existence of talking one way and living another]. It has also been claimed that Liberalism isnt more than a political orientation, for its a way of deciding which courses students should have to take; this may explain why American Higher Education is Too Liberal But Not in the Way You Think. Ted Cruz for POTUS in 2016. Note Ted Cruzs Cuban Fathers Epic Speech Comparing Obama To Castro. Meanwhile, Liz Cheney tooled-up to challenge Enzi [as portrayed here, and here, and here, and here] and Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) released a YouTube video attacking his 34-year-old Democratic opponent, Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes that has gone viral. BHOs transparency deceit. Ponder the impact of Clappers claim[s] that His Denial of Mass Data Collection Was a True Statement, a Noble Lie, and an Honest Mistake. Pick One. Meanwhile, ongoing NSA Leaks Raise Concerns on Background Checks, as a secret-courtexpanded-nsa-surveillance-powers. ObamaCare. The recent announcement of a delay in imposition of the Employer Mandate has apparently vindicated Dr. Hotzes Lawsuit Against ObamaCare; under-reported, also is the fact that BHO has scaled back another key healthcare rule, delaying a requirement that verifies the income levels of those seeking taxpayer subsidies until after the 2014 midterm elections. Appended to this law was a little-recognized federal takeover of college-loans and, as a result, At 265 Colleges, Loan Default More Likely Than Graduation. Un/Under-Employment. ONLY 47% OF ADULTS HAVE a FULL-TIME JOB, and the past 54 Months constitute the Longest Stretch of 7.5%+ Unemployment on Record, a problem that persists because of the explosion of low-wages and Part-Time jobs. This portends problems, as Eurozone and ObamaCare Continue Parallel Economic Collapse and 33% Expect Stronger Economy A Year From Now, 41% Weaker. DbM [Rushs term for the Drive-by-Media]. Why should anyone be shocked that Media-Matters smeared Congressman Issa on behalf of BHO? Why should anyone be shocked that Piers Morgan Tweeted a lament that King George III should have "kept his sh&*" together during the Revolutionary War? Why should anyone be shocked that an Olbermann-Twitter-SpanksMaddow? Why should anyone be shocked that a New York Times profile scrubbed Valerie Jarrett's radical ties. Abortion. A pregnant 11-Year-Old Can't Get Abortion in Chile [the result of two years of sexual abuse by her mother's partner] despite the fact that both the girl [@ 14 weeks gestation] and the fetus are at risk of death if the pregnancy goes ahead. Boston Bomber. On Wednesday, a judge will read the 30 formal charges against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, including setting-off a weapon of mass destruction and killing three bombing victims. 80

Martin/Zimmerman. It has been argued that the prosecution has failed to meet its burden of proof and, thus, that its Only Halftime, But the George Zimmerman Trial is Already Over. Highlighted on Friday were offsetting claims by their mothers regarding who had been yelling for help on the 9-11 tape, but the talking-heads ignored this information from the Medical Examiner [who had been merely characterized as erratic], noting that those who apparently harbor inside-knowledge are predicting that the Medical Examiner who will testify for the defense will provide reasonable clarity to offset these inconsistencies: With jurors out of the courtroom, Bao acknowledged he had changed his opinion in recent weeks on two matters related to the teen's death -- how long Martin was alive after being shot and the effect of marijuana detected in Martin's body at the time of his death. The associate medical examiner said last November that he believed Martin was alive one to three minutes. He also said Friday that marijuana could have affected Martin physically or mentally, even though he said it didn't last year. Nelson had ruled before the trial that Martin's past marijuana use couldn't be introduced, and she didn't veer from that ruling on Friday, meaning jurors didn't hear Bao's opinion about the effect of Martin's marijuana use. The Local Philly Sports Teams. This snap-shots the horrid status of this aggregate of teams, which die-hard Philly-fans are forced to support. As the Phillies languish 7 games back in the standings [and three games below 500], it seems GM-Amaro [son of beloved-SS from 60s] recognizes the sudden absence of Ryan Howard enhances recognition that its time to sell. As the Eagles contemplate their QB-sweepstakes [I still like Vick], it seems the offensive-line has finally been strengthened and Desean Jackson is poised to rebound. As the Flyers attempt to reattain their glory-days, it seems they dont have a stable goalkeeper [ la Parent]. As the 76ers general manager Sam Hinkie claims its OK he is wheeling-dealing without first having hired a head coach [noting that, with the Boston Celtics' hiring of Brad Stevens on Wednesday, the Sixers are the lone NBA team without a head coach], it seems they would burden a new-hire with personnel he had no role in hiring.


Subject: Anti-BHO "blasts" Continue - XXVI [Mop-Up]

My rationalization for having distributed the prior blasts before having reviewing all of the e mails that had arrived this-a.m. was that they were already somewhat lengthy; thus, those that are to follow will recapitulate themes therein, as further supportive documentation is provided. In any case, the careful reader will note that these articles are distributed with a minimum of associated-punditry; the goal is to allow the data to drive the process of drawing conclusions. {This roundup results from having spent all-day generating what was previously remitted, running to the hospital to round and to eat, and then culling the rest of todays items-of-interest.} The most thought-provoking article that emerged {and which is ripe for rebuttal} was this, from Tablet, which appeared to claim Talmudic support for a living Constitution: Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, Jewish Law, and the Principle of Binding Precedent.

Egypt As BHO condemns ongoing violence in Egypt and avoids taking sides, his Real [Pro-MB] Foreign Policy Takes Heavy Blows while pundits cannot diagnose the basis for this Obsession; he seems to deny what appears to be a growing consensus, namely, that Hamas Lost the Arab Spring. While Egypt is Being Run by the Military and the Mobs, the coup affords Egypts liberals a second chance, although some argue that, after Egypts coup, Islamists must have a place in a restored democracy. Overall, as documented in prior blasts, Anti-Americanism-isErupting-Again-in-Egypt, as Egypts U.S. AMBASSADOR claims MORSI'S OUSTER NOT A COUP so as to avoid abiding by a Law that requires aid be suspended. Meanwhile, the MB vows to Remain on Streets Until Morsi Reinstated, as Islamists call for 'intifada' and a Pro-Morsi Protester claimed A New Taliban and a New al-Qaeda Has Been Created in Egypt; this may explain why Islamic Fundamentalists Opened Fire on Anti-Morsi Demonstrators, Killing at Least 12 in Alexandria and a lynch mob has been wandering the streets, waving Al Qaeda banners. Indeed, a Wave of Sinai Peninsula Attacks Deepens Fears of Protracted Islamist Violence as Gunmen attack Sinai checkpoints close to Israel border. If Muslim Brotherhood Chooses War in Egypt, it is predicted that it Will Lose Badly, even as the Egyptian army is 'preparing for Sinai operation' in reaction to an attack on an Egyptian gas pipeline in el-Arish that disrupted supplies to Jordan. Ongoing unrestincluding Sexual assaults and a Gang throwing rivals from the top of a buildingmay explain why Cairo seeks Gulf help. Through it all, Israel is monitoring and keeping arm's length from this unrest, operating channels of coordination between Israels security forces and the Egyptian military and its intelligence, with the goal being to stabilize Sinai and to maintain calm along Gaza border.

Middle East As the US looks to new Syrian Coalition president to prevent total collapse, it is necessary to negotiate Syria policy Between Scylla and Charybdis. {As detailed earlier, I feel this should 82

entail building around the Kurds/Christians and those rebels who are not linked to al-Qaeda.} Meanwhile, Israel grounded her warplanes after an F16 crashed at sea; again, as Malian separatists want soldiers out of Kidal, it has been shown that Islamists damaged Invaluable Timbuktu records. Seemingly inexplicable, also, is how Erdogan became BHOs Best Friend, even as PROTESTERS AGAIN CONVERGE ON ISTANBUL'S GEZI PARK; the forced-apology by Bibi regarding the Flotilla attack is considered to have been a mistake by 71%-of-Israelis. Through it all, BHO apparently Still Sees Israel as the Problem and ignores THE IRANIAN PROPAGANDA MACHINE and how AHMADINEJAD GLOATS OVER HOLOCAUST DENIAL; this carries operational import because it has just been revealed that the EU secretly funded the BDS [boycott/divest/sanctions] leader against Israel and, through it all LITTLE GIRLS ON PA TV claim JEWS ARE 'BARBARIC MONKEYS, WRETCHED PIGS.' Although Haaretz reports that SoS-Kerry was scheduled to return to Israel on Friday, this may not occur because his wife [Teresa Heinz] is suddenly in critical condition. Reuters' David Rohde on CBS' "Face The Nation" decried the terrible optics of BHO golfing and John Forbes Kerry on yacht, says that the young people of Egypt looking to the United States after ousting the MB's Mohamed Morsi from the presidency will not be inspired by its leaders.

Immigration Although todays editorial in the Washington Post predictably calls for endorsing the Senate Bill because, by clearing the green card backlog, the door would be open to immigrants who have been waiting for legal entry. A counterpoint, of course, is that, per REP. MCCAUL (R-TX), the SENATE IMMIGRATION BILL THROWS 'CANDY' AT BORDER; others have argued Immigration reform plan is cynical ploy that has prompted Paul Ryan to go-silent and, in turn, BHOs White House to find it difficult to see a path to passing immigration reform. To whatever degree Boehner can influence the agenda on this and other issues may be reflected on his looming decisions regarding the Farm bill decision looms and whether it will stage a comeback. Overall, Just 28% of Americans Now Think Feds Likely to Secure Border if Reform Plan Passes.

ObamaCare The delay of employer mandate only latest snag in implementing law, for States also Want a Delay. Even NBCS DAVID GREGORY claims its SURTAX has been viewed as maddening, the consensus of an NBC-panel was that delaying the Employer Mandate was a 'Damaging Moment,' and ABC's Rick Klein depicts it as a 'Slow-Motion' Train Wreck. It is felt that The Young Won't Buy it, despite efforts to motivate moms to convince their children to sign-up; apparently, sports-related gambits [NFL/NBA] have been abandoned. The overall challenge is to overcome generational poverty.


Scandal-Sheet CBSs Sharyl Attkisson reports the retired Marine Colonel who was at Benghazi and who may be the key to understanding what happened cannot be foundand the Pentagon isnt helping. Also, a Congressman claims the IRS Scandal Will Widen to probing Leaks and the Firm Representing a State Dept Whistleblower was Burglarized. And, lest we forget, a Mexican Top Cop was Killed By a Fast And Furious Rifle; this segues into an essay themed on the American Revolution that recognizes it was triggered when seventy-two-were-killed-resistinggun-confiscation-in-Boston. Venezuela announced NSA-leaker Snowden has until Monday to respond to its asylum offer and, in a comprehensive update, an essay quoting a Russia official claimed Venezuela constitutes his last chance. [Pushkov joked that if Snowden doesn't find shelter in Venezuela, "he will have to stay and marry Anna Chapman," the redheaded Russian spy who was among 10 sleeper agents deported from the U.S. in 2010. The 31-year-old Chapman proposed to Snowden, who just turned 30, on Twitter last week.] Locally, Philly marchers {unrelated to the TEA Party Movement} protested NSA surveillance.

Other National Issues A review of the Trial-of-the-Year concluded George Zimmerman Probably Won't Be Convicted of Murder or Manslaughter. As D.C.s charter schools received a gold star because these nontraditional public schools outperform their peers in reading and math, an accompanying oped in the Washington Post claimed D.C.s children dont have time to wait for more funding. As BHO is Still Claiming Stimulus Worked, a Report was released concluding Social Security Bankruptcy is Coming Faster Than Expected and the future of Medicare is far more bleak than the rosy picture painted by BHO and the latest Medicare Trustees' report; a related piece calls for radical welfare reform. Ted Cruz will keynote a TEA Party rally in Fla. to be hosted by Americans for Prosperity and, in the ratings-war, Letterman is in the dust as Leno, Fallon Score Best 18-49 and Total Viewer Numbers in 5 Quarters. Finally, illustrating the ongoing [unnecessary] fight over abortion-rights, it has been alleged that New York Dems Exploited Jewish Sabbath in Effort to Pass Pro-Choice Measure.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania I have consistently argued, for the past year, that Corbetts re-election prospects are problematic, largely due to the Sandusky Scandal. In an article in todays Inquirer, it was noted that At PSU, there has been some healingbut not over Freeh report; prominent therein is the claim that Nearly half of the voters in a new Quinnipiac poll said the Penn State situation would be very or somewhat important in deciding how they vote for governor next year.


His current status has been summarized by a spate of articles concluding the Pa-budget-seasonends-with-Corbett-at-crossroads. For whatever reason[s], after he signed-off on his on-time budget, corbett-went-0-for-3-regarding his other priorities [liquor privatization, Underfunded pensions, and the transportation-bill]. Yet, counterpointing my concerns, a Harper Poll found that Corbetts Budget-related Talking Points Perform Well, even as he is now Pushing an aggressive Rescue Package for Philly Schools that inter alia slashes teacher-salaries. Meanwhile, the War in the Supreme Court rages, as Ron Castille and Seamus McCaffery Just Cant Get Along.


Subject: Anti-BHO "blasts" Continue - XXVII [Martin/Zimmerman]

Defense Witnesses Said its Zimmerman Screaming on the 911 Tape and, in Reversal, Florida Judge Okays Testimony about Trayvon Martins Marijuana Usage; also, per Ben Shapiro of Breitbart:
Tracy Martin [the father of Trayvon Martin] testified that he said to police that he couldnt tell if the screaming voice on the 911 tape was his son. That testimony was in direct conflict with Officers Christopher Serino and Doris Singleton of the Sanford Police Department, who said that Martin said that it was not the voice of his son on that tape. The testimony was also in conflict with the case the prosecution attempted to make that Tracy Martin had said no not in response to a question about Trayvons voice, but with regard to his disbelief at Trayvons death. Officer Christopher Serino [the lead detective in the case] testified that he played Trayvon Martins father, Tracy, the tape of the neighbors 911 call containing screams from the fight between Zimmerman and Martin and that Tracy Martin said that it was not his sons voice calling for help on the tape.Serino also testified that Brandy Green, the fiance of Tracy Martin, did not contradict Tracy Martin's answer about Trayvon's voice.

I received an e-mail which cannot be hyperlinked to the Internet, so it was rewritten. Remember that, shortly after the shooting, BHO promptly invoked his racist underpinnings when he characterized Little Trayvon [before any adjudication] as "If I had a son...he would look like Trayvon." The reader is invited to compare/contrast his photos @ age-12 [constantly employed by the media] vs. @ age-17 [6'2" tall and 175 muscular pounds, with a mouthful of gold teeth and numerous tattoos]:

The e-mail alleges:

1. Little Trayvon lived with his dad and step-mother, so its unclear how often he saw his birthmother [who readily IDed his voice on the 911 call].


2. He was a thug who had had numerous run-ins with authorities (both at school and with local police). 3. He had been stopped and almost arrested two days before his death for smacking a bus driver in the face, because the driver had refused to let him ride for free; he was released because the driver was told not to press charges by the bus company and to continue on his route. 4. He was allegedly a marijuana dealer and his friends on Facebook wrote he had the "best plants." 5. When he was suspended at school, it was not only because he tried to bring a little marijuana in with him, for he possessed jewelry [wedding rings, watches, etc.] that he claimed to have "found" along with a large screwdriver [a burglary tool] while on the way to school that day; the jewelry was turned over to the Police by the school. 6. His name on one of his Facebook profiles was "Wild Nigga."


XVIII A friend sent a spate of hyperlinks [and the below-cartoon] to illustrate why the entire Arab Islamic world is in chaos, as are other Islamic states (e.g., Turkey); he suggested the next revolution could be promulgated by Muslims in Europe, who would revolt against fellow-Europeans (Christians, Jews and Socialists) rather than their co-religionists. Egypt. As Pro and Anti-Morsi Mobs Took to the Streets, Putin Declared Egypt on Brink of Civil War. ProMorsi Demonstrators Threaten Defense Minister With Suicide Squads And Burning Of Christians, while Hard-Line Salafist Party Becomes an Unlikely Decider in Egypt and U.S. Urges MB to Re-Engage in Egypt's Political Process. Tony Blair has weighed-in, against Morsi and for ongoing support. And the Cairo Institute concluded that Morsi Systematically Abused the Rule of Law: It was clear from President Morsis first day in office that his program for the first 100 days of his term paid little attention to addressing human rights issues and realizing Egyptians aspirations for democratization. At the end of the 100-day period, rights organizations issued a report documenting broad assaults on the freedoms of expression and peaceful assembly and on religious liberties, as well as the continued harassment of political and labor activists, increasing cases of torture and mistreatment in police stations, and the failure to prevent impunity for perpetrators of human rights violations.

Turkey. Erdogan Insults Blacks as State Media Continues Anti-Semitic Campaign as the Arab Power Struggles Strengthen Saudis' Hand Against Islamists. The Cost of the Islamization of Europe is huge; meanwhile, the world's 'Most Dangerous Islamist' is Alive, Well, and Living in Pennsylvania. Israel. While Kerrys Intense Focus on Peace Process Provokes Head-Scratching Among Diplomats [noting that polling shows (58.0%:37.3%) Israel should not show flexibility to renew talks], it has been emphasized that U.S. and Israel Must Push for Stability in Jordan. Although Removal of Islamist Morsi is viewed as a source of hope in Israel, Israeli Arabs rallied in support of Morsi.


XXIX Much of what was acquired today confirmed points made over the weekend [comprising stories with legs] and, thus, there are fewer items; yall are reading this stuff, it seems, because Im dutifully integrating contributions. [The process, simply, is to preserve key-hyperlinks and then to present them in a tight format; the reader can then corroborate the veracity of the point made by the author.] This constitutes a meta-analysis of what is arriving, collating information from myriad sources in a fashion that tells an aggregated-story; this data-driven process permits editorialization to be minimized. Transparency. Expanding the NSAs power, the Patriot Act allows the FBI to demand records as long as they are believed to be "relevant to an authorized investigation." Moving info about OBL to the CIA minimizes ability to achieve public release [ US admiral ordered death files purged from Pentagon], as The Problem With the 'Privacy Moderates' has been explored. Economy. Notwithstanding claims of its success, the STIMULUS has resulted in the fact that the Second-largest U.S. employer is temp agency, and 101 Million Americans Receive Food Aid from Federal Gov't. [a number that exceeds the total of all private sector workers]. ObamaCare. As detailed previously, BHO announced income and employment verification in the state-run exchanges in 2014 will be based on the honor system. Rush pointed-out today that, far from reflecting any implosion, this is a methodical/politicized move [that made it easier to implement it, not more difficult] that will drive people to the exchanges [until after the 2014 elections]. Immigration. Some commentators are suggesting this latest ObamaCare pronouncement hurts Immigration Reform efforts because, if-BHO-can-unilaterally-delay-ObamaCares-employermandate, he-can-delay-new-immigration-provisions-too. Guzzardi wants me to re-reemphasize what has already been documented: a southern border fence Works great in Israel. As select-Republicans met to talk immigration [prior to the Wednesday caucus], Rep. Kelly released the following perceptions. It should be noted that Guzzardi and I were on a conference-call with him a fortnight ago, during which he stridently articulated a comparable posture [reinforced by a direct set of queries from Guzzardi] c/o the GOP conference:
Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) told Breitbart News he is confident House Republicans as a whole will stop the Senates Gang of Eight immigration bill, and take up an alternative aimed at securing the border before handling anything else.

Politics. BHOs never-mind presidency has been articulated, as Victor David Hanson has invoked the Greek concept of Nemesis (or divine retribution for unchecked hubris) to explain what was in store for BHO. Meanwhile, Texas Gov. Rick Perry wont-seek-re-election-in-2014 [a decision about which I commented, drawing upon personal experiencewhen Guzzardi and I spent New Years in Des Moines working the caucuses on his behalf]; also, WaPo-Columnistaccused-NYT-of-sexism-towards-Liz-Cheney and GOP Senate Prospects are Good Finally, Spitzers Madam will Challenge Him in New York Comptroller-Race.


Pennsylvania. The Harper Poll (7/8/2013) finds Corbett's Re-elect 24% overall and, even worse, only 43% Republicans think Corbett deserves re-election, as per PoliticsPa; Guzzardi notes that, at this moment in their respective [re]election races, numbers were better both for Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney [and we know their ultimate fates]. Meanwhile, it has been argued that the school-funding-package-is-not-enough-to-avert-layoffs as Guzzardi laments 500-days-and-$1billion-later, zero-accountability-in-pa-universities. MontCo. Last week, Controller Stewart Greenleaf Jr. and his office published the Montgomery Countys 2012 Annual Financial Report; it noted many fluctuations -- including an operating deficit $20 million less than 2011, but a $5.9 million decrease in grant funds -- and highlighted failure of the county to make legally-required contributions to the pension fund. Media. As FOXNEWS again is discerned to be America's No. 1 source for news, a FORMER PRODUCER RIPPED MSNBC AS OBAMA'S 'OFFICIAL NETWORK.' Local Sports. The forlorn posture detailed yesterday has been reinforced today; Ryan Howard now needs knee surgery and will be out 6-8 weeks, the Eagles must remain healthy, the Flyers signed two goalies [Danis and Emery], and the 76ers' CEO Stepped Down. Miscellaneous. JFK-Assassin Oswald was tied to Cuban Spies; I had surmised this after having assessed all conspiracy theories, noting his prior trip to the USSR. As a Major-newspaperrejected-a-graphic/educational-pro-life-ad, the potential for Abortion-politics to be predictably pushed by the Ds has been explored by the WaPo, emphasizing the collar-counties of Philly. And a man's obit requested Cleveland Browns to serve as pallbearers so team 'can let him down one last time.'


XXX Martin/Zimmerman Follow-Up

Today, a forensics-expert [who analyzed the entry-wound data] delivered undisputed testimony that Martin Was on Top of Zimmerman When Fatal Shot Fired. All claims of Martins supporters [neighborhood watch volunteer Zimmerman was a wannabe cop who racially -profiled Martin, stalked him during a cold and rainy February night, started a fight with him, and then murdered him] can be discounted by citing available evidence and testimony, while NBC NEWS HEADLINES TRAYVON'S DAD'S NEW TESTIMONY and DOWNPLAYS CHANGING STORY.

Guzzardi reports the danger of circulating unreferenced hyperlinks [Framing Trayvon], even as critique of Zimmerman has arisen among conservatives. The claim by the DbM that the American People are to blame for CNN going tabloid along with other cable-stations is countered by recalling that the DemocratMedia-Complex itself ginned-up a local Florida (alleged) crime into a national news story purely for cynical political purposes. Victor David Hanson claims this is a 'Revolutionary Tribunal' inter alia because George Zimmerman probably wouldn't be on trial if he went by the name Jorge Meza, using his maternal last name and the Hispanic version of his first name. This Trial Coverage has been framed as Media Pornography, as rioting is predicted by Juan Williams, et al. [framed as killing an innocent, unarmed black boy in his own neighborhood by a white outsider] and the BROWARD COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE PREPARES ZIMMERMAN VERDICT RIOT PLAN. Zimmermans lawyer has concluded, wistfully: 'My Client Will Never Be Safe.'


XXXI Domestic Policy Immigration Reform. A new Poll concluded-Hispanics-want-USA-to-Enforce-the-law-firstthen-deal-with-legalization-in-any-immigration-package. As a GOP Special Interest Groups Push House GOP to Cave on Immigration Bill and the Ds are attempting to define [actually, to MAGNIFY] internal fault-lines, Boehner again stated on Monday that there will be no House vote on the Senate immigration bill, perhaps recognizing that Most Voters Still Favor Employer Sanctions and Routine Police Checks to Fight Illegal Immigration. It has been claimed that American communists hatched the entire immigration-reform movement to establish unchallengeable political supremacy; regardless, this was printed in todays blast from Politicos Playbook:
SIREN -- RARE JOINT EDITORIAL from two of the most muscular conservative voices in the land - "Kill the Bill," by William Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard, and Rich Lowry, editor of National Review: "We are conservatives who have differed in the past on immigration reform, with Kristol favorably disposed toward it and Lowry skeptical. But the Gang of Eight has brought us into full agreement: Their bill, passed out of the Senate, is a comprehensive mistake. House Republicans should kill it without reservation. ... The enforcement provisions are riddled with exceptions, loopholes, and waivers. Every indication is that they are for show and will be disregarded, just as prior notional requirements to build a fence or an entry/exit visa system have been ... Marco Rubio says he doesn't want to have to come back ten years from now and deal with the same illegal-immigration problem. But that's exactly what the CBO says will happen under his own bill. According to the CBO analysis of the bill, it will reduce illegal immigration by as little as a third or by half at most. By one estimate, this means there will be about 7.5 million illegal immigrants here in ten years. And this is under the implausible assumption that the Obama administration would administer the law as written. "The bill's changes in legal immigration are just as ill considered. Everyone professes to agree that our system should be tilted toward high-skilled immigration, but the Gang of Eight bill unleashes a flood of additional low-skilled immigration. The last thing low-skilled native and immigrant workers already here should have to deal with is wage-depressing competition from newly arriving workers. ... Finally, there is the sheer size of the bill and the hasty manner in which it was amended and passed. Conservatives have eloquently and convincingly made the case against bills like this during the Obama years. Such bills reflect a mistaken belief in central planning and in practice become a stew of deals, payoffs, waivers, and special-interest breaks. ... If you think ObamaCare and Dodd-Frank are going swimmingly, you'll love the Gang of Eight bill. It's the opposite of conservative reform, which simplifies and limits government, strengthens the rule of law, and empowers citizens. ... "The Republicans eager to back the bill are doing so out of political panic. ... If Republicans take the Senate and hold the House in 2014, they will be in a much better position to pass a sensible immigration bill. At the presidential level in 2016, it would be better if Republicans won more Hispanic voters than they have in the past-but it's most important that the party perform better among working-class and younger voters concerned about economic opportunity and upward mobility. Passing this unworkable, ramshackle bill is counterproductive or irrelevant to that task. House Republicans may wish to pass incremental changes to the system to show that they have their own solutions, even though such legislation is very unlikely to be taken up by the Senate. ... House Republicans should make sure not to allow a conference with the Senate bill. ... Passing any version of the Gang of Eight's bill would be worse public policy than passing nothing." Weekly Standard http://bit.ly/171sc7M ... National Review http://bit.ly/18Kd9Dx

Department of State. 40 Minutes In Benghazi demonstrates that whoever the men who assaulted the compound were, they had been given precise orders and impeccable intelligence. State Dept official accused of selling visas for sex. Watergate-style burglary hits State Dept. whistleblower's law firm. 92

NSA. A Former Judge Admitted Flaws in Secret FISA Court, a topic that was explored this-p.m. by the Fox All-Stars [with Krauthammer emphasizing the need for Congressional rule-making and precise oversight]. OBAMA ORDERED FED WORKERS to SPY ON EACH OTHER, and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau [CFPB] has spent millions of dollars for the warrantless collection and analysis of Americans financial transactions; meanwhile, reminiscent of Watergate, Cameras Cought Mystery Break-In at State Dept Whistleblower's Law Firm. Snowden said U.S. and Israel created Stuxnet virus; Snowdens status is uncertain, as WikiLeaks refutes Venezuela asylum claim. IRS. The IRS inadvertently released up to 100,000 Social Security numbers and other confidential ID codes, which were improperly gathered on paperwork filled out by non-profit political organizations; these documents were then published online and sent out to public interest groups. Perhaps in reaction to the accumulated scandals, House Republicans look to slash IRS budget by $3 billion; this could render ObamaCare Implementation from Being Fully Funded. Economy. Amazingly, Americans are still more likely to blame former President George W. Bush than President Obama for the country's current economic problems, which has been the case since 2010; perhaps in reaction to documented fiscal-excess, it has been claimed that Sequestration Pushes Head-Start Families To The Precipice. Perhaps illustrating the hope that a turn-around is in the offing, late-night comedian David Letterman, who does all he can to avoid jokes targeting BHO, is suffering a major ratings slide. Politics. The GOP should fear the anticipated use of the prized BHO-database on smaller campaigns, as the Feds_weigh_probe_of_alleged_campaign_finance_violations_by_Santorum. Through it all, the ACLU is lamenting that Aaron Hernandez Is locked Alone Inside a Room the Size of a Parking Spot. Meanwhile, NYCs Sex-Deviant D-Candidates were at-large: a tearful Eliot Spitzer [I have spent five years reflecting, thinking, apologizing; its not easy, but I am ready to ask for forgiveness."] and an arrogant Anthony Weiner [who has been challenged by challenger Christine Quinn by claiming he passed only one bill in Congress] seek forgiveness/credibility. ObamaCare. House Attacks White House Over Delaying ObamaCare For Businesses [But Not People], while Fox News claims the delay in the Employer Mandate may have been triggered by litigation filed by Dr. Hotze; Rush would debate this because BHO makes It Whatever Irrational Thing He Wants on Any Given Day. Another glitch delays tobacco-use penalties that could have made smokers premiums unaffordable; Ryan Demanded a New Cost Estimate, as the Ds attack a new anti-ad. Corbett. PA roads may crumble without new a transportation bill [with a hike in the gasoline tax], but its unclear whether voters will care.


XXXII Middle East A few days ago, an article from Tablet was provided that attempted to apply Talmudic reasoning to justify invoking a Living Constitution by SCOTUSs Kagen [rather than yoking decisions constantly to original intent/meaning, as do the conservatives]; today, another thoughtexperiment is provided from the same website that advocates exercising the mind in logical thinking, not just learning laws by probing Math Lessons and Quantum Physics in Studies of Rabbinic Stringency and Leniency. An essay by Joseph Puder [The Evangelical Left and Anti-Semitism] is quite timely. On a lighter note, The Hottest Conservative Supermen in America have been chosen. * Yesterday, a friend forwarded a series of articles from Arlene Kushner; individually and in the aggregate, they tell a story thats both meaningful and contemporary [without fanfare]. She also has adopted a data-driven approach, as is reflected in her writings and, indeed, in the opening-line today: If there is good "stuff" happening in the Middle East, it is almost certainly happening in Israel. Her stuff is all over the place and, thus, doesnt easily lend itself to any type of categorization [as is being attempted here]; thus, the reader is invited to peruse her selections [and to kvell]. Much of what she writes is parallel to what has been culled from other sources, and my only personal lament is to note her insights havent been provided the amount of space herein that is merited. THEREFORE, hyperlink to writings [supra]consider requesting her daily blast [as I just did, successfully]and indulge! * Egypt. As Islamists called for uprising after military opens fire, Egypt's President Outlines Timetable to Elections, Hazem el-Biblawi (a former finance minister) was named Egypts premier and Mohammed ElBaradei (an opposition leader) will assume the vice presidency.
Interim Egyptian President Adly Mansour announced the appointment of a prime minister and vice president, a day after unveiling a new constitutional charter and a timetable for national elections. Gen. Abdel Fatah al-Sissi, the head of Egypts military, said the announcements provided "more than enough assurance" that the country is on the right path, even as thousands of Muslim Brotherhood faithful prepared to bury 51 people killed by security forces during an anti-government demonstration on Monday. * Beblawi had criticized Morsi's Islamist administration last month, blasting the group for failing to restore political legitimacy to the government and economic stability to the country. For their part, Brotherhood officials rejected a plan announced by the interim government aimed at putting Egypt on a fast track to amending the countrys controversial constitution, which had been hastily rushed through the Islamist-dominated constitutional assembly last year. The constitution was widely criticized for its heavy emphasis on Islamic law at the expense of religious and gender minorities.

Meanwhile, U.S. Struggles for Leverage as Mideast Crisis Deepens, even as anti-Americanism extends to CNN but U.S. Modernization of Egyptian Air Force Continues as Planned; Americas 94

insistence that Egypt [and others] mimic our democracy is patronizing, for Egypt Needs Military Rule. Also, as noted yesterday when Israels support was becoming clear [and as documented herein, also], John Bolton concurred Its a Coup, but advised America should Send Aid to Egypt Anyway. As noted previously, BHOs policy is emerging and it remains necessary to be wary of our Friends the Saudis and Their Moderate Sharia Decapitations; essentially, it appears BHO believes that if the MB (or perhaps the Salafists) are denied power in Muslim-majority countries, they cannot be defeated and, further, will be radicalized to pursue September 11-style attacks on America. Illustrative of the intensity of the intra-Arab turmoil, Cairos Al Jazeera correspondent resigned to protest its alleged pro-Morsi bias [amidst a major challenge to its credibility including mass staff resignations, a raid of one of its offices, its reporters kicked out of a news conference by fellow journalists, and the arrest of some of its staffers by Egyptian security forces], and the Cairo airport refused an inbound Syrian flight and deported Palestinians. Egypt sought end to crisis with quick elections, but the MB rejected the plan. Afghanistan. U.S. Considers Faster Pullout and may Leave No Troops There After 2014 [because BHO is increasingly frustrated by his dealings with President Hamid Karzai]; Pakistan was a safe haven for Osama due to pervasive corruption. Meanwhile, a U.S. judge refused to end force-feeding of Gitmo detainees, which has been filmed. Middle East. A car-bomb ripped through a Hezbollah neighborhood in Lebanon, deepening fears of regional Sunni-Shiite war. Supporting this concern is this depiction of the forces-atplay: Sunni rebels had vowed to strike Hezbollah areas in Lebanon in retaliation for the Iran-backed terror group's activities on behalf of Syria's Bashar al-Assad regime, and last month a Lebanese Sunni cleric had threatened to take "military" action against the Shiite group. The Jerusalem Post reported that "shocked and angry residents were quick to blame Sunni militants." Tuesdays bombing is the second attack on the Shiite area of Beirut in as many months, with rockets striking the neighborhoods in late May. Analysts are increasingly pessimistic that regional sectarian tensions can be dampened, and are instead predicting that "there is a good chance that there will be more than 10,000 foreign fighters on either side of the Syrian war within a year or two." Syria. Although the Syrian government supposedly has no more revenues or food supplies, its troops continued their assault on Homs this week, threatening to fully wrest control of the strategic city from rebels who have used it to threaten the regime's supply lines between Syria's capital, Damascus, and the Mediterranean Sea. Homs has been considered "the capital of the revolution," and its loss by the opposition would be the second critical victory for the Syrian regime after Hezbollah-backed Syrian forces seized the city of Qusayr last month. Meanwhile, UN officials slammed the offensive and deplored the lack of basic necessities in Homs. It is estimated that 2,500-4,000 civilians are trapped in the fighting in and around the city, and Syrian Observatory for Human Rights Director Rami Abdel Rahman told Agence France Presse today that the wounded are dying due to lack of medical equipment. It was just 95

discovered that Syria will receive the first of the advanced S-300 antiaircraft missile systems in the coming weeks, as Russia claimed Syrian 'rebels' have used sarin gas. Israel. Terrorists are targeting Arab-Israelis in Sinai to damage Egypt's tourism industry (arguably Egypt's key cash industry, which has largely collapsed in the aftermath of the chaos sown by the 2011 Egyptian revolution and subsequent electoral empowerment of the MB) by infiltrating Egypt from Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip to clash with the army and to launch terror attacks; just today, Egypt foiled infiltration of 10 Hamas militants into Sinai. This may explain why Israel-urges-US-not-to-freeze-Egypt-aid and, reinforcing this concern, Netanyahu showed soccer chief photos of rocket launchers at a Gaza stadium. Meanwhile, Israels tourism industry grew 3% this year and, counterpointing the success of the new Negev fence, a herd of 500 goats was smuggled to Israel in Hermon area undetected. And incitement continued unabated, as masked demonstrators called for a 3rd intifada in Ramallah and Jews visiting the Temple Mount were termed "storming" and "breaking in by Hamas. Israel Named Ron Dermer as New Ambassador to U.S. He rose to political prominence through a book co-written with Natan Sharansky, now head of the Jewish Agency. According to a 2010 profile in Politico, the book, called The Case for Democracy: The Power of Freedom to Overcome Tyranny and Terror, caught the attention of former U.S. President George W. Bush, who said the text confirmed what I believe, and became a cornerstone of what is now known as the Bush Doctrine.


Subject: Anti-BHO "blasts" Continue - XXXIII [ObamaCare, Immigration "Reform" & Martin/Zimmerman]

ObamaCare As anticipated, BHO confirmed that people who do not get affordable coverage at their jobs next year will be able to get covered in the health exchanges - with subsidies if they are eligible based on their income. Breaking News: Republicans are on the offensive against ObamaCare, sensing an opening to take a fresh set of votes on the health law and put Ds in an uncomfortable position. House Speaker John Boehner floated a plan yesterday to vote on a delay of the employer mandate and force Democrats to go on the record. Republicans would follow that up with a vote on a one-year delay of the law's mandate for individuals to purchase insurance. "Is it fair for the president of the United States to give American businesses an exemption from his health care law's mandates, without giving the same exemption to the rest of America? Hell no, it's not fair," Boehner told his Republican conference. [] Speaker Boehner said House will vote on removing individual mandate: "The White House opened a Pandora's box with its decision to delay ObamaCare's employer mandate ... Republicans are asking how the White House can justify delaying the law's impact on big businesses -- but ignore individuals and families. And leading Democrats like Senator Harkin question whether the White House even has the legal authority at all. The White House is on an island. ... Now, how will Washington Democrats stand with the president to protect big businesses from this 'train wreck' but not the American people?" Immigration Reform As Support for Senate Immigration Bill Plummets, it has been perhaps recognized, finally, that the Senate plan is egregious [quoting Cruz] because it features a penalty 'on hiring U.S. citizens,' a conclusion that is all the more onerous due to unanimous support from the Ds and establishment support from the Rs. The entire issue may never even come up for a vote, noting what the Politico Playbook this-a.m. states: In private conversations, top Republicans on Capitol Hill now predict comprehensive immigration reform will die a slow, months-long death in the House. Also, an article that argues against construction of a border-fence [Restrictionist demand for an impregnable southern border-fence makes as much sense as enviro demand for a pristine environment] fails to cite the 100%-successful Israeli experience. Finally, little-known provisions in the immigration-bill-yield-the-fact-that-it-quietly-opens-u-s-to-afghans. The intensity of this political debate is illustrated by the need to rebut such writings as Politico's immigration-is-dead article, characterized by Joel Pollak as a nifty, obvious, and wellconstructed piece of passive-aggressive partisan psychology and GOP concern-trollingfrom which were omitted five-critical-considerations. Such an approach was also directed at the editorial in Wednesdays WSJ which again urged Republicans to pass an immigration reform bill; although it had backed-off its initial demand that Republicans "improve" the bill, it now 97

asked only that they "pass the parts that are pro-growth." Yet it included among those parts BHOs "Dream Act" [imposed last year without congressional approval] and gave credence to the false, Astroturf efforts that posit widespread support for the Senate bill [among "millions" of conservatives and evangelicals]. BHO also claims there are "Economic Benefits of Fixing Our Broken Immigration System" and plans to launch a national-lobbying effort [focused politically on California]; meanwhile, House Democrats won't support any major immigration overhaul that does not include a pathway to citizenship. In reaction to these forces, Republican members of the bipartisan House "Group of 7? [Texas Reps. John Carter and Sam Johnson, and Mario Diaz Balart of Florida] would lobby for their bipartisan bill that has yet to be shared publicly [that would presumably reflect Republican desires for even tougher language on points like border security than seen in the Senate bill].

The DOJ both Provided Support for pro-Martin Rallies and allegedly forced local authorities to prosecute Zimmerman, as per Judicial Watch; MSNBC Pundit Dyson claimed 'Zimmermans Of The World' Get Away With 'Killing Of Our Children'. In reaction to my prior emanations, this was received:
Thanks for all of your interesting information. I was listening to Rudy Guiliani yesterday (sitting in for Sean) who made, what I consider to be THE most appropriate description of the positioning of the two people in question.......namely who was on top and who was on bottom during the scuffle. Zimmerman's back was wet and had grass stains. Zimmerman's head was cut, bleeding and bruised. Oh, yeah, the little angel Trayvon, his knees were wet and grass stained. Hmmmmmm, who do you think was on the top? And who do you think was on the bottom? Wouldn't take a first grader to figure this on out.

Also, the Defense Team claimed the Prosecution successfully sabotaged discovery efforts by refusing to divulge Trayvon Martins cell-phone data until June, providing insufficient time to allow them to become authenticated pre-trial; included in these text messages and pictures was evidence of a violent mindset [a female friend messaging Trayvon to stop fighting, pictures of a gun and a naked teen, and a Facebook posting from Trayvons half-brother requesting him for help learning how to fight]. Finally, in addition to denying the Defense the ability to explore these data, Ben Shapiro detailed what transpired this-a.m.:
On Wednesday, Judge Debra Nelson, who is presiding over the trial of George Zimmerman, repeatedly asked Zimmerman whether he would be testifying, over the objections of his attorneys. Nelson told Zimmerman that he had the absolute right to remain silent and then asked him whether he wanted to testify. Don West, Zimmermans attorney, objected; Nelson overruled him and said, The court is entitled to inquire if Mr. Zimmermans determination as to whether or not he wants to testify.


She asked Zimmerman how much time he wanted to figure out if he wanted to testify, to which West objected. Nelson then said, irritated, Your objection is overruled! Mark OMara, another of the defense attorneys whispered, What is going on? Such exchanges are very unusual in criminal trials. Judges rarely confront possible witnesses or defendants on whether they will testify. A few minutes later, Judge Nelson continued to ask Zimmerman about whether he would testify. She gave him a few minutes to consider. Then she returned to Zimmerman and asked him whether he would testify; he said he would not. She then repeatedly asked whether it was his decision not to testify in the case, rather than the decision of his attorneys.


Subject: Anti-BHO "blasts" Continue - XXXIV [Domestic Affairs]

Just as it is better to illuminate than merely to shine, so to pass on what one has contemplated is better than merely to contemplate. Sir Thomas Aquinas

Attended back-to-back evening-events, one focused on Syria and the other on the status of the GOP; results of the colloquies that were engendered are integrated within these selections. It is hoped that topics encompassed by this time-consuming process [~1600 e-mails remain] will be whittled-down to the original scandal-sheet structure, but it is impossible to ignore the burgeoning deceit emanating from BHO/Alinsky. Because BHO abuses the law when he suspends the Law, renowned columnist Nat Hentoff [I read his columns in the Village Voice while in NYC in the late 1970s during a fellowship @ Sloan-Kettering] feels BHO should be in the witness chair @ hearings on government spying to answer for its lack of constitutionality. This will settle the pseudo-debate as to whether his selfimage comports more with Superman [per his sycophants] or with Superego [the authors conclusion]. NSA. As More NSA leaks were anticipated, evidence emerged of more Warrantless Federal Surveillance: CFPB Collects, Shares Americans' Credit Card Data. Overruling the Obama Administration, a Federal Judge Allowed a Suit Against the NSAs alleged-Spying to proceed; some feel the lack of an adversarial process is a serious flaw in the FISA court, but others would fear loss of speed/utility; allegedly, The Emergency Alert System is very vulnerable to hacking. Meanwhile, representing another foreign policy setback for BHO, Europe began a probe of America's top-secret NSA. NSA Story Boosted Guardian's Traffic, catching-up to New York Times. Bureaucracy. Illustrative of how BHO rewrites the rules whenever desired, Pelosi-now-claimsthe-ObamaCare-Employer-Mandate-Was-Not-Delayed, even as the ObamaCare Effect On Jobs is for Part-Time to Outgain Full-Time, As Businesses Scale Back. And BHOs Regs will Cost More Than $130 Billion, even as the EPA is Readying still more; this is consistent with BHOs Utopian Hypocrisy, for The Developing World Needs Coal But, In The U.S., It's Evil. Desperate for positive budgetary spin, the WHITE HOUSE CELEBRATED BUDGET DEFICIT SHRINKING BELOW $1 TRILLION. Congress. After Mike Lee and Ted Cruz claimed BHO Obama was Trying to Stack Key [D.C.] Appeals Court [and after bipartisanship was needed in the Senate to RR-through the Immigration Reform package], REID has apparently decided to go nuclear on Presidential Nominations. Without a vote to spare, the house-passed-split-farm-bill; this suggests marginal potency of the GOP-leadership, for the Conservatives forced later consideration of Food Stamps [80% of the total]which benefits more than 100,000,000 Americans. Conservative Spin. As Ailes Brainchild 'The Five' Celebrates its Two-Year Mark, Elisabeth Hasselbeck will join FOX News Channel as FOX & Friends Co-Host, a move that has been well-received by media-critics; meanwhile, Fox Is the Top Network. True to form, the liberal 100

POLITICO FALSELY CLAIMED LIMBAUGH TOLD CALLER NOT TO WATCH FOX NEWS and dr-ben-carson-joined-the-washington-times-to-provide-a-weekly-column. Liberal Spin. NBC'S SENIOR POLITICAL EDITOR CLAIMED DC SCANDALS NOT 'REAL'. CHUCK TODD USED FAULTY LOGIC TO RIP GOP OVER OBAMACARE OPPOSITION. CHICAGO POLICE BLAMED HEAT FOR SHOOTINGS. Dem-Repclaimed-GOP-is-White-Party-Of-Old-Men-that-is-Doomed-When-Texas-Goes-Full-BlownHispanic [as per soft-racist Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-District of Columbia), who often appears on Sunday on PBS (WHYY-TV @ 1:30 p.m. E.D.T.) on To the Contrary. MEDIA BLAMED RECESSION FOR DECLINE IN NEWSROOM RACIAL DIVERSITY. Martin/Zimmerman. As a verdict looms, White-House-Stands-by-Obamas-Remark-onTrayvon-Martin, notwithstanding the fact that such divisiveness has forestalled development of a healthy civil rights movement. Social Issues. POLLS SHOW SHIFT FROM PRO-CHOICE TO PRO-LIFE, as it [finally] has been noted that Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Labels Make the Abortion Debate Even Worse because theres more agreement on abortion and less need for anger about it than such labels suggest; notwithstanding the strife in Texas, a sober article [finally] was published in the NY Times [What I learned from my mothers abortion]. Politics. Former vice presidential candidate and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin told Hannity that she is considering an Alaska Senate run; the snarky comments yesterday-a.m. on Morning Joe notwithstanding, it would seem this is for-realand justifiably threatens many people [such as Nicole Wallace, who has been all-over-the-place promoting Immigration Reform]. Illustrative of the ongoing voters-rights/fraud debate [which is tied-in with Immigration Reform] is the observation that Most of 155 suspected noncitizen voters referred to Colo. DAs are Democrats and Independents. Meanwhile, representing a healthy trend, CRUZ TO KEYNOTE LABOR DAY WEEKEND TEA PARTY EVENT ON RUBIO'S TURF. Pennsylvania Politics. The Pennsylvania General Assembly has committed a Dereliction of Duty for not continuing to work on its established agenda. Guzzardi reports Congressman Bill Shuster is the only Republican in PA who has a viable primary-challenger; Art Halvorson has the backing of American Majority, a very effective grassroots organization that will help him raise enough money to disseminate his message. I blogged today regarding Corbett, Fitzpatrick, and Dent. Philly-Sports. This slideshow depicts What Every Fan Needs to Know About the 2013 Iggles, for the QB-Competition is for-real; the most dominant player on each NFL team [in its history] has been defined, and the Minister of Defense [Reggie White] was IDed for both the Eagles and the Packers. Ryan-howards-injury-wont-greatly-affect-the-fate of the Phightin Phils; the major All-Star-Game achievement by each team highlights Johnny Callison in 1964 who, with Richie [Dick] Allen, was to have propelled the Phillies to a pennant that year [as per a cover story on Sports Illustrated]. Fred Shero, who led the Philadelphia Flyers to the only two Stanley Cup championships in their history in 1974 and again in '75, was elected to the 2013 class of the Hockey Hall of Fame. The Sixers' CEO message to Fans is 'Grow with Us.' 101

Subject: Anti-BHO "blasts" Continue - XXXV [Middle East]

During the past fortnight, yall have received 100+ pages of concentrated hyperlinks; individually and in the aggregate, they confirm the condemnation BHO deserves. For example, recalling his race-baiting interference in the Sanford, Florida trial [and the beer-summit], it is now felt thatthrough his agitationauthorities had to arrest Zimmerman to avoid unrest [which AG-Holder facilitated]. Recalling also how AG-Holder provided the New Black Panthers in Philly [@ 10th & Fairmount, on the north side of the street if you wish to drive-past] a reprieve from the voter-intimidation accusation, a probe-now-revealed-the-new-black-panthershave-ties-to-hezbollah, even as the Worlds Most Dangerous Islamist Alive, Well, and Living in Pennsylvania. Although virtually nothing has been gleaned from todays e-mails as supplementation [its after midnight], the following summarize major forces-at-play in the Middle East. International Racism. Although BHO attempts to declare that the war against terror is over, he conveniently forgets the Islamists havent complied and continue to fight the Crusades so as to create a worldwide Caliphate. Thus, when a politician like BHO refuses to characterize Islamic Terrorism as such, he runs the risk of endorsing [usually by remaining mute] other manifestations thereof; for example, he has not decried attacks on Blacks/Jews in Turkey. While exhibiting his racism [Beer Summit, Trayvon Martin], he does not prioritize decrying antiSemitism [Police in Austria cancelled a planned football match between Germany's Energie Cottbus and Israel's Maccabi Tel Aviv because a bus-load of far-right supporters of the German club was travelling to the match.]. Also, that the USSR/Russia functions as the Dybbuk is illustrated by the fact that an Ex-spy chief claims the KGB created Islamic Jihad. BHO failed to criticize multiple attacks on Christians in Nigeria, where Schools were Closed to Avoid Terrorist Attacks which have occurred weekly; last week, Boko Haram (an Islamist terror group in Nigeria) slaughtered 29 school children for "the crime" of participating in Western, secular education. To date, Boko Haram has mounted almost weekly attacks on Christian churches, causing the deaths of 3600 Nigerians. Yet, because BHO has refused to designate Boko Haram as a Foreign Terrorist Organization, people are invited to Sign a Petition [which will be sent to BHO] asking that this Murderous Nigerian Group be designated a Foreign Terrorist Organization. Egypt. Egypt's Islamist Constitution to Be Amended, and Elections to Follow in Early 2014. John Bolton concluded 'ABSENCE OF CLEAR AMERICAN LEADERSHIP HAS COST US.' MB USING 'GUERRILLA SOCIAL MEDIA TACTICS.' BHO failed to criticize multiple attacks on Christians in Egypt and enslavement/torture of Christians in the Sinai desert while, apparently, the U.S. ambassador was close to an Islamic group. And the latest Pushback on SoSKerrys Lie [after photographed on his yacht, his spokesperson was forced to retrench] is to depict him as deeply engaged in the Egyptian affair. Syria. DAMASCUS LIFE UNEASY AS SYRIA CONFLICT RAGES ON. Syrian President Assad has activated Palestinian terrorists to strike Israel from Syria. Obama and Kerry's fingerprints are all over Syria crisis. Iran to preside over UN disarmament panel. Along with Iran, Syria is to run for UN Human Rights Council. 102

Afghanistan. Drudge Hits Media For Ignoring Increased Afghan Troop Casualties Under Obama Pakistan. Report accuses Pakistani government of gross incompetence. A leaked Pakistani government report obtained by Al Jazeera on Monday says massive intelligence shortcomings allowed Osama Bin Laden to hide in Pakistan after the 9/11 attacks. The Abbottabad Commission, a panel charged with investigating the U.S. raid on Bin Ladens compound in 2011, collected testimony from over 200 witnesses to create the report. The report accuses Pakistani officials of gross incompetence and calls the U.S. strike on Bin Laden an act of war. TIME rounds up five revelations from the report. Bin Laden on the Lam Wore Cowboy Hat, Shaved Beard. Israel. Even as Iran and Israel are targeted by Saudi missiles, an Egyptian sphinx was unearthedin Israel.


Subject: Anti-BHO "blasts" Continue - XXXVI [Napolitano, Immigration and Martin/Zimmerman]

Confronted with 2000+ unread e-mails, the temptation to claim sensory overload arises. Yet, a patient [who distinguished herself by regularly showing-off her dancing teenage feet on Bob Horns original American Bandstand @ 48th @ Market Sts.] claims these e-mails are educational [and convincing to her coworkers in a center-city legal-office], and that didnt stop her from noting a typo [St. Thomas Aquinas instead of Sir]; also, an Abington Commissioner professed to loving these blasts. Thus, categorization of the juiciest ones will continue; to minimize repetition, it is assumed basic concepts have been established. Janet Napolitanos Departure. She famously claimed the fort-hood-shooting by Dr.-hasan had been Workplace Violence [rather than Islamic Terrorism] has been again undermined by this testimony @ his Court-Martial-trial: Army Staff Sgt. Shawn Manning was waiting to get a final medical screening a few feet away from Hasan when he saw the gunman stand up and yell "Allahu Akbar!" or "God is great" and begin firing. This prompted Liberal Host Bob Beckel Let Loose With an Anti-Muslim Tirade [for which he apologized the next day, on FNCs The Five], but it illustrates how deceit begets bias. In any case, inasmuch as she consistently did BHOs bidding, a review of her [mis-]conduct is relevant [Can a President Who Has Promised to Stand with the Muslims Protect Americans?] as is a listing of her most egregious quotations [Big Siss Greatest Hits]. Also: In June of 2012, Sec. Napolitano ordered Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers to violate federal immigration laws by granting deferred action to illegal aliens who might qualify for the DREAM Act. More than 250,000 illegal aliens have been offered a two-year amnesty through the directive. A federal district judge is expected any day to issue a first ruling on the suit against Napolitano's order as brought by immigration ICE agents and financed by NumbersUSA's members. Immigration Reform. As debate rages regarding whether it is mandatory [O'Reilly to GOP: Pass Immigration Reform or Face President Hillary Clinton] or an impending disaster [SenatorSessions: Immigration Bill resembles ObamaCare because Amnesty constitutes Bait-andSwitch], 39% Favor this Reform Plan That Cuts Future Illegal Immigration by Just 50% as Cantor reportedly is crafting Dream Act-like immigration bill. Because the CBO calculated that Amnesty's price is $12,433 for every legalized immigrant household, it seems Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid apparently Admitted the Senate-Passed Amnesty Bill Is Un-Constitutional. The following explains why: Earlier this week, the House Republican Conference held its highly-anticipated, closed-door immigration meeting where Members were to decide how to proceed on the issue after the Senate passed its mass amnesty bill two weeks ago. GOP Leadership along with two committee chairmen issued a statement after the meeting saying that the House would not consider the Senate bill, S.744, and would continue with its piecemeal approach to immigration reform. The fate of S.744 took another blow this week when Ways & Means Chairman Dave Camp tweeted that the House would not consider the Senate bill because 104

it raises revenue, which is a power reserved exclusively for the House under the Constitution. Texas Rep. Steve Stockman was the first one to take issue with the constitutionality of the Senate bill and has been encouraging House Leadership to "blue-slip" the bill. Coincidently, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has yet to send the bill to the House, and some speculate that it's because he, too, is concerned with the bill's constitutionality and doesn't want it killed by the House for that reason. The House's piecemeal approach is already in action. To date, the House Judiciary Committee has already passed four bills - a mandatory E-Verify bill, an interior enforcement bill, an Ag guest worker bill, and a high-skilled visa bill. The Homeland Security Committee has already passed a border security bill. It's unclear whether or not the full House will vote on any of these bills before the August recess. Roy says: "The bills range from great to not-bad to terrible. The vast majority of the harmful elements in the Senate bill are not found in these bills." While the statement issued by the GOP Leadership and the votes taken in the House have thus far been hopeful, there's still some uncertainty with how House Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor want to proceed. During the GOP Conference meeting, Speaker Boehner told Republicans that they have to pass something. Whether that means an amnesty bill or other immigrationrelated legislation is unknown. Furthermore, details began to leak out yesterday that Majority Leader Cantor has begun drafting a DREAM-like amnesty bill. GOP Leadership has also been vague about how they would handle a possible conference with the Senate. The House could pass immigration legislation and task a group of Members to conference with Senate conferees to merge the House-passed legislation with S.744, and we fear that a conference bill would look a lot more like S.744 than the bills currently being considered in the House. While there may be a lot of uncertainty, we do know a few things for sure. First, the House will not consider S.744 or move on an amnesty bill before their August recess. Second, House Members will be back in their districts in August to gauge the feelings of their constituents. That means the August recess will be critical in killing an amnesty this year. Martin/Zimmerman. Two portrayals of the judge have been uploaded, one that fawns [without addressing legal issues] and one that critiques [for myriad reasons, noting shes a D]; it should be recalled thatdemonstrating unprecedented behavior according to Greta [and others] she personally cross-examined Zimmerman regarding whether he would testify BEFORE the Defense-case had been completed. In follow-up of yesterdays revelation, JUDICIAL WATCH RELEASED AUDIO OF DOJ HELPING TRAYVON PROTESTERS. Variety panned Coverage by CNNs Blitzer as 'Empty-Headed' and HNNs Grace as 'Toxic Avenger.'


Subject: Anti-BHO "blasts" Continue - XXXVII [Scandal-Sheet]

NSA. Microsoft is Giving NSA Access to All Encrypted Files from Skype, SkyDrive, Hotmail, and Outlook; NSA chief Gen. Keith Alexander refused to answer the direct question as to whether the NSA mass-collects Google and e-mail contacts; he simply stated the agency was required to get a warrant to read e-mails. The Wandering-SNOWDEN RE-APPLIED FOR ASYLUM IN RUSSIA, even as he reportedly received asylum offers from Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Ecuador; former UN Ambassador John Bolton opined that, due to the broad swath of access he apparently enjoyed, he may not have been acting completely alone. Finally, for whatever reason, Congress is apparently Set to Let DNI Clapper Skate on Possible Perjury. Benghazi. Victoria Nuland, a State Department Official, was Grilled Over Benghazi at her Confirmation Hearing State Department Official was Grilled Over Benghazi at her Confirmation Hearing, as it was revealed that Raymond Maxwell, the Official who says he was scapegoat for Benghazi, will testify next week. AG-Holder. Today, he reported to BHO that the DoJ will significantly scale back the way it handles searches of journalists records to track down leaks; theyll stop referring to journalists as co-conspirators to justify searches and will toughen requirements that media outlets be informed in advance of the search so they can challenge subpoenas in court. IRS. Another IRS Scandal is Waiting to Happen. What unifies these concerns is the claim that BHO is Tyrannical becausejust like King George IIIhe does not uphold his Constitutional duty to faithfully execute the law; consider: The president refuses to enforce laws duly passed by the legislature and signed by the executive. The Justice department incites racial division and covertly interferes in the judicial process. The administration spies on its citizens and mandates that its employees spy on each other with legal penalties for those who fail to report. The Federal Reserve creates money without any oversight and irreparably damaging the earnings and savings of the American people. The Federal Government which is charged with protecting every state from invasion has refused to secure our borders and allowed tens of millions of people to enter and stay illegally adversely impacting every aspect of American life. The IRS has targeted groups and individuals that hold opinions opposing the Obama administration. The President has made recess appointments when Congress was in session; he has waged war without Congressional approval or notification, he took an apology tour around the world, he casts our allies aside, and he promotes our enemies. 106

Subject: Anti-BHO "blasts" Continue - XXXVIII [Pennsylvania & Economy]

Hyperlinks regarding issues that appear settled [such as DOMA and Gun Rights] are generally eschewed [over Guzzardis objections] unless a unique bent is detected; the former wont be challenged in PA by AG-Kane, for example, and the latter appears not to be vulnerable in the near future. Explicitly, in my view, it is necessary to apply Libertarian-type principles in such situations, notwithstanding how libs attempt to savage such approaches [e.g., Paul Krugman Attacks "Libertarian Populism" as he Ignores What Libertarian Populists Actually Say]. Thus, under the most potent circumstances, DOMA is a victimless crime [and not criminal at all, as per an increasing plurality/majority of Americanswho would just assume focus on more profound concerns regarding modern societys direction]. To the degree any temptation exists to refine gun-rights [even to remove presumed, albeit ill-defined, loopholes], the profound risk exists [per the prior blast] that it is not desirable to empower BHOs federal government [so that he engage in prosecutorial discretion based on ideology]. * When mining for up-to-date info, state-level correlates of Drudge and Breitbart include PoliticsPA and KeystoneReport; the former encourages commentary [although I recently felt compelled to document its unnecessary liberality] while the latter aggregates input from throughout the Commonwealth. For example, note this update: A once-powerful Pennsylvania lawmaker, Vincent Fumo, is set to leave prison next month, but his legal woes still mount as his children accuse him of raiding a family trust fund. Today, in a summary that is congruent with concerns raised aggressively during the past year by yours-truly, the Washington Post ranked Corbett the most likely governor to lose re-election: 1. Pennsylvania (R): Gov. Tom Corbett (R) moves to the No. 1 spot for the first time this cycle after a month filled with truly terrible polling data. A Quinnipiac poll showed him with a 38 percent approval rating and trailing little-known (statewide, at least) Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D) by 10 points; a poll from GOP pollster Public Opinion Strategies showed him down 12 points; and a poll from GOP automated pollster Harper Polling showed just 24 percent of Pennsylvanians said he deserved reelection. We might actually be getting to the point where Republicans would be better served running someone else. (Previous ranking: 3) * Economy. 33% Expect Stronger Economy A Year From Now, 41% Weaker. This may be due to such decisions as this: BHO's EPA Regulations Force Coal Plants To Close, Produces Unemployment & Sends Energy Bills Skyrocketing. This is Senator Toomeys explanation for why he opposes BHOs War on Coal: I was very disappointed this week to learn that - due to the Obama administration's policies - the company FirstEnergy is deactivating coal-fired power plants in Fayette and Washington counties and leaving hundreds out of 107

work. These unemployed Pennsylvanians are unfortunate casualties in President Obama's war on coal,' which I will continue to fight against in the Senate. Coal is a domestically sourced, low-cost form of energy which helps sustain jobs for Pennsylvania and beyond. Over the decades, coal-fired plants also have gone to impressive lengths to reduce emissions. Nevertheless, the Obama administration continues to implement policies that will make energy more expensive for hard-working Pennsylvanians while destroying good, familysustaining jobs. It is ironic that this announcement comes just two weeks after the President's war on coal' remarks which were a rehash of the same old bad ideas we have heard for four and a half years. From making coal-fired electricity prohibitively expensive; to forcing taxpayers to subsidize inefficient energy; to burning more corn in gas tanks, the President continues to advocate policies that raise prices for consumers and eliminate jobs. ObamaCare. BHOs Office of Management and Budget now admits health-related expenditures will rise [compared with prior guestimates] during the next decade: Medicaid [$123 billion], and Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D [$31 billion]. To merit monitoring during upcoming months is the legal effort of a Texas Doctor to Overturn ObamaCare. The Farm Bill. Although it barely passed, it established a precedent whereby Food Stamps are handled separately; What's Next may depend upon the results of a conference committee. Whereas Guzzardi condemns this as a boondoggle of pork, I perceive this as an opportunity to initiate a process of scaling-down its protectionist components. Contributions are invited, and will be acknowledged upon request.


Subject: Anti-BHO "blasts" Continue - XXXIX [Human Rights]

Perhaps its because its 11 p.m., or perhaps its because a bunch of thematic e-mails have already been blasted. For whatever reason, this document is forwarded intact, preceded by a few hyperlinks related to rampant anti-Semitism. TWITTER HANDS OVER DATA IN FRENCH ANTI-SEMITISM CASE Soviet Defector: Soviets Used Anti-Semitism to Target America JETS MAY GIVE ROSTER SPOT TO ANTI-ISRAEL EXTREMIST AFTER RELEASING TEBOW As Rick Perry is off to Israel, the ongoing effort by the Ds [most recently by SoS-Kerry] to help Israel settle its conflict with the Arabs has been characterized in a recent Esquire essay as an obsession due to the Werther Effect. [Journalists traditionally do not report suicides (even though it's perfectly legal for them to do so) because, if you report suicides, more people take their own lives.] The author concludes: The time has come to step away from this game altogether. Illustrative of the existence of far greater concerns in the Middle East is whats occurring in Egypt, where opposing-factions-plan-rival-demonstrations-on-Friday-in-Cairo and Egyptian Protesters hate BHO; the Heritage Foundation has elucidated what America must do.

Human Rights Voices Newsletter - July 12, 2013

In the Spotlight

Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction and Human Rights

UN 101


With Obama Administration Presiding Over UN Security Council Hezbollah Escapes Criticism
The Obama administration, which this month holds the rotating presidency of the Security Council, has circulated a Security Council "presidential statement" on the deteriorating situation in Lebanon. The unusually lengthy statement was supposed to be a catalogue of what's really going wrong in Lebanon. Except...there was not one word about "Hezbollah." That's how the Obama administration conducts international diplomacy. Naming terrorists is avoided for fear of offending somebody. Despite being charged with protecting international peace and security, the Security Council consistently avoids identifying Arab terrorists who threaten international peace and security. The administration's predilections fit right in. In this case, the Council statement did make plenty of references to "all parties." But naming those parties? No. There were references to "new security challenges." But naming Hezbollah backing Assad? No. The closest the Council got was referring to "the involvement of Lebanese parties in the fighting in Syria." But naming those mysterious Lebanese parties? Just couldn't manage it. The exercise was like talking about 9/11 and not mentioning Al Qaeda. Little wonder the Council is impotent on Syria, on Iran....
Disciplined Hezbollah troops

Obama's Snowden Mess Moves to United Nations

Bolivia has now complained to the UN Secretary-General - in a letter circulated to the entire General Assembly - that the diversion of its plane carrying President Morales was "a gross violation of international law." The plane, traveling from Russia to Bolivia, was diverted to President Morales Austria after an erroneous report - now believed to have come from the outside his grounded U.S. Ambassador to Austria - that the plane was carrying Edward plane Snowden. France and Portugal denied overflight, while Spain said it could land on its territory only on condition that the plane was searched. Bolivia has now placed the matter on the agenda of the General Assembly and "call[ed] upon the international community to take timely action in order to ensure that these acts do not go unpunished." The embarrassing mistake may well give rise to a new popular and recurring anti-American UNGA resolution.

Dozens of Nigerian Kids Slaughtered Because "Western Education is Sin"

Muslim terrorists target and murder dozens of Nigerian school kids, after rounding them up and throwing explosives into the room where they are being held captive. Why? Because "Western education is sin." Nigerian soldier stands The response of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) was to guard condemn the act without naming the perpetrators. The Nuremberg Tribunal said long ago: "Crimes against international law are committed by men, not by abstract entities." A lesson the UN agencies of today, intimidated or run by Islamist states, have conveniently forgotten.


UN "Fact-Finding" Farce Re Syrian Chemical Weapons Continues

Fact: The Syrian government used chemical weapons against its adversaries. Fact: The UN "fact-finding mission" to find out if the Syrian Animals killed by government used chemical weapons never got off the ground. Latest UN chemical weapon attack "action" on Syria? "The Secretary-General welcomes the offer of the near Aleppo, Syria Government of Syria to continue discussions on the United Nations (Reuters) Mission to Investigate Allegations of the Use of Chemical Weapons in the Syrian Arab Republic." So dumb for real.

UN Honors Anti-humanitarian Saudi Arabian for Humanitarianism

The UN has honored another thug for supposed humanitarianism. With the annoying Syrian and Egyptian and Turkish conflicts taking attention away from the Palestinians-are-the-world's-most-important-victim Secretary-General Ban storyline, the UN awarded the late Crown Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz Al Ki-moon and Crown Saud the "Outstanding Donor Award for the Special Human Settlements Prince Nayef bin Programme for the Palestinian People." Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Abdulaziz al-Saud in June 2008 "offered his heartfelt appreciation" for the Saudi's "contributing to peace, security and stability." If misogyny, beheading, slavery, and xenophobia equals peace, security and stability, sure.

1,300 Attend UN Gabfest on Nuclear Terrorism. Adopt Declaration with No Mention of Iran
Iran - on the verge of acquiring nuclear weapons and the leading state sponsor of terrorism - will take heart from yet another UN gabfest on nuclear terrorism. UN International Atomic Energy Chief, Yukiya Amano, IAEA Director General told the assembled: "The threat of nuclear terrorism is real." No Yukiya Amano kidding. He then told the 1,300 participants: "Your presence here sends an important message: that the world is serious about enhancing global efforts to protect nuclear and other radioactive material..." If the world was actually serious about nuclear terrorism, it would take the obvious first step - stop Iran now. Instead, the conference-goers adopted a serious "Declaration" on their seriousness. Seriously. Here are a couple of gems from the latest UN contribution to preventing nuclear terrorism: "We, Ministers of the Member States of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA):..."11. Encourage the IAEA, in consultation with Member States, to consider ways of further promoting the exchange, on a voluntary basis, of information on the implementation of the legal instruments relevant to nuclear security. 12. Encourage States to further minimize the use of high enriched uranium on a voluntary basis and to use low enriched uranium where technically and economically feasible."


U.S., Canada, Israel Lose Vote in General Assembly Against Half Billion for UN Lebanese Forces 126 to 3
The UN has been given a new infusion of 7.5 billion dollars for its "peacekeeping" budget from July 2013 to June 2014. Among the recipients is the "Interim Force in Lebanon" (UNIFIL) which presides over Hezbollah's (and Iran's) rearmament and the systematic use of the Lebanese population as human shields. The new 520 million to UNIFIL was adopted over the objections of Canada, Israel and the United States (the vote was 126 for, 3 against). Israel-bashers managed to include in the UNIFIL resolution a provision demanding Israel pay for damage to a UN site in Lebanon (on the logic that of self-defense should be fined and aggression rewarded).

Obama wants to "hasten a return" to democracy. Muslim Brotherhood democracy? Hasty democracy? Clueless. http://ow.ly/mT6vF Beware Egyptian opposition "leader" Mohammed ElBaradei; played defense for #Iran on nuke plans for years. http://ow.ly/mDL2U Obama's Egyptian Amb. less & less credible as right person to move forward on Egypt-U.S. relations. http://ow.ly/mT6xB Egyptian military points to Muslim Brotherhood threat, while rights groups continue to minimize latter. http://ow.ly/mT6A3 Obama admin/SC president criticizes "Syrian armed opposition groups" ie the ones we're funding? http://ow.ly/mT6D8 UN advisor warns religious rhetoric fueling Syrian conflict. Why Arab-driven antisemitism not held to same standard? how.ly/mMT1P UN SecGen all excited about anti-Muslim Brotherhood violence. If only been same on M.B. abominations. ow.ly/mMSHAP Ban Ki-moon pushing for Muslim Brotherhood anti-democrats to be in center of new "democratic" Egypt. ow.ly/mMSDv Human Rights Watch: We need anti-political freedom Muslim Brotherhood for sake of "political freedom." ow.ly/mMStS Human Rights Watch: #Egypt military shd release Morsi & aids cuz can't see "cognizable crime" Send glasses quick! ow.ly/mMSlU Amnesty Int'l yelling about Egyptian army abuses. Muslim Brotherhood abuses irrelevant a week after out of office. ow.ly/mMS56


At the UN it's all about evil Israeli "settlers" Truth is > 5000 Jews attacked in West Bank and Jerusalem area in 2013 http://ow.ly/mT6oC Iran rumored to seek spot on UN's top rights body; Iran won last time by getting UN top women's rights body in exchange. Another #UN blame-the-rich-for-poverty-day (not dictators, religious fanatics, misogyny, terrorists...) ow.ly/mMSzn Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood recruits Syrians & Palestinians as "supporters." AKA fire shots into crowds. ow.ly/mJTH7 Iranian women can't go to soccer games w/ men. Tehran's solution? Erase images of female sports fans abroad. http://ow.ly/mJTDs Ban Ki-moon to US Congress: No UN responsibility for cholera in Haiti, just immunity. p.s. send $$ ow.ly/mJTyy Pro-Morsi Egyptians say new Prez is Jewish, also 7th day Adventist, also - what Holocaust? ow.ly/mL7Ju Human Rights Watch says suspending Islamist TV in Egypt "violates freedom of speech" Missing daily dose of antisemitism? ow.ly/mIRx8 Egypt is "just a watching operation on the part of the UN" complain UN-based reporters. More UN hardly the answer. http://ow.ly/mT77K More torture. More executions in Iran. Barack Obama's "elected" Iranian reformer in action. ow.ly/mHhlb UN: Israel "devastates livelihood of Palestinians." (cuz Pal'ns never responsible for own condition). ow.ly/mEjn2 Hey Secretary John Kerry. How about another trip to Israel while every place in the region but Israel in flames? ow.ly/mDMuN "Religious cleansing" of Christians in Syria by Islamist rebel militias inconvenient truth for Obama admin. http://ow.ly/mDbVL UN says so far Syria "reconstruction" $80 billion. Guess who's going to pay for that. ow.ly/mDpma Free expression in Tunisia via Arab "spring"? Arab rapper finds out the hard way. ow.ly/mDmEQ Turkish Deputy PM blames Jews for Turkish unrest; #antisemitism never far from "Alliance of Civilizations" headqrts. ow.ly/mDbz6 For more human rights and United Nations coverage see www.HumanRightsVoices.org. Human Rights Voices is dedicated to drawing attention to real victims of human rights


abuses, bringing to light the record of the United Nations on protecting human rights, and providing an information base encouraging democratic societies to re-evaluate foreign policy directions for improving human rights conditions in the 21st century. Were you forwarded this e-mail by a friend or colleague? Subscribe here. unsubscribe from this list update subscription preferences

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Subject: Anti-BHO "blasts" Continue - XXXX [Overview]

Although editorialization has been minimizedallowing this compilation to remain datadrivenit must be recalled that the major criterion for choice of hyperlink has been the ability to tether the info to BHO; other issues [Corbett, Sports] have been conveyed to distill whatever moving parts appear to be dominant [and sometimes to trigger bemusement], particularly when they do not recapitulate already-established concepts. That ~2400 messages [~1800 unread] remain is daunting, although the blasts each day have generally encompassed the most-recent e-mails received [plus the results of lobbying from others]; thus, it is hoped that the aging info has been mostly-encompassed by updated essays, although some think-pieces consistently bubble-to-the-surface [e.g., from American Thinker, American Spectator, Israpundit]. Apparently, as per both news-reports [captured previously] and teases on cablenews, Congressional Hearings next week will provide updates on the core Scandal-Sheet [Benghazi, IRS, NSA, AG-Holder]; as per prior documentation, each category carries sub-contexts [e.g., State Department intrigue encompasses both Benghazi and cover-up of sex-scandals]. The requisite conclusions drawn therefrom relate both to BHOs failed ideology [foreign, domestic, social] and overall incompetence [which often begets scandal], noting that some are intuitive while others have been articulated [to minimize ambiguity]; efforts to promote impeachment [such as by citing birthers] have been discounted, for its preferable for people to discover the method by which BHO incessantly promotes the progressives/liberals who have dominated the Ds for the past century [with Teddy Roosevelt segueing into Woodrow Wilson, and the rest having inexorably supervened]. The process that will be maintained, here, will be invoking primary-source hyperlinks [in preference to pontificators] while aggregating themes [particularly with regard to how others convey info]; increasing emphasis will be placed on state-level manifestations of BHOs policies [promoting federalism to undermine D.C.-dominance], and how remedies may be pursued [thereby empowering the reader to explore info-sites of particular interest]. * The following e-mail has just been received from IMRA [which remits ~two dozen daily], and it illustrates the multi-level/multi-faceted analysis that must be directed @ BHO; the editor rarely comments, so his analysis conveys gravitas:
Damascus denies Israeli raids on Latakia, as per The Tehran-based Al Alam International News Channel correspondent in Damascus Saturday, July 13, 2013 - 16:19 GMT http://www.alalam.ir/news/1494530 [Translation from Arabic] Official Syrian sources Syria deny what U.S. sources told CNN, namely, that the series of explosions that occurred in the port of Latakia on the fifth of this month was the result of air strikes launched by


aircraft Israeli warplane. The American station quoted three officials [who refused to reveal their names] claiming the target of the raid was Russian-made anti-ship missiles that Israel believed posed a threat to her naval forces. [Dr. Aaron Lerner - IMRA: It remains unclear why three United States officials would want to put Mr. Assad in a position that would compel him to make good on his threats to attack Israel if Israel were to strike Syria. If this move to suck Israel into a bloody mess wasn't sanctioned by the Commander-in-Chief, one can expect to learn of the early retirements of three Americans in the very near future. This Iranian story indicates that Syria isn't particularly interested in taking its marching orders from Washington.]

Other news related to the Middle East explains why Israel seems to favor Morsis removal, as Israel-and-Egypt-cooperate-against-terrorists-in-Sinai; this posture is predictably countered by the UN, which is urging Egypt to Lift New Restrictions on Incoming Syrian Refugees [as if Egypt isnt well-known to be facing an existential crisis already]. Meanwhile, it has been reported that Iranian Missiles Could Hit Continental U.S. by 2015, as BHO remains inert as Islamists consistently threaten Jews and Christians [NIGERIAN ISLAMIST: BURN SCHOOLS, KILL TEACHERS].


Subject: Anti-BHO "blasts" Continue - XXXXI [Iran]

This e-mail from Ms. Arlene Kushner [which just arrived] is provided in its entirety [reformatted only]; it is such a priority-concern that it is not diluted [even by provision of corroborative hyperlinks]. "Countdown?" July 13, 2013 [Motzei Shabbat (after Shabbat)] According to the Times of Israel tonight (emphasis added): "Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is reportedly to launch a new, last-ditch effort in the next few days to persuade the United States to credibly revive the military option against Iran. "If this proves unsuccessful, Channel 2 reported, Netanyahu will have to decide whether to launch an attack on Irans nuclear facilities by this winter at latest, because after that, the report indicated, the assessment is that Israels window for military intervention will close." "Israel's window," refers to the capability we have with our armaments to hit Iran's nuclear facilities, which are going way underground. The US capability in this regardwith its 30,000 lb. bunker-busteris greater. Even if Iran has not quite reached that nuclear break-out, Israel may not be able to wait any longer, if there is a decision that the US won't act and we should. ~~~~~~~~~~ "Israel desperately wants to see the Obama Administration harden its position on Iran immediatelyto convey to Iran that if it does not halt its nuclear program, its regime will not survive. Instead, however, Jerusalem sees what it considers an overly tolerant and patient attitude by Washington DC to Tehran, the channel 2 report said. "Next week, the P5+1 powersthe five UN Security Council members, plus Germanyare set to meet to coordinate positions ahead of possible talks with incoming Iranian President Hasan Rohani's leadership. The fear in Jerusalem, the TV report said, is that Iran will prove capable of buying more time in such talks, while its centrifuges spin, its other nuclear facilities move forward, and it becomes too late for effective military intervention. "Netanyahu is about to begin a new effort at 'public diplomacy,' aimed at securing 'increased pressure on Iran,' led by the US, notably including the revival of 'a real military threat' if the Iranians dont halt their nuclear drive, the TV report said.


"If the prime ministers effort fails, 'Netanyahu will have to make a decision in the next few months' over 'whether to attack Iran by the winter.' The report stressed considerable support for a resort to military force within the cabinet, and concluded: 'This could happen.'" http://www.timesofisrael.com/pm-to-push-us-for-more-credible-militaryoption-on-iran/ ~~~~~~~~~~ My friends, as I see it, this trumps the other security-related issuesas serious as they are that we've been tracking. With the turmoil in Egypt, and Syria, etc., the issue of a nuclear Iran sometimes seems to slip off the radar screen. But it never should. There has been a lot of talk lately about whether Netanyahu is sliding "left." [Whether he really wants to reach a deal with the PA, etc.] And there's a tendency in many quartersnot without reasonto feel discontent with his leadership. And yet...yet...on the issue of Iran his leadership is superb and I salute him. He stands alone, facing an array of world "leaders" who opt for a dangerous and mindless oblivion on this issue. This is an incredibly difficult place to be. ~~~~~~~~~~ It is not for me to say whether Netanyahu will decide to hit Iran, in the end. But I make these observations here: Surely, he believes that his efforts to get Obama to take a genuinely tough stand on Iran are almost certain to fail. Nothing in Obama's behaviors and policieshis entire MOwould lead to any other expectation. It is my assumption that Netanyahu will try one last time so that, should he decide to hit Iran, he will be able to face down world leaders and remind them that he did his absolute best to secure a serious counter to Iran without Israel having to go to war. He's putting it back on the US, and the world, this one last time. (There is, I suppose, a remote chance that once Obama sees that Netanyahu is serious and the day of reckoning is near, he might change his position. But I very much doubt it.) I alluded yesterday to the interview outgoing Israeli ambassador to the US, Michael Oren, gave. One of the things he spoke about, with regard to Iran, was Israel's need, as a sovereign state, to be responsible for her own security. Oren didn't say this without a sign-off from the prime minister. Oren was delivering notice.


I am pleased, and not surprised, to read here that there is considerable support in the Cabinet for an attack. And I wonder if internally matters had to coalesce to a certain point for this to come together. ~~~~~~~~~~ The Times of Israel article refers to the potential repercussions of an attack on Iran, such as war with Hezbollah. This is, of course, a possibility, and not to be taken lightly. It is clear that all necessary preparations for such a war would be taken before Iran were hit. And our military leaders have served notice over and over: This next war would be different from the previous wars, for we would react with full force. Translation: We know that Hezbollah has hidden its rockets in civilian areas, and Hezbollah will bear responsibility for this. We will take out rocket storage sites and launching sites with maximum speed to prevent injury to the Israeli population. Hezbollah's capacity to attack would be as thoroughly and speedily immobilized as possible. But in the end, it may be that threats by Nasrallah are just bombast at this point. Hezbollah is thoroughly enmeshed in the Syrian civil war, has taken a beating there [with many fighters lost], is already facing anger from other Lebanese, and may be in no mood to take on Israel at Iran's instructions. Hezbollah leaders are already irked at Iran for the responsibility placed on them to help Assad. And so, it could be that from this perspective, this is the time to hit Iran.