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The University has been established by the Jodhpur National University, Jodhpur Act, 2009 of Govt.

of Rajasthan and is recognized as per Sec. 2(f) of the U.G.C. Act, 1956

Narnadi, Jhanwar Road, Jodhpur

Ph. No.: 02931-281551-54 Fax No.:02931-281416 Website: www.jodhpurnationaluniversity.com Email: info@jodhpurnationaluniversity.com

Job Application Form

Post Applied Department

Passport size photo

1. Name in Full
Fathers Name / Husbands Name Gender Marital Status Male Married Female Single


2. Address for Correspondence:

Mobile Telephone (STD-Code)

Office No. Res. No.


3. Date of Birth:
Day Month Year

4. Nationality


5. Present Employment:

Designation Organization

Date of Joining the present post Scale of Pay with AGP Rs. Current Basic Pay Rs. Total emoluments (per month) Rs.

6. Areas of specialization:

_ _

_ _

_ _

7. Title of the Thesis: i) P.G. ii) Ph.D.

_ _

_ _

8. Academic Record starting with SSLC: (Attach photocopies) Certificate/ Degree Specialization Board/College/Institute/ University Year of Percentage/ completion CGPA

9. Employment (Particulars of your past post(s) Attach photocopies) (in chronological order starting with Employer

recent employment) Date of Joining Date of Leaving Pay with Scale of pay

Post held


10. Academic Experience (from & to) Assistant Professor Associate Professor Professor

Academic experience as applicable (month / years) in the posts indicated or equivalent 11. Experience (in years) Teaching experience Research experience (Post-Ph.D.) Industrial experience

UG :

PG :

12. Research guidance (total numbers in last 5 years)

Completed Ph.D. P.G. Ph.D.

Ongoing P.G.

13. Publication details (total numbers during last 5 years) (Attach re-prints of 3 best journal papers) International Journal papers Conference publications 14. Books published & E-learning materials Developed (last 5 years) National

15. Patents (Last 5 years) 16. Sponsored Projects (Number & Amount) (Last 5 years) 17. Consultancy Projects (Number & Amount) (Last 5 years) Rs.


18. Conferences / Seminars / Workshops attended (Last 5 years - Attach photocopies of the certificates) Year Conferences / Seminars /Workshops attended Title of paper presented


19. Statement of Purpose (Limited to 250 words)

Please indicate as to why you wish to join JNU, Jodhpur and how in your opinion you can contribute to its growth. (Use a separate sheet, if required) 20. Salary Expectation---I hereby declare that the entries in this form are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that my candidature will be cancelled if any of the information is found to be false or incorrect. Further, if selected, I will abide by the rules and regulations of the Institute and also the directions given to me from time to time.

Date Place:

: Signature of Applicant

List of Self Attested enclosures / certificates / testimonials (tick the appropriate ones) 1. Proof of Date of Birth 2. Category certificate (SC/ST/OBC) 3. Salary certificate / pay slip 4. Academic records (SSLC marks card onwards up to Ph.D.) 5. Experience certificates 6. Conferences / W orkshops attended and presented papers 7. W orkshops / Conferences / Short Term Courses organized 8. Publication details (list and reprints) 9. Awards and recognitions