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New Paperbacks Sister Citizen Shame, Stereotypes, and Black Women in America melissa v. harrisperry Melissa Harris-Perry is one of our most trenchant readers of modern black life. . . . This book will change the conversation about the rights, responsibilities, and burdens of citizenship.Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Harvard University Paper 2013 400 pp. 10 b/w illus. 978-0-300-18818-9 $16.00 Cloth 2011 392 pp. 10 b/w illus. 978-0-300-16541-8 $28.00 available as e-book
to the Next Election Meltdown richard l. hasen This important book chronicles the disappointing failure of election reform efforts in the wake of the controversial 2000 presidential election. The potential for worse election meltdowns is real and the legitimacy of our democracy is at stake, the author warns. Paper 2013 256 pp. 9 b/w illus. 978-0-300-19824-9 $22.00 Cloth 2012 256 pp. 9 b/w illus. 978-0-300-18203-3 $30.00 available as e-book

New Titles Democracy in Retreat The Revolt of the Middle Class and the Worldwide Decline of Representative Government joshua kurlantzick This thought-provoking book addresses a set of new and disturbing trends: democracies around the world are losing ground, middle class support of democracy has waned, and autocracies are on the rise.
council on foreign relations books

Cloth 2013 304 pp. 978-0-300-17538-7 $28.00 available as e-book

Civil Disobedience An American Tradition

lewis perry This stimulating book examines

The Voting Wars From Florida 2000

the 300-year history of civil disobedience in America: the causes that have inspired it, the justifications used to defend it, and the controversies it has aroused at every turn. Cloth 2013 408 pp. 978-0-300-12459-0 $35.00

Field Experiments and Their Critics

Essays on the Uses and Abuses of Experimentation in the Social Sciences edited by dawn langan teele This unique collection of essays brings an all-important methodological debate powerfully to the fore as erudite voices in various social science disciplines argue the ethics and effectiveness of field experiments as a method of empirical research. the institution for social and policy studies; available january 2014 Paper 2014 288 pp. 1 b/w illus. 978-0-300-16940-9 $20.00

Contesting Democracy Political Ideas in Twentieth-Century Europe jan-werner mller In this brilliant guide to European political ideas and thinkers spans the twentieth century, the author illuminates both the centurys ideological extremes and how Europeans built lasting liberal democracies in the second half of the century. Paper 2013 296 pp. 10 b/w illus. 978-0-300-19412-8 $30.00 available as e-book Every Twelve Seconds Industrialized
Slaughter and the Politics of Sight timothy
pachirat A political scientist goes undercover

The Global Spread of Fertility Decline Population, Fear, and Uncertainty

jay winter and michael teitelbaum This

in a modern industrial slaughterhouse to provide an account of killing work from the perspective of those who carry it out. He offers a thought-provoking report on the industry and on the society responsible for it.
yale agrarian studies series

incisive study explores population movements and declining fertility in China, India, Japan, and North America in the 21st century, suggesting that politics, in addition to cultural and economic concerns, must be included as a prime determining factor in these powerful global trends. Cloth 2013 344 pp. 24 b/w illus. 978-0-300-13906-8 $55.00

Paper 2013 320 pp. 10 b/w illus. 978-0-300-19248-3 $20.00 Cloth 2011 320 pp. 10 b/w illus. 978-0-300-15267-8 $30.00 available as e-book

Political Science New Titles

Recent & Classic Titles
Third Edition kenneth j. arrow; foreword by eric s. maskin This new edition of Kenneth J. Arrows seminal work reintroduces it to a new generation of students and researchers.
cowles foundation monographs series

Social Choice and Individual Values

Women, Work, and Politics The Political Economy of Gender Inequality torben iversen and frances rosenbluth An original and groundbreaking exploration of womens power in the home, in the workplace, and in politics from a political economy perspective. Winner
of the 2011 Victoria Schuck Award sponsored by the American Political Science Association
the institution for social and policy studies

Paper 2012 144 pp. 978-0-300-17931-6 $24.00 available as e-book

Paper 2011 224 pp. 26 b/w illus. 978-0-300-17134-1 $25.00 available as e-book

Mobilizing Inclusion Transforming the Electorate through Get-Out-the-Vote Campaigns

lisa garca bedolla and melissa r. michelson

The End of Race? Obama, 2008, and Racial Politics in America donald r. kinder and allison dale-riddle How did race
affect the election that gave America its first African American president? This book offers some fascinating, and perhaps controversial, findings. Paper 2012 320 pp. 32 b/w illus. 978-0-300-17519-6 $30.00 available as e-book

Which get-out-the-vote efforts actually succeed in ethnoracial communitiesand why? Analyzing the results from hundreds of original experiments, the authors of this book offer a persuasive new theory to explain why some methods work while others dont. Winner of
the 2013 Best Book AwardRace, Ethnicity, and Politics Section of the American Political Science Association
the institution for social and policy studies

Politics, Health, and Health Care Selected Essays theodore r. marmor and
rudolf klein Two towering figures in the

Paper 2012 304 pp. 5 b/w illus. 978-0-300-16678-1 $35.00 available as e-book

From Precaution to Profit Contemporary Challenges to Environmental Protection in the Montreal Protocol brian j. gareau Gareau reveals how global civil society groups and other stakeholders involved in the Montreal Protocol are affected by the neoliberal discourse, which has left them relatively ineffective in their efforts to push for environmental protection. yale agrarian studies series Cloth 2013 384 pp. 6 b/w illus. 978-0-300-17526-4 $55.00 available as e-book Humanity A Moral History of the Twentieth
Century, Second Edition jonathan glover Renowned moral philosopher Jonathan Glover confronts the brutal history of the twentieth century to unravel the mystery of why so many atrocities occurred. In a new preface, Glover brings the book through the post-9/11 era and into our own time. Paper 2012 496 pp. 978-0-300-18640-6 $17.00 available as e-book

field of health care policy analysis reflect on a lifetime of thought in this wide-ranging collection of essays. The book offers their recent writings on the future of Medicare; universal health insurance; conflicts of interest among physicians, regulators, and patients; and many other topics. Cloth 2012 592 pp. 10 graphs 978-0-300-11087-6 $95.00

The Vulnerability Thesis Interest Group Influence and Institutional Design lorelei moosbrugger This book offers a provocative new theory regarding a key question in political science: Why do politicians allow interest groups to subvert the common good? Paper 2012 208 pp. 978-0-300-16679-8 $45.00 available as e-book

Political Science

New Titles
ali a. allawi This is the first major biography of the founder and first king of modern Iraq, a charismatic champion of Arab independence and unity who was a central player in the tumultuous Middle East before and after WWI. available january 2014 Cloth 2014 560 pp. 32 b/w illus. 978-0-300-12732-4 $40.00

Recent & Classic Titles The Eighteen-Day Running Mate

McGovern, Eagleton, and a Campaign in Crisis joshua m. glasser Timely and impeccably researched. . . . Glasser brings out the full human drama and political intrigue of this historic episode, which forever changed the way presidential candidates pick their running mates.Adam Kirsch, Christian Science Monitor Cloth 2012 392 pp. 15 b/w illus. 978-0-300-17629-2 $26.00 available as e-book

Faisal I of Iraq

1940 FDR, Willkie, Lindbergh, Hitlerthe Election amid the Storm susan dunn This spellbinding story explores the deep divisions in the United States on the eve of World War II, the pull of Lindberghs staunch isolationism, and the courageous candidates and politicians who forged crucial agreements across the aisle. Cloth 2013 432 pp. 16 b/w illus. 978-0-300-19086-1 $30.00 available as e-book Totally Unofficial The Autobiography of Raphael Lemkin edited by donna-lee frieze
This never-before-published autobiography recounts the life of a giant among modern ethical thinkers, a Holocaust survivor who invented the word genocide, and profoundly influenced human rights history. Cloth 2013 328 pp. 978-0-300-18696-3 $35.00 available as e-book

How to Change the World Reflections

on Marx and Marxism eric hobsbawm In this penetrating reassessment of Marxist thought and its relevance today, renowned historian Eric Hobsbawm argues that the author of Das Kapital has much to say to us in the postcommunist era. Paper 2012 480 pp. 978-0-300-18820-2 $22.00 available as e-book

Nazis, Islamists, and the Making of the Modern Middle East barry rubin and wolfgang g. schwanitz This
groundbreaking book is the first to offer a complete account of the Nazi-Arab-Muslim alliance that changed the course of World War II and continues to influence the Middle East today.
available january

Unwarranted Influence Dwight D. Eisenhower and the Military-Industrial Complex james ledbetter A fascinating analysis of one of the most important political and economic ideas of our time: the ties between Americas military and its economy. icons of america Paper 2011 280 pp. 1 b/w illus. 978-0-300-17762-6 $17.00 Cloth 2011 280 pp. 1 b/w illus. 978-0-300-15305-7 $26.00 available as e-book The Mortgage of the Past Reshaping the Ancient Political Inheritance (10501300) francis oakley Francis Oakley continues his magisterial three-part history of the emergence of Western political thought during the Middle Ages with this second volume, exploring kingship and related themes from the tenth to the fourteenth century. the emergence of western
political thought in the latin middle ages


Cloth 2014 288 pp. 31 b/w illus. 978-0-300-14090-3 $35.00

The Declaration of Independence in Historical Context American State

Papers, Petitions, Proclamations, and Letters of the Delegates to the First National Congresses
compiled, edited, and introduced by barry alan shain Letters, papers, petitions, and

Cloth 2012 344 pp. 978-0-300-17633-9 $55.00 available as e-book

proclamations from the mid-18th century in the American colonies provide a radically different historical perspective on the Declaration of Independence. available january 2014 Cloth 2014 704 pp. 978-0-300-15874-8 $125.00 available as e-book

Political History New Titles

Political History

New Titles A Theory of Militant Democracy
The Ethics of Combatting Political Extremism alexander s. kirshner Kirshner offers a set of principles for determining when one may reasonably refuse rights of participation, and he defends this theory through real-world examples, ranging from the far-right British Nationalist Party to Turkeys Islamist Welfare Party to Americas Democratic Party during Reconstruction. available january 2014 Paper 2014 224 pp. 978-0-300-18824-0 $35.00

New in paper Childism Confronting Prejudice Against Children elisabeth young-bruehl A seminal volume on
prejudice against children for parents, teachers, psychologists, social workers, policy-makersanyone concerned with the crucial subject of child welfare. Paper 2013 368 pp. 978-0-300-19240-7 $18.00 Cloth 2012 368 pp. 978-0-300-17311-6 $28.00 available as e-book

Recent & Classic Titles Why Marx Was Right

terry eagleton

Nation of Devils Democratic Leadership

and the Problem of Obedience stein ringen In a sharp and insightful political meditation, Oxford University professor and political scientist Stein Ringen addresses one of the primary concerns of democratic government: how to ensure the obedience of the populace in order to govern by authority rather than power. Cloth 2013 264 pp. 1 b/w illus. 978-0-300-19319-0 $35.00

Terry Eagleton takes on some of the most common objections to Marxism and answers each in turn, in a clear, non-technical and often humorous way.London Review of Books Paper 2012 272 pp. 978-0-300-18153-1 $16.00 available as e-book

The Myth of American Exceptionalism godfrey hodgson

The idea that the United States is destined to spread its unique gifts of democracy and capitalism to other countries is dangerous for Americans and for the rest of the world, warns an eminent British commentator in this provocative book. Paper 2010 240 pp. 978-0-300-16419-0 $20.00 available as e-book

Adam Smiths Pluralism Rationality, Education, and the Moral Sentiments jack russell weinstein A radical new appreciation of the writings and theories of Adam Smith, an eighteenth-century Scottish political and moral philosopher, and pioneer of modern economic theory. It cogently argues that the ideas expounded by the visionary Smith form the foundations of contemporary liberalism and progressive thought. Cloth 2013 360 pp. 978-0-300-16253-0 $65.00 New in paper Utopia Second Edition
thomas more;

translated and introduced by clarence h.

miller; with a new afterword by jerry harp

Millers translation . . . will likely supersede all others as a classroom text and as an essential item in the libraries of Renaissance scholars.Choice Paper 2013 232 pp. 978-0-300-18610-9 $8.95

Abandoned to Ourselves Being an Essay on the Emergence and Implications of Sociology in the Writings of Mr. Jean-Jacques Rousseau... peter alexander meyers An essay on Rousseaus claims about the moral significance of dependence in society and the inherent tensions between secular creationism and social evolution in the human sciences. Cloth 2013 552 pp. 7 b/w illus. 978-0-300-17205-8 $60.00 available as e-book

our e-book editions are available from most major e-book stores, including the amazon kindle store, B&Ns nook store, google editions, kobo, and sony

Political Philosophy New Titles

Political Philosophy

Recent & Classic Titles Hollywood Westerns and American Myth The Importance of Howard Hawks and John Ford for Political Philosophy robert b.
pippin One of Americas most distinguished

Recent & Classic Titles The Meaning of Property Freedom, Community, and the Legal Imagination jedediah purdy In his latest book, Jedediah Purdy takes up a question of deep and lasting importance: why is property ownership a value to society? His answer returns us to the foundations of American society and enables us to interpret the writings of the patron saint of liberal economics, Adam Smith, in a wholly new light. Paper 2011 240 pp. 978-0-300-17144-0 $20.00 Cloth 2010 240 pp. 978-0-300-11545-1 $28.00 available as e-book Montesquieu and the Logic of Liberty War, Religion, Commerce, Climate,
Terrain, Technology, Uneasiness of Mind, the Spirit of Political Vigilance, and the Foundations of the Modern Republic paul a. rahe This fresh examination of the works of Montesquieu seeks to understand the shortcomings of the modern democratic state in light of the great political thinkers insightful critique of liberal democracy. Paper 2010 400 pp. 978-0-300-16808-2 $39.00 available as e-book

philosophers brilliantly explores the status and authority of law and the nature of political allegiance through close readings of three classic Hollywood Westerns: Red River, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance and The Searchers.
castle lectures series

Paper 2012 208 pp. 52 b/w + 14 color illus. 978-0-300-17206-5 $23.00 available as e-book

The Political Ideas of Thorstein Veblen sidney plotkin and rick tilman
In this book, Sidney Plotkin and Rick Tilman argue that in addition to his well-known work in economics and sociology, Thorstein Veblen also made importantand until now overlookedstatements about politics. Paper 2011 288 pp. 978-0-300-15999-8 $30.00 available as e-book

The Moral Foundations of Politics

ian shapiro What sorts of governments merit

the allegiance of their people? When should allegiance be withdrawn? This accessible book explores major answers and discusses why democracy supplies the most reliable basis for political legitimacy. the open yale courses series Paper 2012 304 pp. 8 graphs 978-0-300-18545-4 $18.00 available as e-book

Soft Despotism, Democracys Drift

Montesquieu, Rousseau, Tocqueville, and the Modern Prospect paul a. rahe This provocative book draws on the thinking of three great political philosophers to diagnose the malady of todays liberal democracies: soft despotism. Paper 2010 400 pp. 978-0-300-16423-7 $28.00 Cloth 2009 400 pp. 978-0-300-14492-5 $38.00 available as e-book

Political Philosophy

steven b. smith

This engaging book explores the wide terrain of political philosophy through classic texts by Plato, Machiavelli, Tocqueville, and others who confront enduring problems of law and governing. the open yale courses series Paper 2012 296 pp. 11 b/w illus. 978-0-300-18180-7 $18.00 available as e-book

In Gods Shadow Politics in the Hebrew

Bible michael walzer A highly distinguished political thinker offers important insights on the political views of the writers of the Bible and investigates how they illuminate important moral issues in our own time. Cloth 2012 256 pp. 978-0-300-18044-2 $28.00 available as e-book

Politics and Passion Toward a More Egalitarian Liberalism michael walzer Walzer here offers a provocative reappraisal of the core tenets of liberalism. Ranging over contested issues including multiculturalism, pluralism, difference, civil society, and racial and gender justice, he suggest ways in which liberal theory might be revised to make it more hospitable to the claims of equality. Paper 2006 208 pp. 978-0-300-11536-9 $17.00 available as e-book

Political Philosophy

New in paper On Heroes, Hero-Worship, and the Heroic in History thomas carlyle; edited
by david r. sorensen and brent e. kinser

Recent & Classic Titles The Communist Manifesto

with an introduction by jeffrey c. isaac;
with essays by steven lukes, stephen eric

edited and

bronner, vladimir tismaneanu, saskia sassen

Carlyles classic exploration of heroes and heroic leadership is accompanied by essays that reevaluate the spiritual, rather than the authoritarian, roots of his thought. Paper 2013 360 pp. 978-0-300-14860-2 $20.00

Recent & Classic Titles

edited by stephen g. engelmann This volume contains the writings of Jeremy Bentham, the major utilitarian philosopher and reformer. Paper 2011 560 pp. 978-0-300-11237-5 $22.00 available as e-book

This volume in the Rethinking the Western Tradition series is accompanied by essays on its continuing relevance in the post-communist era. Paper 2012 240 pp. 978-0-300-12302-9 $12.00 Cloth 2012 240 pp. 978-0-300-12301-2 $55.00 available as e-book

Selected Writings

jeremy bentham;

The Genteel Tradition in American Philosophy and Character and Opinion in the United States george
john lachs, james seaton, and roger kimball

santayana; edited and with an introduction by

james seaton; with essays by wilfred m. mcclay,

The Federalist Papers alexander hamilton, james madison, and john jay; edited and with an introduction by
ian shapiro This authoritative edition is accompanied by essays in which leading scholars provide historical context and thematic background. Paper 2009 608 pp. 978-0-300-11890-2 $20.00 available as e-book

This book brings together two classic texts of American cultural criticism and philosophy by George Santayana, one of the most significant philosophers of the twentieth century. Paper 2009 240 pp. 978-0-300-11665-6 $17.00 available as e-book

Toward Perpetual Peace and Other Writings on Politics, Peace, and History immanuel kant; edited and with an
introduction by pauline kleingeld; translated by david l. colclasure; with essays by jeremy waldron, michael w. doyle, and allen w.

Leviathan Or The Matter, Forme, & Power

of a Common-Wealth Ecclesiasticall and Civill thomas hobbes, edited and with an introduction by ian shapiro One of the greatest works of political theory ever written. . . . [Editor Ian] Shapiro has done well here and found some shrewd commentators.Jeffrey Collins, The Wall Street Journal Paper 2010 608 pp. 978-0-300-11838-4 $16.00 available as e-book

wood This comprehensive collection of Kants

writings on international relations theory and political philosophy is newly translated and accompanied by stimulating essays. Paper 2006 304 pp. 978-0-300-11070-8 $18.50 available as e-book

Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals immanuel kant; edited and

translated by allen w. wood; with essays by and allen w. wood In this book, one of the

j.b. schneewind, marcia baron, shelly kagan,

The Writings of Abraham Lincoln

edited and with an introduction by steven b. smith; with essays by danilo petranovich,
smith From Lincolns speeches, letters, and private meditations, Smith demonstrates Lincolns strength as a political philosopher. Paper 2012 544 pp. 978-0-300-18123-4 $18.00 Cloth 2012 544 pp. 978-0-300-16510-4 $55.00 available as e-book ralph lerner, benjamin kleinerman, steven b.

most important texts in the history of ethics, Kant searches for the supreme principle of morality and presents his argument for a conception of the moral life. Paper 2002 224 pp. 978-0-300-09487-9 $17.00 available as e-book

Rethinking the Western Tradition

New Titles The Struggle for Iraqs Future How
Corruption, Incompetence and Sectarianism Have Undermined Democracy zaid al-ali In this unbarred account of life in post-occupation Iraq, the author describes the sectarian violence, government corruption, and declining living standards that beset his nation but argues that the peoples struggle for a better future can be won. available february 2014 Cloth 2014 320 pp. 12 b/w illus. 978-0-300-18726-7 $35.00

New Paperbacks Kenya Between Hope and Despair, 19632012

daniel branch In this illuminating account

of Kenyas first fifty years of independence, an authority on African history analyzes how ethnic violence, government corruption, inequality, and other difficult issues hinder national prosperity and justice. Paper 2013 392 pp. 15 b/w illus. 978-0-300-19414-2 $23.00 Cloth 2011 352 pp. 20 b/w illus. 978-0-300-14876-3 $35.00 available as e-book

Stumbling Giant The Threats to Chinas

Future timothy beardson Countering the widespread assumption that China is poised to surpass the United States and rise to global supremacy, this book delineates the daunting array of challenges to Chinas progress, from an aging population to a predominantly low-tech economy to inadequate policy responses. Cloth 2013 528 pp. 978-0-300-16542-5 $35.00 available as e-book

Good Italy, Bad Italy Why Italy Must Conquer Its Demons to Face the Future bill emmott In this lively analysis, a respected journalist explores Italys fascinating dual national character, the nations descent into economic malaise and political corruption, and what can be done to ensure a return to more prosperous and more democratic times. Paper 2013 312 pp. 978-0-300-19716-7 $20.00 Cloth 2012 304 pp. 978-0-300-18630-7 $30.00 available as e-book Islamic Imperialism A History; Second
Edition efraim karsh Efraim Karsh, a widely respected expert in Middle Eastern affairs, challenges the way we understand Middle Eastern history and politics in this provocative book. September 11 and other Islamic acts of aggression have little to do with U.S. behavior or policy, Karsh argues. Rather, such attacks express Islams ancient, powerful, and continuing imperial tradition. Paper 2013 304 pp. 978-0-300-19817-1 $20.00 available as e-book

Northern Ireland The Reluctant Peace

feargal cochrane A foremost scholar in the

field looks at Northern Irelands Troubles from the late 1960s to the present day, and questions the impact of the Good Friday Agreement of 1998. Cloth 2013 368 pp. 20 b/w illus. 978-0-300-17870-8 $38.00 available as e-book

Fragile Empire How Russia Fell In and

Out of Love with Vladimir Putin ben judah A journalists lively, inside account of Russian President Putins leadership, his achievements and failures, and the crisis he faces amidst rising corruption, government dysfunction, and growing citizen unrest. Cloth 2013 400 pp. 20 b/w illus. 978-0-300-18121-0 $30.00 available as e-book

The End of the Chinese Dream

Why Chinese People Fear the Future gerard lemos This path-breaking study belies the default positive view of life in modern China and reveals that everyday Chinese people face immense personal, family, and financial anxieties that destroy their communities and aspirations. Paper 2013 312 pp. 9 b/w illus. 978-0-300-19721-1 $25.00 Cloth 2012 320 pp. 9 b/w illus. 978-0-300-16924-9 $38.00 available as e-book

our e-book editions are available from most major e-book stores, including the amazon kindle store, B&Ns nook store, google editions, kobo, and sony Comparative Politics New Titles

New Paperbacks Syria The Fall of the House of Assad
david w.

Recent & Classic Titles Apocalyptic Realm Jihadists in South Asia

dilip hiro Compact, comprehensive, and

lesch The author, who knows Assad better

than any other Westerner, analyzes the Syrian presidents failed leadership, his transformation from bearer of hope to reactionary tyrant, and his regimes violent response to Arab Spring-inspired protests. Paper 2013 288 pp. 978-0-300-19722-8 $18.00 Cloth 2012 288 pp. 978-0-300-18651-2 $28.00

fast paced, this book chronicles the history of jihadist violence in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and now India, then discusses fresh possibilities for breaking the hold of Islamist extremists. Cloth 2012 320 pp. 8 pp. b/w illus. 978-0-300-17378-9 $30.00 available as e-book

Egypt on the Brink From Nasser to the

Muslim Brotherhood; Revised and Updated Edition tarek osman In this immensely readable and thoroughly researched book, Tarek Osman explores what has happened to the biggest Arab nation since President Nasser took control of the country in 1954. This is an essential guide to one of the Middle Easts most important but least understood states. Paper 2013 304 pp. 20 illus. 978-0-300-19869-0 $16.00

Patterns of Democracy Government Forms and Performance in Thirty-Six Countries arend lijphart In this updated and expanded edition of his classic text, Arend Lijphart offers a broader and deeper analysis of worldwide democratic institutions than ever before. Examining thirty-six democracies during the period from 1945 to 2010, Lijphart arrives at importantand unexpectedconclusions about what type of democracy works best. Paper 2012 368 pp. 12 b/w illus. 978-0-300-17202-7 $21.00 available as e-book Libya The Rise and Fall of Qaddafi
alison pargeter This riveting book documents

The Forgotten Palestinians A History of the Palestinians in Israel ilan papp In this book, historian Ilan Papp examines how Israeli Palestinians have fared under Jewish rule and what their lives tell us about both Israels attitude toward minorities and Palestinians attitudes toward the Jewish state. Paper 2013 344 pp. 8 b/w illus. 978-0-300-18432-7 $22.00 Cloth 2011 336 pp. 8 b/w illus. 978-0-300-13441-4 $32.00 available as e-book Tibet A History
sam van schaik This timely and insightful history of Tibet spans from the seventh century to modern times, in a lively narrative that sheds light on the countrys complex relationship with China, and it explores what it means to be Tibetan today. Paper 2013 352 pp. 24 b/w illus. 978-0-300-19410-4 $22.00 Cloth 2011 324 pp. 24 b/w illus. 978-0-300-15404-7 $35.00 available as e-book

Qaddafis rise and 42-year reign in Libya, the tenacious, Arab Spring rebels success in toppling his repressive regime, and the challenges that confront Libya and her new leaders as they face an uncertain future. Cloth 2012 288 pp. 20 b/w illus. 978-0-300-13932-7 $30.00 available as e-book

Mexico Democracy Interrupted

jo tuckman

In this frank portrait of Mexico since the historic 2000 presidential election, a reporter looks at the nations problemscorruption, drug wars, bitter poverty, and moreand discusses why they seem so intractable. Cloth 2012 328 pp. 14 b/w illus. 978-0-300-16031-4 $35.00 available as e-book

Comparative Politics

New Titles Through a Screen Darkly Popular
Culture, Public Diplomacy, and Americas Image Abroad martha bayles Americas image abroad has declined precipitously. This thought-provoking book looks closely at the impact of American entertainment and of cutbacks in public diplomacy, then offers nuanced suggestions for restoring Americas good name. available january 2014 Cloth 2014 320 pp. 978-0-300-12338-8 $30.00

New Paperbacks The Peacekeeping Economy Using Economic Relationships to Build a More Peaceful, Prosperous, and Secure World lloyd j. dumas A vital book at a critical time, and a must read for policy- and decision-makers everywhere. . . . It is brilliantly reasoned, passionately written, definitive.Burns H. Weston, Bessie Dutton Murray Distinguished Professor of Law Emeritus and Senior Scholar, Center for Human Rights, University of Iowa Paper 2013 432 pp. 978-0-300-19235-3 $30.00 Cloth 2011 432 pp. 978-0-300-16634-7 $45.00 available as e-book The Bride and the Dowry Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinians in the Aftermath of the June 1967 War avi raz A scouring academic investigation of the fallout from the Six-Day War. . . Raz delivers a compelling study of Israeli intransigence and deception after the huge territory gains it made in June 1967. . . . A scrupulously researched work likely to open deep old wounds.Kirkus Reviews Paper 2013 480 pp. 7 maps 978-0-300-19850-8 $22.00 Cloth 2012 480 pp. 7 maps 978-0-300-17194-5 $35.00 available as e-book Of Africa
wole soyinka An intellectually robust, book-length essay that attempts to unravel the paradoxes and contradictions plaguing Nigeria and, by extension, Africa. George Ayittey, Wall Street Journal Paper 2013 224 pp. 978-0-300-19833-1 $16.00 Cloth 2012 224 pp. 978-0-300-14046-0 $24.00 available as e-book

Earthly Mission The Catholic Church and World Development robert calderisi In this lively investigation of the Catholic Church and its controversial social mission in the developing world, the author weighs the Churchs various missteps and poor decisions against its positive contributions to education, health, and social justice. Cloth 2013 288 pp. 978-0-300-17512-7 $35.00 Investment in Blood The True Cost of Britains Afghan War frank ledwidge In a hard-hitting piece of investigative journalism, a former British naval intelligence officer calculates the staggering cost in money and human suffering of Great Britains involvement in the war in Afghanistan. Cloth 2013 288 pp. 978-0-300-19062-5 $45.00 available as e-book
Also by Frank Ledwidge:

Losing Small Wars British Military Failure

in Iraq and Afghanistan Paper 2012 304 pp. 978-0-300-18274-3 $27.50 available as e-book

The Resurgence of the West How a Transatlantic Union Can Prevent War and Restore the United States and Europe richard rosecrance How can America and Europe regain their economic standing when economic power is rapidly shifting to the East? An esteemed scholar of international relations offers a bold and visionary solution: a transatlantic economic union, whose consequences will have worldwide benefit for the entire international system. Cloth 2013 216 pp. 5 b/w illus. 978-0-300-17739-8 $27.50


International Relations New Titles

Recent & Classic Titles The New Continentalism Energy and Twenty-First-Century Eurasian Geopolitics kent e. calder A groundbreaking book on what is fast emerging as one of the most important multilateral relationships in the world: the New Silk Road from China across Central Asia to the Persian Gulf and beyond. Paper 2012 416 pp. 53 b/w illus. 978-0-300-17102-0 $35.00 available as e-book The Limits of Dtente The United States,
the Soviet Union, and the Arab-Israeli Conflict, 19691973 craig daigle In the first booklength analysis of the origins of the October 1973 Arab-Israeli War, Craig Daigle shows how the war resulted not only from tension and competing interest between Arabs and Israelis, but also from policies adopted in both Washington and Moscow. Cloth 2012 448 pp. 35 b/w illus. 978-0-300-16713-9 $55.00 available as e-book

Russias Cold War From the October Revolution to the Fall of the Wall jonathan haslam Far more than merely a straightforward history of the Cold War, this book presents the first account of politics and decision making at the highest levels of Soviet power: how Soviet leaders saw political and military events, what they were trying to accomplish, their miscalculations, and the ways they took advantage of Western ignorance. Paper 2012 544 pp. 978-0-300-18819-6 $27.50 available as e-book Useful Enemies When Waging Wars Is
More Important Than Winning Them david
keen In this important book David Keen

investigates the factors that cause and sustain wars and argues that in order to bring them successfully to an end we need to understand the complex interests on all sides. Cloth 2012 304 pp. 978-0-300-16274-5 $38.00 available as e-book

Political Journeys The Open Democracy Essays fred halliday; edited by david hayes A lucid, polemical collection of political essays from Fred Halliday, one of the great contrarians of international relations scholarship. Cloth 2012 288 pp. 978-0-300-18026-8 $35.00 available as e-book From the Abode of Islam to the Turkish Vatan The Making of a National
Homeland in Turkey behll zkan How does a people move from tribal and religiously based understandings of society to a concept of the modern nation-state? This book examines the complex and pivotal case of Turkey. Paper 2012 288 pp. 27 b/w illus. 978-0-300-17201-0 $35.00 available as e-book

Ending Wars Well Order, Justice, and Conciliation in Contemporary Post-Conflict eric d. patterson Drawing on both historical and contemporary case studies, this book is the first to explore the other side of just war theory: how to end wars justly. Cloth 2012 224 pp. 1 b/w illus. 978-0-300-17113-6 $55.00 available as e-book Islamism and Islam
bassam tibi

This critically important book clarifies what is widely misunderstood in the West: Islam and contemporary Islamism are distinctly different. The former is a religious faith, the latter a political ideology based on a reinvented version of Islamic law. Cloth 2012 368 pp. 978-0-300-15998-1 $30.00 available as e-book

Southern Africa Old Treacheries and New Deceits stephen chan In this timely and important book, Stephen Chan explores the political landscape of southern Africa, examining how its poised to change over the next years and what the repercussions will be across the continent. Paper 2012 320 pp. 978-0-300-18428-0 $22.00 Cloth 2011 304 pp. 978-0-300-15405-4 $34.00 available as e-book

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International Relations


New Titles If Mayors Ruled the World Dysfunctional Nations, Rising Cities benjamin r. barber A distinguished and innovative thinker shows why cities and the mayors who run them can provide answers to the worlds most urgent problems while rescuing democracy for the twenty-first century. Cloth 2013 352 pp. 2 b/w illus. 978-0-300-16467-1 $30.00 Surge My Journey with General David Petraeus and the Remaking of the Iraq War peter r. mansoor The first full account of the 2007-8 troop surge in Iraq, told by a member of General Petraeuss innermost circle, reveals how the strategy was devised and implemented, who supported the effort and who didnt, and how the surge changed Iraqi history. yale library of military history Cloth 2013 400 pp. 20 b/w illus + 2 maps 978-0-300-17235-5 $28.00 What Changed When Everything Changed 9/11 and the Making of National
Identity joseph margulies In this penetrating analysis of the direction of Americas political conversation, a distinguished lawyer shows how new attitudesmore repressive, intolerant, and alarmisthave taken hold even though the threat from terrorism has waned. He demonstrates how these new attitudes are redefining our national identity in disturbing ways. Cloth 2013 392 pp. 4 b/w illus. 978-0-300-17655-1 $30.00 available as e-book

Restless Valley Revolution, Murder, and Intrigue in the Heart of Central Asia philip shishkin Skillfully weaving together many competing accounts of what happened, Shishkin provides the most coherent explanation of the forces behind the revolution and those who were responsible for the acts of ethnic violence committed in its wake. . . . As an introduction to Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistans complicated recent history, and more importantly as a primer on Kyrgyzstans dynamic and often confounding politics, Shishkin unquestionably succeeds.Joshua Foust, Foreign Policy Cloth 2013 328 pp. 18 b/w illus. 978-0-300-18436-5 $28.00 available as e-book Time No Longer Americans After the
American Century patrick smith An original exploration of Americas founding myths, our nostalgic commitment to such ideas as American exceptionalism, and why we must understand the facts of our history if we are to thrive in the coming century. Cloth 2013 240 pp. 978-0-300-17656-8 $27.50 available as e-book

The Passage to Europe How a Continent Became a Union luuk van middelaar This essential book explains the origins of the European Union, the forces binding it together and driving it forward, and how political leaders will surmount the current economic turmoil. Cloth 2013 392 pp. 978-0-300-18112-8 $40.00

The Second Arab Awakening


muasher In this important book, a former

Jordanian ambassador to the United States challenges the Wests assumptions about Arab politics and society and explains how all parties can encourage democracy, pluralism, and tolerance in the wake of the Arab Spring.
available january

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Cloth 2014 256 pp. 1 b/w illus. 978-0-300-18639-0 $30.00


Current Events New Titles

New Paperbacks The Parties Versus the People How to Turn Republicans and Democrats into Americans
mickey edwards; with a new preface by the
author Overcoming tribalism and knee-jerk partisanship is the central challenge of our time. Mickey Edwards shows why and how in this fascinating book filled with sensible suggestions.Walter Isaacson, author of Steve Jobs Paper 2013 232 pp. 978-0-300-19821-8 $16.00 Cloth 2012 232 pp. 978-0-300-18456-3 $25.00 available as e-book

It Was a Long Time Ago, and It Never Happened Anyway Russia and the
Communist Past david satter A sweeping study of how the former Soviet Unions bloody past continues to poison Russias present and threatens to strangle the countrys future. Newsweek Paper 2013 400 pp. 978-0-300-19237-7 $23.00 available as e-book

America the Possible Manifesto for a

New Economy james gustave speth [Speth] does a marvelous job of summarizing the most pressing problems and offering realistic and promising solutions. . . . This book is optimistic even in the midst of seemingly insurmountable problems.Choice Paper 2013 272 pp. 1 b/w illus. 978-0-300-19834-8 $18.00 Cloth 2012 272 pp. 1 b/w illus. 978-0-300-18076-3 $30.00 available as e-book

The Battle for the Arab Spring

Revolution, Counter-Revolution and the Making of a New Era lin noueihed and alex warren The Battle for the Arab Spring is lucidly written and includes a wealth of astute analysis on the politics of the region, from Morocco to Oman. It answers questions I had long wondered about, as well as others that hadnt occurred to me. Paul Hockenos, The National Paper 2013 360 pp. 20 b/w illus. 978-0-300-19415-9 $22.00 Cloth 2012 368 pp. 20 b/w illus. 978-0-300-18086-2 $28.00 available as e-book

Recently Published A Quiet Revolution The Veils Resurgence, from the Middle East to America leila ahmed Ms. Ahmed gives us a fascinating portrait of the Muslim Brotherhood, especially of its unsung mother, Zainab al-Ghazali. . . . [Her] narrative deftly captures the mood of the [colonial] era, registering the range of ironies surrounding the status of the veil.Mira Sethi, Wall Street Journal Winner of the 2013
Grawemeyer Award in Religion, given jointly by the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary and the University of Louisville

A Single Roll of the Dice Obamas Diplomacy with Iran trita parsi You gotta get this. . . . Really, it is an amazing perspective on all the elements that go into even the smallest of diplomatic deals.Jon Stewart, The Daily Show Named One of The Best Books
of 2012 on the Middle East by Foreign Affairs

Paper 2013 312 pp. 978-0-300-19236-0 $17.00 Cloth 2012 304 pp. 978-0-300-16936-2 $27.50 available as e-book

Paper 2012 360 pp. 978-0-300-18143-2 $22.00 Cloth 2011 360 pp. 978-0-300-17095-5 $30.00 available as e-book

Current Events


Recently Published The Crisis of Islamic Civilization ali a. allawi A respected Iraqi statesman
and thinker who has served the postwar government in several posts offers a bold analysis of todays crisis in the Islamic world. He offers proposals that will surprise some and anger others, but they cannot be ignored by anyone concerned about the future of Islamic civilization. Winner of the Silver Prize in the
2009 Book Prize competition, presented by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy; One of the Globalists Top Books of 2009

New Titles The Great Rent Wars New York, 19171929

robert m. fogelson Written by one of the

Paper 2010 320 pp. 978-0-300-16406-0 $20.00 available as e-book

countrys foremost urban historians, The Great Rent Wars tells the fascinating but little-known story of the battles between landlords and tenants in the nations largest city from 1917 through 1929. At the heart of this story are such memorable figures as Al Smith, Fiorello H. La Guardia, and Oliver Wendell Holmes, as well as a host of tenants, landlords, judges, and politicians who have long been forgotten. Fogelson also explores the heated debates over landlord-tenant law, housing policy, and other issues that are as controversial today as they were a century ago. Cloth 2013 504 pp. 23 b/w illus. 978-0-300-19172-1 $45.00

The Terror Courts Rough Justice at

Guantanamo Bay jess bravin In this book, a journalist who has covered the Guantanamo Bay prison camp since its inception reports on the legal, political, and moral issues that have stood in the way of justice. Cloth 2013 448 pp. 16 b/w illus. 978-0-300-18920-9 $30.00 available as e-book

The Great Mirror of Folly Finance,

n. goetzmann, catherine labio, k. geert

Culture, and the Crash of 1720 edited by william

rouwenhorst, and timothy g. young; with a

foreword by robert j. shiller This beautifully

illustrated book presents a unique cultural record of the worlds first great financial crisisthe stock market crash of 1720 in France, England, and Hollandas depicted in the art, literature, and commentary of the time.
yale series in economic and financial history

Captive Audience The Telecom Industry

and Monopoly Power in the New Gilded Age susan crawford This important book explores how monopolies in the telecommunications industry have left Americans paying much more but getting much less when it comes to high-speed Internet access and the effect this has on Americas standing in the global economy. Cloth 2013 368 pp. 978-0-300-15313-2 $30.00 available as e-book

Cloth 2013 360 pp. 240 color + 15 b/w illus. 978-0-300-16246-2 $75.00

Recently Published Contagion How Commerce Has Spread Disease mark harrison In this pathbreaking investigation of the connections between trade and contagious disease through the centuries, the author uncovers disturbing weaknesses in regulatory systems that have failed to protect public health or facilitate global commerce in the past, and continue to fall far short. Cloth 2013 400 pp. 43 b/w illus. 978-0-300-12357-9 $38.00 available as e-book

Remedy and Reaction The Peculiar American Struggle over Health Care Reform, Revised Edition paul starr Health care is more of a flashpoint in America than in any other democracy. This book by a leading expert explains how and why Americans trapped themselves in a costly and complicated health systemand came to fight so bitterly about changing it. Winner of the 2011 American
Publishers Awards and Scholarly Excellence (PROSE) in the Government and Politics category

Paper 2013 360 pp. 978-0-300-18915-5 $17.00 available as e-book


Current Events

Economic HistoryNew Titles

Recent & Classic Titles Funding Loyalty The Economics of the Communist Party eugenia belova and valery lazarev Funding Loyalty examines the Soviet communist partys financial operations and its budget from the 1930s through 1960s, providing a fresh look at the evolution of the party and its role in the Soviet economy and society as a whole. the yale-hoover series on stalin, stalinism, and the cold war Paper 2013 224 pp. 20 b/w illus. 978-0-300-16436-7 $35.00 available as e-book Atlas of the Transatlantic Slave Trade
david eltis and david richardson; foreword blight A monumental work, decades in the by david brion davis; afterword by david w.

Odd Couple International Trade and Labor Standards in History michael huberman Contrary to common belief, argues a prominent economic historian, globalization does not destroy labor standards and workers quality of life: globalization and labor have worked in tandem to improve living standards.
yale series in economic and financial history

Cloth 2012 256 pp. 15 b/w illus. 978-0-300-15870-0 $65.00 available as e-book

The Kipper und Wipper Inflation, 161923 An Economic History with

Contemporary German Broadsheets martha
white paas; with broadsheet descriptions by john roger paas and translations by george c. schoolfield This economic analysis of the

Kipper und Wipper inflation of 161923 draws on rare contemporary broadsheets to explore its effect on peoples lives and behavior.
yale series in economic and financial history

making: the first atlas to illustrate the entire scope of the transatlantic slave trade.
Winner of the 2010 R.R. Hawkins Award, given by the Association of American Publishers; Winner of the 2011 James A. Rawley Prize in Atlantic history, as given by the American Historical Association; Winner of the 2011-12 Louis Gottschalk Prize given by the American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies
the lewis walpole series in eighteenth-century culture and history

Cloth 2012 192 pp. 27 b/w plates, one map 978-0-300-14676-9 $85.00 available as e-book

Pivotal Decade How the United States

Traded Factories for Finance in the Seventies
judith stein In this fascinating new history,

Cloth 2010 336 pp. 189 color maps; 5 b/w + 36 color illus.; 61 color graphs 978-0-300-12460-6 $50.00 available as e-book

Judith Stein argues that in order to understand our current economic crisis we need to look back to the 1970s and the end of the age of the factorythe era of postwar liberalism, created by the New Deal, whose practices, high wages, and regulated capital produced both robust economic growth and greater income equality.
Winner of the 2010 Best Book Prize given by Labor History

and U.S. Economic Growth alexander j. field This careful study of U.S. growth data reveals that the innovation and infrastructure development of the 1930snot the industrial response to WWIIset the stage for the economic boom of the following decades. Winner of the 2012
Alice Hanson Jones Biennial Prize, sponsored by the Economic History Association
and financial history yale series in economic

A Great Leap Forward 1930s Depression

Paper 2011 384 pp. 10 b/w illus. 978-0-300-17150-1 $25.00 available as e-book

The Iron Way Railroads, the Civil War, and

the Making of Modern America william g.
thomas This groundbreaking book offers

Paper 2012 400 pp. 36 b/w illus. 978-0-300-18816-5 $25.00 available as e-book

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new perspectives on the central role of the railroads in the decades leading up to the Civil War, during the bloody war years, and traveling forward into the early years of modern America. Paper 2013 352 pp. 56 b/w illus. 978-0-300-18746-5 $20.00 Cloth 2011 296 pp. 56 b/w illus. 978-0-300-14107-8 $30.00 available as e-book

Economic History


New Titles The Citizens Share Putting Ownership Back into Democracy joseph r. blasi, richard b. freeman, and douglas l. kruse Based on a ten-year study of profit sharing, employee ownership, and the share idea, Blasi, Freeman, and Kruse make a compelling case for a return to the visionary economic policies of American Founding Fathers Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison. Cloth 2013 256 pp. 4 b/w illus. 978-0-300-19225-4 $38.00 The American Illness Essays on the Rule of Law edited by f. h. buckley This provocative book brings together contributors from the fields of law, economics, and international relations to examine the question of whether the U.S. legal system is contributing to the countrys long postwar decline. Cloth 2013 552 pp. 10 b/w illus. 978-0-300-17521-9 $60.00 available as e-book The App Generation How Todays Youth Navigate Identity, Intimacy, and Imagination in a Digital World howard gardner and katie davis In this riveting exploration of the power of apps to shape todays young people, the authors investigate how digital culture influencesfor better or worsethree critical areas of adolescent life: identity, intimacy, and imagination. Cloth 2013 256 pp. 3 b/w illus. 978-0-300-19621-4 $25.00 When the Money Runs Out The End of Western Affluence stephen d. king An eminent economist warns that Western nations economic expectations for the future are way out of sync with the realities of economic stagnation, and stringent steps will be required to avoid massive political and economic upheaval. Cloth 2013 304 pp. 978-0-300-19052-6 $30.00 available as e-book

Talent Wants to Be Free Why We Should Learn to Love Leaks, Raids, and Free Riding orly lobel This timely book challenges conventional American business wisdom that innovation must involve secrecy, turf battles with competitors, and strict control of valuable employees. The author proposes essential new ways to nourish human talent if the U.S. is to keep its competitive edge. Cloth 2013 288 pp. 14 b/w illus. 978-0-300-16627-9 $35.00 Status Update Celebrity, Publicity, and Branding in the Social Media Age alice e. marwick In this eye-opening critique of such popular sites as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, the author analyzes why social media, once heralded for inaugurating a newly participatory and egalitarian culture, have instead become exclusionary and elitist. Cloth 2013 368 pp. 1 b/w illus. 978-0-300-17672-8 $27.50 Mutiny and Its Bounty Leadership Lessons from the Age of Discovery patrick j. murphy and ray w. coye This original book explores how great seafaring captains like Columbus and Magellan not only quelled mutinies but also built upon such incidents to strengthen their enterprises. Todays organizational leaders have much to learn about leadership and tactics from these earlier masters. Cloth 2013 304 pp. 9 b/w illus. 978-0-300-17028-3 $26.00 available as e-book The Climate Casino Risk, Uncertainty, and Economics for a Warming World william nordhaus The worlds leading economic thinker on climate change clarifies the important scientific, political, and economic debates and offers specific steps to slow the trajectory of global warming now. Cloth 2013 392 pp. 46 b/w illus. 978-0-300-18977-3 $30.00


Economics and Business New Titles

New Titles Barley, Gold, or Fiat Toward a Pure Theory of Money thomas quint and martin shubik Using simple but rigorously defined mathematical models that stress the full complexity of cash flow constraints, Martin Shubik and Thomas Quint explore monetary control in a simple exchange economy. Cloth 2013 360 pp. 6 b/w illus. 978-0-300-18815-8 $125.00 Unbalanced The Codependency of America
and China stephen roach This insightful book lays bare the pitfalls of the current economic co-dependency between the U.S. and China and describes new opportunities for improving both economies and their troubled relationship. available january 2014 Cloth 2014 288 pp. 978-0-300-18717-5 $32.50

New Paperbacks The Cost Disease Why Computers Get Cheaper and Health Care Doesnt william j. baumol In clear language, a highly respected economist explains why the costs of health care and higher education continue to rise so dramatically and why these services can be provided affordably to American families. Paper 2013 288 pp. 20 b/w illus. 978-0-300-19815-7 $20.00 Cloth 2012 272 pp. 20 b/w illus. 978-0-300-17928-6 $30.00 available as e-book The Carbon Crunch How Were Getting Climate Change Wrongand How to Fix It dieter helm In this book,Helm looks at how and why we have failed to tackle the issue of global warming and argues for a new, pragmatic rethinking of energy policyfrom transitioning from coal to gas and eventually to electrification of transport, to carbon pricing and a focus on new technologies. Paper 2013 296 pp. 978-0-300-19719-8 $22.00 Cloth 2012 304 pp. 978-0-300-18659-8 $35.00 available as e-book The New Industrial Revolution
Consumers, Globalization and the End of Mass Production peter marsh The world is on the cusp of a manufacturing revolution, and opportunities abound for countries and companies who understand the changes, says the author of this upbeat analysis. Paper 2013 320 pp. 978-0-300-19723-5 $25.00 Cloth 2012 320 pp. 978-0-300-11777-6 $35.00 available as e-book

The Bet Paul Ehrlich, Julian Simon, and

Our Gamble over Earths Future paul sabin This gripping history of the clash between environmentalists and their conservative criticsfrom the late 1960s to the present traces the origins of the political gulf that separates the two sides. Sabin makes a forceful case for using social values, rather than economic or biological absolutes, to guide societys crucial choices about climate change, the planets health, and our own. Cloth 2013 320 pp. 24 b/w illus. 978-0-300-17648-3 $28.50

Water 4.0 The Past, Present, and Future of

the Worlds Most Vital Resource david sedlak This important book focuses attention on the water we drink and the hidden systems that bring it to us. The author offers insights into looming water supply problems and describes what we must do to protect our most precious resource. Cloth 2014 304 pp. 24 b/w illus. 978-0-300-17649-0 $28.50

The Very Hungry City Urban Energy

Efficiency and the Economic Fate of Cities
austin troy This accessible book explores

how cities around the world consume energy, assesses innovative ideas for reducing urban energy consumption, and discusses why energy efficiency will determine which cities thrive economically in the future.
paper available january


Paper 2014 384 pp. 49 b/w illus 978-0-300-19835-5 $20.00 Cloth 2012 384 pp. 49 b/w illus 978-0-300-16231-8 $28.00 available as e-book

Economics and Business New Titles


New in paper Realeconomik The Hidden Cause of
the Great Recession (And How to Avert the Next One) grigory yavlinsky; translated by antonina w. bouis An internationally respected free-market economist makes a powerful case that without a commitment to established social principles in business and politics, a stable global economy will be impossible to achieve. Paper 2013 192 pp. 978-0-300-19239-1 $20.00 Cloth 2011 192 pp. 978-0-300-15910-3 $26.00 available as e-book

Better Capitalism Renewing the Entrepreneurial Strength of the American Economy robert e. litan and carl j. schramm Two leading economic thinkers address Americas lagging recovery from recession and offer a detailed, nonideological action plan to reignite the U.S. economy through policies that boost entrepreneurship, job creation, and economic growth. Cloth 2012 280 pp. 4 b/w illus. 978-0-300-14678-3 $32.50 available as e-book The Network Is Your Customer
Five Strategies to Thrive in a Digital Age david l. rogers With clear analysis and practical frameworks, this book provides step-by-step guidance businesses can use to prosper in the new era of digital media. Paper 2012 336 pp. 15 b/w illus. 978-0-300-18829-5 $17.00 Cloth 2011 336 pp. 15 b/w illus. 978-0-300-16587-6 $26.00 available as e-book

Recent & Classic Titles Innovation Economics The Race for

Global Advantage robert d. atkinson and

stephen j. ezell This book delivers a critical

wake-up call: the United States has fallen behind other nations in innovation-based economic growth. The authors explain why this is of great concern and offer original ideas for regaining Americas competitive edge. Cloth 2012 440 pp. 15 b/w illus. 978-0-300-16899-0 $30.00 available as e-book

Sixty to Zero An Inside Look at the Collapse

of General Motorsand the Detroit Auto Industry alex taylor iii; foreword by mike jackson An up-close portrait of one of the largest corporate failures in United States history and the lessons it holds for any business on the brink, written by a career reporter on the automotive industry. Paper 2011 272 pp. 978-0-300-17151-8 $19.00 Cloth 2010 272 pp. 978-0-300-15868-7 $30.00 available as e-book

The Good Rich and What They Cost Us robert f. dalzell, jr. Through case
studies of some of the richest figures in American historyWashington, Rockefeller, Gates, Winfrey, and morethis timely book explores whether Americas strong commitment to the creation of wealth threatens our democratic society. Cloth 2012 208 pp. 23 b/w illus. 978-0-300-17559-2 $28.00

The Daily You How the New Advertising

Industry Is Defining Your Identity and Your Worth joseph turow An acclaimed media expert documents a marketing revolution in the making, showing how new media advertisers are stealthily defining who we are, how much we matter, and what we see and do. Paper 2013 256 pp. 978-0-300-18801-1 $18.00 Cloth 2012 256 pp. 978-0-300-16501-2 $28.00 available as e-book

Giving Voice to Values How to Speak Your Mind When You Know Whats Right mary c. gentile An innovative approach to standing up for your values in the workplaceinspired by a popular program from the Aspen Institute.
Winner of the 2011 Gold Medal for Axiom Business Book Awards in the Business Ethics category, given by Jenkins Group & IndependentPublisher.com

Paper 2012 320 pp. 978-0-300-18156-2 $19.00 available as e-book


Economics and Business

New Titles Friend of the Court On the Front Lines
with the First Amendment floyd abrams From the Pentagon Papers to Citizens United, Floyd Abrams has litigated the most controversial free-speech and free-press cases of our time. This inspiring and controversial collection of his writings addresses every key First Amendment issue of the past four decades. Cloth 2013 488 pp. 978-0-300-19087-8 $32.50

Freedom to Harm The Lasting Legacy of the Laissez Faire Revival thomas o. mcgarity How much economic freedom is a good thing? This comprehensive look at Americas succession of laissez faire revivals shows how anti-regulatory business crusades harm public safety and economic performance. Cloth 2013 408 pp. 978-0-300-14124-5 $45.00 available as e-book According to Our Hearts Rhinelander
v. Rhinelander and the Law of the Multiracial Family angela onwuachi-willig This landmark book looks at what it means to be a multiracial couple in the United States today. The book begins with a 1925 court case and shows howalmost a century laterour society has yet come to terms with interracial marriage. Cloth 2013 344 pp. 30 b/w illus. 978-0-300-16682-8 $38.00 available as e-book

The Electronic Silk Road How the Web

Binds the World Together in Commerce anupam
chander An expert in cyber-law explores how

global trade on the Internet is now regulated, why regulation matters to individuals as well as nations, and how better regulatory laws can encourage international trade while protecting national and human rights. Cloth 2013 296 pp. 4 b/w illus. 978-0-300-15459-7 $28.00 available as e-book

The Global War for Internet Governance laura denardis One of

the worlds foremost scholars in the field explores the vital issue of global Internet governance, addressing the realities, the controversies, cybersecurity concerns, the role of sovereign nations, the ever-changing privacy policies of social media companies, and the future of Internet freedom. available january 2014 Cloth 2014 256 pp. 9 b/w illus. 978-0-300-18135-7 $38.00

Against the Profit Motive The Salary Revolution in American Government, 17801940 nicholas parrillo In this innovative book Nicholas Parrillo uses the history of how federal employees have been compensated to derive an original and important lesson about the legitimacy of government.
yale law library series in legal history and reference

Paper 2013 584 pp. 3 b/w illus. 978-0-300-19475-3 $55.00 Cloth 2013 584 pp. 3 b/w illus. 978-0-300-17658-2 $125.00

A Mere Machine The Supreme Court,

Congress, and American Democracy anna
harvey In this groundbreaking book, Anna

Harvey challenges the assumptions that Americas Supreme Court is independent from the elected branches of government and that independent courts are most effective at protecting rights. Cloth 2013 392 pp. 19 b/w illus. 978-0-300-17111-2 $55.00

The Snail Darter and the Dam How Pork-Barrel Politics Endangered a Little Fish and Killed a River zygmunt j. b. plater In a narrative that dispels widespread misperceptions about the environmental battle against the TVAs final dam project, a law professor and his students carry the notorious snail darter case through the corridors of Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court. Cloth 2013 392 pp. 33 b/w illus. 978-0-300-17324-6 $32.50

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LawNew Titles


New Titles Captured by Evil The Idea of Corruption in Law laura s. underkuffler According to Laura Underkuffler, corruption is a concept based on religiously revealed ideas of good and evil. Drawing on contemporary examples, Underkuffler explores the implications and dangers of maintaining such an archaic concept at the heart of criminal law. Cloth 2013 344 pp. 3 b/w illus. 978-0-300-17314-7 $55.00 Hollow Justice A History of Indigenous
Claims in the United States david e. wilkins This book provides a legal and political history of the claims Native Americans have made against the federal government over the past two centuries in response to the federal governments persistent violations of treaties, indigenous sovereignty, and property rights.
the henry roe cloud series on american indians and modernity

Recent & Classic Titles Knowledge in the Making Academic Freedom and Free Speech in Americas Schools and Universities joan delfattore Addressing some of the most hotly debated issues of our times, the author investigates disputes over academic freedom, free speech, and what happens when academics and politics intersect in our schools and universities. Paper 2012 320 pp. 978-0-300-18814-1 $22.00/$16.50 Cloth 2010 320 pp. 978-0-300-11181-1 $65.00 available as e-book Restoring the Power of Unions It Takes a Movement julius g. getman Preeminent legal scholar Julius G. Getman argues that a strong democratic labor movement is crucial to a fairly run society. He shows how unions can regain much of their former power through creative leadership, committed membership, and needed legal change. Selected as one of
the Noteworthy Books in Industrial Relations and Labor Economics, 2010

Cloth 2013 272 pp. 978-0-300-11926-8 $40.00

New Paperbacks Just Words Lillian Hellman, Mary McCarthy,

and the Failure of Public Conversation in America alan ackerman Focusing on Lillian Hellmans infamous 1980 libel suit against Mary McCarthy for her scornful comments on The Dick Cavett Show, this book explores the roles of truth and lying in American public life and considers why civil discourse seems beyond our reach. Paper 2013 376 pp. 978-0-300-19196-7 $22.00 Cloth 2011 376 pp. 2 b/w illus. 978-0-300-16712-2 $65.00 available as e-book

Paper 2012 400 pp. 978-0-300-18817-2 $25.00 Cloth 2010 400 pp. 978-0-300-13700-2 $55.00 available as e-book

for the Modern State robert c. post A leading legal scholar develops a theory of First Amendment rights and academic freedom that reconciles the need for democratic legitimation with the need to develop and distribute professional expertise. Paper 2013 192 pp. 978-0-300-19249-0 $22.00 Cloth 2012 192 pp. 978-0-300-14863-3 $30.00 available as e-book

Democracy, Expertise, and Academic Freedom A First Amendment Jurisprudence

The Myth of Choice Personal Responsibility in a World of Limits kent greenfield This provocative book examines the notion of choice and discovers that our freedom to choose is more illusory than we think. With wit and a conversational style reminiscent of Malcolm Gladwell, Kent Greenfield considers the implications for individuals, the law, and public policy. Paper 2012 256 pp. 21 b/w illus. 978-0-300-16986-7 $16.00 Cloth 2011 256 pp. 21 b/w illus. 978-0-300-16950-8 $27.00 available as e-book Reclaiming the Petition Clause
Seditious Libel, Offensive Protest, and the Right to Petition the Government for a Redress of Grievances ronald j. krotoszynski, jr. In this provocative new book Ronald Krotoszynski argues for the revival of a neglected area of First Amendment law: the right of the people to petition the government for a redress of grievances. Cloth 2012 336 pp. 978-0-300-14987-6 $65.00 available as e-book


LawNew Titles


Recent & Classic Titles Iphigenia in Forest Hills Anatomy of
a Murder Trial janet malcolm The prizewinning journalist turns her attention to a sensational murder trial in an unusual neighborhood in Queens, and discovers the elements of Greek tragedy. Paper 2012 168 pp. 978-0-300-18170-8 $13.00 available as e-book

From Goods to a Good Life Intellectual

Property and Global Justice madhavi sunder Under conventional wisdom, intellectual property is simply a tool for promoting innovative products, from iPods to R2D2. In this highly original book Madhavi Sunder calls for a richer understanding of intellectual property laws effects on social and cultural life. This book turns to social and cultural theory to more fully explore the deep connections between cultural production and human freedom. Cloth 2012 272 pp. 13 b/w illus. 978-0-300-14671-4 $35.00 available as e-book

The Colorado Doctrine Water Rights, Corporations, and Distributive Justice on the American Frontier david schorr Making extensive use of archival and other primary sources, David Schorr demonstrates that the development of the appropriation doctrine, a system of private rights in water, was part of a radical attack on monopoly and corporate power in the arid West.
yale law library series in legal history and reference

Partly Laws Common to All Mankind Foreign Law in American Courts

jeremy waldron In this book Jeremy Waldron

explores jurisprudential ideas that underlie the Supreme Courts occasional recourse to foreign law, arguing that every society is governed in part by laws common to all mankind as well as by laws made in its own courts and legislatures.
Received a Certificate of Merit for a Preeminent Contribution to Creative Scholarship given by the American Society of International Law

Cloth 2012 256 pp. 15 b/w illus. 978-0-300-13447-6 $65.00 available as e-book

The Creative Artists Legal Guide

Copyright, Trademark and Contracts in Film and Digital Media Production bill seiter and ellen seiter The essential guide to intellectual property law for film, video, and digital media artists. Paper 2012 256 pp. 14 b/w illus. 978-0-300-16119-9 $20.00 available as e-book

Cloth 2012 304 pp. 978-0-300-14865-7 $65.00 available as e-book

Creating the Administrative Constitution The Lost One Hundred Years of

Nothing to Hide The False Tradeoff

American Administrative Law jerry l. mashaw This groundbreaking book is the first to look at administrative law in the earliest days of the American republic, beginning with the creation of the first U.S. Patent Board in 1793 and the federal governments regulation of steamboat commerce early in the nineteenth century.
yale law library series in legal history and reference

between Privacy and Security daniel j. solove In response to increasing government surveillance, many people say they have nothing to hide. They argue that people must sacrifice privacy for security. This important book shows why these arguments are flawed and how they have skewed law and policy to favor security at the expense of privacy. Paper 2013 256 pp. 10 b/w illus. 978-0-300-17233-1 $18.00 Cloth 2011 256 pp. 10 b/w illus. 978-0-300-17231-7 $28.00 available as e-book

Paper 2012 432 pp. 978-0-300-18002-2 $45.00 Cloth 2012 432 pp. 978-0-300-17230-0 $75.00 available as e-book

Configuring the Networked Self

Law, Code, and the Play of Everyday Practice julie e. cohen Flows of cultural and technical information are too greatly restricted in the emerging information society, while flows of personal information often are not restricted at all. An expert in information law and policy addresses this imbalance and proposes original solutions. Paper 2012 352 pp. 978-0-300-12543-6 $55.00 available as e-book



New in paper Together The Rituals, Pleasures and Politics
of Cooperation richard sennett The highly respected author of The Craftsman now explores how we can create a better society by learning to truly listen and cooperate with others, even when our interests are conflicting.
Winner of the Zcalo Public Square Book Prize, awarded by the Center for Social Cohesion

Author Index
Abrams, 19 Ackerman, 20 Ahmed, 13 Al-Ali, 8 Allawi, 4, 14 Arrow, 3 Atkinson & Ezell, 18 Barber, 12 Baumol, 17 Bayles, 10 Beardson, 8 Belova & Lazarev, 15 Bentham, 7 Blasi, Freeman & Kruse, 16 Branch, 8 Bravin, 14 Buckley, 16 Calder, 11 Calderisi, 10 Carlyle, 7 Chan, 11 Chander, 19 Cochrane, 8 Cohen, 21 Crawford, 14 Daigle, 11 Dalzell, 18 DelFattore, 20 DeNardis, 19 Dumas, 10 Dunn, 4 Eagleton, 5 Edwards, 13 Eltis & Richardson, 15 Emmott, 8 Field, 15 Fogelson, 14 Frieze, 4 Garca Bedolla & Michelson, 3 Gardner & Davis, 16 Gareau, 3 Gentile, 18 Getman, 20 Glasser, 4 Glover, 3 Goetzmann et al., 14 Greenfield, 20 Halliday, 11 Hamilton, Madison & Jay, 7 Harrison, 14 Harris-Perry, 2 Harvey, 19 Hasen, 2 Haslam, 11 Helm, 17 Hicks, 22 Hiro, 9 Hobbes, 7 Hobsbawm, 4 Hodgson, 5 Huberman, 15 Iversen & Rosenbluth, 3 Judah, 8 Kant, 7 Karsh, 8 Keen, 11 Kinder & Dale-Riddle, 3 King, 16 Kirshner, 5 Krotoszynski, 20 Kurlantzick, 2 Ledbetter, 4 Ledwidge, 10 Lemos, 8 Lesch, 9 Lijphart, 9 Lincoln, 7 Litan & Schramm, 18 Lobel, 16 Malcolm, 21 Mansoor, 12 Margulies, 12 Marmor & Klein, 3 Marsh, 17 Marwick, 16 Marx, 7 Mashaw, 21 McGarity, 19 McGrayne, 22 Meyers, 5 Moosbrugger, 3 More, 5 Muasher, 12 Mller, 2 Murphy & Coye, 16 Nordhaus, 16 Noueihed & Warren, 13 Oakley, 4 OnwuachiWillig, 19 Osman, 9 zkan, 11 Paad, 15 Pachirat, 2 Papp, 9 Pargeter, 9 Parrillo, 19 Parsi, 13 Patterson, 11 Perry, 2 Pippin, 6 Plater, 19 Plotkin & Tilman, 6 Post, 20 Purdy, 6 Quint & Shubik, 17 Rahe, 6 Raz, 10 Ringen, 5 Roach, 17 Rogers, 18 Rosecrance, 10 Rubin & Schwanitz, 4 Sabin, 17 Santayana, 7 Satter, 13 Schorr, 21 Sedlak, 17 Seiter, 21 Sennett, 22 Shain, 4 Shapiro, 6 Shishkin, 12 Smith, P., 12 Smith, S., 6, 7 Solove, 21 Soyinka, 10 Speth, 13 Starr, 14 Stein, 15 Sunder, 21 Taylor, 18 Teele, 2 Thomas, 15 Tibi, 11 Troy, 17 Tuckman, 9 Turow, 18 Underkuffler, 20 van Middelaar, 12 van Schaik, 9 Waldron, 21 Walzer, 6 Walzer, 6 Weinstein, 5 Wilkins, 20 Winter & Teitelbaum, 2 Yavlinsky, 18 Young-Bruehl, 5

Paper 2013 336 pp. 1 b/w illus. 978-0-300-18828-8 $18.00 Cloth 2012 336 pp. 1 b/w illus. 978-0-300-11633-5 $28.00 available as e-book

Dignity Its Essential Role in Resolving Conflict

donna hicks, ph.d.; foreword by archbishop emeritus desmond tutu This important book

is the first to explore the common human desire for dignity and the consequences when dignity is either violated or honored. The author offers guidelines to help individuals and communities understand the power of dignity and how it can lead to a more peaceful world.
Winner of the 2012 Educators Award, given by the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International

Paper 2013 240 pp. 978-0-300-18805-9 $18.00 Cloth 2011 240 pp. 978-0-300-16392-6 $27.50 available as e-book

The Theory That Would Not Die How

Bayes Rule Cracked the Enigma Code, Hunted Down Russian Submarines, and Emerged Triumphant from Two Centuries of Controversy sharon bertsch mcgrayne In this lively narrative history, noted science writer Sharon Bertsch McGrayne recounts the discovery of Bayes rule and reveals how this seemingly simple mathematical theorem ignited one of the greatest scientific controversies of all time. Paper 2012 360 pp. 978-0-300-18822-6 $16.00 Cloth 2011 336 pp. 978-0-300-16969-0 $27.50 available as e-book


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