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Arun Kumar Nigam 1-Name 2-Fathers Name ` Arun Kumar Nigam Shri M . M.

Lal 30th Oct 1950

3-DOB 4-Mailing Address

House No- C-8057 Sector-C, Pocket -8 Vasant Kunj, New Delhi - 110070 Phone 011-26892661 Mobile 08800873625 E mail: aknigam7@hotmail.com arunigam2003@yahoo.com 5- Educational & Profesional Qualification S. No 1 2 Course Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Fellow Institute of Mechanical Engineering India Advanced Leadership Program Subjects Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Uinversity/Int Year Of passing 1972

Institute Of mechanical Engineering (London) Indian Railway Institute 1972 of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Institution Of 2007 Engineers-India


Stern Business School, 2009 New York University, USA

6- Work Experience Summary Over 38 years of experience in management/Operations of large railway systems involved in managing all aspects railway working. Infrastructure development & project management experience in setting up large industrial units. Currently looking after major projects viz, Coach factory at Raebareli, Wheel Plant at Chapra, Locomotive factory at Bihar etc. Over all in charge of all 6 Production Units (DLW, CLW, ICF, RCF, DMW, & RWF) and 44 workshops on Indian Railways. 12 years of experience as head of workshops.

7 years of International experience out of which , Four years as consultant for World Bank financed project, in Ministry of Transport at Zimbabwe for 4 years. Responsibility included complete management of a Diesel locomotive workshop including operations, maintenance, supply chain management, manpower management and training . Over 3 years of experience as an international consultant dealing with optimization of transport systems including Operations, materials management, formulating investment strategies, and manpower planning and infrastructure development in many developing countries.

Research experience in Design & vendor development of Diesel Engines Acquisition and management of sick enterprises.. Training experience as Director IRIMEE JAMALPUR S. No 1 Organization Ministry of Railways Post Held Additional Member (Production Units & Workshops) & General Manager (Rail Coach Factory Project) General Manager (Workshop Projects) Chairman Bharat Wagon Ltd Period Sept -08 to Oct-10

Nature Of Work Overall head of 6 Production Units of Indian Railways engaged in new manufacture of 250 Diesel Locomotives per year at Diesel Loco Works Varanasi 230 Electric Locomotives per year at Chitranjan Locomotive Works 1600 Passenger Coaches/annum at Rail coach factory Kapurthala 1400 Passenger Coaches/annum incl EMUs , Metro Cars , DEMUs at ICF Chennai Rebuilding of 110 locomotives/Annum at Diesel Locomotive Modernization Plant Manufacture of 200,000 wheels & axles at Rail Wheel factory Overall head of all workshops on Railways (44 nos) Overall In charge development of infrastructure on IR. Major current Projects include, Wheel manufacturing plant Project cost 1600 crs Passenger Car Manufacturing Plant for 900 cars/year Project cost 2200 Crs Passenger Car Manufacturing Plant for 600 cars/year-Project cost 1200 Crs Diesel Locomotive Manufacture Plant 100 loco/year in PPP Diesel Component Manufacture Plant Diesel Multiples Units Manufacture Plant in PPP Freight Car Repair workshop Coach Rehabilitation workshop Setting up 2nd unit for coach manufacture at ICF

Axle manufacture Plant in PPP 5 Freight Car Manufacture Plants in PPP Refrigerated Container Manufacture Plant in PPP

Over all in charge for procurement. Of Machinery & Plant. Approx cost 500Crs/Year Over all In charge of development of Maintenance Infrastructure for entire Rolling Stock including workshop modernization.. Approx cost Rs 1500 Crs per year. Over all in charge of Capital & Revenue budget for Rolling Stock. Approx 36% of the entire Capital budget of IR is on new Rolling stock and its allied activities . Capital budget for manufacture of new Rolling stock. Approx Rs 14000 Crs . Capital Budget for setting up new plants-Rs 2500 Crs Capital Budget for procurement of Machinery & Plant- Rs 500 Crs Revenue Budget for maintenance of Rolling stock in workshops-Rs 7000 Crs

S. No 2

Organization South Central Railway Ministry of Railways

Post Held Chief Mechanical Engineer

Period Dec-06 Sept-08

Nature of Work Head of Mechanical engineering department on South Central Railway . As head of Mechanical department responsibility included maintenance and operation of Diesel locomotives , Passenger Cars , freight cars , Accident management and human resource development . Key Responsibilities Management of 3 workshops undertaking complete overhaul and rehabilitation of Passenger Cars & freight cars Management of 5 major diesel locomotive depot undertaking heavy repairs of approx 500 diesel locomotives and diesel multiples unit Management of 13 Passenger Car repair centre undertaking repair and operation of approx 3400 Passenger Cars Management of 3 major Freight car repair centers undertaking repair & operation of approx 19000 freight cars Over all in charge of Disaster management in 5 disaster management centers

S. No 3

Organization Indian Institute of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Ministry of Railways

Post Held Director

Period Dec-04 Dec-06

Nature Of Work

Head of one of the prestigious training institute not only on I Rly , but also amongst the foremost Engineering Institute in the country. This is also one of the oldest Institutes in the country for Mechanical Engineering. I was in charge for following types of training, SCRA A 4 year undergraduate program leading to degree in Mechanical Engineering. 18 months training for IRSME Probationary Officers Training for officers & Supervisors of Indian Railways International training for developing countries and PSUs S. No 4 Organization Eastern Railway Ministry Of Railways Nature Of Work Head of maintenance and operation Coaches & Wagons , on E Railway, . Key Accomplishments and Responsibilities Overall management of 14 transportation workshops & 7 operational centers . Supervised team of senior managers & 8000 technical staff. Ensured maintenance, operation & availability of 5,000 passenger cars daily. Achieved best availability of passenger cars, thus making available 500 extra cars Achieved all time best, 45% improvement in operations reliability Provided highest ever peak accommodation. 78% additional berths provided. Reduced cost of maintenance by reducing the manpower, and material Post Held Chief Rolling Stock Engineer Period Nov-99-Dec-04

. S. No 5 Organization Research, Design and Standards Organization(RDSO) Ministry Of Railways Nature Of Work Served as head of a Research Center, engaged in design and development of Diesel Engines. This center has state-of-art facilities for advanced research in the field of diesel engines. Key Accomplishments and Responsibilities Upgraded existing diesel engine power capacity by 15% along with GE- USA. Provided Consultancy to, 4000 diesel locomotives on IR & new manufacture Developed fuel-efficient diesel engines comparable to the best benchmarks Post Held Executive Director Period April 97-Nov99

Developed electronic fuel injection equipment. Developed new number of technologies for diesel locomotives on Indian Railways eg : Plate lube oil cooler , New generation turbos , streamedline piping etc Quantified the benefits of multi-grade oils in collaboration with Chevron oil USA. Published paper on New Generation Turbo Charger for IR Diesel locomotives

S. No 6

Organization Eastern Railway Ministry Of Railways

Post Held Additional Divisional Railway manager

Period June93-April97

Nature Of Work Managed overall operations of all departments - Mechanical, Civil, Telecom and Electrical Engineering, Finance, Transportation, Marketing Procurement, Public Relations, Human Resources. Oversaw and managed a budget of over US $50 million. Achieved an all time high record earnings. Successfully completed expansion/renovation of one of the largest station Successfully managed a large workforce of 18000 employees and 100 managers Organization National Railways Of Zimbabwe Post Held Principal Consultant Period Oct;89-June93

S. No 7

Nature Of Work Served as management consultant for over 4 years at National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ), under a World Bank financed project. As the management and operational head, managed a Railway Transportation Workshop at Harare (Zimbabwe). This workshop was engaged in the maintenance and oServed as management consultant for over 4 years at National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ), under a World Bank financed project. As the management and operational head, managed a Railway Transportation Workshop at Harare (Zimbabwe). This workshop was engaged in the maintenance and operation of over 100 diesel locomotives. Key Accomplishments and Responsibilities Managed overall operations of all departments Mechanical and Electrical engg, Operations, Disaster management, Finance and Materials procurement. Achieved a 17% improvement in the performance and the availability of

locomotives resulting in a reduction of imports of locomotives. Achieved 400% improvement in reliability of operation of locomotives. (MDBT). Developed and managed a financial budget of over US $4 million.

Developed and implemented a strategic plan for training of local manpower with an objective to meet long-term requirements of self-reliance and selfsustainabilityperation of over 100 diesel locomotives.

S. No 8

Organization Ministry Of Railways

Post Held Director Mechanical Engineering

Period July88-Oct89

Nature Of Work Serving as Director in the Ministry of Railways, oversaw formulation and development of maintenance infrastructure projects for Indian Railways. Key Accomplishments and Responsibilities Designed and developed strategic plans for modernizations of Indian Railways workshops in collaboration with Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund of Japan . Developed and implemented strategies for financing these projects along with international funding agencies e.g. World Bank, OECF-Japan KFW, and ADB etc. Managed existing World Bank Projects for modernization and up gradation of Indian Railway workshops.

Successfully planned and implemented several major infrastructure projects eg establishment of a new facility for manufacturing passenger cars, modernization of locomotive manufacturing plant, expansion of diesel locomotives rebuilding plant Managed transfer of technology for upgrading technology in IR workshops . S. No 9 Nature Of Work Served as head of one of the largest workshop. The workshop is engaged in rehabilitation of passenger and freight cars, manufacture of spare parts and overhaul of sophisticated sub-assemblies. Achieved highest output in productivity in the history of the workshop. Managed overall operational responsibility of the workshop including Technical, Budget, Finance, Human Resources, Training, Procurement departments. Supervised about 20 managers and 6000 technical staff of this workshop. Organization Northern Railway Post Held Chief Works Manager Period Sept85-july88

S. No 10

Organization Rail India Technical & Economic Services (RITES)

Post Held Sr Consultant

Period Sept82-Sept85

Nature Of Work As an International Transport Consultant, undertaken several consultancy assignments in engineering, workshops and logistics in developing countries. Formulated a modernization contract with ADB for Bangladesh Railways Conducted and implemented World Bank consultancy, on productivity improvement in Zambian Railway workshop. Undertook study on productivity of workshops on Bangladesh Railways. Designed & detail engineering of Diesel loco Depot for Iraq Republic Railways. Served as a consultant for improvement in the availability of Rolling Stock and productivity in 4 workshops for Cuban National Railways. Undertook spare parts optimization studies on Indonesian workshops. Railways

Undertook productivity studies in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Mexico, Chile, and Argentina Railway systems & workshops. INITIAL 10 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN MANAGEMENT OF RAILWAY SYSTEMS. 7- Whether SC/ST/OBC/Minorities/Women 8- Present Position NO

Additional Member Railway Board (Retired)

9- Area of Specialization and numbers of years experience 39 Years of experience Area Of Specialization: Management & Policy formulation of Transportation , Industries etc 10- Indicate how you fill the laid down criteria (A) Criteria of Experience I retired as Additional Member Ministry Of Railways in the grade 75500-80000 . I have worked for more than 10 years (Since 1992) in the grade equivalent to Joint Secretary to Government of India. (B) Criteria of Educational Qualification I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering (C) Criteria of Age I am less than 65 years (DOB- 30thOctober 1950)

11- Directorship held in companies (both CPSEs and Private) I have been Chairman Of Bharat Wagon Ltd

A K Nigam